Your PC ran into a problem and needs to restart. We’ll restart for you. Windows 10

Your PC ran into a problem and needs to restart. We’ll restart for you. Windows 10

Why “Your PC ran into a problem…” error happen?

This error happened mostly when your PC turn off suddenly without proper shutdown. The other possibility is when you plugin an external drive or USB drive that not compatible with your hardware. My laptop running Windows 10 Pro edition, the laptop’s battery already dead, only last several seconds before the laptop turn off, at that time I forgot to plugged in the charger and got into this trouble 🙂

How to solve this problem?

In the error screen there is text stop code: BAD SYSTEM CONFIG INFO this is the justification why I tried solution no1 first, turnou solution no2 that works for me.  If not you can try below:

Before try any solution below please try turn off the PC, wait for 1-2 minutes and turn it back on. Most of the time the problem will resolved.

1. Copy config file from last known good configuration

This is actually little bit complex steps but it’s worth to try:

automatic repair
On Automatic Repair window you need to choose advanced options.


Choose Troubleshoot


command prompt
Choose Command prompt

On my case it straight goes to command prompt, some people report that they ask for username and password, just enter your windows username and the password.

create backup folder

I was in X: drive after click command prompt. You have to change to drive where your Windows folder exist. In my case C: drive, it could be D: or other drive, just make sure you have windows folder.

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On the command prompt window:
Make backup folder contain  your config files.

Go to c drive
x:windowssystem32> cd c:
go to c:windowssystem32config>
c:> cd windowssystem32config
make a backup folder:
c:windowssystem32config> md backup
Copy all item in current folder(config) into backup folder
c:windowssystem32config> copy *.* backup
There about 10 files copied from config folder to backup folder.

Copy all files from Regback to Config
c:windowssystem32config>cd Regback
c:windowssystem32configregback>copy *.* ..
It should copy 9-11 item to config folder, choose overwrite when asking.If you found not copy anything, it means your Regback folder is empty as mine, you should try solution no:2.

After completed try to restart your computer should back to normal.

2. Run checkdisk command on drive that contain Windows folder

Go to command prompt by following steps above, on command prompt do this:
fix and repair bad sector on drive c:
Check C: drive fix error and recover file from bad sector
X:windowssystem32>chkdsk /f /r c:
This will take sometimes depends on how big is your storage and whether it HDD or SSD. Mine is SSD so the repir took about 5 minutes.
After this process completed, I tried to restart it works as normal. I am very glad about this. Ihope you can also can fix this “Your PC ran into a problem” 
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