How To Disable Corona Bar Notice on WordPress

2 days ago I received a notification on my WordPress dashboard whether I will activate Corona Virus Bar status, it says that already installed by more than 1 million users.

I click it to activate and after that, I see the following Corona bar on the bottom of the website every time I open it.

remove corona banner

It looks good but as I have my on footer information it looks overlapped. I tried to remove the Corona bar but I couldn’t find how to turn it off.

I begin to ask myself whether my site got infected with malware as at the moment there are many people use current condition for their own profits.

Furtunately I was wrong, the Corona bar is legit, it is part of Cookie Notice plugin from dFactory. This plugin purpose is to display about cookies uses on your site to comply with the EU GDPR cookie law and CCPA regulations.

To disable Corona banner/bar on your site is easy, you just need to go to Cookie Notice settings.

corona bar settings

Just untick Enable to Display the Corona Banner and you are done. You will never see it again ( don’t forget to delete cache for immediate effect).

I hope this information is useful for you, cheers.

2 Powerful Tricks To Grow Traffic Using Google Search Console

Below are tricks I found when using Google Search Console to improve website traffic. I will add more tricks when I found and after I verified it. The 1st trick is how to restore a webpage ranking when the ranking plunged after you modify the post. The 2nd is to add more related keywords to your post to gain more visitors using GSC help.

Google Search Console (use to be Google Webmaster Tool) is a free tool to monitor and track your website performance. I think this is a mandatory tool for every webmaster.

To be able to use Google Search Console ( I will call it GSC in this post) we have to register our website to GSC.

How To Register With Google Webmaster

Go to using your Google account to start adding your website.

Trick no 1. Restore Your Webpage Position

Many times we want to add more information after we published it. The goal is to give a better quality article to our readers and hopefully will improve their position in search engines. We add more relevant content and monitor it. A week later we found that the ranking position getting worst and we start to remorse.

We start to comfort ourselves by hoping that this is a temporary setback and wait another 2 weeks even a month. After we check a month later the ranking position still not improved and becomes worst compare to the position before we edit the article. At this stage we really regret we ever edit the article.

How To Fix This Situation?

Open GSC, click performance. Under Performance’s window you will see tabs: Queries, Pages, Countries, Devices, Search Appearance, Dates. Click Pages.

Performance Window
click on the page you want to fix
click on the page you want to fix
take a note on the date of peak position
take a note on the date of peak position, in this example is Nov 7
browse the revision
browse the post revision
restore to the date before Nov 7
restore to the date before Nov 7

Update the post, when finish your post now rolled back to condition where the ranking position is good. Wait for at least 2 weeks and you will see the ranking will climb to the better position. This means more traffic will gradually be restored.

Trick No 2. To Improve A Webpage By Adding More Keywords To The Post

When we found a webpage has a good position in search result we might want to optimize it by adding more relevant content by adding sentences with more longtail keywords. Using Google Search Console you can achieve this easily.

GSC performance page

Click on the Pages tab and click the page you want to optimize.

more keywords from GSC

GSC will bring you to the windows where all keyword that relates to your webpage. In this example, there are 1000 keywords generated by the webpage.

After getting this information you can add information based on those keywords.

Attention: Just add the new information on the bottom of your post, don’t add in the beginning, middle it will ruin your current search result.

Your Paypal Account has been Restricted and Cannot Make Payment?

One day, I intend to buy an online program for my business worth $129, as usual, I pay via Paypal from my phone. However I cannot get through, there was an error saying “We regret to inform you that this account has been restricted. Please log in and resolve your restrictions.” This is not the first time I do Paypal payment using my phone and never find anything like this before.

Your Paypal Account has been Restricted and Cannot Make Payment?

My Paypal account has been restricted?

Quickly I log in to the Paypal account to resolve the problem, but I found nothing in there, everything seems normal, no problem to be resolved.

I want to check from my laptop but at that time I was playing with my 3 years old boy so the mobile phone is the best way to check, I cannot check via my laptop without my boy messing with laptop J

Paypal Random Security Check.

When I have a chance at night to open the laptop and I log in to Paypal, I found that Paypal doing a random security check and I have to re-verify following:

1. My credit card number or my bank saving account number

2. I have to change my password with 2 secret questions

3. I have to re-confirm email addresses.

change paypal password

Create a new password and 2 security questions

After I did all 3 security check above, I can pay my payment smoothly. Whenever you experience “We regret to inform you that this account has been restricted. Please log in and resolve your restrictions.” error quickly login to your Paypal account from your computer, not the smartphone because a smartphone is not smart enough to display random security check.

Smart Home Systems Is The Solution To Home Automation Problems.

Small enterprises may be found almost everywhere. Even in the most isolated locations, there are still enterprises operating, whether large or tiny. There are many reasons for this, including the desire for individuals to make money and the desire to give their consumers with valuable products or services.

It’s possible to pick from a large number of items and services; nevertheless, most individuals choose for just those that will be of benefit in their daily lives. People’s inability to purchase items or services is often attributed to their inability to afford them. And when it comes to home automation, just a small percentage of the population can afford it.

Home automation has the potential to make your living at home much more pleasant. Although this is one of the most beneficial aspects of modern technology, it is unfortunate that not all families are able to take use of its advantages. But, who knows, maybe the future of completely automated houses may become a reality for everyone in the globe one day.

As the public’s knowledge of this new technology grows, several home automation businesses are lowering the prices of their devices without losing quality, which is a welcome development. Lights, HVAC, security, and other systems may all benefit from home automation, and there are many applications for it. For those of you who reside in Atlanta, Georgia, there is one reputable firm that can meet all of your home automation requirements, and that company is Smart House Digital Interiors. Located in Georgia, this company is the top provider of home automation gadgets and equipment.

Smart House Digital Interiors provides services to homeowners, whether they are building a new house or updating an existing one. Almost everything you can think of, Digital Interiors can supply.

Automation, entertainment, structured wiring, communications, security, and service support are some of the areas in which they specialize. Lighting control, energy management, and system integration are all included in the category of home automation. They work from home, where they develop, build, and maintain networked systems.

In the event that you have a networked electronics system at home, you will find it to be dependable, simple to use, and capable of performing daily functions when triggered by a specific action or even automatically.

This organization is committed to using home technology to its maximum potential by combining a system that allows lighting, security, heating, cooling, and other systems to all function in harmony. They can assist you from the beginning stages of your home automation project to the completion of it. They are the best in the business because they guarantee complete client happiness and overall quality, which is what makes them the best company in Atlanta.

Their secret is to pay close attention to all of your requirements, including those for design, installation, and proper schedule management. As a consequence, their service is completed accurately and on schedule, and the end effect is really pleasing to the eye.

Smart House provides automation solutions to make life easier, more secure, and more pleasant for you and your family. Additionally, they promise that you will have a beautiful house and that you will be able to save a significant amount of energy.

If you’re a busy professional, having an automated house in Atlanta might be really beneficial. The whole system becomes an active participant in the management of your residences.

Smart House’s home automation systems are equipped with a variety of functions.

In addition, you can check the system’s operation through your telephone. Touch screens and automation keypads can be used to provide centralized control over lighting, HVAC, and security systems on weekdays, and turn lights on and off at various times throughout the day and night.

Another key advantage of home automation is its ability to provide increased security. Smart House’s security system goes above and beyond the typical security systems available today. The system can detect a malfunctioning smoke circuit and notify you if the alarm has been disarmed. It also features a sleep mode at night to detect more motion and can be combined with your HVAC system or lighting while you are gone. A front door and a back yard camera will be installed at your residence. Some of the bundles include a baby camera as well as a pool camera.

To begin, you must first determine which items in your house need automation before going to the shop or visiting their online storefront. Typically, this selection is based on the amount of money you have set aside for this purpose. However, since Smart House provides a variety of automation solutions, you may easily choose one that meets both your budget and your requirements.

You’ll want to come and remain at home, particularly if you’ve already implemented home automation into your life. Having the opportunity to spend quality time with your family will be more unforgettable if you live in a futuristic home.

How To Add Space In HTML Code?

How To Add Space In HTML Code?

Space in HTML code – This article will discuss the space code used in HTML that will not break the code itself. Normally when we use a normal space in HTML it will break the script thus it will not run and generating an error. There are some code for space we can use to avoid this, let’s see how…

Space in HTML – &nbps; is a non-breaking space code usually used in HTML. If you are using space character without code.   it will break the code, thus the program cannot read the command correctly.

html space code

To create fixed space you also can use code   it will also create a non-breaking space that will not break the code by word-wrap. To add the code you must edit in HTML mode, not WYSIWIG mode.

In the internet browser if we ad more than one space it will only left one space. If you want to add more than one space then you have to use %20 code, this is also a non-breaking code.

So if you want 5 spaces you can write %20 %20 %20 %20 %20 the spaces will intact and not break the code.

This is the Special HTML codes including   

Char Numeric
  	   horizontal tab
   line feed
   carriage return / enter
      non-breaking space

How To Edit HTML file

HTML code or the file can be edited using notepad. Right click on the html file you want to edit, choose open with (hover the mouse pointer) it will open another menu, choose notepad.

add space in HTML

For a better interface I usually using Notepad++, the editor will make the user easier in editing html code or other code as it is visually better than normal notepad.

It has a different color for the code, and the meta tag and other HTML syntax easier to trace and to spot if we have a mistake in our coding. The best part is Notepad ++ is a free software.

Not only HTML Notepad++ is also works best for editing a PHP or asp file or another code file.

notepad plus plus

Use of   in  a HTML file

space html sample file

Another form of space in HTML is %20. When the file name “HTML sample file.html” opened in the internet browser, it will replace the space with &20

html in browser
ho wto add space in html

Non-breaking Space

Space that will not break the code is called non-breaking space. When there is a space breaking in code then the code will not run correctly as it will become 2 codes instead of 1.

The most common implementation of non-breaking code is in the Internet browser. You will never see an URL using space it will replace by %20

What is HTML:

Hyper Text Markup Language or HTML is a standard markup language for web pages. HTML pages are build from elements of HTML that represented by tags <>

What is PHP:

PHP is a recursive acronym for Hypertext Preprocessor. PHP is open-source and a general-purpose of scripting language that can be embedded into HTML.

What PHP can do?

PHP’s main purpose is server-side scripting that can be used to collect form data, send and receive cookies or generate a page with dynamic content and can do more anything you want to.

Sample of PHP script:

<!DOCTYPE html>
            echo "Hi, this is a PHP script sample!";

What is ASP?

ASP is a PHP version from Microsoft.
Active Server Pages (ASP) is a server-side engine script to generate dynamic web pages. Released in Dec 1996, later superseded by ASP.NET in January 2002.

What ASP can do?

ASP can retrieve data on the database by sending a query to the ASP engine, then the server sends the output back to the user, and many more, just like PHP.

ASP script sample

<!DOCTYPE html>
<p>ASP can produce plain text:</p>
<%response.write("Hi, sample of ASP script generating plain text!")%>

Read also:

Computer beeps code
HTML color code

Error Establishing a Database Connection WordPress

This error “Error Establishing a Database Connection” just happened today and I will share how to step by step resolved this error.

Today at home when I work for another client I got called from the office to let me know that my colleague cannot access our WordPress-based website with the error below.

error establishing a database connection 1

The error above is usually because there is a mismatch between password and username on the database with the one recorded in the file wp-config.php however, the error is persistent, you cannot browse any page on your website with the same error message.

However, it’s different in my case, visitors sometimes still able to browse some pages and the error shows up on other pages, so the error message is not persistent.

Contacting The Hosting Company to Fix The Error

As I work for another client at that moment I straight away contact the hosting company to ask for help. After a quick check, their customer support said that the problem has been fixed by retyping the username and password on file wp-config.php

Upon checking I found that the error “Error Establishing a Database Connection” still exists although sometimes we can browse the website after pressing F5 (refresh).

The customer support now hands over the problem to their technical problem for further checking and after about 45 minutes they said that the problem is with the WordPress database and asked me to optimize the database.

After they hand over the problem back to me 🙁 I found another error message “Warning:mysqlli_real_connect(): User ‘xxxx’ has exceeded the “max_user_connections’ resource (current value: 15) in /home/u439972631/domains/domainname/publich_html/wp-includes/wp-db.php on line 1626.

User ‘username’ has exceeded the ‘max_user_connections’ resource (current value:15)

This error is not because of too many connections from visitors to the website, but it’s a database user that makes too many connections to the database, usually, they only make one connection or less than 10 connections one time.

error establishing a database connection 2

I also found the error below on every page I browse on the website.

Error Establishing a Database Connection 4

I realized that they already activated the debugging mode on WordPress to “true” so I can see more detailed errors above. I also knew that I need to replace the theme to fix the error above.

Back to the problem, I am still unable to access the website because of “Error Establishing a Database Connection”, need several times to press F5 key to be able to see the webpage. Realized that the website visitor will see this error therefore I install a maintenance plugin to let the visitor know that we are under maintenance.

Surprisingly after activating the maintenance mode, I found that now I can browse the backend site smoothly.

Optimizing Database

I open phpMyAdmin from CPANEL and found that the database contains 90 tables, while the other website only has 23 tables. This is because some plugins that have already been deleted still have the tables on the database.

After making some database backups I still hesitate to delete the unused tables. Finally, I use the WP Optimize plugin to optimize the database and delete unused tables left by already deleted plugins.

wp optimize plugin

After deleting some unused tables I turn off the maintenance mode, hoping that the error will disappear.

The Solution

I feel disappointed to find the error “Error Establishing a Database Connection” still exists after optimizing the database.  I suspect a plugin that still using the old version but cannot have the updated version because I got it from a friend. After I deactivated the plugin (WP Rocket ver 2.27) I found that I can browse normally only slower because the plugin that causes problems is to cache the website to make it faster.

I am not saying that WP Rocket plugin is bad actually, it is a very good plugin to speed up your WordPress website. I made mistake by installing the old version of WP Rocket which cannot be upgraded.

I then replace the plugin with the LiteSpeed Cache plugin and glad I did it because now the website is back to normal.

The lessons:

  • The first step to isolating the problem is to stop incoming traffic that accesses the database by activating the maintenance plugin.
  • Don’t use plugins that cannot be updated because in the future it can be a problem because the code is not up to date.
  • Always back up the database before making any changes to prevent unwanted problems so you can restore the working database in case anything happened.
  • I need to replace the WordPress theme as it shows “Deprecated” syntax error which means that the developer did not update the theme or I have a theme that cannot be updated for some reason.

I hope that this posting is useful for you, and you don’t have to waste hours solving the problem. The error “Error Establishing a Database Connection” may have another solution to fix, but this is mine.

What is Asus Wifi Extender?

Wifi extender is also called wifi extender or wireless range extender. It is a device wifi booster that is used to extend the wifi signal from the main router to other areas. For example, the Asus wifi extender.

The wifi extender is connected via an ethernet cable so basically, wifi extender is like adding another router to an area that was previously unreachable by a wifi network. Since the wifi extender uses a wired connection, it doesn’t reduce bandwidth like a wifi repeater so your wifi speed will be the same either before or after installing the wifi extender.

What Is a Wifi Extender?

A wifi extender is a device that is usually used in buildings, offices, public places, cafes, restaurants, or homes to extend the signal range of a wireless router (access point) so that internet users who are far away from the main source of the network (wireless router) can still be connected to the internet.

The function of the wifi extender is simply to rebroadcast the wifi signal from the wireless router so that it can reach more devices, especially in the dead zone era.

How the wifi extender works is depend on the model, for example, the Asus wifi extender. They normally work well by pairing the router with the extender, so the extender knows where to connect. Then, you plug the extender into the free power socket between your router and the PC.

Now that the extender is set up, it creates its wifi network for others to connect to. When you connect a device to it, all your traffic goes to the extender. When it receives this information, the extender forwards the data to the originally paired router.

The Function of Wifi Extender

Many of us have turned to the latest network hardware such as wifi extenders, repeaters, and boosters to not only improve the quality and security of our internet connection but to ensure that we can stay connected at all times. The wifi extender itself has the function of extending the range and avoiding network obstacles.

Extend the range

By placing the wifi extender in this middle position, your router and PC are able to connect to it with signal strength that is average. The extender can then transmit data packets between your router and PC with a better quality signal. This, in turn, improves overall performance and reduces the number of internet drop-outs.

Avoid network interference

A wifi extender can do more than just mileage. For example, did you know that some building materials, furniture, and devices can create a so-called wifi dead zone? If something is blocking your signal, trying to “force” your way by sticking the extender in the middle may not work.

However, you can place extenders in strategic places avoiding obstacles altogether. If the extender is in a position where it can “see” your router and PC without having to cross any obstructions, you can clear up the signal between you and the router.

How Wifi Extender Works

The way a wifi extender works is not the same as a wifi booster, which connects to the router directly and boosts the signal from the access point, the wifi extender rebroadcasts the existing wifi signal. A wifi extender usually plugs into an electrical outlet and uses two antennas to receive, replicate, and extend the designated connection.

A wifi extender is the best way to break wifi dead zone. Thus, you only really need it if your wifi connection is not regular. Therefore, it is best to buy only a quality wifi extender. From a business owner’s perspective, high-end hardware from a trusted manufacturer like Asus wifi extender is recommended.

Best 200 ft Ethernet Cable for Wifi Extender

If you are a wifi user, then you must have heard of Ethernet cables. Each device connected to a wifi network requires a different Ethernet cable depending on the desired network range.

An Ethernet cable is something that will connect your device to the internet network. There are several reasons why you should use an Ethernet cable, one of which is an unstable wifi connection.

One of them is a 200 ft ethernet cable that will connect the wifi network to all areas of the house and reach many devices.

In short, an Ethernet cable will help you get a faster and stronger internet network even if you are in an area far from the router. Because without an Ethernet cable, you will not get a strong and stable wifi network.

Best Ethernet Cable Recommendations

Here are some recommendations for the best Ethernet cables:

This is one of the best and most widely used Ethernet cables. This CAT 8 cable is perfect for use in the office or home that uses many devices.

The oxygen-free copper layer used by this cable will provide good electrical connectivity and provide a stable long-distance internet network.

The great thing about this 200 ft ethernet cable is that it supports up to 40 Gbps and has additional shielding. While the only drawback is that it only has black color.

  • DanYee CAT 7

If you are looking for strong cable for indoor application, then the DanYee CAT 7 is the Ethernet cable for you. The design is semi-flat and fits perfectly on baseboards or under carpets.

This Ethernet cable uses nylon cable which is stronger and more flexible than rubber or PVC. So it is not easily exposed to scratches that usually exist on cables with a PVC coating.

The advantage of this Ethernet cable is that it supports connections up to 10 Gbps and has four color options. Unfortunately, this Ethernet cable does not support outdoor use. So this Ethernet cable is specially designed for indoor use.

  • Amazon Basics CAT 7

Another best Ethernet cable recommendation is Amazon Basics. This cable is easy to get anywhere and has a fairly affordable price.

The design is a boneless cable that uses gold plated on each connector, standard HDPE shielding, and uses gold plated contacts.

This Ethernet cable uses PVC to protect the wire. This PVC is installed around a twisted pair of wires to make it more resistant to scratches.

If you are looking for a durable Ethernet cable, then you can choose the Amazon Basics CAT 7 cable. Its superior feature is that it supports internet connections up to 10 Gbps.

With a durable PVC jacket, this Ethernet cable can last for years, especially against accidental scratches.

However, this Ethernet cable also has the disadvantage that it does not have a protective foil. In addition, the color of this cable is only available in white.

  • UGREEN Ethernet Cable Extender CAT 7

This Ethernet cable is capable of supporting connections up to 10 Gbps. So that the entire internet network can reach all areas of your home.

If you want to get a high and stable internet speed, then you can use this Ethernet cable. You can get streaming videos and music without buffering when using a wifi extender.

Those are some recommendations for a 200 ft ethernet cable that you can use for a wifi extender. Make sure the cable quality is good so you get a fast and stable internet connection.

Also, make sure the Ethernet cable you choose is made with quality protective materials to make it durable and scratch-resistant.

The Best Ring Wifi Extender

Wifi is a necessity for everyone nowadays. Moreover, almost all activities at home require the internet. Therefore the existence of a strong wifi network will facilitate all work.

Unfortunately, many people experience weak and dead wifi signals. This can happen due to several factors. One of them is because of the presence of a router that is far from the area you are in.

In addition, several other factors that block the wifi signal also cause the wifi network to weaken. Therefore you need a ring wifi extender. This smart wifi extender is a technology that is needed by all people.

The existence of this wifi extender will provide extraordinary wifi signal strength and can be used for all devices in your home. Because the use of wifi is limited to a few devices.

Therefore, when you exceed the specified device limit, the wifi network will weaken and buffer.

How Wifi Extender Works

Wifi extender serves to capture and amplify the signal to provide a wider internet network. So wherever you are even though it is far from the router position, then you can still get a strong wifi network.

Especially for those of you who use a ring camera, of course, you need a strong wifi network so that all your needs are met. The Ring Chime Pro device can be a wifi extender specially designed for ring camera users.

Here are some wifi extenders that you can use for ring cameras:

NETGEAR EX7500 Wifi Range Extender

For your ring device, this NETGEAR Extender is one of the best wifi extenders that can be the first choice. Although some people find it odd because it lacks an external antenna and the display is hard to read.

But behind the strange design, this device is the best choice for the home of the future. Because this wifi extender has the strength, speed, and range of a very high and best connection.

With speeds of up to 220 Mbps, this device also provides wifi coverage of 2300 square feet. Remote management of this device will make it easier for you to get an internet network anywhere, even up to 45 devices.

NETGEAR EX3700 Wifi Range Extender

This ring wifi extender is the best choice for those of you who are looking for greater wifi coverage. Unfortunately, this wifi extender does not support high speeds compared to other extenders.

However, this device has an Ethernet port that is connected to the cable. This device serves to connect the extender that you use to various wired devices.

Another feature that is no less great is the display that is informative and clear. All information related to the wifi network will be displayed easily. The maximum speed it has is 750 Mbps.

NETGEAR EX6150 Wifi Mesh Range Extender

Wifi extender with mesh technology will work in all areas of your home. This device is a solution if you are looking for an extender that can reach dead zone areas that do not get a wifi signal.

This device can connect to the most stable wifi network. Wifi extender with dual-band can have speeds up to 1200Mbps.

This wifi extender can connect up to 20 devices. Moreover, the coverage of 1200 square feet can reach all areas of your home. In addition, the Ethernet port can also be used for all wired devices.

Unfortunately, one weakness is that the settings are quite difficult. But by reading the manual, you can use this wifi extender in your home.

Those are some ring wifi extender for smart home designs. You can choose one of the best wifi extenders for your home.

Recommended 5 Best Optimum Wifi Extenders

Most people today rely more on wifi to perform various activities. Therefore, a stable internet connection is what all of us need.

One of the obstacles when using wifi is a weak internet network due to a large number of wifi users. Therefore we need an optimum wifi extender that is useful for providing a stronger internet network.

Without optimum, maybe the wifi network that we get will not be strong. Because Optimum is one of the best cable brands in the US that provides internet and telephone services.

By using a wifi extender, of course, you will not lose the wifi signal due to poor coverage. The wifi extender will change the wifi signal to be stronger, even if you are far from the router location.

Best Wifi Extender Recommendations

There are many models of a wifi extender that you can have. Each type has different features. Here is a list of wifi extenders that you can use:

1.     NETGEAR Mesh Range Wifi Extender EX8000

Netgear is one of the most widely used wifi signal booster brands. Because this wifi extender has wide network coverage. Especially with the Seamless Smart Roaming feature that can make you browse anywhere and will not be disconnected.

Its internet speed is up to 3000Mbps and it uses tri-band technology. Incredible speed allows you to use wifi wherever you are even though it is far from the router.

2.     NETGEAR EX6120 Wifi Range Extender

This is the optimum wifi extender that has a more affordable price and compatible features to make the wifi network stronger. This appliance is equipped with a two-prong plug.

You can plug this plug directly into a wall outlet. Although the design is not as slim as other series, this wifi extender has an extraordinary way of working.

This tool has 4 LEDs that indicate the extended range of the Wifi network. The light will turn green when the wifi network around you is strong.

If the color is orange, then the wifi network around you is weak. This wifi extender is equipped with Fastlane technology which allows you to stream without buffering.

3.     TP-LINK Wifi Extender AC1900

One of the great wifi extenders is TP-Link which proves to be able to strengthen the wifi signal around you. This wifi extender has a simpler design and three adjustable antennas.

Equipped with LED, you can detect the wifi network around you. Even the bandwidth speed provided can reach 600Mbps to 1300Mbps.

TP-Link’s wifi range is amazing, so you don’t have to worry about slow and unstable internet networks.

4.     Linksys Wifi Extender

One of the most popular digital wifi extenders and has excellent product quality. This device has a sleek design with white color and is equipped with an internal antenna.

Its bandwidth is up to 1900Mbps. This device supports Seamless Roaming, which is a feature that allows you to connect devices with a wifi extender and get a stronger wifi signal.

5.     TP-LINK Wifi Extender AC750

If you want to enjoy a stable internet connection without being slow, then TP-Link can be the choice. This device has a feature to remove dead zones on your wifi.

So you can enjoy free connection on all devices. In addition, this device can also be connected to a smart tv. The internet signal coverage area is also wide.

Those are some of the best recommendations optimum wifi extender that can provide a stable wifi signal and make a fast internet connection without lag.

You can use a wifi extender to get a wifi network wherever you are, even if the router’s position is far from your reach.

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