Post Title and Meta Description Super Important Is A Fact! 1

Post Title and Meta Description Super Important Is A Fact!

12 days ago I did an experiment with customer’s website posts. The experiment is to change post title and to add a meta description. Now I found the result is very good!

Let’s elaborate the case below:

I do not guarantee that following my article here will increase your traffic/keywords position on the search engine. But at least this is what I believed based on my test and experience. This post is for my reminder only.

Post Title:
Changed post title to make it more attractive to visitors by making it a questions sentence to adding numbers. The goal is to make visitors click on our posts.

Meta Description:
I add meta descriptions manually to the post. The goal is to make it more relevant to the content. The meta description I wrote is a summary of the post article itself.

Changes made 9 Oct 2019

From 25 posts I made changes to 13 posts. The unchanged posts are because I need to revise the post first before I changed the title and meta description.

Search Result on 20 Oct 2019

Position and traffic more stable than before changes.
Google Search result:
Post title changed
The meta description is not changed. Google/search engine has the right to show what to display on their search result.

Now maybe you think that you have to make changes to your thousand posts, manually, what should I do? My suggestion is to make changes to your most important post first. Do it gradually until all posts changed.

How About To Add Meta Description Automatically Using Plugin?

It’s better than not, but if you manually create the meta description, you can create what the meta description will be. When using plugin it usually took from the first paragraph.

Don’t Change your post title if you think they already good.

This article is related to this post.


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