Hello and welcome to yunarwinardi.com

This blog is about the basic of WordPress, domain, hosting, and affiliate marketing. I just realized that I love my current job more than my previous job as a systems engineer and IT assistant manager. 

Working with clients from various industries has helped me to understand better about digital promotion in certain niches. 

My computer-related and technology posts are still part of this blog as it also part of my hobby.

I put everything I learn and know about blogging, the Internet, and computer technology here, as a reminder to myself when forgot about certain tricks, and also hope you can enjoy it too.

A little background about me, my first job was in a local computer company as a technician. I later become a systems engineer that propose a plan and implement IT solutions based on customer requirements.

I once got several IT certifications like CCNA, CCDA, MCSE, and stuff like that paid by the company, so I am a lucky person.

The second job is as an IT assistant manager in a garment industry owned by a British company in Bandung Indonesia. I got lots of new experiences, especially in my work ethic. 

My third and current job is as a freelancer in several local companies in Bandung, Indonesia. My main job is to grow their websites so they can support their main business ranging from a comic publisher, a travel agency, a printing company, and a photo product service company.

I am using the following laptops to help with my daily job

  • My first laptop is Acer 3600 series
  • The second laptop is an HP Pro book 440
  • The third is Dell Inspiron 1464
  • My current is Lenovo T430

I also did computer service /repair for close friends and relatives, I did replace HP’s LCD laptop. Replace Harddisk to SSD of several laptops. Troubleshoot the Windows family operating system. Microsoft Office, Accumark, and other software.

I hope you will find this blog as useful as I do.

Best Regards

Yunar Winardi