How To Save Pictures From Instagram Without Installing A Program 1

Instagram now has become a favorite social media to share your pictures and videos. We often found many very attractive pictures that we want to save them. However, we confuse how to save those pictures from Instagram.

Below are how I save great pictures from Instagram without an additional program:

Using screenshot

The method is very simple when you want to save the picture from Instagram just screenshot the display, on my Samsung phone, I pressed the power button + home button at the same time. We can later get rid of the unnecessary part of pictures easily.

Save on Instagram

Don’t you know that we can save all pictures and videos on Instagram? Just looking for save icon on the right bottom area of a picture and click that icon, done you already save it.
how to save instagram photos android
When you want to see what the pictures and videos you already saved. Click the 3 horizontal lines on top right area.
how to save instagram photos to phone
Click the Saved Icon
how to save instagram photos to phone 3
Now you see all the pictures and video you have saved
how to save instagram photos to phone 4
Very simple and effective step to save the pictures.

Save the URL

When you open Instagram from the web, you can also save the picture by Copy Link command.

how to save pictures from instagram on pc

Click copy link, nothing happen but it actually already copy to the memory, you just need to paste when ready.

how to save other peoples instagram photos

Open site, paste the link by clicking right click on the provided column on
Click download Image. now you already save the picture on your computer.

I hope you enjoy my post today on how to save pictures from Instagram without installing a program.

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