How to Download Youtube Videos to a Computer or Mobile Phone

There are times when we found a video we loved on the Youtube and we desperately want to download and save to the computer but we for some reason it will not save.

Usually, we download many programs or extension just to save a video. Sometimes this working well and other time it failed. the problem with this method is that we need to install a program or extension to download Youtube videos. This is for a pro who always download videos on a regular basis, but not for me who only now and then download a Youtube video.

I am not really like install a program to download a video,  I have a better way to do this:

How to download videos from Youtube to a computer without software

1. Goto

how to download youtube videos

2. Insert the youtube link video
3. Download the video

How to download a Youtube video to a mobile phone

How to download a Youtube video to a mobile phone

This what happened to my sister, she needs to download a video from Youtube for Sunday morning aerobic. She needs to download it to her mobile phone, and below is how to do it in an easy way:

1. Go to youtube from your phone and play the video you want to download so you can copy the URL of that video.

how to download youtube video without software
2. Copy the URL above and insert into on your mobile phone.
download youtube videos mp4
3. Download your video on your phone
download youtube videos mp3
4. Wait until download finish and now you have your video file on your mobile phone, ready to be played anytime without having to connect to the internet.
how to download youtube videos permanently

Hope this help to download your Youtube video whether to a computer or to a mobile phone, see you in the nest post.

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