Everybody has different requirement for a laptop to be considered “The Best Laptop” that’s why some laptop has speciial features for specific purpose.  Business laptop and consumer laptop has different characterictics, let’s find out which laptop is the best for you.


Based on my personal opinion and experience for years below are factors to consider when choosing a laptop to buy

The first thing you need to check is Operating System of the laptop. It can be Windows, Mac OS, Linux. Make sure you choose to match your needs.

A laptop usually a mobile gadget, you bring it everywhere you go. Make sure you get the size that fit to your laptop bag and still convenience to carry it everywhere. I like the 14 inch laptop as it still convenient to my eyes.

As you brought laptop everywhere, make sure the battery life is long enough for you to do the job. 9 hours battery life and beyond is the perfect choice for a laptop

Make sure you have enough processor power to run your application. Intel I5 and above will handle most of your needs.

When you already have a good processor, make sure the memory (RAM) is enough to catch up with the processor and operating system. Minimum 8GB of RAM, however I recommend 16 GB or more. The more you open several applications at the same time, the more memory required. 

All of your data dan applications are stored in harddisk or SSD. I found minimum 500 GB is enough for most of people. Although more expensive than Harddisk I prefer SSD for best perfeormance and durability.

While laptop is a computer I can carry everwhere, I still need to make sure that it has at least 1 HDMI port for external monitor (2 HDMI ports will be excellent). Minimum 2 USB ports, 1 Thunderbolt port, SD card slot (optional).

Besides the main factor above, some other factor to consider when choosing a laptop is below


Long hours of laptop usage may lead to problems. Make sure the laptop is able to work minimum 8 hours continuously without any problem.

Online Support

Most of problem in laptop is software problem, make sure you have enough resource, community on the internet or support online.

Authorize Service Center

When you have hardware problems and don't have expertise to fix it yourself, an authorize service center is the answer. Make sure you have access to the nerest place in your town.



Things you should know to get the best laptop for you

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