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Hello and welcome to yunarwinardi.com

This blog was initially about the internet and technology but now shifted to talking about laptops because I received many questions from friends, relatives, and colleagues like “what is the best laptop for students”, “what is the best laptop for my job”, and “what is the best laptop for my business”.

By putting everything I know about laptops here it will make me easier to answer the questions by asking them to read my blog 🙂

You may wonder why people ask me about laptops, well because my job and career are entirely about IT.

My first job was in a local computer company as a technician I later become a system engineer that planned and implement IT solutions based on customer requirements. I once got several IT certifications like CCNA, CCDA, MCSE, and stuff like that paid by the company, so I am the lucky person.

The second job is as an IT assistant manager in a garment industry owned by a British company in Bandung Indonesia. I got lots of new experiences, especially in work ethics. 

My third and current job as a freelancer in several local companies in Bandung, Indonesia. My main job is to grow their websites so they can support their main business ranging from a comic publisher, a travel agency and a printing company.

While my experience using laptops is as follows:

  • My first laptop is Acer 3600 series
  • The second laptop is an HP Pro book 440
  • The third is Dell Inspiron 1464
  • My current is Lenovo T430

So I think I have enough experience to run this blog and hope you like it 🙂

Yunar Winardi

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