Android Antivirus: Does Your Smartphone Need It? 1

Android Antivirus: Does Your Smartphone Need It?

The answer is no you don’t need Android Antivirus when you have an iPhone or a Windows Based phone 🙂 Joking!

I already believed in the beginning that android users will become majority and this already happened. The rate of the usage of android mobile devices has been increased exponentially high.

As with other things in the world when it becomes famous, security threats will increase. The high demand of android devices has made the hackers more curious to generate malicious apps and hence to steal information.

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Most of the malicious infections are done through the third-party app download. It is much easier for a developer to create an Android app compare to Apple App because more resource is available and the nature of android that open-sources where everybody can learn the source code and learn the vulnerabilities if exist.

The other source of virus infection is from a malicious website where they put bad code in it. Whenever a visitor browses the website the bad code runs and can break your android system.

To avoid this happened to your phone you must always cautious when installing an app or browsing a website. However sometimes we careless and install a bad app or browsing a fake or fishing site.

This is where the android antivirus function, some of the big names have their own version of android antivirus.

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