Cannot move the items. You don’t have appropriate permission to perform this operation

Cannot move the items. You don’t have appropriate permission to perform this operation

When you tried to move your email from mailbox to your PST (personal folder) and found this error “Cannot move the items. You don’t have appropriate permission to perform this operation.”

Below steps are working on Outlook 2010 or Outlook 2013 or 365.

cannot move the items outlook 2016

To fix Cannot move the items, please do the following, it will need admin right if you cannot do below, ask your administrator to do it.

1. Open registry

Before edit any registry key, you must make a backup first. Fail to do so can cause your computer not working properly.

 2. Find for pstdisablegrow

Find pstdisablegrow

 3. Change REG_DWORD from 1 to 0

edit the value from 1 to 0

 4. Restart outlook

Restart outlook to make it work

If you are using outlook 2010 then change on office 14.0
If you are using office 2013/365 then change on office 15.0

outlook cannot move the items you don't have appropriate permission
cannot move the items. the outlook data file
Close the outlook and restart, it should work now.
How to Install OneDrive for Business Offline

How to Install OneDrive for Business Offline

Update 26 April 2016:

Now we are using the much better OneDrive for Business Next Generation Sync Client I never had sync problem with this new client, from now on use from here: (version 17.3.6386.0412) this client software support following OS: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, and Windows 7.

Installation steps:

1. Create temp folder on C: drive

2. Copy OneDriveSetup.exe to c:temponedrivesetup.exe /silent

3. Make sure no onedrive.exe exist on task manager’s process, if exist end task

4. Run c:Users%USERNAME%AppDataLocalMicrosoftOneDriveOneDrive.exe /configure_business

For more info, please refer this page

My Original post April 9 2015:

I always recommend to install OneDrive from your office365 portal ( ). However sometimes we need to install OneDrive offline for reason such as slow internet access to client or your proxy not allow you to install online. The last reason is my case.

Below are steps required to make offline installer for OneDrive for business using office deployment tool.

1. Download ODT from

2. Run officedeploymenttool.exe you just download on step1

3. It will produce a Setup.exe and a configuration.xml file.

4. Create a file to download installation file by make a copy of configuration.xml and rename it as OneDrive_Download.xml.

5. Edit OneDrive_Download.xml and replace the content as below:

How to Install OneDrive for Business Offline 1 Edit OneDrive_Download.xml

6. Run command prompt as administrator (right click and click run as administrator)

How to Install OneDrive for Business Offline 2
Run command prompt as administrator

7. Above command will download 1.04GB installation files ????

8. Create a file in notepad called OneDrive_Install.xml with content as below

How to Install OneDrive for Business Offline 3 OneDrive_Install.xml

9. Create a file called install.bat with content:

How to Install OneDrive for Business Offline 4 Create a file called install.bat

10.You ready to click installation files will look like below:

How to Install OneDrive for Business Offline 5

ready to click installation files

11. Finish. You just need to double click install.bat to install OneDrive for business offline.

If you don’t have time to do above, or you think above steps are too much, you can download all the “ready to click” installation file from link below, is 1.04 GB). Extract the file and double click file install.bat to begin OneDrive offline installation. Using this installation file can save you much time especially when install OneDrive on many computers.
OneDrive sync is not working after installation

If you find the Sync Now button is not working (greyed). Go to office365 portal, click onedrive, after open click on library tab as 2nd below picture, copy the URL and paste on below picture. That will do the trick.

How to Install OneDrive for Business Offline 6

This posting was inspired by Grumpy Monkey on

APC Surge Protector

APC Surge Protector

APC Surge protector – What exactly UPS mean?
Put it this way: “When the electricity goes out, an APC Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) provides guaranteed electricity for computers, hard-drives along with other The APC Essential SurgeArrest guarantees guaranteed protection against power surges and electrical spikes.

APC Surge Protector 7

Their brand new Master-Controlled outlets are made to help conserve energy and save cash out of “ghost drain” in case your computer is plugged but Of course not every power strip includes an integrated battery… which may function as APC Battery Backup & Surge Protector 750VA 10-outlet

Uninterruptible Power Supply includes a 4.5-star score with over 4,200 testimonials on Amazon. Today only, it is available in a great surge protector is just one of the things everybody needs Packing 11 sockets and a 180-degree flexible 6-foot power cable, the APC Performance SurgeArrest 11 is a non, slender power strip with three outlets on both sides of the body, angled down Other goods consist of circular saws using a faulty mechanism.

APC Surge Protector 8
APC Surge Protector 9

Following is a more detailed look: SURGE PROTECTORS DETAILS: APC 8 and 7 string SurgeArrest surge protectors created before 2003. The serial and model numbers can be found on a label on the base of The United States Consumer Protection Safety Commission has declared Schneider Electric is remembering APC SurgeArrest surge protectors because of fire hazard problems. This recall includes APC 8 and 7 string SurgeArrest surge protectors made before 2003.

Today announced the debut of the APC Power-Saving Surge Protector with LCD Timer®, an on/off programmable surge protector which provides guaranteed protection against harmful power spikes and surges. There also have been over a dozen reports of accidents.

The recall includes APC 8 and 7 string SurgeArrest surge protectors There are a whole lot of variables which produce a fantastic surge protector great, and our buddies at The Wirecutter place a lot into the test. The winner? The majority of us have more apparatus than we’ve plugs in the walls, and that explains the reason why you will probably find a great using APC surge protector.

Another Picture of APC surge protector:

APC Surge Protector 10
APC Surge Protector 11
APC Surge Protector 12
APC Surge Protector 13
Intel Processor Generation Explained

Intel Processor Generation Explained

The misconception
First off, lots of people think that Core i7, i5, and also i3 are the cpu generations. These are models or brand names of processors from Intel. I will write an additional write-up about these later as it requires a great deal of conversations. Let me note down all the significant processor models released by Intel.

Pentium 1, 2, 3, 4
Pentium M and Celeron M for smart phones
Pentium Dual Core
Core Solo
Core Duo
Core 2 Duo
Core 2 Quad
Core i3, i5, i7
The idea of generations mainly comes after the launched of the Core i series. The difference in cpu micro-architecture is the main difference in processor generations. We will go over these generations thoroughly below.

Intel Processor Generations
Intel processor generations simply have the enhanced function set and speed than the previous generations. Allow’s go over each generation individually.

First Generation Intel Processors– Nehalem
Nehalem was the Intel processor micro-architecture which was the successor to the first Core architecture which had certain constraints like lack of ability to enhance the clock speed, inefficient pipe, and so on. Nehalem was launched for production in 2010.

Nehalem made use of the 45-nanometer procedure rather than the 65nm or 90nm made use of by previous styles. Nehalem reestablished hyper-threading technology which was omitted primarily in the first Core i3 cpu models.

The Nehalem cpu has a 64 KB L1 cache, 256 KB per core L2 cache and 4 MB to 12 MB L3 cache which is shown all the processor cores. It sustains 1156 LGA socket and 2-channel DDR3 RAM.

Second Generation Intel Processors– Sandy Bridge
Sandy Bridge micro-architecture was presented in 2011 to replace Nehalem design. Sandy Bridge uses the 32-nanometer process as opposed to 45 nm used in Nehalem. Sandy Bridge cpu ordinary performance enhancement as compared to Nehalem had to do with 11.3%.

Sandy Bridge uses the same 64 KB L1 cache as well as 256 KB per core for L2 cache yet the difference is in the L3 cache. Usually the Sandy Bridge cpu L3 cache was from 1MB to 8 MB. For severe cpus, it was from 10 MEGABYTES to 15 MEGABYTES. It utilizes 1155 LGA socket as well as 2-channel DDR3-1066 RAM.

Third Generation Intel Processors– Ivy Bridge
Introduced in September 2012, Ivy Bridge cpus are faster than Sandy Bridge cpus and utilize the 22-nanometer procedure as opposed to 32 nm used in Sandy Bridge. This processor design eats up to 50% less power and also will offer 25% to 68% rise in performance as contrasted to Sandy Bridge processors.

The only problem with Ivy Bridge processors is that they might produce even more warmth as compared to Sandy Bridge processors.

Ivy Bridge style uses the same 1155 LGA outlet with DDR3-1333 to DDR3-1600 RAM.

Fourth Generation Intel Processors– Haswell
Haswell was launched by Intel in June 2013. It utilizes the same 22-nm process as Ivy Bridge. The efficiency improvement of Haswell as compared to the Ivy Bridge is from 3% to 8%. Haswell carries a lot of features from Ivy Bridge with some extremely amazing brand-new functions like support for brand-new sockets (LGA 1150, BGA 1364, LGA 2011-3), DDR4 modern technology, a completely new cache design, and so on

. The major benefit of Haswell is that it can be utilized in ultra-portable devices as a result of its low power consumption.

5th Generation Intel Processors– Broadwell
Broadwell was launched by Intel in 2015. It uses 14-nm process innovation which is 37% smaller in size than its precursors. According to Intel, with the Broadwell CPU, the tool battery life could be improved as long as 1.5 hours.

The Broadwell chips additionally featured faster wake times as well as boosted graphics efficiencies. It sustains 1150 LGA outlet with 2-channel DDR3L-1333/ 1600 RAM.

6th Generation Intel Processors– Skylake
Intel introduced Skylake, the 6th generation processors in August 2015. Skylake is a redesign of the very same 14-nm innovation which was presented in Broadwell, the 5th generation style.

7th Generation Intel Processors– Kaby Lake
Intel’s 7th generation processors, codenamed Kaby Lake, were introduced in 2016. Kaby Lake is essentially a refresh of Sky Lake design with a few effectiveness and also power improvements. It uses a 14-nm process architecture.

Kaby Lake is the very first micro-architecture from Intel which does not come with an official driver for Operating Systems older than Windows 10.

Kaby Lake introduced a new graphics style to boost 3D graphics performance as well as 4K video playback. It uses 1151 LGA outlet as well as has dual-channel assistance for DDR3L-1600 and DDR4-2400 RAM slots.

8th Generation Intel Processors– Kaby Lake R
In 2017, Intel presented a refresh of Kaby Lake processors as their brand-new 8th generation release. The information coincide as discussed in the 7th Generation Intel Processor but some 8th generation chipsets have assistance for DDR4-2666 RAM yet lack DDR3L RAM support.

9th Generation Intel Processors– Coffee Lake
Coffee Lake cpus were introduced by Intel in late 2017. With this architecture, Intel Core i9 processors were introduced.

Coffee Lake processors damage the limitation of 4 cores per CPU. Now the new cpus can support approximately 8 cores per CPU.

Given that the warm created in these cores will be massive, Intel connected the integrated heat spreader (IHS) to the CPU pass away instead of the thermal paste which is normally utilized in earlier cpus.

It utilizes 1151 LGA socket with altered pinout to sustain greater than 4 cores together with up to 16 MB of L3 cache.

10th Generation Intel Processors– Cannon Lake/Ice Lake
Cannon Lake, Intel’s 10th generation design includes the all-new 10-nm technology. It was launched in late 2017 yet the manufacturing appropriately started in 2018.

Ice Lake is created as the 2nd generation of 10-nm processors.

They use BGA1526 sockets and also featured DDR4 3200 and also LPDDR4X 3733 support. This is the initial CPU design that features integrated assistance for Wi-Fi 6 (802.11 ax) and Thunderbolt 3.

11th Generation Intel Processors– Tiger Lake
11th generation Intel, Tiger Lake, is yet to be launched. They will be the 3rd generation of 10-nm transistor innovation. According to Wikipedia, the Tiger Lake style will certainly have up to 30% performance gains as compared to Ice Lake. L4 cache will be presented in this generation for further efficiency increases.

The next generations
Sapphire Rapids is the micro-architecture that is being prepared by Intel. It will certainly either be an improvement of 10-nm technology or a brand new 7-nm process. It may additionally present all-new DDR5 RAM support.

Final thought
I really hope the short article will certainly offer some insight right into the processor generations. I would love to have your view concerning this and if I have actually missed out on any attributes of any generation, it would certainly be terrific to learn through you in the remarks.

No Logon Servers Available Error

No Logon Servers Available Error

If you ever find an error message “There are currently no logon servers available to service the logon request“. When trying to login to windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, server 2008, or even server 2012, this article might help you.

Try this simple thing first:

You probably not connected to the network because your WIFI is turned off/disabled and also not connected via network cable. Try to turn on/enable WIFI first and see if you can logon normally. If it still doesn’t work try to use a network cable to connect to your network.

This error happens to our boss’s laptop using windows 7 professional version but the principle here also applied to other windows operating system like windows 8, windows 10, windows server 2008 even windows server 2012.

He actually had no problem login because using cache, he can connect to the internet and email for the business.

When I and my colleagues tried to log in to his laptop to install a new program, we cannot log in. This is not only we cannot log in to the laptop problem.

This also means the laptop will never receive an update sent via group policy and we have to fix the situation because all important updates are sent via group policy.

We had tried below to fix the problem:

Disjoint and rejoin domain… still got the error.

Press F8 at windows start and choose “last known good configuration” option still got the error.

Updating group policy using GPUPDATE /force and see the result using GPRESULT /R and see an error, still got the error after a restart. Finally, we can get rid of the error and the program update sent by group policy now is effective.

Fix the error by deleting account computer

1. Start-Right click Computer- Properties

computer properties
Warning: Before you disjoint computer from a domain, you must make sure that you can logon using local administrator account, you will need this to rejoin to the domain.

2. Click Change settings

change settings

3. Click Change button, a new window will open, on Member of, change to Workgroup:

system propertiesChange to a Workgroup name with the same name of the domain name. If your domain name ABC change to Workgroup ABC also. This is important because last time we changed to another name that differs to the domain name, it did not work.

After you disjoint from Domain (become a member of Workgroup) you will see the computer account name on Active Directory there is a red cross mark on it, delete directory

  • Restart the computer.
  • Login with local administrator account
  • Rejoin to your domain.

Finish, you should now able to login to a domain without no logon servers available to service the logon request error again and the computer will receive the update via group policy.

In many cases, I have found this solution works great. However, if it still not works you can try the solution from

Spiceworks community:

  • DNS issues.
  • Reset router.
  • Change alternate DNS to IP address of local Domain Controller.
  • Network cable not attached correctly reattached the cable is the solution.
  • Worm attacking network, get rid of the word first.
  • Reboot Domain Controller to get fixed.
  • Turn off and on wireless Access Point when you are connected via WIFI
  • Missing default profile.

From Microsoft:


One user suggesting to log in as a local user with format .username this will log in to a local computer, but I guess in many cases this is not we want. This will work if you have a local username and the password and very rare in domain environment we are using the local user to log in.

Most solutions above will require administrator right to do if you are a user you will need to contact your IT department for help to resolve this no logon servers available problem.


I also found no logon servers available error on Windows Server 2012

I just installed Windows Server 2012 standard and need to change the IP address to static because this is Domain Controller server.

Every time I changed from dynamic to static IP address there is an exclamation mark on the network icon. When I tried to log in using static IP address there was There are currently no logon servers available to service the logon error appear.

No other error message except limited access on the network icon.

I cannot browse the internet, later I also found cannot ping other computers, but every time I revert to dynamic IP address everything working fine.

I tried to configure using dynamic IP address but using static DNS and it works, knowing this I quickly ping the static IP address I used before and its reply to the ping.

I realized that I am using an IP address that already being used by another computer. Then I changed to a static IP address that still available and it works.

So the error here because I was using the wrong IP address, surprising that no duplicate IP address error pop up when I use the same IP address.

Hope my various condition in handling error no logon servers available will help you fix the problem.

Silica Gel Uses In Daily Life

Silica Gel Uses In Daily Life

Silica gel uses – If you shop for an item, you will often find small packages in your shopping. Small objects wrapped in paper such as tea bags are silica gel.

Some manufacturers deliberately insert the package containing silica gel with white crystals as a preservative and care for the items you have purchased. But not a few people who do not understand the function of these small objects so that instead underestimate and then just throw it away.

Whereas in addition to being a solution for caring for the goods you store, silica gel also has many other benefits. This small size object can be very easy to get, the price of silica gel is around 40K to 50K and sold online or offline.

silica gell

Silica Gel Uses in Everyday Life

Curious what are the benefits of silica gel? Let’s consider the following explanation about Silica gel uses in daily activity.

1. Prevent the seeds that are stored germinate

You will definitely feel annoyed if the seeds you are storing are good as decoration or just stored suddenly germinate and grow prospective stems. This happens due to high humidity, or the amount of water content around the seeds.

The fix is ​​very easy. You only need to put a few packages of silica gel into the grain storage. It is this silica gel that will be useful as a moisture absorber and keep the grains dry always.

Prevents your automotive equipment or electrical equipment from becoming rusty

If you are someone who is quite interested in the automotive world or used to do electrical repairs, surely have some repair tools such as screwdrivers, hammers, pliers, saws, cutters and other equipment made of iron.

Well, tips so that the equipment can be durable and avoid rust is to put or slip a few small packages of silica gel into the storage box. This will make the cancellation that you save avoid the oxidation process that can cause rust.

2. Keeping the collection book free from damage caused by fungus

If you are a fan of reading books, especially books that are of course you don’t want them to be damaged due to improper storage, so that the books are moldy and are easily damaged.

The solution is very easy, tuck a few packs of silica gel into your collection book storage cupboard. Thus the fungus that usually appears will no longer dare to appear. So the collection book that you keep can last free from fungus and also avoid the musty smell.

3. Silica gel is useful for preserving flowers

If you are a person who likes flowers and keep them at home or you are a flower entrepreneur, you certainly do not want the flowers you save to wither. So that it will eliminate the value of the beauty of the flower.

Need to be observed in this matter. You should save it the right way so that the flowers do not wilt easily.

It’s easy, prepare a container large enough, then pour the silica gel into the container earlier. Then put the flowers into a container containing silica gel. Cover using white cristal silica gel which has a smooth texture.

Cover the container tightly then keep it in a normal temperature for 3 to 5 days. After that you can only arrange dried flowers on the canvas. With a fairly simple way, your flowers will definitely be more durable and long lasting so that it doesn’t easily wither and the beauty can be enjoyed longer.

4. Keep your cat’s food stock forever

We certainly want the animals we keep getting the best food. Well, to be able to keep pet food can still be delicious and crispy, then the way to save it must be the right way.

The way to store it is quite simple, insert two silica gel packages into a food storage box for your pet. Use silica gel that has been wrapped in paper, so that when pouring into a container, it will be seen so it is not eaten by your pet.

Choose silica gel with a rather large package of about 5 grams, so it is easy to separate when it will be put on a plate. Silica gel makes food bags not too moist, so food can still be crispy. In addition, silica gel will not affect the taste of food.

5. Eliminates the musty smell in sports equipment

If you are a sports lover, then surely you will have a special bag to store sports equipment from sapatu, socks, towels, soap and others. Well, because it is usually not immediately washed or dried, it often makes the emergence of mold and musty smell.

To prevent this you should use silica gel that you put in the bag. Thus, the water content of sweat will be absorbed, so it does not make a mold.

Now you already know some important benefits of silica gel for caring for favorite items. So start using silica gel as an object that you can use to protect important items. Good luck.

Check Your Passwords Chrome Message

Check Your Passwords Chrome Message

Managing many passwords for many websites needs discipline and consistency.  People tend to use the same passwords for all access and this is a danger.

Recently Chrome version 79 starts to scan your password and compare it with data breaches of websites on the Internet.  When they found that our password already compromised (usually publicly listed on a website) somewhere, Chrome will warn us:

Check Your Passwords
A data breach on a site or app exposed your password. Chrome recommends checking your saved passwords and changing your password on ( the website we logged in with) now.

Below is the warning I received when using my “common” password that I used in many websites login.

There are 2 buttons to choose:
1. Check the Passwords button.
2. Close button.

check password againts data breach
Chrome version 79

When you click the Check passwords button it will send you to this is a good place the assess your current passwords situation.

It will tell you where your password already compromised and need to be changed.

password checkup
passsword need to be changed
Googel will tell you where you need to change password

Wired also reported about this here:

Best practice is to change password regularly. Create several password so if one password had breach, the other account still safe.

Once after I received “check you password” message from Chrome I type my password on Google and to my surprised I found it listed on a website. Unfortunately now when I check again the search result I found nothing, so I guess Google took out the serach result.

Trust them (Google) when they said your password  has been breach then it is.

HDD vs SSD Which One Is Better?

HDD vs SSD Which One Is Better?

HDD and SSD are types of storage used by modern computers today. Your operating system (Windows, Mac OS, Linux) and data files are stored inside either HDD (Hard Disk Drive) or SSD (Solid State Disk). Both are sold in the market with various prices depend on the storage capacity.

Current capacity unit for HDD and SSD are GigaByte (1,000,000,000 Bytes) or Terra Byte (1,000,000,000,000 Bytes). SSD is the newer storage technology compared to HDD offering many advantages with more expensive price.


Today’s computer and laptop prefer using SSD than HDD. Although some people still using HDD as their primary storage. Some people also using SSD and HDD in one system.

Are you using HDD or SSD, or you still a bit confused about what is the advantages of SSD considering the price is much higher.

If you are still not sure what to choose for your computer storage, today we try to explain and compare what is SSD advantages over HDD.

Before we can compare the advantages, we need to know what is HDD and what is SSD.

HDD vs SSD Which One Is Better? 14
HDD (Hard Disk Drive) 3.5 Inch –

What is HDD or Hard Disk Drive or Hard Disk

is the most popular storage and already used for along time. HDD stores digital content like your programs, video, music, photos, and Office’s documents. HDD introduced in 1956 by IBM.

At that time HDD weight was 500 pounds with 5MB capacity. As time passing now HDD has become much smaller with bigger capacity.

Common HDD sizes are 3,5 Inch and 2.5 Inch. In 1989 prominent HDD producer Western Digital introduced IDE standard for all HDD size.

Later in 2004 another HDD drive, called Seagate started to introduced HDD with SATA interface and become more common today replacing IDE interface. HDD is nonvolatile storage means data still exist even though no electricity supplied.

Inside the HDD casing

Inside the HDD there is a metal solid disk with a magnetic layer to store the data. This metal solid disk spinning when it works, you will hear a sound (a bit noisy) of disk spinning. There are internal and external HDD.
internal hdd
Internal HDD 3.5 inch
Internal HDD is the one that already in the computer’s casing. You will not see it separately, it’s part of your machine box.
external hdd
Solid Disk attached to a laptop
While the external HDD is separately from the CPU box, usually they attached to the CPU via USB port. IT function like a flash disk that usually on data stored on the external disk.

Whats Is SSD?

SSD is an abbreviation of Solid State Disk is the newer storage technology and considered better than HDD in terms of writing and reading speed.
This higher performance can be achieved because SSD using the flash chip instead of a solid metal disk, it works similar to flash disk.

HDD vs SSD Which One Is Better? 15
SSD (Solid State Disk)

Because SSD doesn’t use a magnetic disk to store data, it doesn’t sound like HDD. IT also tends to be more durable because when it fell it doesn’t break the data system inside it. On the other hand HDD more susceptible to damage and data corrupt when fallen.
There are several types of SSD, an SSD with form factor just like HDD 2,5 inch with SATA interface, like on the picture above, another is with form factor M.2 SATA, that need slot M.2 to plug it.

There is also SSD NVMe that resembles SSD M.2 but it uses PCIe interface. Therefore we often find M.2 slot that reserved for SSD. There are 2 types of slot M.2 SATA that support SSD M2. but not SSD NVMe.

The other type of interface is M.2 NVMe that supports SSD M.2 and also SSD NVMe. SSD has a lot of variation that sometimes confuse us. However one thing for sure that SSD has a better speed compared to HDD.

To be more clear let see below the differences between SSD and HDD.

Differences between HDD and SSD are:

1. Form Factor 

As mentioned above that SSD has several form factors and interfaces. One that resembles HDD 2.5 Inch with SATA interface and the other is just like RAM with interfaces slot M.2 and slot PCIe.
Also like HDD SSD also come in 2 versions, internal and external SSD.

2. Components inside the devices

HDD comes with a solid disk and spinning when it works. While SSD contains chip that requires less space. With no spinning disk inside SSD, this also means SSD has a better-fallen proof function compared to HDD.

3. SSD performance 

With the newer technology SSD offer high speed when accessing data compared to HDD.
SSD can faster at least 10 times from HDD.
Using benchmarking software HDD usually has an access speed of 150 MB/s to read data, while SSD 500 MB/s. The fastest is NVMe PCIe X4 which can read and write in 5,000 MB/s and more. SDD is more silent compared to HDD.

4. File Fragmentation

In HDD data stored as blocked, this blocked or sector will be written and delete process and in the long term, it will make 1 file located in several blocked. When this is happening HHD will take longer to read the file. While SSD doesn’t experience performance degradation when 1 file located in several blocks. Conversely, SSD will reduce its lifetime if we do the defragmentation process because it will do several writes and delete process.

5. Lifespan usage 

HDD lifespan depends on maintenance. If HDD experiences bad sector problem. It started to broke and need to be replaced. But of no bad sector found, a harddisk can live longer than SSD.
SSD lifespan counted by Terabytes Written, it counts every time we write and re-write. The more we re-write, the performance will decrease gradually. In general, SSD will have 5 years lifetime, depend on their capacity.

6. Price

SSD has a more expensive price for every GB compared to HDD. I remember about 2 years ago I still notice the differences up to 10x. Today the price difference is about 5 x.

7. Electricity Consumption

SSD using far more efficient electricity compared to HDD, thus emitting very little heat. When you are using SSD on your mobile device it will save battery lives too.


When comparing HDD and SSD although the price is higher than HDD, SDD it is highly recommended that you are using SSD for much better performance, power saver, lightweight, and data protection from physical damage.

How To Restart iPhone, Do I Have To?

How To Restart iPhone, Do I Have To?

How to restart iPhone – When I asked my friend to restart iPhone to resolve the problem, most of them believed that they already have an excellent product from Apple that doesn’t need to be restarted.
Well, good job for Apple’s marketing team 🙂

When I finally able to convinced my friend to restart the iPhone they have another question “How to restart iPhone?” This is proof that they never turn off the iPhone. As with other human products, iPhone although better than much other product out there still have some certain level of problem that will need to restart as their solution to a problem.

How to restart iPhone?

There are several models of iPhone that slightly different to make it restart, the objective is to display power off slider to be able to turn it off and turn on later.

iPhone 5 or SE and earlier

1. Press and hold the top button (as on the picture below) until the power off slider appears.
2. Drag the slider from left to right then wait 30 seconds to turn off.
3. Turn back on the iPhone by pressing and hold the top button.
iphone 5

iPhone 6,7, and 8

1. Press and hold the side button until the power off slider appears.
2. Drag the slider from left to right then wait 30 seconds to turn off
3. Turn back on the iPhone by and hold the side button until the Apple logo come up.
iphone 6

iPhone X or 11

1. Press and hold either volume button and the side button until the power off slider appears.
2. Drag the slider from left to right then wait 30 seconds to turn off.
3. Turn back on the iPhone by pressing and hold the side button (on the right side of your iPhone) until the Apple logo come up.
iphone x

Reasons Why We Need To Restart iPhone

The most common reasons why you want to restart iPhone are:
iPhone becomes very slow, hang, error. However, you may want to restart for the following reasons:

When the System Suddenly Stops or Malfunction 

When surfing on the internet with your iPhone, the device suddenly stops and cannot function normally. Don’t panic, you just need to restart the iPhone to make the system work again. 

Enhancing Newly Downloaded Applications 

If you have just downloaded an application from the App Store or another site, your screen may display a command to restart your iPhone. Do this to complete the installation process of the new application. 

Reducing iPhone’s Load work Who says iPhone can’t overload? 

Just like Android and other phones, iPhones that are used continuously can be overloaded. This is because the cache is piling up and the number of applications that are running. Well, to reduce the burden on this iPhone, you have to restart the device so that various caches will be cleared. Without doing this your iPhone will become lag or slow when used. 

Resting iPhone After Being Used for Days 

The system on a device can also feel ‘tired’ if used every day without resting. Restarting or turning off the device after several days of use can make the device more durable. It’s best if you don’t forget to restart the iPhone at least 3-4 days. 

Network Restart Test 

It is also useful to test the networks that are connected to your device. For example, when browsing on the iPhone becomes slow, maybe it’s time you restart the iPhone to renew the network connection. After restarting, browsing on the iPhone will become faster and normal. The benefits of this restart do not only apply only to the iPhone, but for all types of gadgets. Because the restart is done to update the system on the gadget. Just like humans, gadgets also need to be restarted to rest the system for a few moments.

If your iPhone still cannot be activated or started

Connect the device and keep it charged for one hour.
iPhone still cannot be activated or started
After several minutes, you will see a charging display.
If you still don’t see the charging display within an hour, or you see a screen connected to a power source, please check the socket, USB cable, and power adapter. Make sure everything is firmly connected, free of dust, and not damaged. Try a different USB cable or power adapter if you still don’t see it..

For the following problems you will need to contact Apple’s support:

The black screen is still visible after charging, restarting forcibly, or following the steps in this article.
You see a black screen, but you can still hear warnings, sounds, and vibrations.
The screen remains black, but the device makes a sound when you ring and connect to power.
The screen is active, but does not respond when tapped, swiped, or tried another move.
You cannot force restart your device because the button is broken or stuck.
The device has stopped at the Apple logo, displays a solid color, or is not recognized in iTunes.
How To Lock Cells In Excel

How To Lock Cells In Excel

In certain cases, we want to be able to lock some cells on excel to protect the formula or content in the cell itself.

The goal can be to lock the excel formula in certain cells or even vice versa you want some excel cells can not be edited and some other cell locations can be changed its contents.

In Microsoft Excel, there are 3 levels or levels of protection. protection of files level, workbooks protection level and the worksheets or sheets protection level. Another additional level of protection is for Macro VBA code access.

How To Lock Cells In Excel

In certain cases you may want only a part of the cell to be locked from change. And in other cases you want the opposite, on certain sheets all cells are protected except for a few cells or ranges.

First, you have to determine whether you want to protect some cells or do you want to not lock certain cells or ranges?

Your choice will affect the steps you must take to lock certain cells in Excel.

Locking certain cells

For this first choice you want all excel cells to be unlocked or protected except for a few excel cells or ranges. This means you want the file user to be able to change anything on a sheet except for some cells that you specify to not be able to edit its contents.

In this example you want every cell in Range A1: G2 locked so that it cannot be changed by the user.

The main purpose of this section is to limit certain cells or ranges to be protected, so that users cannot change their contents.

The steps to protect some of these cells are as follows:

Deactivates Cell protection

By default all cells of a sheet are basically locked when you enable sheet protection.

For that the first step you need is to deactivate the protection settings. The trick is as follows.
1. Block or select all cells in a sheet associated with the shortcut Ctrl + A or click the triangle icon in the top left corner of the sheet.
2. In one of the selected cells, right-click then select Format Cells menu.

3. Next will appear Format Cells Dialog. In this dialog box select or activate the Protection Tab.
4. On the Protection Tab, uncheck the Locked option.

5. Click OK to close the Format Cells dialog box
You can also access the “Format Cells” dialog box via the Home – Group Cell – Format – Format Cells Tab menu
Alternatively, for a shorter and easier way you can deactivate the protection of all cells in the following way:
1. Block or select all cells in a sheet associated with the shortcut Ctrl + A or click the triangle icon in the top left corner of the sheet.
2. Then disable the protection by clicking on the Lock Cell menu in the Home tab – Cell Group – Format.
At this stage the main objective is to disable lock cell settings for all excel cells in the assembled sheet.

Lock a small portion of a cell

The second step, after adjusting all unprotected cells (unlocked cells) is to activate the lock cell settings on certain cells that you need. In this example the cell or range in question is Range A1: G2.
The trick is as follows:
1. Block / range selection A1: G2. Please adjust the range to be locked as needed.
2. In one of the selected cells, right click then select Format Cells menu.
3. After the Format Cells Dialog Box appears, activate the Protection Tab.
4. In the Protection Tab, make sure the Locked option is checked.
5. Click OK to exit the Format Cells Dialog.
For an easier way you can use the Lock cell menu as before in the Home tab – Group Cell – Format.
After setting the lock cell is correct and in accordance we proceed to the next step.

Enable Sheet Protection

In the previous steps you have disabled protection for all cells except for certain cells.
Then all you need to do is enable sheet protection as explained on this page: How to Protect Excel Sheet
Here are the steps:
1. Open the Review Tab – Group Changes then select the protect sheet menu.
2. Check the Protect worksheet and contents of locked cells option
3. Determine what options you allow the user file to do in the Allow all users of this worksheet to: section. Details about these options will be explained in the next section.
4. Write down the password that you will use to open the sheet protection.
5. Click OK and finish.
Done, now you have managed to lock or protect certain cells in Excel which in this case is the range A1: G2.

How to Open the Protection of Certain Cells in Excel

If in the previous section we locked certain cells, in this section the opposite will be explained, namely not locking or protecting certain cells or ranges on an excel sheet when you activate a password or sheet protection.
That is, you will exclude some cells or ranges from protection so that they are not locked and can be changed or filled when sheet protection is active.
For example, suppose you create the following form on an excel sheet. Then you want when sheet protection is activated, every cell in range D5: D10 is not protected so that it can be filled by the user of the excel file.
The steps you need are as follows:

Disable Lock Cell

The first step you need to do is disable the Lock Cells setting on the cell or range you need.
In this example the range is D5: D10. The method is almost the same as before namely:
1. Blocks or range selection that will not be locked (Range D5: D10)
2. Open the Format cells dialog box by clicking the Format Cells menu in the Home tab – Group Cell – Format or by right clicking on the selected cell and then selecting the Format Cells menu.
3. After the Format Cells Dialog Box appears, activate the Protection Tab and make sure the Locked option is not checked.
4. Click OK to exit the Format Cells Dialog.
After making sure that the Locked setting on certain cells is not active (not checked), the next step is to activate the sheet protection.

Enable Sheet Protection

Once you are sure the cell or range that you want is not locked, the step you need is to activate the worksheet protection as explained earlier. Namely by accessing the Protect Sheet menu on the Review Tab – Changes Group then proceed to set some parameters that you need.
For an explanation of the parameters or settings for this Protection Sheet, it will be explained in the next section.

Excel Sheet Protection Settings

When activating Sheet Protection, a dialog box like this will appear:
What do the parameters mean? Following is the explanation.
Protect worksheets and contents of locked cells: If you check this section then when you click OK you will activate the relevant Sheet protection. so that every cell that is set as locked on the sheet will be locked.
Password to unprotect sheet: This section sets the password or password to be used to open protection. The password here is optional. If you want the sheet to be locked without a password, leave this section blank. Selecting this option aims to prevent accidental changes to the contents of a sheet.
Allow all users of this worksheet to: This section sets several parameters about what users can do when a sheet is locked. Explanation of each part you can learn in the table below.
If the following settings are checked / active when the sheet is protected the user will be allowed to do things as described in the following list:

Excel Worksheet Protection Options

Options – Allow You To
Select locked cells Select, select or activate locked cells. By default, you are allowed to select locked cells.
Select unlocked cells Select, select or activate cells that are not locked. By default, you can select cells that are unlocked, and can use the TAB key to move between cells that are not locked on a protected worksheet.
Format cells Change the Format of a Cell or Conditional Formatting to a locked cell.
Format columns Use each column formatting command, such as changing the width of a column or hiding a column.
Format rows Use each row formatting command, such as changing row height or hiding rows.
Insert columns Allows you to insert columns
Insert rows Allows you to insert rows
Insert hyperlinks Insert hyperlinks, including locked cells
Delete columns Delete a column.
Delete rows Delete rows.
Sort Uses each command to sort data
Use AutoFilter Use the filter feature in the range cell When AutoFilter is active. Including enabling or disabling Autofilter
Use PivotTable reports Format, change layouts, refresh or change PivotTable reports including creating new PivotTables.
Edit objects Make changes to graphic objects including maps, charts, shapes, text boxes, and any controls that you did not unlock before you protected the worksheet. Make chart changes, such as formatting. Add or edit comments.
Edit scenarios Displays the scenario that you are hiding, makes changes to the scenario that you have prevented from changing, and deletes this scenario.
I hope that this posting will help you understand what to do when you want to lock cells on Excel.
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