Moving A WordPress Site to A New Domain Using All-in-One WP Migration

Hi there, today I am going to move a WordPress site that installed on a subdomain to a domain. Usually, I am using the Duplicator plugin, but today I decided to use All-in-One WP Migration as it installed on my site as part of standard installation.

At the moment the site installed at and I want to move it to

Below is a picture from domain as you can see it still empty, only a standard page telling the webmaster to delete the file default.php

komik next g online empty

I will use All-in-One WP migration version 7.23 by ServMask

All-in-One WP migration

Steps to Moving A WordPress Site to A New Domain Using All-in-One WP Migration

Below are step by step required to successfully moved a website. It doesn’t matter from local host to a hosting service or from a hosting company to another, the steps are the same.

1. Click the All-in-One WP migration from the left bar. It will show the menu as below.

All-in-One WP migration steps to export

2. Export to file

Click button export to it will show several methods of moving the site to, there are a lot of Cloud services listed there but it will need you to pay $99 for the plugin. I choose the free option to move so I clicked File.

export to files

It will start archiving file.

archiving files
finish backup

I click the Download The file size is 229 MB, it’s a comic website that just started so although it full of images but the size still small.

It generating 1 file called as no installation file, it will need fresh installation of WordPress on the target site.

On the target site I installed a fresh WordPress from the Hosting Dashboard. If your hosting dashboard not able to install WordPress then you have to install it mnually.

new wordpress installation

Login to WordPress dashboard I found that it already automatically installed with All-in-One WP migration plugin. If you install WordPress manually you have to install this plugin too.

3. Import file from the WP dashboard of new website

Go to the sidebar of the dashboard and click All-in-one WP Migration and click Import

click import from the plugin
click import from
click file
choo the file to import
progress bar of import process

On the import process the screen stuck at 17.99%, I restart the import process. On the second attempt, it stops at 17.89%. I tried to move to use Microsoft Edge to import the file but the result I the same stopped at 18.05%.

I restarted my computer and still the import process stopped at 17%.

I have to switch to Duplicator plugin to make this work. If you want to use Duplicator this is my steps This is my old post but the steps about the same.


I cannot use All-in-one WP Migration to move website with 229 MB size(max is 256MB), import process always stop at about 17%. Maybe with smaller size it will work, who knows 🙂

I finally use Dupliactor to finish the job.

Change PHP version via VPSSIM

Change PHP version via VPSSIM

After successfully install VPSSIM now it’s time to change the PHP version. I need to do this because one of my programs only work on PHP version 5.6 while my current PHP version is 7.1

I thought before I have to re-install the server but I was wrong, I only need to change it via VPSSIM.

1. Type 25) Update System (Nginx, PHP…)

Change PHP version via VPSSIM 1
2. Type 5) Change PHP Version
Change PHP version via VPSSIM 2
3. Type 4) PHP 5.6
Change PHP version via VPSSIM 3
4. Type Y as a confirmation.
Change PHP version via VPSSIM 4

It will only take seconds to change the PHP version and voila… now the PHP version become 5.6

Change PHP version via VPSSIM 5

What is VPSSIM?

VPSSIM is your control panel on VPS hosting. When you order a VPS package, you get an administrator privilege, but at the same time, you must configure all the server configuration by yourself. You don’t have a control panel program as on the shared hosting package.
Using VPSSIM I can easily install WordPress, change PHP version and more as I have a control panel but this is a menu-based program.
VPSSIM created by Nguyen Oanh

What is VPS

A Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a virtual machine that physically may consist of 1 or more machines and sold as a service by an Internet hosting service company. VPS is much better than Shared hosting, VPS configuration is scaleable easily. When you expect massive visitors coming to your website, the VPS package is the one you want to buy.
With VPS you are the only owner of that package. In shared hosting, if someone uses the most of the capacity, and they have a faulty subsystem it will affect you. This is not happening in VPS hosting as you are isolated from others.

What is PHP

PHP is a programming language that originally designed and created by Rasmus Lerdorf back in 1994 for web development. The PHP reference implementation is now produced by The PHP Group. PHP originally stand for Personal Home Page is widely used for programming language on the internet.

VULTR – Installing VPSSIM on Your Web Server

VULTR – Installing VPSSIM on Your Web Server

VPS is a good choice for your business websites. It can handle more users and more stable compared to shared hosting. You don’t share resources with others so you will not see the degraded performance because of other websites getting busy or having trouble.

VPS is also scaleable, it means the hosting company can add more computing power without serious downtime. It basically a virtual server that can be run on a server or more. In VPS we get administrator control can do almost anything except physical access to the server of course.

VPSSIM (VPS Simple) is a program to manage VPS server that optimizes Nginx – PHP – MariaDB (LEMP) script for CentOS 6 & 7. VPSSIM is different from other control panel programs that write in PHP language and can run in the Internet Browser. To run VPSSIM you need to use SSH program like PuTTy.

With VPSSIM even a new person will able to manage VPS quite easily. It’s a menu-based program with a simple menu to understand and operate.

Use command:

yum -y install wget; wget; chmod +x install; bash install

Choose 1

type 1)English
press enter key
type 1) MariaDB 10.2
Type 1 to agree or 2 if not agree
After this screen, VPSSIM will start installing… took about 15 minutes.
When you see below screen your VPSSIM has completed:
VULTR - Installing VPSSIM on Your Web Server 6
WIFI is not Working – 8 Tips to WIFI Troubleshooting

WIFI is not Working – 8 Tips to WIFI Troubleshooting

WIFI is not working – Getting connected wirelessly from laptop to the internet is something common in the busy world today. We do not realize or do not care with its existence until we found that our WIFI is not working anymore as it used to be. This seems a little problem but actually, it’s a big problem because you cannot finish most of your jobs like replying email to your client, sending a report to your boss, video conference and more.

Before checking any further please check If your WIFI is turned off

WIFI is not Working – 8 Tips to WIFI Troubleshooting 7

How to fix WIFI not working problem?

Below are several tips you can try on your laptop or desktop computer if you want your WIFI back online please try the following tips:

1. WIFI is off, turn it on

Before thinking too far, check your WIFI whether it turns off or on. I found this case quite often in the office, people turn off their WIFI and forget to turn back on. Depend on your laptop model/type. In the older type, there is a small switch on the right side or left side of the laptop. Turn the switch on, usually, the indicator lamp also will lit, or will turn from orange to blue or green.

On the newer model, you will see the switch just above your keyboard, on the right side. This switch usually also can be turned on by pressing FN key + F2 key or F2 key only depend on your manufacturer.

WIFI is not Working – 8 Tips to WIFI Troubleshooting 8

2. WIFI is not working because disabled

WIFI can be disabled accidentally because only need one click to disabled or enabled. To check the status of WIFI, click start, control panel, network and sharing center, change adapter settings. You will see some network adapter at least 2 network cards. Local Area Network and Wireless Network Connection.

On the wireless network connection, right click, you will see a similar picture as below. If you see Disable, then your current status is enabled and vice versa. Make sure you see Disable, if not click Enable to make it work.

WIFI is not Working – 8 Tips to WIFI Troubleshooting 9

3. Reset Access point, modem, or router

Access point, modem and router in the company usually working 24Ă—7. With this condition sometimes they need to be restarted to refresh all memory and make it works again. You need to turn off the device for 1 minute and turn back on to reset all the memory in the device.

The easiest way to restart is by plug off the cable power and plug in again. After restarted some router need about 10 minutes to back online. You may will need to re-start your computer as well.

4. WIFI get a different IP address

Sometimes I found that WIFI is not working because it has a different IP address than it should be. This can happen when someone has changed the IP address manually and never put it back to the previous IP configuration.

To fix the problem: Go to network and sharing center>Change adapter settings Right click Wireless network connection, click properties, double click internet protocol version 4 (TCP/IP v4), choose to obtain an IP address automatically, and choose to Obtain DNS server address automatically.

WIFI is not Working – 8 Tips to WIFI Troubleshooting 10

Click OK button 2 times. Now you should get the correct address and your WIFI should working.

5. WIFI is connected to other SSID/Network

If you are working in the office complex, you should see many WIFI in your neighbourhood. If your computer automatically connected to the network that is not belong to you then you will not able to connect to your network.

To solve this problem, you should choose to connect manually to other WIFI SSID and to choose automatically connect to your WIFI network.

WIFI is not Working – 8 Tips to WIFI Troubleshooting 11

Open manage wireless network (click start>control panel>network and sharing centre>manage wireless network). As you can see on the picture above that some SSID/Network configured to be Automatically connect or manually connect. If your neighbour network configured to connect automatically change it to manually connect.

WIFI is not Working – 8 Tips to WIFI Troubleshooting 12

Double click the SSID name you want to change and un-check the Connect automatically when this network is in range option.

6. Check Windows Firewall

Windows firewall or other firewall program sometimes can block ports , make sure you turn it off first and see if you can connect. If you can connect to WIFI/Internet after windows firewall being turned off, you should inform your administrator to check if this comply with company policy.

WIFI is not Working – 8 Tips to WIFI Troubleshooting 13

To get to windows firewall, click start>control panel>windows firewall
Make sure Windows Firewall State is off. If it on click Turn Windows Firewall on or off

7. WIFI is not working because hardware is broken

This is the most severe problem but quite rare to happen. To decide WIFI hardware broken you have to went through these first:
Make sure wireless already turn on
Make sure WIFI is not disabled
Make sure using correct WIFI driver

If after check all above and your WIFI still not working, then your WIFI hardware could be broken. If this is happened, you can use network cable to connect to the internet.

To order the original part of WIFI could be long process and takes time. If you need in hurry you can buy USB WIFI to replace your build in WIFI card.
8. Network Problem

If we already did all WIFI troubleshooting above and still have problem, and you are not the only one who cannot connect to WIFI. Let your administrator know, you will not able to fix this from your laptop alone.

Sometimes this happen on the internet provider company, your administrator should chase them to solve the problem as soon as possible.

I hope that you can found and fixed your WIFI not working issue by following 8 tips above, if you find something new add in the comment and I will add to the list after I check.
You can also check following great website for alternatives solution on WIFI not working issue.

If you are savvy on computer, you can follow suggestion from Pcworld like change WIFI channel on the router, restore router’s setting to the default, and upgrade the router’s firmware. You can check here:

Toshiba forum suggesting to check computer drivers, check power management, download new driver, and remove battery laptop and re-attach. You can check here:

Howtogeek suggest to check overheating router, check if cable securely connected

For Apple’s product WIFI troubleshooting on OS X Mountain Lion and later and OS X Lion and earlier can be found here:

How to Change IP Address On My Laptop

How to Change IP Address On My Laptop

Sometimes you need to change your IP address for some reason. Maybe you have conflicted IP address, want to connect to another network, or others. Although now mostly IP address derived from the server (DHCP), in special cases we need to add or change it manually.
Below I show you how to change IP address in Windows 10, for others version of Windows the steps are very similar to this steps.

To change IP address on your computer follow this steps:

1. Open Control Panel (type control panel on the search button).
How to Change IP Address On My Laptop 14
2. Click Network and Sharing Center, then click Change adapter settings
How to Change IP Address On My Laptop 15
3. Click whether Ethernet if your computer is connected via LAN, or click WI FI if your computer connected wirelessly. It depends on your situation.
How to Change IP Address On My Laptop 16
4. Right-click on the icon, in my case Wi-Fi 2 and click properties.
How to Change IP Address On My Laptop 17
5. Double-click Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)
How to Change IP Address On My Laptop 18
6. In my case, I am using IP address automatically from the server. If you want to change the IP address, then click Use the following IP address.
How to Change IP Address On My Laptop 19
7. In the picture above I change static IP address:
IP address: Type your static IP address
Subnet mask: Mus be the same with gateway subnet mask
Default gateway: Usual your router IP address, in this case,
Preferred DNS server: Your 1st DNS server, in this case, same with gateway IP address
Alternate DNS server: Your 2nd DNS server, in this case, same with 1st DNS server.
Is Website Traffic Very Low? See How I Fix This

Is Website Traffic Very Low? See How I Fix This

If you keep on eyes to your website everyday and you have or manage several website at the same time, then you will know if there is something wrong with them.

Yes, I am talking about visitor traffic. Without traffic, a website is nothing even if the website is beautiful. This is what happened to one of my websites.

Website Stats

409 published posts
The website has 409 published posts
indexed pages by Google
traffic in the last 28 days

As the picture above the website has 409 published posts and there are 305 indexed pages on Google, but the visitor for the last 28 days was only 3.3K, this is far too low.

This is my personal opinion backed by data but still I probably wrong, keep in mind that the result for every website is different depending on many factors mainly niche and keyword selection.

My other website with different niche which has about 483 posts and 622 indexed pages had 49K visitor in the last 28 days. Although different niche the different with my first website is 14 times.

The Problem I can identify

By able to indentify the problem we can try to fix it, and if it succeed the website traffic can increase.

Session by devices

When I check on Google Analytics on the sessions by device I found that traffic from Desktop computer is 86.4%, from mobile devices 12.7% and 0.9% came from tablet.

This is totally wrong the percentage should be much bigger comes from mobile devices, not from Desktop computers.

session by device

Mobile Usability from Google Search Console

Using Google Search Console I found that the mobile usability number is only 93, compared to the indexed pages is 305. The number should be the same.

When I compare to my “normal” website that has 622 indexed pages, the mobile usability figure is 460 or 26% lower. So the mobile usability number should about 225 for 305 indexed pages.

mobile usability

First thing I did was to repaired the errors that comes from 2 different pages. The content wider than screen error, and I fixed it. I also see the other Text too small to read and Clickable elements too close together errors but couldn’t really found it. I hope when I fixed the content wider than screen error, those 2 errors above will disappear. I should wait for Google to acknowledge my repair and let’s see the result.

content wiser than screen

I managed to speed up the website from from C(70%) and D(60%) to B(81%) and D(64%) and I am happy with this.

Why Cant I Connect To WiFi? Please Try This Steps

Why Cant I Connect To WiFi? Please Try This Steps

Why cant I connect to wifi – Sometimes, you can’t connect to your WiFi network, and you need to troubleshoot the problem to fix it. Try rebooting your device, turning off location services, and changing the channel your router broadcasts on. If none of these steps work, contact your ISP and ask them to reset your router. If you’re still unable to connect to WiFi, follow these steps to fix your problem:

Rebooting your device

Rebooting your device when you can’t connect to WiFi may be a simple solution to the problem. Resetting your device will completely wipe all data from your phone, but it’s the best way to erase the messes it’s caused. You need to back up all important data before proceeding. The best way to do this is to make a backup before attempting the factory reset.

Rebooting your device is another standard troubleshooting step. If you’re having trouble connecting to WiFi, try checking the network adapter settings. You can find these in the Network Connections Control Panel on Windows. To test the network adapter settings, select “Wireless” and make sure it’s turned on. If this still doesn’t fix the problem, you may need to install a new network adapter.

Turning off location services

If you’re on a WiFi connection, you may have heard of the new iOS 8 feature called Location Services. This feature allows users to control which apps can access their location and whether they share it with other apps. You can turn location services off completely or restrict them to specific apps. Here’s how to do it. By using this feature, you can protect yourself from predators that may try to track your every move.

By turning off location services, you prevent Microsoft from tracking your movements. Location services include GPS, Wi-Fi, and cellular tower data. When connected to a WiFi network, Windows will try to determine your exact location if it detects a signal. This information is stripped of any personally identifiable data before it leaves your device. Microsoft will use the information for improving location services. If you want to prevent location-based ads and suggestions, you should only install apps from trusted sources.

Rebooting your router

One of the most basic ways to fix connection issues is by rebooting your router. It doesn’t take long and will fix problems like no WiFi, slow connection, and other wireless issues. You can use this method for any type of connection – satellite, cable, or DSL modem. However, you should note that rebooting your router will not solve any longer-term issues, and it may not be the best choice in every situation.

There are several ways to reboot your router. Power cycling is probably the easiest way, since it only takes a couple of minutes and does the trick. If you can’t connect to WiFi or other internet connections, simply pull the power from the router for about ten seconds. Then, plug it back in and try again. If the problem persists, repeat the process several times, depending on the type of connection.

Changing the channel your router broadcasts on

If you have trouble connecting to WiFi, changing the channel your router broadcasts on may be the solution. Most routers allow you to manually change the channel on certain models. However, if you don’t have any luck with this method, contact the manufacturer of your router. You can often reach a customer service representative by phone. Here is how to change the channel on your router:

Changing the channel your router broadcasts on may help you connect to WiFi. It may be that many Wi-Fi networks are using the same channel. If that is the case, your connection may be suffering from interference. In addition, if you live in an apartment building, multiple networks may overlap in one area, causing sluggish Internet performance. Changing the channel your router broadcasts on may also help you connect to WiFi faster.

Changing your Wi-Fi password

Changing your Wi-Fi password can help protect your network. Many routers come with default passwords, which are easily guessed by hackers. If you have a weak password or one that you no longer trust, you should change it immediately. To do so, log into your router using its IP address. Next, click on “Settings” and select the Wi-Fi security tab. Once you have logged in, follow the instructions to change the password.

Changing your Wi-Fi password is easy, and it’s an essential step in protecting your online information. Once you’ve entered the new password, write it down and place it under your router. Then, enter the new password on all your network-connected devices. To get the Wi-Fi password of a certain network, you can use another computer. The Wi-Fi password is stored in the router’s settings.

Uncomplicated Social SEO Tips for Small Businesses

Uncomplicated Social SEO Tips for Small Businesses

SEO reflects the optimization of the search engine. In the terms or sentences specific to the website’s content, the phrase “majoring your SEO strategy” involves the steps taken to ensure the web site can be found on the SERP (Search Engine Report Pages).

What is the essence of SEO?      

Social SEO refers to the notion that engagement and the social media have a significant role to play in the search results of a website. This sounds complex (and in actual it does), but basically SEO operates to automate content, either on a website or on a social media network, to make search results more accessible.

Here are five simple social SEO tips that you can begin applying today easily:

1. Develop the social media profiles:

The trick to a social media profile that is SEO nice is as succinct as possible. Fill in all social media site ‘About’ or ‘Information’ pages. Use words or sentences that explain your business that are also terms that people can use to find your product.

For instance, it is very important to include your username, area, state and zip in order to optimize your Facebook page for local searches. Often provide links to your company website from your social media (and links to your social networks from your website).

Insider tip: Sometimes ignored by Facebook users, the “category” area is critical for smartphone searches on Facebook. Check for the right division of your company when editing your specific material.

2. Optimize your contents / posts in social media:

In your Facebook updates, tweets, pin reviews, and more, please add any search key terms that you have chosen for your business. It is important to be mindful that posting your web site or blog content publicly often gives you an SEO boost. It is also important to post new content on Twitter as it encourages Google to search quicker (Indexation means that Google applies this URL to the database).

Using the name of the business on your media posts. That allows Google to connect your keywords with the name of the product.

3. Backlink Building

Link building is a key factor in SEO. Free backlink maker can be a great source to increase da pa of the website for the start. Prepostseo, smallseotools and seo wagon website has backlink maker claiming that there tools can built and backlinks in a matter of minutes.

In other words, it means domain-based links to domain connections. The more trustworthy Google believes whether your website is, whether you have more professional websites whether connect to your website (inbound) and links to other similar websites (outbound). More strength is a higher rating of SERP.

Likes, comments, + 1s, retweets, etc., all play into your links ‘weight. You will create more inbound connections if you create content that people want to share. “Content” would not necessarily be as complex as a blog post or white paper and the material may even contain tweets or Facebook updates. You increase your SEO rating by uploading social content.

To review:

Content of consistency = more likes, more links are equivalent to a stronger SEO rating. Easy right? Simple right?

Initiate Tip:

Adding social sharing keys to individual content bits on your website or blog is a more sophisticated form of growing shares.

4. Using Pinterest:

Pinterest is a simple way to construct shared content. For linking and developing your keyword plan, Pinterest is perfect. Google is indexing heavy traffic sites in SERP faster and higher. Through inserting keywords under the heading of a Pinterest page, description of the Site, even also defining a particular pin, you will improve the prominence of the contents in SERPs by including up to 500 letters and you’ll like keywords there.

In fact, the pin connect is adaptable and users are routed directly to your website or blog — and your material has an improved SERP score. From the SEO point of view, you can do a few things Pinterest does not do in other networks, so take advantage from this.

Furthermore, answering questions related to your website’s niche can be help full. You can answer the queries of the users and add your link naturally to increase more traffic to your site and ultimately will improve your site’s SEO.

Original tip:

Google likes high-resolution images, so use Pinterest for high-quality images where possible.

5. Build a Google My Company Listing:

97 per cent of customers are looking for local businesses online according to Google. It is important that you create / request and refine your Google My Business Listing to ensure that you do well in local search results. Check your company information — website, telephone number, day, etc. — and you are ready for it!

Insides tip: Make sure that the Google My Company and Facebook details are held up to date – that helps!

Any specific errors should be avoided here: do not make social media pages in your business public.

Build a Facebook profile rather than a Facebook account (learn how to correct it).

Don’t change your Username for Google. (Here’s how) Don’t use your business name as a name for your Facebook Profile or Twitter.

Uploading photos with file names like Photo1 and IMG1287 into your social media will help you better score. Photos with relevant file names.

Duplicate material from another page. As a small business owner, the time and money are minimal, but Google does not like that.

When it sounds like a simple and easy way of improving your SEO, it’s actually a Black Hat Tactic (this means that it’s bad), Google is frowning on and penalizing anyone who implement it.

Don’t forget Bing

You might have come across with the fact that Google doesn’t rank a website because of the social signals but Bing, on the other hand, is another search engine that has always been open about social signals. In their own webmaster guidelines, they state and clear the stance that social media plays a vital role to rank a website and to appear more often in the results.


As you might be aware of the news that Bing was held responsible for over 33% of the searches in 2018, Bing is crystal clear about how their algorithm integrates social signals. With the growing market shares, companies needed to consider Bing in their SEO strategies wisely.

Bear in mind Social SEO:

It takes time to improve the SEO and improvements to SERP do not take place overnight. Be as concise as possible and keep the details up-to-date. In the end you shouldn’t think about SEO as a small business owner. Concentrate more on delivering a WOW! Natural words of mouth would help your customers and your company.


Everyone wants to rank their website quickly in an easier way. The most proficient way to rank is social media. Learn to develop your social media profiles on any platform and engage more audiences with your presentation and publications. Use appropriate backlink makers to generate more inbound links which ultimately helps to rank your website properly. This will take time but trying these tips will generate more traffic to your site.

How to Watch Local TV Via Streaming Without Cable For Free

Watch local tv online free streaming –  There are situations where we need to watch our favorite local channels on a laptop or a smartphone. The situations are like we cannot receive all local channels clearly, we don’t have an antenna to receive the local TV transmission, or our cable TV provider is not including a particular local channel we want to watch, or other weird reasons.

Actually, there are tons of options to watch local channels online whether it using special websites or special programs. They have their own perks however, some aspects I don’t like about using this service or apps are:

  • Some displaying lots of ads
  • Not all local channels are available
  • The program we need to install causes problems with a computer or our smartphone

Luckily that I just found a streaming app that eliminates all the problems above. This program is free and you might already use this program every day.

Introducing the VLC media player

The VLC media player is a cross-platform multimedia player and framework that supports most multimedia formats as well as DVDs, Audio CDs, VCDs, and a variety of streaming protocols. VLC is compatible with all versions of Windows, from Windows XP SP3 to Windows 11.

With VLC we can watch local TV without an antenna, without a cable tv subscription, and all we need is an internet connection to stream the TV broadcast.

How To Watch Local TV Channels Online Via Free Streaming

To get the list of the supported countries please this URL: currently it supports 250 countries, from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe.

Look for playlist by category, language, country, and region. For this sample choose playlist by country, and click expand.

Watch local tv online free streaming playlist by country

Copy the URL in the playlist column according to your country.

Open the VLC media player on your laptop or desktop PC, click Media, click Open Network Stream.

watch local tv online free streaming open network stream

Paste the URL you just copy in the above step and click the play button.

watch local tv online free streaming open media

You will see a list of all local channels according to the country you have chosen before.

vlc playlist

It shows the streaming resolution and whether it is broadcast 24 hours or not. 720p is a good quality, for better quality, you can choose 1080p but it will require more internet bandwidth.

That’s it now you can watch local tv online free streaming using a computer.

You can also play on a smartphone by installing the VLC video player app on the play store.




IMEI Lost After Flash ROM on Android Mobile Devices

I have just found that after flashing ROM on my Android-based tablet, the IMEI of Lenovo Tablet is missing thus cannot make phone calls and received calls. The error message is “invalid IMEI – Telkomsel”. The reason I flash ROM’s tablet because the tablet hung when startup, only showing its logo.

android imei lost

International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) is 15 digits number ID of your mobile phones or satellite phones. IMEI number will include information about the regional code, manufacturer code, serial number of the device, and check digit. IMEI sometime can lost because of flashing ROM.

To recover the lost IMEI there are many ways, but I was decided to use MTK Engineering Mode because it does not need root access. Follow below steps to recover your IMEI. You will need your original IMEI number, usually under the battery of phones, so you have to remove the battery first to find out what is your IMEI number. Write down the IMEI number you going to need it in the last step.

1. Search and install MTK Engineering Mode from Google playstore. MTK engineering mode on Google play store – IMEI Lost After Flash ROM

2. Open MTK apps and click MTK settings run MTK engineering mode – IMEI Lost After Flash ROM

3. Click tab Connectivity and click CDS information connectivity setting – IMEI Lost After Flash ROM

4. Click Radio Information radio information setting – IMEI Lost After Flash ROM

5. Click Phone 1, if you have 2 SIM card slot, you will see Phone 2. Do this steps on phone1 and 2. phone 1 – IMEI Lost After Flash ROM

6. You will see IMEI is unknown IMEI unknown – IMEI Lost After Flash ROM

7. Add command AT+EGMR=1,7,”your15digitsIMEI” click send at command button. send AT command – IMEI Lost After Flash ROM 8. After send command you have to shutdown and turn on the device again. You should see that now your IMEI back on the device and now you should able to make phone calls and receive calls. Good luck.

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