WIFI Extender Review – Mi Wi-Fi Range Extender Pro (Xiaomi)

WIFI Extender Review – Mi Wi-Fi Range Extender Pro (Xiaomi)

WIFI Extender Review – Today I am going to review a product from Xiaomi called Mi Wi-Fi Range Extender Pro. This device’s function is to strengthen the WIFI signal that already weak in your area. In my case I work mostly in the backyard, I still have a WIFI signal there but sometimes it disconnected for no reason. So the problem here is clearly signal stability. I decided to try this WIFI extender hoping that I will eliminate the problem.

If you have an internet speed problem then this device will not help, you must sort out the problem first. The device purpose is to extend the signal that already weak in certain location

Let start my review below and hope you find it useful

WIFI Extender Review

Device Function

To extend the reach of WIFI signal that already weak. Up to 11 devices can be connected to the device


Model product R03

Dimension 80×54×70 mm

CPU MT7628K 580 MHz



Antenna type 2 external antenna

Wireless standard IEEE 802.11b/g/n

Signal Speed 2,4 GHz, up to 300 Mbps

Channel 2,4 GHz1, 2, 3, …, 13

Wireless Security Encryption WPA-PSK/ WPA2-PSK

Power Supply 100-240 V/0,35 A

Operational Temperature 0-40°C

Operational Humidity 10%-90%RH (non-condense)

Storage Temperature -40-70°C

Storage  humidity 5%-90%RH (non-condense)

Power Consumption 3,57 W

The Price

I got the device for IDR 124,900 or $8.93

Purchase Location

Local Markeplace

How to setup

Plus Xiaomi Wifi Extender Pro into an electrical outlet
Download Mi Home from App Store
Register and login from the Mi Home application
On the screen choose Chinese Mainland as your location (very important)
Choose Mi Wi-Fi Repeater Pro
Login to Wifi that you want to strengthen the signal
Login to Wifi Mi Wi-Fi Repeater Pro
Wait until the process finish

You can set up SSID (WIFI network name) the same or different from the original WIFI name you want to extend the Signal. In my case, I choose a different name because with the same name I cannot choose which WIFI device I connected to.


If you cannot connect to Mi Wi-Fi Range Extender Pro from the apps, make sure to choose the country as China (Mainland) although your location is not there.

Is Mi Wi-Fi Range Extender Pro solved my problem?

Certainly Yes it does. Now I can work from my backyard without any problem with the WIFI signal, thus increase productivity.


With the affordable price and its function, this is one of the best purchases I ever had.

I hope this WIFI extender review of Mi Wi-Fi Range Extender Pro will help you to decide whether it worthed to buy for your productivity, cheers.


Wireless Router vs Access Point What Is The Differences?

Wireless Router vs Access Point What Is The Differences?

Wireless Router vs Access Point – Hello everyone, in this post we’re gonna talk about the difference between a wireless access point and a Wi-Fi router. Now a lot of people think that these two devices are the same thing.
But even though they do look similar and they do similar things, they are in fact different.
Wireless Router vs Access Point - wifi router

Wi-Fi Router.

Now almost everyone who has an internet connection in their home would have a Wi-Fi router, whether that Wi-Fi router is a separate device or if it’s built into their modem. A Wi-Fi router is what allows multiple wired and wireless devices to join together in a  local area network.
It’ll broadcast a Wi-Fi signal so that wireless devices can connect to it and it’ll also have a built-in switch with several network ports so that wired devices can connect to it using Ethernet cables. And then that Wi-Fi router will directly connect to a modem to give those devices internet access. Wi-Fi routers are mainly used in homes and small offices. So here we have a typical home where a couple of desktops are connected to the Wi-Fi router’s built-in switch using cables. And we also have laptops and tablets that are connected wirelessly to the router.
An example of a WIFI Router is TP-Link AC1750 Smart WiFi Router it has alot of features like Dual Band Gigabit Wireless Internet Router for Home, Works with Alexa, VPN Server, Parental Control and QoS

Wireless access point.

A wireless AP relays data between a wired network and wireless devices. It’s basically a wireless hub that’s used by wireless devices to connect to an existing wired network. A wireless AP connects directly to an organization’s router where the router is then connected directly to a modem which gives the wireless devices access to the internet.
Wireless Router vs Access Point - access point
Now wireless access points are primarily used by medium to large organizations and typically an organization will have multiple access points to make sure it covers the entire building. So for example here we have a medium-sized office. And this office has desktop computers, laptops, and tablets. So the desktop computers will connect to the organization’s router using Ethernet cables.
But in order for the wireless laptops and tablets to connect to the network, this office is going to use wireless access points. So the access points are going to be placed in strategic places and each of them will connect to the router using an  Ethernet cable. Then once that is done they will all broadcast a Wi-Fi signal so that the laptops and tablets can connect wirelessly and join this network so now all the desktop computers and wireless devices are joined together in one network. And that one network is managed by one single router and because wireless access points
are managed by a single router, which is one of the main reasons why larger organizations use wireless access points instead of Wi-Fi routers. An example of WIFI access point is TP-Link Omada AC1350 Gigabit Wireless Access Point. It is a Business WiFi Solution w/ Mesh Support, Seamless Roaming & MU-MIMO | PoE Powered (no need separate adaptor| SDN Integrated | Cloud Access & App for Easy Management (EAP225).

Differences between Wireless Router vs Access Point

Device Management

Now in reality this office here can use Wi-Fi routers instead of wireless APs and it would work just fine. But the problem with using Wi-Fi routers instead of wireless APs is manageability. If the network administrator wanted to manage this network and make certain changes, he would have to log into each Wi-Fi router to make that change.
And that could be a hassle and time-consuming especially if there were a lot of Wi-Fi routers. But if this office was using wireless access points instead, then all the management and all the changes in the configuration would be done by this single router. Which makes managing a network a lot easier.
All the wireless devices can be treated as a single subnet instead of being treated as multiple subnets if Wi-Fi routers were used. Another difference between these is how devices are able to connect to them.

Client type

Wireless access points are strictly for wireless devices to connect to, whereas Wi-Fi routers are able to accept connections from both wireless devices and wired devices.  Because in addition to having a  Wi-Fi antenna Wi-Fi routers will also have a built-in switch to accept Ethernet cable connections.


Another difference is a firewall. Wireless access points don’t have a firewall, while Wi-Fi routers will have a firewall.

DHCP Service

Wi-Fi routers will also have a built-in DHCP service. A DHCP service is what automatically assigns IP addresses to devices that are connected to it. So when devices connect to a Wi-Fi router, its built-in DHCP service will
directly assign those devices an IP address.
But since Wireless APs don’t have a DHCP service, the devices that are connected to it will get their IP address from the organization’s router. So once a device connects to the wireless AP, the router will send the IP through the wireless access point and then to the device.

Wan Port

And another difference is that Wi-Fi routers will have a WAN port or internet port. A WAN or internet port is where you would plug in a network cable coming in from your modem. And this is what gives your  Wi-Fi router an internet connection so it can pass it on to other devices, whereas a wireless access point doesn’t have a WAN or internet port.
So it cannot directly connect to a modem.
It has to connect directly to a router instead and then the router is what connects to a modem. And on a final note, wireless access points are often used to further extend a network’s existing wireless signal. So for example, if this home needed to extend its Wi-Fi signal further into  this home, you can attach a wireless access point
using a network cable to the Wi-Fi router so that distant devices can connect to the Wi-Fi signal.
Thank you for reading I hope now you can see clearly the difference between Wireless Router vs Access Point.
How to Move A Website Easily Using A WordPress Plugin

How to Move A Website Easily Using A WordPress Plugin

This time I will show you how I managed to move a website to a new hosting provider using plug-in Duplicator. There are several ways to move a website from one server to another, however using a plugin is the easiest method.

You need to back up in the old server and restore on the new server.

1. Backup the website on the old server/hosting:

How to Move A Website Easily Using A Wordpress Plugin 1

1. Install Plugin Duplicator, on the right side of WordPress dashboard, click Duplicator, Packages

1 Move A Website - package

2. On the package section, click Create New button.
2 Move A Website - create new

3. Click Next button

3 Move A Website - click next button

4. Duplicator plugin will scan the system to make sure it meets the prerequisites

4 Move A Website - scanning sites

5. When scanning complete, it will show you the result. Ideally, every step must be Good.
If not then click the notice section and read the problem.

5 Move A Website - scan complete

For example, we have 2 notices:
a. Is Setup problem, PHP Open Base Dir: “ON”, we can try first to build the package and see if the problem will causing fail in build the package.
b. Size checks, when I check there are some big file, if you sure the file size is correct then ignore this problem.

6 Move A Website - notice

6. After you put a check mark on Yes, continue with the build process and click the Build button the system start building the package.

7 Move A Website - building package

7. When finished you must download the package file and the installer file to your computer. Depending on the package size and your Internet speed, it could took minutes till hours to download that 2 files.

2. Restore the website on the new server/hosting

Facebook Lite is Much Better Than Regular Facebook For Android

Facebook Lite is Much Better Than Regular Facebook For Android

Facebook Lite is the new app from Facebook designed especially for countries which have slower Internet speed or not reliable internet connection. Facebook lite uses less memory, traffic and still delivering all basic Facebook feature. It claimed to work well with 2G connection.

I am living in Indonesia which in a certain area the Internet connection is not so good,  but that is not my main reason to switch to Facebook Lite. I already removed my Facebook for Android a long time ago and only accessing it from Google Chrome. The main reason is that I feel my phone performance become sluggish as the Facebook data getting bigger and bigger.

Facebook lite

I hope when using Facebook Lite I will not have a bad experience with my phone after sometimes using it. The other reason is the installation files is quite big 58MB vs Facebook lite 1MB.

After installing Facebook Lite I am happy as the performance is good, in fact, it better than running Facebook on Chrome. Running this app reminds me of Google’s AMP version of websites.

Download Facebook Lite

Download Facebook can be either from Google Play Store https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.facebook.lite
Or you can download Facebook Lite APK from here https://www.facebook.com/lite/
download facebook lite
Download Facebook Lite only 1.35 MB
Below is a picture when you want to install Facebook Lite form Play Store.
Download facebook lite from play store
Below is the picture when you want to download Facebook Lite APK from Google Chrome. It only takes 1.35MB for installation files. I loved this because will save a lot of internal memory compared to 58MB installation file of regular Facebook for Android application.
Download facebook lite APK on from mobile phone

Facebook Lite Compatibility

Besides designed for 2G and unstable Internet connection, this Facebook app version is also run on Android version 2.3 and higher. It means the old Android phone will able to run this Facebook app version.

Installing Facebook Lite

When I was opened Facebook from Chrome the is a pop-up message offering to install Facebook Lite. When I follow the link it downloads a Facebook APK file from the Facebook site.
I believed it also can be installed from Google Play Store.

Login to Facebook Lite

Log in to Facebook Lite a little bit different with login to regular Facebook for Android, When I fill my usual password, it sent me a code number via SMS and I have to use that number as my password.

Facebook lite password sent to SMS

What is Missing in Facebook Lite?

I do not use Watchlist, Live, all I need is to see the notification that matters to me. I see no missing important feature in Facebook Lite. So yes, this is my favorite Facebook app edition.

facebook lite features
everything i need from facebook lite is available
facebook lite is good alternative to regular facebook app

Other than Facebook Lite, Facebook also released Messenger Lite with the same goal.

Namecheap Hosting Review, A New Hosting Alternative For Me

Namecheap Hosting Review, A New Hosting Alternative For Me

Namecheap is not only selling domain but also provide hosting with good performance and good price as well. I registered many domains there and also have a hosting plan. Namecheap hosting is a good choice who concern about performance and price.

I am using the Stellar plan which only cost me $2.88 per month or $24.88 per year. With this plan, I can host up to 3 websites, 1 main domain, and 2 add-on domain.

Currently, Namecheap hosting has 2 location of data centers, the US and the UK, so if your visitors mostly came from the US, this is a very good choice.

Namecheap hosting
Namecheap Datacentre Source: Namecheap.com

I just realize that Namecheap provides 100% uptime, while my other hosting provider mostly offers 99.xx%. This Plan has 20GB SSD-accelerated storage and unlimited bandwidth, unlimited parked domain, up to 30 subdomains. Twice a week backup ( my other hosting provider only offer once a week). Last they also offer 30 days money back guarantee.

They offer Cpanel for the control panel and this is great as Cpanel is very easy to use, many of you already familiar with it.

I already use 3 available domain for more than a year and never had an issue with them. Even when I have a technical problem with my domains registered with them, they always fix it right away.

Other shared hosting plans with Namecheap are:

Stellar Plus

$4.48 per month or $46.88 per year.
Unlimited SSD-accelerated storage

Stellar Business

$8.88 per month or $88.88 per year
20GB pure SSD storage

Both plans above have unlimited domain hosting. All Namecheap server are using Dell technologies which is great, I have been working with Dell servers and they are a very reliable server.

For more info about their shared hosting please refer this page: https://www.namecheap.com/hosting/shared.aspx

Different namecheap hosting plan

Namecheap VPS plan

namecheap VPS plan hosting

Namecheap dedicated server plan.

Namecheap dedicated server plan with Xeon 3 processor
Dedicated server plan
namecheap dedicated server plan with Intel Xeon 5
Dedicated server plan multiple CPU Intel Xeon5
Type the Password for Credential Storage – Android Error

Type the Password for Credential Storage – Android Error

I found “Type the Password for Credential Storage” error when tried to connect to VPN to unlock a user account in Active Directory. When I type any password it saying that credential password already cleared, but the error keeps pop up.

Type the Password for Credential Storage

Last time I connect to my company’s VPN about a week ago from my phone was working fine. Quickly I browse the internet and some users on a forum said that I need to enter any password 4 times and everything will be back to normal. However this is not happening with my case, I already type the password more than 4 times but the “Type the Password for Credential Storage” error keeps coming.

The other said that you only need to clear credential in the security group and VPN back to work. Again this is not happening to me even after I restart the phone.

Finally, I found the best answer for my problem is to turn off screen lock for PIN/pattern/password. After turn off the lock screen, the phone never asks the password for credential storage again. Although I have to re-create my VPN setting I don’t mind, this trick has resolved my problem.

Best WordPress Themes for Business

Best WordPress Themes for Business

I have a wordpress site that seems alright, hundreds of visitor coming in daily and I once a while updating the content. I am using a free theme and it so far OK however since I moved to a premium theme, besides it looks better, the traffic also increase significantly.

best wordpress themes free

See what Jeremy Schoemaker has increased his website traffic after using this premium theme in his blog www.shoemoney.com

Go Get The WordPress Theme Here 

Why using a premium theme can increase the visitor traffic?

Load faster, when your website loads faster than your competitor visitor will love it and stay longer with the website.

Responsive theme, means your website will show correctly in a mobile device and has good speed too, remember now people mostly visit from mobile devices.

What this means for your business… great user experience. People will love your website when it loads faster, they will happier when the appearance is simple and professional with the font that easy to read, not too small or too big.

When user loves a website they will start reading another post of the blog. It means bounce rate will become low. Bounce rate is a percentage of people leaving your website, the lower the better, means they stay long enough.

Google will now that your site is good therefor will put your website higher than other websites that’s why your visitor increase as your position in the search result is in the top position.

Go Get The WordPress Theme Here 

Meraki VPN Client Cannot Connected To The Server

Meraki VPN Client Cannot Connected To The Server

We have a small representative office in Bandung, Indonesia that sometimes needs to use VPN to get access to the server at HQ in the UK.

Just a week ago our headquarter office has changed their VPN from Cisco to Meraki but since then the client in the Bandung office cannot connect to the server.
However, when using tether from a smartphone is connected to the server.
Obviously, the problem is with the network configuration or with the internet provider.
Our current connection is using 4g USB modem Huawei E3372 4G LTE 150Mbps and Router 3G 4G TP-Link
meraki vpn client Huawei Modem
So the first thing I check is the router setting of TP-Link MR3420, I click NAT forwarding section. From there I can see that PPTP Pass-through, L2TP Pass-through, and IPSec Pass-through are not enabled.
meraki vpn client Huawei Modem
I am sure that Meraki will need at least one of them to be enabled. As I want a quick result, I enabled PPTP Pass-through, L2TP Pass-through, and IPSec Pass-through. Reboot the router and asking the user to reconnect using VPN.
Yeah, this time VPN client Meraki can connect as it should be.
meraki vpn client Huawei Modem vpn cannot connect
7 Simple Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Website Design Agency

7 Simple Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Website Design Agency

Every website design company has a different approach, and they all offer a variety of services. If you’re looking to hire a website design agency, there are some questions you need to ask before you sign on the dotted line.


There’s no denying that website design agencies are in high demand right now. A lot of small business owners are looking to save money by hiring a web development agency rather than dealing with the time-consuming process of creating a custom website from scratch.

This is a list of seven questions that you can ask before hiring a web design agency to build your new site, or redesign your existing one.

1. What is their experience in website design?

I’m going to start with the most basic and go from there. It’s important to know who you’re talking to and what their experience is in this area. Do they have a design background or are they just learning this stuff for the first time? Are they looking for a professional design or are they looking to design for themselves and have fun doing it?

2. What is the agency’s website design portfolio?

The website design portfolio is a compilation of websites that showcases the agency’s work. Websites should be aesthetically pleasing, and engaging and demonstrate what the agency can do. They should also show the agency’s process, experience, and creative thinking.

Your website is an extension of your brand. Make sure that you have a good website and that your website shows off what you can do. Try to make it unique. This will be a reflection of your company. It is a marketing tool, so it needs to be attractive and professional looking. You should hire a web designer to create your website. The best way to find a good web designer is to check online. There are several companies that specialize in creating websites, and you should hire one of them. They will make sure that your website looks good and is easy to navigate.

3. What is your estimated timeline?

Timelines are a useful tool for gauging how long a website design will take and whether or not that timeline makes sense. They help you make sense of any project and make sure it doesn’t go out of control. One way to figure out your timeline is to start with a project manager and go through their workflow. Find the time it takes to do tasks or complete them within the time allotted and add up the total hours.

4. Do you have a solid team behind this project?

It’s important that you don’t just have a great product, but also a great team. This is because no matter how great your product is, if you don’t have a great team behind it, it doesn’t matter. If your team is bad, your product will likely suffer as well. In fact, one of the best ways to spot a poorly developed product is to look at its development team. If the team behind your project is weak, the product will reflect this.

5. Do They Have References?

We can’t stress this enough: references are extremely important. When it comes to website design, you’ll want to check out your potential clients’ websites to see if there are any similarities in style or functionality to yours. Also check out the work your potential client has done in the past and how it compares to the style and functionality of your proposed work. If the style is similar, you’ll have a better chance of selling the project.

6. What is Their Plan and How Will it Help Your Company?

With a great website comes the promise of making your company visible online, attracting more traffic and customers, generating more leads, and ultimately increasing the revenue generated from those customers. And of course, the website you create should reflect your brand, not just the business itself. But when building your site, you don’t need to sacrifice design or usability in the process.

7. Are there any hidden fees?

The more expensive the item, the bigger the chance that the seller hides extra costs in the listing. Make sure you check whether there are any hidden charges or other fees that weren’t included in the listing price, and if so, double-check the seller’s terms and conditions to ensure you’re paying the same amount as the original listed price. The more you buy, the more you can save.


in order to hire a reputable website design agency, you should always ask these seven questions first. Do your due diligence before hiring someone because the cost of an online presence is much more than you think. Asking the right questions up front will ensure that you aren’t being taken for a ride, and will help you find the right agency for your project.

Website Rank Recovery Procedure Step by Step

Website Rank Recovery Procedure Step by Step

Below is a real case of how I try to recover my website rank and this process is still going on. I am not promising anything here I just create this for my personal notes, however you can ask anything and I will try to answer in the comment section below.

I will try to recover my website rank in search engine by submitting disavow file. Disavow file contain URL or domain that I want Google to ignore. The links I want to ignore in this case are those that created automatically from spammy sites which gave bad effect.

In 2016 my website ( I will not tell you the domain name) traffic starts to decrease gradually since September 2016. From 400 per day page view dropped to below 100.

google ranking dropped dramatically

I did not receive manual action notification in my webmasters tool console but the traffic keeps dropping. I believed that the website got bad links from the spammy website.

Several indicators which I noticed other than traffic dropped are:
1. Search ranking dropped significantly, my postings that usually on page 1 or 2 now are gone
2. When I type my domain name, partial or exact match, usually showing in 1 position, but now in page 3,4, even more.

My actions:
During years 2016-2018 I let this condition happened hoping there will be better changes, but nothing happen 🙂

On June 2018 I try to identify the bad links using Google Webmasters tool. Under Search Traffic, click Links to Your Site, click more under Who links the most and Your most linked content to expand the list.

sudden drop in keyword ranking

As you can see my total links identified by Google Webmasters Tool are only 186, not many, so manual identification and removal still possible to me. You may need professional help if you have thousands of link point to your website.

why did my website drop in google
Click the external link icon to find out how many URL from that particular domain pointing to our website.
google flux seo
Click the external link icon to go to URL that give us bad link.

How to identify the bad links?
After I have the exact URL source that give us bad link, many times we will not found our domain in their page but if we check their source code we will find it.

1. I check whether the URL I got from GWT still indexed by Google by copying the URL into Google Search if appeared means indexed, move to step 2.

google seo tools

2. I will check it’s domain name in search engine box, if it does not appear in the top position I will put this domain name into disavow file. Below picture is an example of a domain that I will put in disavow file.

google search result

Putting URL or domain list into disavow file is like 2 sides of knives, if you wrongly identify it, the result may become worst. Follow my steps at your own risk. If you are not sure give this job to the professional team.

website down google ranking
I have collated 10 domain that I want to include in the disavow file as above picture
why does my google ranking keep changing
Make sure to save in the UTF-8 encoding format so the Google Webmasters Tools will properly acknowledge the content of disavow file.
Upload your file
Go to https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/disavow-links-main to upload your file.
sudden drop in website traffic
about 30-60 minutes after uploading disavow file I checked the result. I quite happy that when I typed the domain name in the Google search now in the 1 result and also now Google showing site links in the result. I am using USA VPN to check this result as I am in Asia will need several days to be reflected on the Google local.
I presume this is a good sign and happy about this. The traffic not recovered yet but I am pretty confidence if I keep updating my site the traffic will recover soon.
why suddenly ranking down in search engine

Again I am trial this method, the result maybe not the same, at least this is what I believed and I still need to update content and try to get the good backlink to the website.
By for now.

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