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Grab the Best VPS Hosting: Top-Notch Performance on a Shoestring Budget!

Best VPS Hosting: A website is a digital asset, therefore we want the best for our website. Best website performance mostly depends on how good is our hosting company. A good hosting company to me is one that is always on and with fast loading when we access it, and also customer support that is always ready to help us when needed.

Find the trick to get an even lower price at the end of this article

As I have several websites that have lots of posts, means I need more CPU power, Memory capacity, and CPU performance that can handle these requirements. With my current shared hosting company I sometimes received an error 503 server busy message.

I have several hosting companies in my mind to choose they all have good reputations and relatively the same price:

vps price option1

vps price option2

Luckily I found a way better with the same specification:

best vps hosting price

Check more details

For those who are not familiar with the VPS cloud hosting terms, below are some terms commonly used:

What is A Hosting Company?

Now, think of a hosting company as a special library. This library is open 24/7 and anyone with a computer and internet can visit. You keep your cool book in this library. Your friends can now see your book anytime by going to this library using their computers.

In real life, your cool book is like a website with pictures and information. The hosting company is the library that keeps your website so people can see it anytime on the internet. It makes sure your website is always available and runs smoothly for anyone who wants to see it.

What is VPS?

Alright! Imagine you have a computer. This computer is very powerful and is kept in a building far away. You can use this computer through the Internet, but so can others. The company that owns this computer divides its power and resources into smaller pieces, like cutting a cake into slices. Each slice has its own little space with a certain amount of power and resources.

Now, a VPS is one of those slices. VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. It’s like having a smaller computer within that big powerful computer. And you can use this little space to run your websites, games, or whatever you need.

What is Cloud VPS?

Cloud VPS hosting is basically the same thing but with some magic sprinkles. The “Cloud” part means that instead of just one big powerful computer, your slice can get resources from several computers that are connected together. So, if your website or game suddenly gets super popular and needs more power, the Cloud can combine resources from multiple computers to help you out.

In simpler words, Cloud VPS Hosting is like renting a piece of a super powerful computer, which can get extra help from other computers if needed. It’s mostly used for running websites or services on the internet.

What is Shared Hosting?

In shared hosting, your website (which is like your cool book) is stored on a big computer called a server. But, instead of having the whole server to yourself, you have to share it with lots of other websites. All the websites on this server share the same resources, like memory and processing power, just like how all the books on the shelf share the same space.

This is usually cheaper and good for small websites, but if one of the websites gets really popular and has lots of visitors, it might use up more resources and make the other websites on the server slower. It’s like if one of the books on the shelf gets really big and takes up more space, leaving less room for the other books.

Tips for an even lower price:

On the top right section, use EURO instead of USD for the currency, I save more money with this. Use this link to do this. Yes, I want to save more money ordering VPS Cloud.

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