Important: Understanding the Principles of Information Technology before Join the School or University

Important: Understanding the Principles of Information Technology before Join the School or University

Principles of information technology is a lesson to prepare the students to get success in workplaces. They will begin by establishing awareness of the IT roles essential to an organization’s success. Also, develops leadership skills and an understanding of professional communications. On the other hand, students gain presentation management software, email, and proficiency in word processing. Students are also able to demonstrate digital literacy from a basic study of computer hardware, database software, networking, operating systems, the Internet, spreadsheets, and web publishing.

principles of information technology

Principles in Information technology contain Many Things

Knowing the principles of information technology is essential very much for someone who wants to pursue their career in this field. Certainly, they need to learn it from the basic knowledge. Here, the article helps you to understand it in more detail. Generally, IT comes from two divisions including computer technology and communication technology. Computer technology relates to equipment such as printers, CD-ROMs, and fingerprint readers. Meanwhile, communication technology relates to long-distance communication, for example, telephone, radio, television.

In essence, information technology is a combination of those two factors. Then, the classification of information technology are:

1. According to the function:

· Embaded IT: Information Systems that exist in other products.

· Dedicated IT systems: Information Systems for performing special tasks such as ATMs.

· General Purpose IT System: Information System for carrying out general activities.

2. According to the size:

· Super Computer

· Mainframe

· Mini Computer

· Workstation

· Computer Micro

· Micro Controller

The components of Information Technology Systems:

1) The hardware consists of computers, networks, and peripherals.

2) The software is a collection of functions/instructions to instruct the computer to carry out certain tasks.

3) Data is the basic component of the information that is processed to produce information.

4) Humans, parties involved in information such as information system leaders and operators.

5) The procedure is a procedure system documentation

The Functions of Information Technology:

  • Capture: Retrieval of data for information.
  • Processing: Processing organizing data to be used as information
  • Generating: The results of data that has been processed for display as information.
  • Storage: where to store information
  • Retrieval: information retrieval that has gone through the storage process.
  • Transmission: The process of transmitting information.

Indeed, there are lots of knowledge when you learn about the principles of information technology. One of them is the benefit of using IT. This system makes it easy for many government and private companies to make the management process more effective and efficient. Additionally, the utilization of IT in everyday life include:

1) At home

Someone can do his hobby like playing games through a personal computer at home (Home PC). This tool also helps in doing office work or even working from home. In addition, they can also use it to help with their children’s homework from school.

2) Education and World or work

The education world cannot escape the role of IT. Even the existence of computers and the internet is the result of research from academics. Education requires fast access to information and knowledge. The world of work also requires quick access to information. Fortunately, there are many supporting tools to work such as laptops, cell phones, and PDAs (Personal Digital Assistants), and so on.

3) Society service

Information technology facilitates community affairs in a shorter time. They can feel the service clearly in various public places. For example, supermarkets, tax services, water, telephones, ID cards, driving license, and other.

Hopefully, knowledge of the principles of information technology can become your education and career later.

7 Applications of Information Technology Memes to Beginner

7 Applications of Information Technology Memes to Beginner

Are you a meme fan? If so, surely you have seen many memes through your social media. Maybe you include those who make memes. Actually, what is a meme? A meme is one of the works of art in the form of images that are given a little writing. This modern work of art has the purpose of entertainment and or satire. However, most people feel comforted because the satire comes with funny pictures and writing. At this time, there are many information technology memes which help you to share your idea. So, you do not need to worry if you want to learn to create the meme.

information technology memes

7 Applications of Information Technology Memes and How to Make Easy Meme

Before discussing how to make information technology memes, you need to know about these applications. Certainly, you will need one of the application to start your work. Here are 7 application to make memes:

1. Meme Generator Free

Zombodroid is a developer who creates Meme Generator Free with more than 500 meme images in 7 categories. After downloading the application, just select the image and add text then upload it on your social media.

2. Meme Me

Meme Me is a meme maker Android application from Cilberto. The characteristics of this application are simple, easy to use and have a soft white and blue color. Besides providing popular image templates on the internet, Meme Me can make memes from photos of private collections.

3. GATM Meme Generator

GATM or Generate All The Meme becomes the most popular application in Android. It has up-to-date images every day and offers easy making. The content that you make can be moved in your SD card.

4. Meme Maker

Meme Maker also provides various image templates but the size is rather small. To increase the size and quality, you have to choose a paid application.

5. Meme Creator

Meme Creator provides meme picture templates with more than 20 font types. That is, you can also adjust the color choices on the font when making memes. Meme Creator will definitely make your meme look cooler and anti-mainstream.

6. Meme Builder

Meme builder integrates with several social media like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. So, you can immediately upload it to your social media after making a meme with Meme Builder

7. Photo Editor from Aviary

Aviary is in fact not only known as a photo editing application but also a meme feature provider. The advantage of making a meme with Aviary is that you can use various effects as you wish.

Next, it is how to make the meme from one of the information technology memes. At this time, the article chooses GATM Meme Generator as the example:

1) Download the application

2) Run the application with choose available option or comic option.

3) Fill in the funny sentence in the top form (for above image display) and bottom form (under image display).

4) Hold the Save Meme button, name it and tap OK to save the meme in the gallery.

5) There is a sharing icon next to the Save Meme button. You can use it to share your meme work with other social media applications.

Now you not only become a meme connoisseur but can also make it easier. Have one information technology memes applications and practice immediately!

Information Technology Jobs Salary Based on the Position

Information Technology Jobs Salary Based on the Position

Hi good readers. Are you one of the people who want to work in the information technology field? Or, you have just worked but you have not knows the salary? If so, we want to share with you about information technology jobs salary for you. So, just pay attention to the following explanation.

information technology jobs salary

Three highest information technology jobs salary

Talking about information technology jobs salary, we need to tell you the salary based on the position. You need to know the salary of every position since the certain position may be different to others. Thus, we want to share it with you. Here they are.

1. Senior Software Engineer

It can be said as the most favorite position that some people want. It is rational because everyone will get the highest salary compared to other positions. What is the salary for this position? Well, we want to tell you now. The senior software engineer will get $102,319 in average. It is a very high salary that the people get in the information technology field.

In addition, you need to know that people who work in this position will not always get the average salary as mentioned above. The can get less and more than it. For the minimum salary, the senior software engineers will get $71K. While for the maximum salary, they will get up to $145K. It is a wonderful information technology jobs salary.

2. Project Manager, Information Technology

The second highest job salary for the certain position of information technology comes to the project manager. This position will receive the average salary of $85,136. With the second highest salary, it becomes one of the most favorite positions to occupy.

Then, this position also has the minimum and maximum salary like what happens in the senior software engineer. If you work in this position, you will get$53K for the minimum salary. While for the maximum, you can get $120K.

3. Software Engineer

The software engineer position completes the top three highest information technology jobs salary. It is categorized as the top three highest since it has the amount of salary which is close to the Project Manager. It has $82,227 salary on average. Thus, it can also be categorized as the high salary for those who work in the information technology field.

For the additional information, we also want to share with you about the minimum and maximum salary for this position. Although the average salary is less than the Project Manager position, it has more salary for the minimum salary. Everyone will get $58K for the minimum fee. This amount is more than the minimum salary in the Project Manager that is $53K.

Besides, the maximum salary for this position is also more than the amount of salary in the Project Position. As the Software Engineer, you will get $121K for the maximum salary. It is a little higher than what happens with the Project Manager.

Well, that is all about the three top information technology jobs salary we can share with you. Hopefully, it can a good reference for you.

Some Important Facts of FIU Information Technology

Some Important Facts of FIU Information Technology

When we talk about the FIU Information Technology, do you have an idea, good reader? Or, it is the first time for you in knowing this topic? If it is right, don’t be confused, guys! Let’s discuss it in this nice occasion! Before knowing it more, it is needed for you to have knowledge especially about The Master of Science in Information Technology. Surely, it is from the Florida International University or FUI.

fiu information technology

Furthermore, this university has an excellent goal which is in order to educate and teach the students in the information aspects. Then, it is also available for you the software technology, a database technology, and the security technology too. Actually, those three programs are suitable for you who want to get a higher degree, especially in Information Technology.

The facts of FIU Information Technology

Okay guys, in relation to FIU Information Technology, it is better for you to know that there are some important facts about that. Do you know them, guys? And, can you mention them? If you are still confused, don’t worry! We are going to help you to tell one by one clearly and in detail. So, please pay attention well!

1. Having the first rank

The first fact of FIU Information Technology that you should know is that this university has the first rank for the IT percentage. It is, of course, affects the graduates employed in Florida during the first year after having graduated. In addition, this university becomes a leader in education which will change the technological, economic, and also the social environment. Related to that, the FIU College has a great purpose which is to make fineness, quality, and access the education. In fact, it can hold up the growth of the students’ intellectual.

2. Graduating students work

Then, the graduating students from FUI College are able to work in some areas like IBM, Microsoft, Apple, Google, Citrix, and so on. All of them have a good background so you are allowed to choose one of them which you want to work.

3. Second largest funded

The third fact of FIU Information Technology is that this college includes the second largest externally financed. Moreover, it is surely the funded from the program of the Computer Science in the state. This university offers the undergraduate programs which are followed by the local, national, and even the international students. It is, of course, the great and brilliant students because of the quality of this college.

4. Sixth largest college

The last fact from FUI College is that this college is classified into the sixth largest Engineering College. In fact, this truth is according to the program of CS degree award in the US. On the other hand, this great college does research on the priorities of the advancement and the university strategic. Besides, it also improves the capabilities of the research and the achievements of the scholarly.

Well, those four important facts of FUI Information Technology above can be your source in choosing a university. In other words, it also can be your reference in continuing your study in a higher level.

6 Information technology Colleges to escape to United State

6 Information technology Colleges to escape to United State

In the US, you will find numerous information technology colleges to support your career. Actually, this article has discussed some schools before with 6 universities. Definitely, you also already know it in case you follow the article. Several colleges before are Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Cornell University, Lehigh University, Purdue University, Brigham Young University, and the University of Washington. Nowadays, you will get the continuity of the information with more choices. So, gather all first and then you can learn it.

information technology colleges

6 US universities for Information Technology Colleges

Directly, here are the information technology colleges from the US:


Find the location in Chicago with online degree choice and additional suburban campuses. The college offers the student to complete a general degree or specialization. It is such as Communication, Data management, Networking, or Management and IT Entrepreneurship. The annual cost $ 45,214 with college choice score of 96.85.


NJIT in Newark has around 50 undergraduate majors in addition to its graduate programs. The IT program takes an interdisciplinary approach where students may take a degree in specialization and apply knowledge of software and hardware to a specific field. As your information, the annual cost of NJIT is $ 30,326 with 96.51 of college choice score.


The annual cost of Rochester Institute of Technology is $ 38,568 and the college choice score reaches 96.33. It is a private university in New York that becomes the pioneer in technological education for decades. RIT opens software engineering and information technology programs since the early 1970’s.


The University of Tulsa founded in 1894 as a private institution with 61 undergraduate programs and an average class size of 23. Graduates of the IT program more prepared to continue in professional growth and give significant contributions to the field. If you attract to take the course here, prepare around $ 38,796 as your tuition fee. The information technology college choice score is 96.18.


The college choice score is 95.94 and the average cost reaches $ 49.062. New York University has lots of location in throughout New York City, Manhattan, and around the world. Bachelor of Science program in Technology Management and Business trains students in information management, technology, and entrepreneurship. Graduates of NYU’s BTM program is able to transition into professional roles. For example, IT analysts, technology entrepreneurs, technology project leaders, venture capitalists, and more.


The university offers $ 18, 244 with 94.04 of college choice score. In 1897, San Diego State University, as San Diego Normal School, becomes the third-oldest university in the California State University system. In San Diego’s College of Business Administration, undergraduate students get choice to major in Information Systems. Students will able to access, interpret, and provide, information which is essential to decision-making. The graduate of the Information Systems undergraduate program owns many workplaces in large businesses, government agencies, universities, and more. They are able to work as web developers, network administrators, systems analysts, programmers, computer center managers, and technical marketing specialists.

Absolutely, there are plenty of information technology colleges which must be discussed. Even though, the problem is still classic where there is no space and time again. Well, wish you luck to meet again for the next information.

6 Extra Ordinary Information Technology Schooling for Bachelor Degree

6 Extra Ordinary Information Technology Schooling for Bachelor Degree

Six information technology schooling will arrive here as the best place to gain your IT skill. Therefore, do not be confuse again where your reference is more complete than before. Through these schools, you are going to get a proper career with a fantastic salary. Even, the Median has recorded the salary for the entry-level information technology between $60-70,000. Definitely, you can get more if you have many experiences and skill. If you interest to fathom IT, take the related degree in information technology major.

information technology schooling

Information Technology Schooling in Bachelor’s Degree

At this time, it is very rare to find a company that accepts the employee under the Bachelor’s degree. Therefore, almost all university more recommends the student to take at least a Bachelor’s degree or a Bachelor of Science. Here are 6 information technology schooling that you can join:


Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute establishes 1824 in Troy, New York as the oldest technological university in the English-speaking world. The education programs of RPI are Bachelor of Science in Web Science and IT. The topic of the study relates to the future Web development, trust, and privacy. Students must finish several cores of management and development technology. The tuition fee of RPI for this course is average $ 50,797.


You can find the location of Cornell University in Ithaca, New York. Nowadays, it provides the newest and fasted growing area for the Faculty of Computing and Information Science. Cornell offers various choices for undergraduate degrees in information technology. Nevertheless, each degree needs own admission and completion requirements. Average tuition fee from Cornell University is $ 50,953 with college choice score is 99.98.


Lehigh University takes an average tuition fee for $ 48,320 where it is cheaper than the previous schools. Even though the college choice score reaches 99.44 and it is the very good rate. Lehigh University founded by Asa Packer in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania with several study options in Communication and Information Technologies. Undergraduate students emphasize math, physics, computing, and design. The aim to instill the necessary skills necessary for their careers in information technology.


It has an average tuition fee of $ 28,804 and the college choice score is 98.72. Purdue University stands in West Lafayette, Indiana and owns around 30,000 undergraduate students in more than 200 majors. Undergraduates in Information and Computer Technology focus in Systems Analysis or Network Engineering, and Design. The degree requires four years with 15 credit hours each semester.


Brigham Young University has a college choice score 97.08 and the average of $ 5,000. This information technology schooling is in Provost, Utah. The Bachelor of Science in Information Technology from this university requires the completion of 77 credit hours.


The University of Washington is in Seattle with the additional campus in Bothell and Tacoma. Nowadays, it becomes the oldest universities on the West Coast because it has existed since 1861. The Bachelor of Science degree focuses on Informatics that promotes analysis, problem-solving, and creativity. Students learn to design easy-to-use and effective systems, analyze information policy, and assure information systems security. The average tuition fee is $ 34, 791 and the college choice score reaches 96.98

Well, those are the 6 best information technology schooling in the US. Move there and get an extraordinary experience in learning information technology.

12 Things in the Information Technology Example very close to your Daily Life

12 Things in the Information Technology Example very close to your Daily Life

Who is still able to live without involving technology? It is seemly impossible in case it is still a human can live without it. Moreover, technology has been their friend daily and the existence helps them so much. Information technology example is not only the computer but also everything coming from the electronic device. Today, this article will describe 12 things including the IT example for you. Why you should know about it, is it important?

information technology example

Information Technology Example from General to Special

Before discussing information technology example, you need to recall what information technology is. It is something or thing to get information using technology. IT implies the use of software, hardware, services, and other supporting infrastructures. The goals are to manage and deliver information in the form of data, voices, and video. Typically, IT refers to equipment like computers, communication devices, data storage devices, and networks. Below are the things belongs to the information technology:

· All computer types include the laptop, netbook, tablet, etc.

· Network: Network in a computer connects all computer peripheral.

· It needs a network of data, voice and video, equipment, and staff to operate it.

· All benefits and salary from the employees who work in application development, network services, and systems administration.

· All technology services come from contractors and vendors.

· Operating costs related to the provider

· All costs are for developing, purchasing, licensing or maintaining software.

Certainly, the points above have not touched the more specific parts of technology information. Meanwhile, the information technology example is a lot enough. Here are 12 things as the examples of the information technology:

1. Switches, radio, and telephone: The equipment is for voice communications.

2. Traditional computer device: Include data storage and programs to input and process and output the data.

3. Software and support: The function is to automation systems offices such as spreadsheets and word processing as well as the computer to run them.

4. User, PCs & software.

5. Data networks and all communications equipment: servers, routers, bridges, hubs & wiring.

6. Peripherals connecting computer information systems directly: collect or transmit audio, graphics information or videos such as digitizers and scanners.

7. Voice response systems: interact with an application or a computer database.

8. Video conferencing equipment.

9. The official or state radio communications network.

10. Computers and network systems: The goal is to help the students, teachers, and trainers and students in education.

11. Open computer systems: Automate or monitor mechanical or chemical processes. Store information using computer applications for decision making and analysis.

12. All equipment, operating costs, time, and staff belong to items except video equipment. It is for technology training including in the information systems costs center for the agency.

Apparently, humans are very close to examples of information technology and they are very dependent on it. By knowing these examples, you can appreciate what you have in your life. On the other hand, many people are interested in learning about IT. In fact, this field promises a lot of advantageous for human both in income and in daily necessities. So, what do you think? Is there an interesting idea for your life after reading this article?

Specific Information Technology Reddit

Specific Information Technology Reddit

Nowadays, most of the people especially those who are living in the USA use Reddit to access the information. Information technology Reddit is a good info for someone who wants to work as an IT programmer, IT consultant, etc. That is because Reddit is a very famous website there where you might discuss all the things you want. It contains a lot of information you may need.

If you are looking for worth information technology Reddit, you might be right. There, you might know the salary amount for some specific IT fields. Also, you might find the discussion about the best company you need to apply to work as an IT pro. Search all the info you need on Reddit.

information technology reddit

Completed information technology Reddit

If you browse the information technology Reddit in details, what will you get? There are some details you may get after typing this keyword! What are they? Let’s discuss it in these following points.

1. More info about IT. You may think that IT is the same as a computer science or computer engineering, right? Well, actually, it is totally different. Those three fields sure are related to the study of a computer but they focus on variant aspects. In the Reddit website, you might discuss this topic.

2. Which information technology career is right for you? When you are stressful in answering this question, let you open your PC and browse Reddit web. You may discuss with many people there. You might even get some suggestions from the IT company as well as you tell your qualifications. Share your thought with others there!

3. Information technology courses. If you need to have a course, you might ask for people’s opinion about some courses close to your region. Some courses may claim their places are best but who knows, right? Ask a person who has joined the courses. Viola! You will get the solution.

4. Career. Graduated from the university, you might be confused in your future career. You might question about a job which matches you best. Find the information about top 10 jobs in the IT field. Read all and find one that is appropriate for you.

5. The salary. Even though you are a new or fresh-graduated student does not mean you will get a low salary. There are some factors influence the IT workers’ salary. It might include the specific field, location, experiences, education, etc. You can read all the info about it. Even, you might estimate your salary amount there.

The definite information technology Reddit is very useful for all people, both teenagers, and adults. You might get solutions for your question even though you are a beginner. Keep in mind that Reddit is an online website. Therefore, make sure you have a data connection when you are about to spend a lot of time there.

That is all about information technology Reddit which is hopefully useful for you. Go to the Reddit website directly if you are interested to find some specific info. Do not forget to try to befriend new people there.

Interesting Information Technology Average Salary

Interesting Information Technology Average Salary

A common question asked by person wants to work around the IT field is about the information technology average study. Well, by getting the info about the IT salary, you might know you are worth to get the appropriate salary. Thus, if you do not know the IT salary info, you could be cheated by some unresponsible people.

Nowadays, you are able to find useful information technology average salary in some journals. Search the journals online by browsing the internet. It is also possible to get the printed journals in the library near your city. If you know someone works in an IT field, you can ask for the info about the salary to him.

information technology average salary

Interesting article about information technology average salary

Do you need to get the information technology average salary for your future? Well, actually, the salary for the IT workers must differ each other. How can? What are the factors influences it? Let’s discuss it below!

1. Education level. A person who has different education must also receive a different salary. What is your education level? Are you an associate’s degree, bachelor’s degree, or master’s degree? As your education level is higher, as your salary amount will increase.

2. Industry certifications. Someone with an IT certification including Microsoft, Cisco, Oracle, or PMP certification will get the higher salary. Having such certifications means that you have been being tested well.

3. Experiences. It is true that education plays an important role in the IT workers’ salary. However, educated person who has less experience will not get high salary. Usually, they need training, first. This will be a different case if you have previous experiences.

4. The employee’s specialization. Definitely, some people pay more in some areas of IT than other areas. A Java Developer, for instance, may get paid higher than someone in another area of IT. Oracle Database Administrator may make more than IT consultant, etc.

5. The city or region. Where do you live anyway? Some cities offer you a higher salary in the IT career rather than another one. Working as the IT management or Datamation in the USA will make more than working in Indonesia, etc.

6. Popular company. Working in an unfamous, small company might offer a low salary for you. However, it may be comfortable. Well, if you want to get a higher salary, think of working for a popular company. However, you need to take all the risks of working there.

The information technology average salary may also contain the salary info. Usually, the average salary is listed as $45,719 per year. However, in a different article, you might find that it is listed as $62,130 per year. Check the salary amount for specific IT field on websites.

That is all about the IT salary info. If you wish to get further information technology average salary, you may surf the internet. There, you might even get the info in details. You might even analyze your salary in all aspects including city, education level, etc. which have been mentioned before.

Information technology Interview Questions differ with Common Interview Questions

Information technology Interview Questions differ with Common Interview Questions

In the world of work, you must be familiar with the name interview. All job applicants or prospective employees will definitely pass this process. But apparently, undergoing an interview test was not easy. In fact, many candidates who have high brain abilities must fail at this level. So, smart in value does not guarantee you are accepted into your dream company. In essence, relying on the ability of the brain alone is not enough and must be equipped with the ability to speak. By the way, is it the same for the information technology interview questions and the other fields?

information technology interview questions

The Examples of General and Information Technology Interview Questions

Before discussing the information technology interview questions, it is better the discussion begins from the common questions. Certainly, you have been familiar with these questions:

1. Ask about yourself

2. Ask about your weakness

3. Ask about the strength

4. Ask about the company

5. Ask about the specific program

6. Ask about the salary

7. Ask about why you leave the previous company and want to join

8. Ask about your planning in the future

9. Ask about do you like work alone or team

10. Ask about your hobby

Absolutely, there are some questions which are very familiar for the candidates. Even though, they keep failing to pass the test though they have ever do it. The most important thing do not underestimate about the interview test. Mastering the field that you want and also the company. Then, do not be panic during the interview. It can reduce your score if you panic or nervous. You better prepare it with search information and train it at home. Afterward, do not come late to the office because it will influence your mind too and give the negative stigma to the interviewers.

Meanwhile, there are different general questions for IT interview:

1. Do you know the biggest trends that impact the IT industry? How do you estimate these trends will affect your job?

2. If you get a project with a new technology, how would you get started?

3. Explain how you improve upon the design that was originally suggested.

4. What are the logical and physical parts of ADS?

5. Tell me about your steps to update your domain DNS records.

Perhaps, you need more specific information as your reference. The article has prepared one example information technology interview questions according to the specialization. The questions are for help desk administrator and general maintenance:

A. Explain a situation where you were involved with one of the following: system backup, troubleshooting procedure, and failure recovery.

B. What IT tracking software have you used to maintain/monitor remote systems?

C. Have you interacted with internal clients or customers every day?

Remember that information technology is all about innovation and technology. Do not be lazy to gather the information from your electronic devices. You can find anything including what you need in the interview. The following features reflect IT interview: general knowledge and up-to-date general knowledge. Well, those are all about the information technology interview question with the sample. Whatever type of interview you will live, stay calm and prepare everything well.

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