Silica Gel Uses In Daily Life 1

Silica Gel Uses In Daily Life

Silica gel uses – If you shop for an item, you will often find small packages in your shopping. Small objects wrapped in paper such as tea bags are silica gel.

Some manufacturers deliberately insert the package containing silica gel with white crystals as a preservative and care for the items you have purchased. But not a few people who do not understand the function of these small objects so that instead underestimate and then just throw it away.

Whereas in addition to being a solution for caring for the goods you store, silica gel also has many other benefits. This small size object can be very easy to get, the price of silica gel is around 40K to 50K and sold online or offline.

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Silica Gel Uses in Everyday Life

Curious what are the benefits of silica gel? Let’s consider the following explanation about Silica gel uses in daily activity.

1. Prevent the seeds that are stored germinate

You will definitely feel annoyed if the seeds you are storing are good as decoration or just stored suddenly germinate and grow prospective stems. This happens due to high humidity, or the amount of water content around the seeds.

The fix is ​​very easy. You only need to put a few packages of silica gel into the grain storage. It is this silica gel that will be useful as a moisture absorber and keep the grains dry always.

Prevents your automotive equipment or electrical equipment from becoming rusty

If you are someone who is quite interested in the automotive world or used to do electrical repairs, surely have some repair tools such as screwdrivers, hammers, pliers, saws, cutters and other equipment made of iron.

Well, tips so that the equipment can be durable and avoid rust is to put or slip a few small packages of silica gel into the storage box. This will make the cancellation that you save avoid the oxidation process that can cause rust.

2. Keeping the collection book free from damage caused by fungus

If you are a fan of reading books, especially books that are of course you don’t want them to be damaged due to improper storage, so that the books are moldy and are easily damaged.

The solution is very easy, tuck a few packs of silica gel into your collection book storage cupboard. Thus the fungus that usually appears will no longer dare to appear. So the collection book that you keep can last free from fungus and also avoid the musty smell.

3. Silica gel is useful for preserving flowers

If you are a person who likes flowers and keep them at home or you are a flower entrepreneur, you certainly do not want the flowers you save to wither. So that it will eliminate the value of the beauty of the flower.

Need to be observed in this matter. You should save it the right way so that the flowers do not wilt easily.

It’s easy, prepare a container large enough, then pour the silica gel into the container earlier. Then put the flowers into a container containing silica gel. Cover using white cristal silica gel which has a smooth texture.

Cover the container tightly then keep it in a normal temperature for 3 to 5 days. After that you can only arrange dried flowers on the canvas. With a fairly simple way, your flowers will definitely be more durable and long lasting so that it doesn’t easily wither and the beauty can be enjoyed longer.

4. Keep your cat’s food stock forever

We certainly want the animals we keep getting the best food. Well, to be able to keep pet food can still be delicious and crispy, then the way to save it must be the right way.

The way to store it is quite simple, insert two silica gel packages into a food storage box for your pet. Use silica gel that has been wrapped in paper, so that when pouring into a container, it will be seen so it is not eaten by your pet.

Choose silica gel with a rather large package of about 5 grams, so it is easy to separate when it will be put on a plate. Silica gel makes food bags not too moist, so food can still be crispy. In addition, silica gel will not affect the taste of food.

5. Eliminates the musty smell in sports equipment

If you are a sports lover, then surely you will have a special bag to store sports equipment from sapatu, socks, towels, soap and others. Well, because it is usually not immediately washed or dried, it often makes the emergence of mold and musty smell.

To prevent this you should use silica gel that you put in the bag. Thus, the water content of sweat will be absorbed, so it does not make a mold.

Now you already know some important benefits of silica gel for caring for favorite items. So start using silica gel as an object that you can use to protect important items. Good luck.

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