Top 10 Best Seller Routers 2020

Top 10 Best Seller Routers 2020

WIFI router is now becoming a very important device to our daily life, whether in the office or at home, we are all now always connected wirelessly to the internet. Your smartphone, smartwatch, laptop, electronic personal assistant, TV, all connected to the internet via router whether it wireless or wired.

As all with electronic devices after long time 24×7 usage, it sometimes needs to be replaced with the new one. Below are top 10 bestseller wireless routers on Amazon, started with number 10 down to the number 1.

10. RAVPower Travel Router AC750

Top 10 Best Seller Routers 2020 1
This handy wireless router very useful for travelers, it can connect SD card, portable SSD hard drive to your wireless devices including iPhone and iPad as a backup media. It came with 6700mAh battery give you more time to connect anywhere longer.

Get more detail about RAVPower Travel Router AC750

9. Netgear (R7000P-100NAS) Nighthawk AC2300

Netgear Nighthawk AC2300
Nighthawk AC2300 Smart WiFi Router back view
Nighthawk AC2300 works with Alexa (virtual assistant), has four Gigabit Ethernet ports, Multi-User MIMO make sure it will works seamlessly with many users, Dual band works with 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz clients, smart parental controls, and easy to setup via smartphone or computer.

Get more detail about Netgear Nighthawk AC2300 here

8. ASUS Router AC1900

ASUS Router AC1900
ASUS Router AC1900 back view
ASUS Dual-Band Router AC1900 combined speeds up to 1900Mbps (1300Mbps for 5Ghz clients + 600Mbps for 2400Mbps), USB 2.0 and 3.0 to connect to external storage, printer, or 3G/4G dongle. 1Ghz dual core CPU make sure your connection will not drop at a busy time.

Get more detail about ASUS Router AC1900 here

7. Netgear Nighthawk AC1900 (R7000)

Top 10 Best Seller Routers 2020 2
Top 10 Best Seller Routers 2020 3
Netgear Nighthawk AC1900 Dual Band WiFi is compatible with both Echo and Alexa (virtual assistant). Using OpenVPN app you can access your network securely via smartphone. Dynamic QoS for the best gaming and video streaming experience. Speed up to 1900Mbps (600Mbps for 2.4Ghz and 1200Mbps for 5Ghz clients). Very easy to setup the router.

Get more detail about Netgear Nighthawk AC1900 (R7000)

6. TP-Link AC1900 Smart WiFi Router

Top 10 Best Seller Routers 2020 4
Top 10 Best Seller Routers 2020 5
Incorporate Archer A9 TP-Link AC1900 provides VPN Server, Parental control, dan Access control. Working well with Alexa and use IFTTT to connect and disconnect devices from the network. Old WIFI device many times slowing down our network, thanks to Airtime Fairness which eliminate this problem. Easy setup WIFI app in iOS and Android.

Get more detail about TP-Link AC1900 Smart WiFi Router here

5. Wise Tiger AC 1200M Wireless Router

Wise Tiger AC 1200M Wireless Router front view
Wise Tiger AC 1200M Wireless Router back view
Long range WIFI coverage, Wise Tiger AC 1200M can be used as WIFI extender to boost WIFI signal. Compatible with next generation and backward compatible with 802.11 a/b/g.
Up to 32 devices connected to the router, 867Mbps at 5Ghz good for gaming and surfing.

Get more detail about Wise Tiger AC 1200M Wireless Router here

4. TP-Link AC1200 Smart WiFi Router

TP-Link AC1200 Smart WiFi Router front view
TP-Link AC1200 Smart WiFi Router back view
TP-Link AC1200 has four antennas and one internal antenna gives a longer range of WIFI signal to every corner of the house thus eliminates dead zone.
Archer A6 along with MU-MIMO can serve many devices simultaneously.

Get more detail about TP-Link AC1200 here

3. Netgear AC1200 (R6230)Smart WiFi Router

Netgear AC1200 (R6230)Smart WiFi Router front view
Netgear AC1200 (R6230)Smart WiFi Router back view
Dynamic QoS means the router can make prioritization of bandwidth for the best streaming and gaming experience. Netgear AC1200 easy to configure from your mobile device or a computer. Better WIFI coverage in your home.

Get more detail about Netgear AC1200 (R6230) here

2. Netgear R6700 Nighthawk AC1750

Netgear R6700 Nighthawk AC1750 front view
Netgear R6700 Nighthawk AC1750 back view
Very fast and good WIFI coverage in your home. Enjoy a lag free experience on gaming, streaming and web surfing.
High security on the network makes sure your privacy is safe while connecting to the network. Dual core processor, Netgear R6700 Nighthawk AC1750 improves WIFI speed on mobile devices.

Get more detail about Netgear R6700 Nighthawk AC1750 here

1. TP-Link AC1750 Smart WiFi Router

TP-Link AC1750 front view
TP-Link AC1750 back view
This dual-band router are equipped with Gigabit ports for wired clients, compatible with Alexa, act as VPN server so you can access your network securely from the Internet. Parental control, QoS to ensure connection quality and also protected by Archer A7 system.

You will not found 1 device that will be 100% perfect but we try to get the best available router on the market. The best router is usually the one that used by many people so it can sometimes be translated into the best seller is equal to the best quality, you decide. Hope the list above can help you decide the best router for your needs. For more info about wireless router you can check mainanz.

Adsense For Blogger: Insert Adsense Code Under Post Title

Adsense For Blogger: Insert Adsense Code Under Post Title

Adsense for Blogger: The commonplace to insert Adsense code is on the header, on the sidebar, under post’s title, in the middle of posts and after post.

In this post, I will show you how we can insert Adsense code under post title and at the end of the post in blogger based blog.
Actually, there is an option on the blogger that we can use to insert Adsense on the sidebar and below post, but I need to put under post title which there is no option to this.

adsense for blogger
On some themes, we can use ads option and just put the Adsense code there. Unfortunately, my theme doesn’t have that luxury, I couldn’t find it on the template’s manual and in the option, so I have to edit the template manually.

Before editing your theme, you have to make a backup of current working theme in case anything bad happen after changes, you can restore it quickly.

Backup your current working theme first by click Theme on the left section, then click the Backup/Restore button, click Download theme button.

theme button
Now edit your theme by click Edit HTML button.

edit html button
On most blogger theme you will need to find code <data:post.body/> and put the Adsense code after that code. You will found several <data:post.body/> code in the theme, which code is the correct place to insert the Adsense code? You have to try one by one. In my case I add text ads1, ads2, ads3 and so on for every <data:post.body/> I found.

On this theme, I found Ads2 after the post. Then I replace with Adsense code and delete Ads1, and Ads3.

To insert Adsense code into blogger theme you have to convert it first otherwise it will not work, I am using this tool to convert the Adsense code to make it work.

I still cannot found the correct place to insert Adsense code under post title on my theme. After looking for some times, I try to test the location by putting Ads1, Ads2, Ads3 again and finally I found after code <b:else/>

how to add ads

Now I have 2 working ads after post title and after post content.

how to use adsense

OK that’s it for now, I hope now you can implement the Adsense code on your own blogger theme, cheers.

Traffic Drop After Theme/Template Changes

Traffic Drop After Theme/Template Changes

If you found this post from a search engine, I guess that you experience traffic drop after changed the theme or template. When you have finished reading this article I hope you know how to fix.

If you are browsing the Internet you will find that some say that change the theme of your website will not make traffic drop and others will say it will drop. They are all correct if the theme is better from previous and doesn’t make big changes on the structure it will make your website traffic increase. But if the changes are a lot you will surely experience a drop in traffic and it usually temporary 1-2 months.

traffic drop

This is what I believed.

Google and other search engines are bots that crawl your web pages. It doesn’t care whether you change your theme or not. What they care is whether the web page structure satisfies their parameter or not. If they found major changes in your web pages structure it will think that this is something new and they will need to lower the ranking in the search result until they find that the web structure is good.

If it is good, the search engine will put back the search ranking the position as before or even better. But if worst then it will keep the ranking in search result low.

To minimize traffic drop before and after changing the theme 

We cannot avoid structure changes when we change the theme but we can minimize the effect so that the traffic will not drop.

Before theme changes

Take note of your page meta tags. The meta tag is what the search engine sees on your web pages besides the content. To check this I am using Smallseotools tag analyzer. Do this for homepage, post, and page, make a screenshot each of them like below.

homepage meta tags
Home Page Meta Tags
post meta tags
Post Meta Tags
page meta tags
Page Meta Tags

After theme changes 

Check again with the same tools from Smallseotools make sure the values are the same with the previous theme, if not, make the necessary setting on the plugin or on the new theme to make sure they have the same values.

What happens if you don’t have the note of previous settings?

Try to send the sitemap again in the Google Search Console so that Google bot will re-crawl your website.

Traffic Down After Removing Categories

Other case is with a different website, the website’s niche is comic for children. We have quite good progress since July 2018 (when I first joined the company).

On February ( actually started in mid-Jan) the traffic dropped compared to other months. Usually every month the traffic keeps increasing.
As I always monitor the traffic every day and make a weekly report I knew that something wrong with the website but I don’t know exactly what.
I realized this problem after 2 weeks, during the first week I thought it was normal as there are some days that traffic down. In the 2nd week the traffic not recover and keep going down.

I know that there was something wrong but I don’t know the problem. My first guess was, my link building strategy was wrong.
My link building strategy was mixed. Guest posting, forum posting, commenting, and always make documentation for each link I got. After I re-check one by one I found no problem.

My 2nd guess is website design. After I re-check again and compare with the time when the traffic was healthy I found that somehow I remove the Categories widget from the sidebar.

I re-apply the widget but this time I put in the footer area and it appears on all pages. Previously I put on the sidebar but that didn’t show categories widget on the homepage.
As I think that homepage received quite a lot backlink I need to show the categories widget here.

traffic stats

After reinstall categories on the footer widget, the website regains its traffic and keep stronger until this post updated 2 May 2019.

traffic recovered

If any other problem with traffic I will update this post again, for now is enough

OK, that’s my post for today hope you enjoy it.

Error 0210 Stuck Key 28 Lenovo Laptop

Error 0210 Stuck Key 28 Lenovo Laptop

My neighbor calls me and lets me know that he has message “Error 0210 Stuck Key 28″ Press <F1> to Setup” on his Lenovo laptop and ask if I can help him. When I received the photo via Whatsapp I tell him that one of the keyboard’s key has stuck, he just needs to patting the keyboard, turn off the laptop and turn back on.

error 0210 stuck key 28

Several minutes later he reports back that it still doesn’t work, so I visit him to check what has happened. When I check visually all the keyboard’s keys look normal.

At home, I quickly browse the internet and found that Key 28 is code for the apostrophe key.
I press the key several times but the problem still exists.

I finally open the cap key and press the inside part of the apostrophe key several times. Try to start the laptop and now it works. Windows screen now appears without error. Turn off and on several times and always start to Windows without error. Now I quite sure that the problem has gone.

I put the cap back to where it belongs and let my neighbor know that his laptop is now working as normal.

Error 0210 Stuck Key 28 Lenovo Laptop 6
If you found an error with similar to Error 0210 Stuck Key 28 (key no maybe different).Try the solution above. All you need is to find out is the key code of the keyboard, open the key’s cap and press several times until the problem is gone.
SQL ldf File Too Big? This 2 Easy Steps Will Fix It

SQL ldf File Too Big? This 2 Easy Steps Will Fix It

Have you ever come to situation when suddenly your business critical application stops working? If your application running SQL server check whether the disk is full or nearly full? If that case then the reason your business critical application stop working is run out of disk space.

The question is why the space is so fast full although a month ago you still have plenty of space on that server? Check your the SQL log file with extension ldf. Ldf file is a transaction log of a database. Without ldf you cannot restore a database. MDF is actually hold the main data, in a database mdf file and ldf file is separate but they must come together to make a database works.

LDF file size 120% from mdf is considered normal, but if your mdf 200 mb and your ldf id 200GB then you can follow following steps to reduce your ldf file hence freeing disk space and will make your business critical application back running. On Ms SQL 8.0 mdf and ldf files usually located here:


1. Change log transaction from full to simple
Right click Database that have big ldf file, click properties, Options, on Recovery model option make sure it Simple, not full. Click OK.
ldf file huge

2. Shrink ldf file size from SQL administrative
Right click Database that have big ldf file, task, shrink, Files. New window will open on the file type choose log, OK.

mssql ldf file too big
ldf file too large

After shrink the ldf (log file) you will see significant file size reduction, on my case from 311GB into 1MB.

My Samsung J7 2016 Experience

My Samsung J7 2016 Experience

At the moment I am using smartphone Samsung J7 2016. This phone actually belongs to my sister, but when my old phone has broken and I don’t have a chance to buy the new one. My sister offers me this phone while she is using another Samsung phone model.

samsung j7 2016

My Experience Using Samsung J7 2016:

Battery (3,300 mAh)

With my daily activity, checking email, browsing the Internet for about 2 hours, the battery could last up to 2 days. I charge the phone when it gets about 20%.

Operating System Stability (Android)

I never have a serious problem with the phone, I rarely found hang when using it. Never experience sudden reboot when using it as my previous phone.

Camera (13MP and 5MP)

Rear camera focus is not fast enough, need some time to make the image focus and ready to shot. I don’t have a problem so far with the front camera as only using it when doing video call.

SIM card insertion

Bad location, we have to open the back cover first, I prefer SIM card location in the side of the phone and can be opened by using card injector or paper clip.

Dual SIM card

I never use dual SIM card on this phone but surely it will drain the battery faster.

Samsung J7 2016 Specification:

Dimensions151.7x76x7.8 mm
Battery 3,300 mAh 
Display5.5 HD Super AMOLED
Camera Rear13 MP
Camera Front5 MP
ProcessorOcta 1.6 Ghz
Memory2 GB RAM, 16 GB Flash
MaterialsMetal Frame
Ads Converter For Adsense or Adbrite Code

Ads Converter For Adsense or Adbrite Code

The ads converter tool below will convert your Adsense, Adbrite, Chikita, or any other ads code into a format that blogger (Blogspot) recognize. It will not alter the code so this is not something that breaks the rule of Google.

ads converter

Why you need to convert the Adsense code?

If you want to embed Adsense code into your Blogger theme directly it will generate error thus you cannot save the changes.

Just put your Adsense code on the Ads Original Code section below it will automatically generate the code on the Ads Parsed Code section.

Ads Original Code:
Ads Parsed Code

I think we don’t need this anymore. We can use 1 line auto ads code from Adsense and put it just after <head>, it will generate ads on the best places on your Blogger blog.

How to Increase Website Traffic For WordPress and Blogger

How to Increase Website Traffic For WordPress and Blogger

This posting is my experience in optimizing website traffic on WordPress and Blogger (Blogspot). The guide below may not correct but at least this is what I believed works to increase organic traffic to a website.

how to increase website traffic

I believe there are 3 major steps to optimize and increase website traffic

1. Keyword Research

Before optimizing a website we have to do keyword research. We would target a keyword that has a search volume. Whether it 100, 500, 1000 or more search volume. Remember that search volume is per month, so if the search volume is 1000 divided by 30 will be about 33 searches per day. The click that you will receive is about 33%, 12%, and 9% respectively for position 1,2, and 3 on the first page.
If you are not sure what keywords you want to target don’t worry just write any article about your niche that has enough volume, you can check for niche ideas.

2. Onpage Optimization 

Will include content writing, meta tag, and internal linking. 

3. Offpage Optimization 

Will include getting links from relevant websites.

WordPress Based Website (case study1)

I work part time for a local company every Wednesday and Friday, my job is to increase organic traffic to their website. When I first join the website has no traffic at all and only contain 8 articles including posts and pages. The website age is one year.
Optimization steps I did for the website:

On page:

1. Change the website themes as per their request, I add a custom slider contain 3 images.
2. Looking for a competition website and their traffic value using Ahrefs
3. Check their keyword by looking at their URL or title and them with Keywords Everywhere, at this point I didn’t care about the competition. I just looking for keywords with good search volume.
4. Order articles based on the keywords, if I found the first position has 2000 articles, then we order more than 2000 words.
5. Add relevant pictures on the article and give proper alt text and description

Off page:

I looking for a personal blog that good in metrics according to Ahrefs and also have enough visitor
Contact the owner to see the chance to make a guest posting. I will make sure the link went to related article on our website.
I repeat this to 15 blogs.

I create posts on forum

Create posting on web 2.0 website

All backlink point to posts that related to our website.

I started the work in July 2019 and below is the result according to Histats.
Total published post for this website is 204 but only 37 articles that well researched, the rest is product post that I consider thin content.
How to Increase Website Traffic

Blogger Based Website (case study2)

I have an abandoned website that already 5years old, the domain is empty but I use subdomain and installed WordPress. Later I decided to move to blogger using the same domain name.

Order or create article minimum 500 words
Add relevant photos/pictures
Fill all alt dan description on each pictures.

guest post on relevant website
forum post

Theme/template changes (WordPress and Blogger)

If you already have stable traffic be careful with changing the theme, there is potential traffic decrease or increase as the search engine will see the different structure of the new theme.

To minimize traffic decrease you have to make sure that the search engine will see no changes on your meta title tag, meta description, and meta keywords.

To check your meta tags use make sure the values are same between before and after theme changes.

How to Increase Website Traffic For Wordpress and Blogger 7

Write down or take a screenshot of meta title value, meta keyword value (if exist), and meta description value (if exist). Make sure when you have moved to the new theme, those values remain the same with your old theme.

This is how we can mitigate the drop traffic effect after changing the website’s theme. For the theme structure, we cannot do much about this. Just make sure your new theme is better from the old one by gathering information or reading testimonials from people who have used it before.

17 Stock Photo Sites To Download Royalty-Free Images

17 Stock Photo Sites To Download Royalty-Free Images

If you are creating content for a website I am sure you will need some very nice image to be inserted in the articles to make it more attractive for people to read. We can use our smartphone to create some perfect photos but the problem is the result is not as good as a pro who are using expensive tools to produce the photos. Not to mention their skill to capture a great moment.

Luckily I know some websites that provide free royalty pictures that I can use on my business. These websites allow us to use their photos without permission, sometimes called Creative Commons (CC0) or public domain pictures.

Ground rules when using free royalty photos:
1. Never claim the photos are yours, this is including give watermark on the photo.
2. Don’t use the photos for illegal activity.

Below are my favorite websites when I need awesome pictures for the articles. Divided into no registration and need registration websites to download.

No registration required to download photos (5)

1. Pixabay. This website is very simple and powerful when you use it occasionally we can download their beautiful photos without registration. There are several resolution formats to download from 640x480px up to 1920x1280px. No meta info on their photos.

free photos download

2. Unsplash.To download photos from Unsplash require only one click on the photo. Very simple but provide only one resolution depend on the creator, all in high resolution. I use to resize the picture to width 640px to be used on my websites.

free photos unsplash

3. Pexels. Pexels also requires no login to download photos and provide many resolution formats from 640px.

free photos pexels

4. Stocksnap. The photos quality is good. Only give one high-resolution format. easy to download photos.

17 Stock Photo Sites To Download Royalty-Free Images 8

5. Reshot. Easy to download, good quality photos.

17 Stock Photo Sites To Download Royalty-Free Images 9

Need to register to download photos (2):

1. Rgbstock will ask you to login first to download their photos.

17 Stock Photo Sites To Download Royalty-Free Images 10

2. Freerangestock will need you to login to download photos

free pictures

10 Free Photos Sites:

Negative Space (
Superfamous (
Picjumbo ( ( (
Picography (
Gratisography (
MorgueFile (
SkitterPhoto (
Life of Pix (

I personally use websites with great photos and provide 640px format (Pixabay, Pexels) as I don’t need to resize the image. My priority is good images, if I found a good photo I don’t care if I have to resize to fit my website. I also love the one that no need to login to download photos.

Human is a visual creature, good picture or funny picture will give more attention for the people. When your website has many awesome pictures, people will love your website.

Ok I hope you like my list about websites that provide free royalty pictures

Telegram Web, The Effective Way To Use Telegram From PC

Telegram Web, The Effective Way To Use Telegram From PC

Telegram is also my favorite instant messenger beside Whatsapp. I have many Telegram group as well as WA. Telegram founders are Pavel Durov and his brother Nikolai, their company is Telegram Messenger LLP based in London. Telegram app runs under iOS, Windows Phone, Android, and Linux.

4.95 million people signed up for Telegram today. Telegram is #1 most downloaded iPhone app in 48 countries. To the bad news…

— Telegram Messenger (@telegram) February 24, 2014

Telegram Strength

Telegram well know by their customer privacy, they will not allow any government to monitor their customer communication. Because of that, some country like Iran and Russia try to ban Telegram.

Telegram rejects any affiliation with Russia. Mr. Pavel Durov also started a social network just like Facebook, VKontakte, in 2006. He leaves Russia in 2014, then started Telegram.

Telegram Web

Telegram web similar to Whatsapp web although, there are some differences. Let see what is the differences:

1. Login to it will ask for our phone number, so it will easier if we are not in the same location with the phone as long as we have a friend to tell us what the code is. In WA web we need to scan the QR code on the computer screen by our phone, and we can ask for friend help by sending the QR code but it will not easy.

telegram web

2. After login it will ask for confirmation whether your phone number is correct. This is not required when we scan the QR code as with WA web.

telegram desktop

3. It will then send the code to our Telegram app on the phone and we must fill in the form below. The code usually 5 digits number.

telegram apk

4. That’s it now we can use Telegram on the web.

telegram web download

5. The interface is a bit different with Telegram on the phone but not much.

sign up telegram

Telegram Desktop

Telegram also has it’s won desktop version that you can download here.
They also have the portable version for Windows.

OK, that is my very short review about Telegram web, I hope you enjoy it.

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