Paypal Access Denied, You don't have permission to access on this server. 1

Paypal Access Denied, You don’t have permission to access on this server.

One of my clients just paid my invoice, and it’s time to check on Paypal’s dashboard. When I tried to open Paypal’s website there is an error message
“Access Denied” You don’t have permission to access “” on this server.
I never see this error before, the last time I access Paypal last week everything was fine, but after that I create a new Paypal account for a company from my laptop that usually only access to my personal Paypal account. Could this be the problem?
If that was the problem then this is not good at all because I didn’t anything harmful to them. How about my problem below, what should I do?
paypal access denied
Error message when cannot access my Paypal account

Using VPN To Access Paypal Account

I have a lifetime subscription of Keep Solid VPN unlimited and I will try to access using it.

virtual private network
Keep Solid Unlimited VPN

To my surprise I can access my Paypal account when using VPN, I choose the Singapore server because this is the closest server from my current location in Bandung, Indonesia.

paypal balance

Conclusion on the problem Paypal Access Denied

I cannot access Paypal because they banned the IP address. I didn’t do anything harm with my Paypal account. All I have done was creating a new Paypal for a Company account using the same computer.

The other possibility is because this is a dynamic IP address where I can get a different IP address from the ISP whenever I connect to the ISP. I got an IP address where coincidentally banned by Paypal.
Hopefully this posting helpful when you face the same problem.

The correct solution for Paypal Access Denied Problem

On Nov 23, 2019, I can access Paypal’s website from my home internet without doing anything to fix the Access Denied problem, so the problem gone by itself. So it was a temporary problem I guess.

I found on that some people are having the same problem with a slightly different error message:

Access Denied You don’t have permission to access

They all resolved the problem using VPN as I did but this is not the correct way to fix the problem as Paypal is not permit us to use any proxies service or VPN to access their website.
The correct way is to open a ticket at give them a specific example. So next time you find the same problem, contact them and open a ticket. Hope will be resolved fast.
Read my other Paypal solution here:

Your Paypal Account has been Restricted and Cannot Make Payment?

Paypal is one of the first and biggest money processor on the Internet. They want keep everything secure. With this policy sometimes we found its not practical to the user. If we can understand that what they are doing today is to keep the system secure.

I don’t know how many per day Paypal being attacked by the people who want to get access to the website and get away with money.

I myself a Paypal user since more than 7 years ago and found that they system is secure. I never get any serious problem except the money rate which is relatively high, compare to the local Bank rate.

Note: If you are at home you can work around the problem by turning off the modem for 10 minutes then turn back on. The purpose is to get a new IP address that not blocked by Paypal. But if the Paypal blocked a series of IP addresses and not a single IP address this trick may not work. I usually turn off the modem at night and turn back on in the morning, so that the IP address is changed. So my problem accessing Paypal is usually a temporary problem, I can access Paypal on the other day.

I hope your paypal access denied problem will resolved successfully.

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