What is Alt Code For Checkmark?

What is Alt Code For Checkmark?

Checkmark is a symbol that some times we use but not available directly on the keyboard. To display a checkmark we need to use alt code. The alt code for checkmark is ALT+251.

Are you looking for √ (Checkmark) alt code?

You have to use a keyboard that has a numeric keypad usually, all desktop keyboards had a numeric keypad. Today’s laptop is very rare having a numeric keypad, to overcome this you can use USB external keyboard or onscreen keyboard.

alt code for checkmark

To insert a checkmark in Excell, Windord, or Powerpoint (Microsoft Office Family). Insert Object and choose Wingdings font. Wingdings is in the default list font of Windows so you will find it without the need to add the font.

check mark character
You will find checkmark symbol at the end of symbol list along with other useful symbols like an arrow, windows logo, cross-check and more.
check mark copy and paste

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