How to Use Cmd Shutdown Command

I found this cmd shutdown command useful for me as I managed several servers in a different location where physical access is not always possible. My favorite command is shutdown /f /r that will force close the application and restart the server.

Shutdown command is a small useful program that I use for several situations:

cmd shutdown command timer

When normal shutdown does not work

If I run a program that becomes not responding and the end task command also does not work my last resort is to restart or shutdown the computer. However, this is not always working, when this happens I will use cmd shutdown command to accomplish the task.

When I need to shutdown a remote computer that physically away from my location.

Managing several servers in different location need some utility software so that we can manage efficiently, one of them is cmd shutdown command. I use shutdown cmd command to restart the server mostly I never use shutdown command to shutdown because it will need someone to help to turn on the server physically.

shutdown command windows 10
shutdown run command


Shutdown command has a lot of parameter that very useful and can be applied in various situations.

Syntax: shutdown [/i | /l | /s | /sg | /r | /g | /a | /p | /h | /e | /o] [/hybrid] [/soft] [/fw] [/f]
    [/m \computer][/t xxx][/d [p|u:]xx:yy [/c “comment”]]

    /?         Show this help. The same result by not adding any parameter.
    /i         Show GUI interface, must put as the first parameter.
    /l         Log off option. This cannot be combined with /m or /d parameters.
    /s         Shutdown the computer.
    /sg       Shutdown the computer on the next boot, restart any registered applications.
    /r         Full shutdown and restart the computer.
    /g         Full shutdown and restart the computer. After the system is
               rebooted, restart any registered applications.
    /a         If you changed your mind this parameter is to abort a system shutdown.
                As long as the shutdown not initiated yet.
               Combined with /fw to clear any pending boots to firmware.
    /p         Turn off the local computer without time-out or warning.
               It can be combined with /d and /f parameters.
    /h        Hibernate the local computer.
               It can be combined with the /f option.
    /hybrid    Shutdown of the computer and prepares it for fast startup.
               Must be combined with /s parameters.
    /fw        Combined with a shutdown option to cause the next boot to go to the
               firmware user interface.
    /e         Document the reason for an unexpected shutdown of a computer.
    /o         Go to the advanced boot options menu and restart the computer.
               Must be used with /r option.
    /m \computer Specify the target computer.
    /t xxx  Set the time-out period before shutdown to xxx seconds.
               The valid range is 0-315360000 (10 years), with a default of 30.
               If the timeout period is greater than 0, the /f parameter is implied.
    /c “comment” Comment on the reason for the restart or shutdown.
               Maximum of 512 characters allowed.
    /f         Force running applications to close without user warning.
               The /f parameter is implied when a value greater than 0 is
               specified for the /t parameter.
    /d [p|u:]xx:yy  Provide the reason for the restart or shutdown.
               p indicates that the restart or shutdown is planned.
               u indicates that the reason is user-defined.
               If neither p nor u is specified the restart or shutdown is unplanned.
               xx is the major reason number (positive integer less than 256).
               yy is the minor reason number (positive integer less than 65536).

This shutdown command also useful when we need to restart the computer but somehow the button doesn’t react as it should be. This sometimes happen after we installed Windows updates.

Some samples of using the shutdown command:

When we need to force the server to restart and close all the applications without warning we can issue the command:
shutdown /f /r

Need to shut down the computer
shutdown /s

Need to restart the computer
shutdown /r

Need to log off your computer
shutdown /l

Need to abort the shutdown process before it starts initiating
shutdown /a

Just type shutdown without parameter like above and try to combine other parameters to match your requirement.

Wireless Mouse Not Working Solutions

Wireless Mouse Not Working Solutions

Wireless Mouse Not Working? Wireless mouse is very practical for my daily activity, no twisted cables, and no cable problem because there is no cable 🙂 The working range is fas better than wired cable thus I can operate wireless mouse far from the computer.

This is very useful when doing a presentation but don’t have a wireless remote from the projector. I don’t need a partner to help me move to the next presentation slide. I can use my wireless mouse to click next button on the presentation slide remotely.

wireless mouse not working on laptop
Wireless Mouse Not Working

When the wireless mouse not working, you can check following possible solutions:

1. Check mouse’s battery

There is aaa or aa size battery inside your wireless mouse. If the battery getting weak, your mouse will not work correctly or it become erratic, you have to change the battery immediately. 1 AA battery can last up to 1 year if you want to last longer, dont forget to turn off the mouse when not being used for a long time, over the weekend maybe.
wireless mouse not working windows 7
Make sure battery is still good

2. Check USB port condition

Try to change to another USB port and see if it’s working, sometimes one USB port on the laptop is not working. Use another working USB port.

wireless mouse not working windows 10
Try to use another USB port

3. Check Device Manager

Make sure devices under Universal Serial Bus Controller are working good if any of them not working there will be yellow exclamation mark or red cross icon.

wireless mouse not working mac
Check Device Manager, make sure not exclamation mark or red cross mark

4. Wrong mouse driver

There is a possibility that the driver for the mouse is not correct or conflict with others, make sure you always use the latest driver.

dell wireless mouse not working
Make sure mouse indicator is on

5. Mouse’s receiver not connected properly

Make sure the receiver is properly inserted into the USB port, pull out and plug in back to see if it works.
I hope now your wireless mouse working correctly after trying steps above. Let us know in the comment below what was the problem so others can learn from you, thank you.

Command Prompt Commands in Windows 10

Although Windows 10 is fully GUI operating system, it still keep the best command of the command prompt. It still very useful for many people to do a specific task.
Run command prompt under administrator privilege for the best result. Click search button, type command prompt (don’t press enter key yet), right click and choose run as administrator.

basic cmd commands
Start command prompt in administrator rights

Below is a complete list of command prompt in Windows 10 and some example of usage if any.

command prompt commands
List of command prompt commands in Windows 10


Displays or modifies file extension associations.


Displays or changes file attributes.


Sets or clears extended CTRL+C checking.


Sets properties in boot database to control boot loading.


Displays or modifies access control lists (ACLs) of files.


Calls one batch program from another.


Displays the name of or changes the current directory.


Displays or sets the active code page number.


Displays the name of or changes the current directory.


Checks a disk and displays a status report.


Displays or modifies the checking of disk at boot time.


Clears the screen.


Starts a new instance of the Windows command interpreter.


Sets the default console foreground and background colors.


Compares the contents of two files or sets of files.


Displays or alters the compression of files on NTFS partitions.


Converts FAT volumes to NTFS.  You cannot convert the current drive.


Copies one or more files to another location.


Displays or sets the date.


Deletes one or more files.


Displays a list of files and subdirectories in a directory.


Displays or configures Disk Partition properties.


Edits command lines, recalls Windows commands, and creates macros.


Displays current device driver status and properties.


Displays messages, or turns command echoing on or off.


Ends localization of environment changes in a batch file.


Deletes one or more files.


Quits the CMD.EXE program (command interpreter).


Compares two files or sets of files, and displays the differences between them.


Searches for a text string in a file or files.


Searches for strings in files.


Runs a specified command for each file in a set of files.


Formats a disk for use with Windows.


Displays or configures the file system properties.


Displays or modifies file types used in file extension associations.


Directs the Windows command interpreter to a labeled line in a batch program.


Displays Group Policy information for machine or user.


Enables Windows to display an extended character set in graphics mode.


Provides Help information for Windows commands.


Display, modify, backup, or restore ACLs for files and directories.


Performs conditional processing in batch programs.


Creates, changes, or deletes the volume label of a disk.


Creates a directory.


Creates a directory.


Creates Symbolic Links and Hard Links


Configures a system device.


Displays output one screen at a time.


Moves one or more files from one directory to another


Displays files opened by remote users for a file share.


Displays or sets a search path for executable files.


Suspends processing of a batch file and displays a message.


Restores the previous value of the current directory saved by PUSHD.


Prints a text file.


Changes the Windows command prompt.


Saves the current directory then changes it.


Removes a directory.


Recovers readable information from a bad or defective disk.


Records comments (remarks) in batch files or CONFIG.SYS.


Renames a file or files.


Renames a file or files.


Replaces files.


Removes a directory.


Advanced utility to copy files and directory trees


Displays, sets, or removes Windows environment variables.


Begins localization of environment changes in a batch file.


Displays or configures services (background processes).


Schedules commands and programs to run on a computer.


Shifts the position of replaceable parameters in batch files.


Allows proper local or remote shutdown of machine.


Sorts input.


Starts a separate window to run a specified program or command.


Associates a path with a drive letter.


Displays machine specific properties and configuration.


Displays all currently running tasks including services.


Kill or stop a running process or application.


Displays or sets the system time.


Sets the window title for a CMD.EXE session.


Graphically displays the directory structure of a drive or path.


Displays the contents of a text file.


Displays the Windows version.


Tells Windows whether to verify that your files are written correctly to a disk.


Displays a disk volume label and serial number.


Copies files and directory trees.


Displays WMI information inside interactive command shell.
If you need list of command prompt in Windows XP, click here.

How Do I Write Letters With Accent Marks In Microsoft Word?

On Microsoft Word, if you need to write Á or other letters, just press CTRL key, hold and press Apostrophe key, release both keys and then press A key. The same for other letters like IUEO.

If you want to write on your blog just copy from Word to your blog editor, maybe there another keys combination in your blog editor but instead of remembering different keys combination I prefer to copy and paste from Microsoft Word.

a with accent
To type Ă€ or other vocal letter, just press CTRL key, hold and press Tilde key(~), release both keys and then press A key. 

The timing is very important I need several times exercise to type the correct accent character but after that is easy to type correctly.

capital a with accent
To type Ă‚ or another vocal letter,  just press CTRL+SHIFT keys, hold and press Caret key(^), release all keys and then press A key.

a with accent french
To type Ä or another vocal letter,  just press CTRL+SHIFT keys, hold and press Colon key(:), release all keys and then press A key.

how to type french accents
To type Å or another vocal letter,  just press CTRL+SHIFT keys, hold and press at sign key(@), release all keys and then press A key.
Also read: Text to Binary and Binary to Text

capital e with accent
Those special accents common use in French, Spanish, and other languages. How to move those accent letters into another application? Just copy and paste from Microsoft Word, that is the easiest way to do.

What is the difference between a 32-bit and 64-bit Processor?

At the moment there are 32 bit and 64 bit processor type, the main difference is hardware architecture that allows more instruction per second executed in 64 bit processor, thus the performance will better in a computer with 64 bit processor.

32 bit or 64 bit

32/64 bit application

32 bit processor only can run 32 bit operating system, while 64 processor can run 32 or 64 bit operating system.

The other reason is maximum memory can be recognized and utilized by the system. When using 32 bit processor it’s maximum memory is 4GB regardless of what Windows Edition you are using. While in Processor 64 bit can up to 192GB in Windows 7 depend on what windows edition you are using.
In Windows 10 you can add up to 2TB RAM (memory).

Windows 7 64 bit and its maximum memory:

Windows Starter Edition: 8GB
Home Basic Edition: 8GB
Home Premium Edition: 16GB
Professional Edition: 192GB
Enterprise Edition: 192GB
Ultimate Edition: 192GB

Windows 10 64 bit and its maximum memory:

Windows 10 Enterprise Edition 2TB
Windows 10 Education Edition 2TB
Windows 10 Pro Edition 2TB
Windows 10 Home Edition 128GB

If you are using high intensive memory usage like database applications and video intensive application then the more memory you have, the better your system running.

How to Download Youtube Videos to a Computer or Mobile Phone

There are times when we found a video we loved on the Youtube and we desperately want to download and save to the computer but we for some reason it will not save.

Usually, we download many programs or extension just to save a video. Sometimes this working well and other time it failed. the problem with this method is that we need to install a program or extension to download Youtube videos. This is for a pro who always download videos on a regular basis, but not for me who only now and then download a Youtube video.

I am not really like install a program to download a video,  I have a better way to do this:

How to download videos from Youtube to a computer without software

1. Goto

how to download youtube videos

2. Insert the youtube link video
3. Download the video

How to download a Youtube video to a mobile phone

How to download a Youtube video to a mobile phone

This what happened to my sister, she needs to download a video from Youtube for Sunday morning aerobic. She needs to download it to her mobile phone, and below is how to do it in an easy way:

1. Go to youtube from your phone and play the video you want to download so you can copy the URL of that video.

how to download youtube video without software
2. Copy the URL above and insert into on your mobile phone.
download youtube videos mp4
3. Download your video on your phone
download youtube videos mp3
4. Wait until download finish and now you have your video file on your mobile phone, ready to be played anytime without having to connect to the internet.
how to download youtube videos permanently

Hope this help to download your Youtube video whether to a computer or to a mobile phone, see you in the nest post.

Someone is currently logged into the APC Management Web Server – Solved

This “Someone is currently logged into the APC Management Web Server. Please try again later” error happen if someone just closes the browser instead of logging off. In this case, APC web server thinks that the session is still running and they do not allow another session to be created existing session closed first. There are several ways to fix this problem:

Someone is currently logged into the APC Management Web Server - Solved 1

1. Add logout.html after the URL

I read this from

If you are usually accessing from http://x.x.x.x then modified to http://x.x.x.x/logout.htm this will work fine as long as your computer IP address are the same as the last successful login computer. If this doesn’t work because you have different IP address then you have to find the last successful login IP address as described in this post and video.

2. Telnet the device and logoff

From  you can use telnet programs such as PuTTY or terminal to log in to the device and log out. This work if you have telnet port open (port 23 or 22), if not you have to telnet directly to UPS serial port.

3. Using FTP this is my experience

This is only required if your IP address different from the last successful login user. If the same IP address uses no 1 above.

All our client computers are DHCP client means it sometimes got a different IP address from the server. If we forgot to log out after using APC web management server then the error Someone is currently logged into the APC Management Web Server will arise and we cannot just add logout.htm at the end of UPS address as in step no 1 because the IP address is different. Below are steps how we can overcome this problem.

This should work if FTP port opened and it does on my UPS.


Open file event.txt

Look for the IP address from last successful logged in.

Now login from a computer who have the same IP address but first you have to log out using http://x.x.x.x/logout.htm

After that, you should able to log in.

If you are still unsure how to do this, I made this video for you.

Summary of the above video is:
Login to APC device FTP

Open event.txt file

Find the last successful login IP address

Change the IP address to be the same as in the event.txt record.

Logout by adding logout.htm after device’s IP address

Now you can log in again

4. Press the reset button on the network management card

If you have physical access to the UPS you can press the reset button on network management card. This card usually located on the rear panel of UPS. This is the most simple solution to the error message: Someone is currently logged into the APC Management Web Server. However, this method requires access to APC UPS physical device. Please see below picture to find the exact location of the button.

5. Still having a problem?

Read this APC forum.

About APC management web server:

We use an APC management web server to check current UPS status, voltage, battery etc. The most important for us is to configure alert if the room temperatures go beyond the limit. It means something happens with an air conditioner that can cause servers down/broken because of overheat.

I configure the setting so that anytime temperature rise above the limit in the server room because of the problem with air conditioner, maintenance team and IT team are the ones who got alert and we try to fix before something bad happen with servers and other IT equipment in that room. This is a very important feature for us and we glad it worked perfectly. Oh yes by the way our APC UPS model is: SMART RT8000.
Someone is currently logged into the APC Management Web Server - Solved 1

SCNotification Has Stopped Working Error

Do you experience this? Every time you start your computer always pop up an error message “SCNotification Has Stopped Working “. This is annoying because we have click “Close the program” text to make it disappear. scnotification error

What is Scnotification.exe

Scnotification.exe is a system notification file of SCCM (System Center Configuration Manager) from Microsoft. This file is used by SCCM to install, deploy updates and managing windows based system. SCCM was previously known as System Management Server (SMS). If you found SCNotification Has Stopped Working error, please see below solution to get rid of this message.

what is scnotification

How to fix Scnotification error message

There are several reasons why you get SCNotification Has Stopped Working error every time you restart your computer, one of the best solution is:

Add “Domain Users” to the security of the “C:WindowsMicrosoft.NETFrameworkv4.0.30319configmachine.config” file and giving it full access permission.

Remember only give full access permission to machine.config file not to the folder

scnotification permission

If you want to know what is happened in details, try to read the log file on %windir%CCMLogs_SCNotify*.log

In very rare case you will need to reinstall dot NET framework 4.5.1 download from Microsoft website.

Hope this short post is useful to resolve the issue with Scnotification.

Read another posting about There are currently no logon servers available to service the logon request Error

SCnotification is abbreviation for System Center Notification. This file is not part of WIndows operating System. Although sometimes it causing error like in this article, the file will help administrator to manage alot of computers from a central location.

Installing Ion Cube Extension on VPS Server

One of my websites needs a plugin that needs IonCube loader. IonCube loader is needed to decrypt script that encrypted by Ioncube, without it the script/plugin will not work.
Below is step by step installation of Ion Cube 5.6 :

First, you need to install IonCube Loader version 5.6

Installing Ion Cube Extension on VPS Server 5

Log in to the server using PuTTY, check whether you have 64 bit or 32 bit system architecture by issuing arch command:

installing ion cube

as my system 64 bit then I need to download following:


Once downloaded unzip it using the command:

# tar xfz ioncube_loaders_lin_x86-64.tar.gz
ioncube loader install

Check your PHP version by issuing command:

php -v
install ioncube loader ubuntu

As you can see here, my PHP version is 5.6.35, if not this version you might need to change your PHP version, see this post how to do it.

Check which Ion Cube version I match it with your PHP version, as my PHP version is 5.6.35 then my Ion Cube file will be

install ioncube centos 7
Issue command php -i | grep extension_dir to get the information of the location of extension directory.
install the latest version of the ioncube loader
Copy IonCUBE to the directory using the command:
cp ioncube/ /usr/lib64/php/modules
ioncube loader wordpress
Edit PHP.INI in vi editor using command:
vi /etc/php.ini
add this command:
zend_extension = /usr/lib64/php/modules/
Installing Ion Cube Extension on VPS Server 7

Some commands while working with vi editor:

Press Semicolon key (:) and type wq to save and quit from VI editor
Press Semicolon key (:) and type w! to save and quit from VI editor

Now restart apache server by issuing command systemctl restart httpd or restart server when restart apache server doesn’t work 🙂

Verify IONCube loader installation using a command

php -v

When you see the phrase “with the ionCube PHP loader (enabled)…” then you have succeeded installing ION cube, congratulations!

Installing Ion Cube Extension on VPS Server 9

Now you are ready to install and activate Gembloong plugin.

UEFI vs BIOS Legacy Which One is Better?

UEFI vs BIOS Legacy Which One is Better?

UEFI and Legacy BIOS are 2 different systems of Motherboard’s firmware. UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface) is the replacement for the legacy BIOS (Basic Input/Output System) system. It has several enhancements over the legacy BIOS.

Security features

UEFI has more security features than a legacy mode which is why highly recommended to use this mode than the legacy mode.

Less complex code

UEFI developed using C language while legacy BIOS mode use assembler. C language is simpler than assembler, thus we can add new code easily and adapt the program to match the user’s needs.

Boot Faster Than Legacy Mode

As UEFI able to customize causing it to boot faster than Legacy BIOS. This is because UEFI no need to self-test the system as the Legacy mode does.

Compatibility Issue

in Legacy mode, you might remember that we need to update BIOS firmware to make our new hardware works with the system. With UEFI drivers can be uploaded without upgrading the firmware as it has a separate system.

Recognize Bigger Hard drive Partition

UEFI is able to support Harddrive with more than 2 TB capacity. To be able to boot using UEFI mode, you need to replace MBR with the GPT system.

UEFI can have more than 4 primary partitions.

Secure Startup

UEFI is able to check the integrity of the Operating system when booting to make sure the operating system is not changed by any malicious program.

Remote Support Networking

Remote troubleshooting is possible at the level of UEFI before accessing the Operating system. This is not possible in Legacy mode.

With the above features will you start using UEFI for a better and faster computer system? All new computer systems support UEFI and you should use them.

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