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Why is My Computer So Slow, These Could Be The Problem…

As you are using a computer all the time, now it’s getting slower and you don’t know what to do. There is some possibility when the computer that use to be fast but now becomes so slow, here are some tips you can try to speed up your computer:

1. Check hard disk space

As you are working with various programs and data, there is a possibility that free space on your hard drive is low, when this happens it will reduce overall performance, keep a minimum 20% free space to make sure everything works okay. A computer will create a swap file or temporary file during operational. If no room for swap file the computer will run very slow.

why is my computer so slow all of a sudden

2. Delete Temporary Files

Windows Update, Program installation, and working with Microsoft office files will leave temporary files in your computer.
Type %temp% on search button or run, it will open the temporary folder where you can delete files in it without problems. If we have a lot of file under Temp folder, it will decrease the performance.

why is my computer so slow windows 8
Use disk cleanup program, it will find unused files so we can delete to free some space. 
why is my computer so slow windows 10

3. Fragmented files on harddisk or hardware error on harddisk.

Over time files on the hard disk get fragmented, ideally, one file located on the contiguous location in the hard disk, if not then the head will need to look in the different area of the sector and this will slow down the reading mechanism. To know whether your hard drive fragmented or not, you can use

computer running slow windows 7

When hard disk error because of hardware failure, then you need to replace the hard disk, it will be better to replace it with SSD, it much faster and last longer than conventional hard disk.

4.  Virus or malware

A virus will actively spread on your hard disk and make the system incredibly slow and will make executables files become paralyzed. Make sure you have active antivirus on the system.
Malware or adware will also make the system slow by showing ads on your computer and running unwanted program. Use Malwarebytes to detect and remove Malware from your computer.

how do i make my computer run faster?

5. Windows Update

Without updating your windows system, the chance that your computer will have virus or malware becomes big. Make sure you set automatic updates for windows only.

6. Reboot your computer

After removing the unwanted program or removing virus from the system, you must restart the computer.

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