How to Find WIFI Password (Saved Password) On Windows 10 Without Software 1

How to Find WIFI Password (Saved Password) On Windows 10 Without Software

It is nice to save the WIFI password so we don’t have to type it anytime we want to connect to the Internet. However, there are times we want to know the password as we want to connect from another computer or smartphone.

Luckily on Windows 10 we can reveal the saved WIFI password in 2 ways without using any software.

First is to reveal saved WIFI password via control panel:

run control panel
type control panel on the search bar and press Enter key
network and internet
On Control Panel click Network and Internet
network and sharing center
On Network and Internet click Network and Sharing Center
view your active networks
On Network and Sharing Center click your SSID name
WIFI status
On the WIFI status click Wireless Properties button
security tab
Click on Security tab and click on Show characters and you will see the password

The second option is to reveal WIFI password on Windows 10 using CMD (command prompt)

command prompt (CMD)
On the search bar type cmd, a menu will open and will show Command Prompt. Right click on the Command Prompt and click Run as administrator
a command prompt windows open
type “netsh wlan show profiles” and press Enter key. It will show you the list of your SSID name (WIFI name)
netsh wlan show profiles
Now type “netsh wlan show profiles WIFIname key=clear” and press Enter key. Under security settings look for Key Content and you will see the password.

OK, that is the easy way to find out what is the saved WIFI password on Windows 10 without using the program.

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