About Us

Yunarwinardi.com Discuss anything about blogging, Computer Networking, and Softwares.

The founder worked for 2 companies in the past in the IT department, that’s why this blog topic is about computers and blogging.

His first job was working with Multicom a local IT solution company that has a wide range of customers and projects. He got several IT certificates paid by the company at that time and this is great because it’s expensive to get an IT certificate in Indonesia. Yunar loves working with the company but in the end, he had to look for another job as they closed the business.

His second job was working with Dewhirst in Rancaekek, Bandung, Indonesia for 9 years in IT department. This was a multinational garment industry company from the UK.

It was a great experience although sometimes he feel stressful, the company was relying on its system and procedures. The work ethic is excellent, not many companies like this in Indonesia.

However, they also closed the factory in Indonesia, from the 2 companies that he worked for, they always end up closing their business.

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