One Step Closer with the US Information Technology Co to Develop your Business

One Step Closer with the US Information Technology Co to Develop your Business

Introduce an Information Technology Co from in Falls Church, VA and it gets support service in Marietta, GA, Houston, TX and Raleigh, NC. What company is it and why you must know it? It is the partner of IBM Business in IBM mainframe technology. The company serves through various products such as software and hardware services. Federal and Agencies including the Department of Defense are their customer focus. Their portfolio coverage integration, zVSE, zLinux, zVM, and zOS. What else is interesting about this company?

information technology co

Information Technology Co from the US has many Clients

Well, let’s start exploring the US Information Technology Co from the history. The firm with the acronym of ITC established 15 years ago in 1993 by three people who possessed extensive experience with IBM. By the way, the expert on the systems design, development, mainframe technology engineering, implementation, and sales. In 1994, the company makes a corporation with IBM Fellow Department with aims are:

1. New technology expansion and application

2. Transform OEM to license IBM P/370 technology and unload the mainframe process to x86 based platforms

3. Improve a unique PCM solution independently. It is for the customers which need cheaper mainframe for enterprise processing.

Since that time, ITC grows as the mainframe services organization all over the world. It also distributes AGILE development workstations and the compatible server appliances of IBM zSeries mainframe. Besides that, they still offer management services and a full set of mission-critical data center design. Then, the offering services are:

IBM OS system support

· zSeries configuration specialists

· Linux implementation experts

· data center management

· operations and modernization

· enterprise architecture design


· mainframe security assessment

· forensic analysis

Another feature of the company is when using organizational skill properly. They are able to establish procedure and policies to guide the data center and IT enterprise effectively. As your information, the Information Technology Co has been helping many organizations both commercials and government. They succeeded to minimize Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and maximize IT resources. Here are the clients that feel the benefits of ITC:


· United States Bureau of Land Management (BLM)

· United States Department of the Air Force

· United States Department of the Army

· United States Department of Education

· United States Department of the Interior

· United States Department of the Navy

· United States Department of the Treasury

· United States Federal Home Loan Bank (FHLB)

· United States Government Accountability Office (GAO)

· United States National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB)

· The United States Virgin Islands Department of Labor


· Artesian Water Company

· Central Florida Educators Federal Credit Union (CFEFCU)

· Cisco Systems Inc.

· Computer Associates, Inc.

· Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC)

· Compuware

· EMC Corporation

· United States Federal Home Loan Bank (FHLB)

· Federal Home Loan Bank (FHLB)

· FIS Global

· General Dynamics

· Hitachi Data Systems


· Long Beach Unified School District

· McAfee, Inc.

· Marmon/Keystone Corporation

· Princeton University

· Quest Diagnostics Inc.

· SRA International, Inc.

· The Washington Convention Center

· The World Bank

Actually, what is the purpose of the discussion about Information Technology Co today? The purpose is to inform you in case you have a business enterprise. You can entrust your venture to them and develop better.

Dreaming through a Business Information Technology program from renowned universities

Dreaming through a Business Information Technology program from renowned universities

Do you have the plan to explore your skill in business information technology? Realize your dream soon with BSc Hon from the University of Kent. The class opens in this September with many vacant chairs. How to register for the class? Well, be patient for a while please because this article has given the information below. Alongside that, this article still owns another university as a reference. Now, your duty is quite reading and perceiving it properly.

business information technology

The 2 most famous Universities for Your Business Information Technology Program

Firstly, the article exposes the business information technology from BSc Hon. There are many reasons why most people choose this school as their program. BSc Hon has two main options for the student such as one year in industry and IT consultant. The first program asks you to work in the industry for one year. Here, you not only get experience but also salary. Besides that, you prefer to get the opportunity to work in the same company after graduation. Meanwhile, IT consultant offers you to be a consultant by providing computing support. You will practice it with the local business while reach credit for the degree.

Secondly, the program comes from the University of TWENTE that offers a Master’s Degree. The master degree program makes you expert in IT-based business innovation. You also able to design a new service and improve the business performance. You just need two years to complete the lesson where the lecturers teach you in the English version. Below is the information about the program:

1. It takes a full-time program

2. The course starts on September 1, 2018, February 1, 2019, and September 1, 2019

3. The location of the university is in Drienerlolaan 5, 7522 NB Enschede, The Netherlands

4. The university does not apply numerous Linux and it has NVAO for the accreditation

The focus and discipline of the university are quite various. Master Degree program covers business analytics, enterprise architecture, and IT management and innovation. The University also offers IT architectures, big data, e-business, design and project management, also business process modeling. Learning how to redesign organizations and IT coherent way is still part of this program. The aim is to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of organizations.

Business information technology here gives the computer science and business management though experienced researchers. You also get the opportunity to perform research assignments in Finance, Logistics or Health, amongst others. Well, here are the specializations:

1. IT Management & Innovation

2. Enterprise Architecture

3. Data Science & Business

Such as you know, IT major always has a wider career than the other jobs. Even, the presence of IT in business will get rid of IT potential and business needs. Consulting, research, and government become the demand in an industry where it increases even further in the years to come. Why should you choose both universities? The answer is just simple where both own professional trainers or lecturers. On the other hand, you also do not need to query the facility and the service of the university again. Now, define your resolve and achieve your goals to develop your talent here. Business information technology learning programs from these two places are ready to make your dreams come true.

Information Technology Project Management PDF helps you who want to Success in Study and Work

Information Technology Project Management PDF helps you who want to Success in Study and Work

Information technology project management pdf is a learning source for students who are exploring the major. The contents help in perceiving the process of planning, organizing, and the responsibility for an IT project in an organization. Certainly, the students need the information so much pretty they more understand the lesson. Diving about this field must not depend on the trainer indeed. Students should be more creative to learn it. Well, let’s reveal the content together.

information technology project management pdf

The Essential Points of Information Technology Project Management Pdf

The increasing of the employee in the IT field from the companies make many courses grow more innovative. One of them is this information technology management project pdf by Emad Rahim, D.M., PMP, D.C.S. Colorado Technical University, CTU Faculty, and Maurice Dawson. Below is the summary of the content that gives lots of benefits for the students like you:

1. The role of information technology

2. Technology becomes the king of the information right now where it knows everything than the creator. The human can search for anything with the fast result from some source at glance. They are also able to see world trade, data, market, news, and so on. That is why most companies or organizations apply technology information inside. Management includes the top position in a company which controls much division under.

3. Definitely, a company such as Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, and the rest always rely on the management to develop the new technology and increase the profit. They use software, design program, and others to support another company. Information technology still gives many advantages from consulting, handling information management, and installation.

4. IT Project Fail

5. The failure of an organization emerges from the worst information management. Deadline, cost, unstable goal, and objectives, estimation mistakes, lack of clarity, are factors that cause failure. Besides that, these points also support the failure:

6. Poor Planning: The project does not finish yet when the deadline comes or not on time. The burden and the pressure from the senior management often make them stress and then they lack time.

7. Unclear objectivity and goal: It must own a clear requirement, fluent communication, enough experience, and skillful resources.

8. Misalignment: The information system should balance toward the organization goal. It is useful to solve customer satisfaction, market share, employee engagement, innovation and, corporate citizenship.

9. Quality of interaction: The organization must create a conflict internal to reach the project and create a good communication. Next, the lack of corporation causes the bad quality of interaction. It usually happens between the end-users in a development project and the Information System (IS) project team.

10. Changing objectivity: This information technology project management pdf explains that the organization must make a judgment. The aim to prove the loyalty toward the early requirement to change the objectivity.

11. Unrealistic resource estimation: The project manager may fail to differentiate among the time, scope and duration. It can disrupt the harmony of the project.

12. Human capital: Discovering and keep the right people is something rare. It is because of the wrong people just faster the fail.

Okay, that is the content of the information technology project management pdf. You can learn it to your course test and be the professional IT manager. At least, it helps you to do the next step.

These are Essential Points to make Entry-Level Information Technology Resume

These are Essential Points to make Entry-Level Information Technology Resume

Getting a high-classed job always needs a heavy struggle and it is not easy. Someone must prepare it with education and skill. Then, they also should own a complete requirement and the other supporting things according to the company desire. Giving the best entry-level information technology resume is one of the ways to gain your goal for this position. By the way, what is resume? Do you know how to make the best resume?

entry level information technology resume

Tricks to make an Attractive Entry-Level Information Technology Resume

Actually, the resume is the same with curriculum vitae where it emerges from European countries. Meanwhile, the curriculum vitae comes from the US and around. Clearly, the term of a resume is a data or document for someone’s career path and qualification. Therefore, people may not make it careless but it should contain accuracy, honesty, simplicity, and neatness. So, what does your entry-level information technology resume? If you do not have the idea to create it, follow the information below:

1. Most of the people regard the resume as life history.

2. It is a presentation to introduce who you are

3. It contains your identity, background, education, ability, skill, organization, work experience, etc.

4. You must make it readable and as attractive as possible

5. You must make it neatly from the format and the writing

Those points benefit you because the company will easy to understand what you give through the writing. Meanwhile, the resume gives a big impact on the success of your aim later because they know you faster. Well, that is a common imagination of resume for work. Now, there are 6 essential tips to own good resume for IT entry level position:

A. Change your traditional objectivity

Many people primarily those who have never applied for work often write their objectivity to work here. They will say that they want to be the employee pretty they can develop their skill. Better do not say it and replace with the title of the job such as entry-level, for example.

B. Categorize your technical competencies

Show your skill or technical competence to attract the leader when you face them. Categorize these by language, operating system, protocols, tools, RDBMS, and methodologies.

C. Remember to fill your entry-level information technology resume as accuracy as possible. Do not add things that you do not understand just because you do not have any experience. Alongside that, tell the skill that his relationship to the field though you have many skills.

D. Expose your learning in the Experience section

Fill your experience section with your education or learning process. Tell how you join the course, what you learn or train, how many time each day, and so on.

E. Emphasize to your transferable skill

Apparently, numerous people fail to gain their dream job here because they less stress their cores skill. Show that you are able to work independently, do multiple tasks, and priorities. You can serve your client properly, able to work on time, concern about the quality and accuracy.

F. Write the appropriate keyword to pass the ATS

ATS (Applicant Tracking Systems) is software to scans your resume and give rank. You will pass this software if you send your resume on the internet. In case it unable to detect your keyword, the company will not see you.

G. Adds testimonials

H. Give your testimony that you ever study with a professor or other which will support your way to success.

Okay, those are some points to make entry-level information technology resume well. Pay attention to what you should apply and what you should avoid. Good luck!

My Meta Title and Meta Description Settings

My Meta Title and Meta Description Settings

Meta title and meta description are what the Internet sees about your page title and page summary. That is a simple definition of them. When someone searches on the search engine the result will contain all meta title and meta description from the sphere of the internet.

Let’s see what the expert say about them:

Moz said: The meta description is an HTML attribute that provides a brief summary of a web page
Moz said: A title tag is an HTML element that specifies the title of a web page

Since 2009 Google does not use Meta Description nor Mete Keywords into their ranking factor calculation.

meta title

Title and Meta Title can be the same or little bit different

In a blog platform, you can define how you will display them

My personal setting about meta title

I use meta title exactly like the title of the page. In the standard setting it meta title format usually Meta Title – Blog Title

In my case I always make it become Meta Title

My Personal setting about meta description

I don’t use meta title, I will let search engine decide what is the best description of my page on the Internet. Also as that Google no longer uses it. However, some of my friends still using it for a certain reason.

meta description
Search Result

I want to change the meta title so that it only shows the post title without the blog title. The reasons are:
1. Sometimes my title is quite long and I don’t want to make it longer by adding blog title.
2. When I made changes to blog title it will not affect the Post Meta Title
3. I want search result only to display Post Title

My original meta title appearance:

My Meta Title and Meta Description Settings 1

Modified Title appearance:

My Meta Title and Meta Description Settings 2

Todo this I Meta Title Settings on Blogger
You have to edit your theme manually, backup first before making any changes.
Find code like:

<title><data:blog.pageName/> – <data:blog.title/></title>

Change it to



<data:blog.pageName/> – <data:blog.title/>

Change it to


Save and done. The changes on the search result will appear on the next bit visit, so could be weeks depending on how often search engine bot visit your website. But you can check whatever the changed is correct by hovering your mouse pointer to the browser tab or by checking the source code.

Choosing Information Technology Major as your Final Education with these Top 5

Choosing Information Technology Major as your Final Education with these Top 5

Information technology major comes with lots of specifications to complete the human need. Human indeed cannot be separated from IT today because it has been controlling most of their life. At this time, the demand for the major and the university keeps increasing from year to year. It is because many companies both government and private need professional IT. Yeah, that is another reason besides the above. So, do you are looking for the rightest major for your IT skill?

information technology major

Top 5 Information Technology Major to save your life

You may plan to take one of the information technology majors as the last education. Well, you certainly come the right time and you will get many options here. Below are 5 choices about the IT program:

1. Certificate Programs

This program commonly takes 6 months and 1 year because the lesson consists of two methods. You are going to spend your first two years to learn about the basic of the particular area of IT. Then, the last two years will do many practices outside of the class. The students who have experience will get IT Certificate. By the way, the certificate is also for them who seek for particular skill and or topic. As your information that you can join to course online where they keep giving you the same topic. The topics of Certificate Programs are:

a. Fundamentals of Personal Computers

b. Concepts of Programming

c. Foundations of Database Design

d. Intro to Data Communications

2. Associate Degrees

The program needs two years to complete the learning with some lessons. You will learn about some general education courses such as communication networks and a broad overview of computer science. You later can transfer your associate degree program into the bachelor degree but it is for the related field. You learn for Programming Principles, Problem Solving and Troubleshooting for Computers, Fundamentals of Computer Networks, and Strategies in Virtual Communications.

3. Bachelor’s Degrees

Many people catch the information technology major in Bachelor’s Degrees because the numerous companies ask for this level. You need 4 years for the academic study later with two learning methods and several topics. In the first two years, you get IT introductory and the general education requirements. Afterward, you will focus on the more specific and advanced lesson. The topics are Fundamentals of Computer-based Systems, Foundations of Database Management, Intermediate Computer Networks, and Project Management in IT.

4. Master’s Degrees

Taking this level means you really ready to get deeper IT knowledge. You will dive specialized higher-level areas as the continuity of your Bachelor’s degrees. Apparently, the Master’s degrees have various curriculum according to the specification and the intuition. The topics of the levels include Management of IT Resources, Fundamentals of Computer Forensics, Organizational Impact of Information Technology, Advanced Computer Networking, and Advanced Project Management.

5. Doctoral Degrees

Some people with their Doctoral Degrees often get the job at university so that may students seek them. They are usually the students who want to work in IT research and or IT-based postsecondary education. Nevertheless, not a few of them get the job in governments, management, and consultation. Operating Systems Security, Cybersecurity Threats and Countermeasures, Enterprise Architecture, Quantitative Methods and Experimental Design in Computer Science are the programs inside.

Okay, those are 5 majors from the IT course with different topic and time. Which information technology major do you want?

Computer Information Technology Salary Near Me depend on the Education Level

Computer Information Technology Salary Near Me depend on the Education Level

Computer information technology salary is fantastic and always make people jaw-dropping. Averagely, people with this career own much money, good living, and smart. Often, they also give the job to other people with a proper salary. Besides that, they can work everywhere such as in offices, departments, governments, home, and so on. The following careers rise your desire to study in information system and technology. If you have to get one of the degrees, the list eases you to enter the working world.

computer information technology salary

3 Jobs with the Computer Information Technology Salary

Well, find the most appropriate computer information technology salary below:

1. Office Machine Repairers (include: computer and ATM)

A technician career for this field needs begins a certificate or postsecondary degree. They also must prove their experience that they gain through the military or vocational school. Although many employers expect the repairers to have knowledge of electronics, they still provide on-the-job training. It is because they will use various tools suitable for their specialty. Besides that college degree, office machine repairer needs to own certification. Obtaining certifications makes them far more competitive in seeking a job.

The office machine repairers travel to the broken machine and talk to the customer directly. After getting the problem, these professionals diagnose the machine with such as a multimeter tool. Usually, they repair by replacing malfunctioning or broken parts and providing preventative maintenance. Then, the office machine repairers test the new parts to ensuring it works properly. Explaining to the customer about the handling after complete the order also their duty. The salary for this career between $46,530 and $28,330.

2. Computer and Information research

This job needs Ph. D/ Doctorate of Computer Science in a related area. Even though, a federal government job, occasionally, accept a bachelor to work as the computer and information research scientist. It also does not require specific licenses or certifications.

Some of them become professors or teachers in educational areas. They also work with computer hardware engineers, electrical engineers, or other specialists. Common areas for people who interest in this career may take specialize. It is such as hardware, software, or robotics. The demand for the job increases by up to 19% from 2010 to 2010. Meanwhile, the computer information technology salary for them is around $ 123, 530.

3. Computer and Information System Managers

There are some education options for A computer and information systems manager. They can begin with a Bachelor of Information Science degree or Bachelor of Computer Science degree. However, the managers also own a graduate degree such as an MBA and don’t need a specific certification. Most employers need people in this field who have years of experience.

The role of a computer and information systems manager is as important as the CEO in the organization. They sometimes become It managers or project managers relate to the responsibility. Evaluating the cost, planning, overseeing all computer-related activities, and coordinating are their main duties. Actually, there are still numerous duties and responsibilities from them. The demand for the career increases by 18 % during the last decade with around $ 152,380.

Well, those are three jobs related to the computer information technology salary. Truthfully, you are still able to get more option but you will get it next time. Good luck!

This is why you must join to Information Technology Internships Program in South Africa

This is why you must join to Information Technology Internships Program in South Africa

Final or middle-level students usually start thinking about the information technology internships. Most of them say that it is between easy and difficult case. It is because some of them get serious obstacles to find the company but the others experience the opposite. So, where you plan to work roughly? How if you try to enter your internship program in South Africa? Do not imagine that you will get many problems, please! Now, this country is opening is opening as many opportunities as possible for apprentice students.

information technology internship

11 Companies for Information Technology Internship Program

There are numerous benefits from this program such as get real experience and get the change to collaborate with establishing experts. Why should you choose South Africa as your information technology internship? Okay, the answer is available here. Lots of companies from South Africa seek for people who expert it is advanced programming, game, and internet. Even though, do not be surprised in case you do not get a salary during your program. Some companies do not give it to the apprentice students but you have to work between 6 months and 3 years. Nonetheless, they willing to receive you as a permanent employee if you work fantastically.

Besides the above reason, South Africa provides lots of finest companies such as below:

1. Sprint: This multimedia giant needs IT internships with are able in computer specialist capacities, administrative, consultant.

2. Coronation: It is one of the parts of this fund management company. The student must come from the financial system with the latest regulation and train technology pieces of training.

3. Vodacom: This mobile company serves South Africa with text, messaging, and voice capabilities. Interns will work with communication experts to learn the processes used in this business.

4. Eaton: The candidates will discover advanced technology from filtration, hydraulic, and energy service. It is because the company serves as the electrical power side for South Africa.

5. Mimecast: It is one of the mobile cloud providers in South Africa. It trains the internships on the mechanics of email security, storage, and Cloud.

6. IBM: Becoming an information technology internship here gets endless opportunities. It is such as access to cutting-edge technology.

7. CTU: The Company serves a training facility with the emphasis and advances on computer technology. Join to be a trainer along with the other experts in the field.

8. FETOLA: as the consulting firm, it provides support to other businesses. The Interns learn the secrets of organizational planning.

9. Amazon: There is a unique opportunity from Amazon offers to train in multi-faceted areas.

10. Sun International: It is a luxury retreat and hotel chain in South Africa. The interns use their IT skills in hospitality and customer service.

11. Dolby: There are many other dimensions and the interns get benefit from working with experts.

Absolutely, choosing South Africa as the internship program is not wrong. You get the larger change to work soon and add the new experience. On the other hands, the country has beautiful city mount, and so on. You will not feel lost or remote when you work there. However, you will discover one thing which never exists outside of Africa. Are you ready to join in the information technology internship in South Africa?

6 Best Remote Working Software Tools in 2021

The COVID-19 outbreak started in 2020 and even in 2021, everyone is eagerly looking forward to when things can return to normalcy. However, the outbreak has redefined the term ‘normal’ for a lot of companies and businesses, especially the ones that adopted remote work and adapting to a complex hybrid workforce that works both onsite and remotely.

As businesses started allowing employees to work remotely, a lot of them understand that remote work is the ultimate way to work. A recent Gartner CFO survey revealed that more than 74% of companies plan to permanently adopt remote work after the coronavirus crisis is over.

6 Best Remote Working Software Tools in 2021

Of course, remote work means companies will have to make a few adjustments and also find ways to overcome challenges with visibility, communication, and teammate interaction. Fortunately, using remote working software tools can help your team perform at a higher level and save a lot of time. A lot of the common problems faced with remote working can be solved by using the right tool.

To help you get started, here are 6 of the best remote working software tools in 2021.

1. TeamViewer

Have you ever experienced that frustrating feeling when you are doing a screen share session with your colleague to solve a complicated task together, but not going anywhere? It might be that your colleague’s machine is set up differently or they’re not technologically equipped to understand your instructions. Whatever the reason may be, solving the task would have been easier if you had TeamViewer.

If you’re wondering how to use TeamViewer for Mac or Windows, the first step is to install the application on your device. With TeamViewer, people can remotely access others’ computers, provided the application is also installed on their system.

2. Basecamp

Freelancers, managers, agencies, and teams prefer Basecamp because of its clean design, functionality, and elegant usability. It is a team collaboration and project management software solution that helps you to manage projects, as well as, communicate with clients in a simple and meaningful way.

The software offers a wide range of tools and features for organizing conversations, sharing ideas, and keeping everyone on the same page.

3. Fluvid

Fluvid is a screen recorder and it comes with group sharing. So, you can share your recordings with multiple people at once. The software allows users to send video messages instead of plain texts.

Another handy feature is recording meeting rundowns. The software allows users to screen record every minute detail of the meeting. This means that you don’t have to worry about missing out on important bits of the meeting because you had to attend a call or you were typing something.

Fluvid can even be used for creating training and onboarding videos, reviewing codes, creating investor pitch decks, product demos and so much more. Once the recording is done, you can either schedule it for later or live stream it. You can protect the video by setting up a password and even add CTA buttons to prompt the viewers to take action.

4. StoryXpress Recorder

StoryXpress Recorder is a video sharing and recording tool that streamlines collaboration between teams and colleagues. When you cannot get your point across using screenshots, it is time for you to turn to videos. This is an amazing tool when you want to tell stories with ease. Also, you can use this tool to collaborate with your team effectively. You can quickly record your screen and edit the video before sharing it.

To draw the attention of your team to the important parts of the video, you can draw on the screengrab or add text.

5. Krisp

Krisp is an incredibly powerful and simply noise-canceling application. If you have ever taken phone calls in noisy rooms, you know how important this app can be.

Whether it is a video call with your colleagues or an important conference call with your business partners, Krisp can come in handy. It supports headphones, microphones, and even speakers. This app is perfect for online teachers, remote teams, and podcasters.

Sound quality is typically something that people ignore, but it can make a huge difference when it comes to attending crucial business meetings. Having clear, crisp audio can even shorten video meetings.

6. UnRemot

You can efficiently and easily stay in touch with your teammates throughout the day using UnRemot. It is a great tool to get your team on group video calls and it will feel like you are all in the office.

UnRemot offers a single-click group video calls feature for ad-hoc pop-ins to a remote meeting room. Just invite your colleagues once and the virtual collaboration space will be open to all. You can share your screen, meet up with your colleagues or squeeze in some face-time while collaborating on projects.

So, if you were finding it hard to cope with remote working, utilize these tools. It’ll enhance your productivity levels instantly.

Easy Steps to be the Association of Information Technology professionals Membership with 4 Classes

Easy Steps to be the Association of Information Technology professionals Membership with 4 Classes

Join an Association of Information Technology Professionals (AITP) for your business! What is this and where you can register? Okay, AITP is an organization focuses on IT education to business professionals. The company in Illinois, U.S. trains people to develop their business which involves IT inside. To become a member, you are able to do many things. For examples, you can empower resources, have opportunities and achieve your professional goals. Let’s submit your application online and get your membership. If you apply thru the paper applications, you must take a $10 processing fee.

association of information technology professionals

The Various of Association of Information Technology professionals Members

By the way, the association of Informational Technology professionals offers some options to be the member:

1. Professional Membership

This program refers to the employed individual in the management of information resources. However, staff, managers, educators, sales, and service providers allow joining. A local professional chapter generally affiliate to the Professional members. Even though, it does not need to affiliate the local professional chapters because it stands alone. The membership of AITP consists of national dues with local due sometimes. Student members who have graduated from AITP and are ready to work may be eligible for a one-time discount. Membership in AITP has comprised of national dues plus local chapter due, where applicable.

2. Student Membership

This type saves the students who want to work in IT companies but they are unable to study in university.

3. Enterprise Membership

For this type, the association offers group dues discount with the number of the member as the requirement. The discount is for the group with at least 3 members Enterprise – Tier 1 discount. Besides that, there is Enterprise – Tier 2 discount with a minimum of 10 members in one group. This membership class may for education organizations, governments, commercial, etc. Furthermore, the candidate can call 800-224-9371 or contact to apply.


EDSIG is the acronym of Education Special Interest Group. It is an organization specifically to IS (Information Systems) education. The mission is providing IS educators with the latest research in educational processes, techniques, and technology. Obvious, AITP offers an AITP and EDSIG membership combination and the stand-alone EDSIG membership. For further information, please view our EDSIG page.

How to join the Association of Information Technology professionals:

1) Choose the Member Type

After register with one type, the applicant must pay the due where it cannot return to them. It does not provide dues reduction because of the tax for charity. Even though, the organization is willing to reduce dues as the necessary business expense. Nonetheless, it must follow the Internal Revenue Service Code. Alongside that, all applicants have to support the mission and vision of AITP. They must also uphold the Association’s bylaws and code of ethics.

2) Create an account

Create your username by entering the first name and last name. Then, paid dues, to enjoy all of the member-only areas of the site. Use letters and/or numbers without special characters or spaces as your username and enter a valid email address. Do not forget to note your username on a book or anything.

Okay, that is all about the association of Information Technology Professionals membership. There are 4 types and two steps to apply. Do not hesitate to register if you want to succeed.

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