The Top Ten of Call Center Technology

The Top Ten of Call Center Technology

Welcome to the interesting discussion of call center technology. Well, before recognizing it more, what do you know about it? Do you have an opinion? Actually, this technology is evolving constantly. Thus, it is not easy to keep the latest innovations track in the market.

Talking about this kind of technology, it has some kinds of it that people need to know. Are you one of the people who need to know it? if so, we will tell you then. Generally, the kinds of this technology have different role and function. Thus, let’s check them out in the explanation below.

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Top Ten of Call Center Technology

When we talk about the best call center technology, it is better for you to know that there are ten kinds of it. Are you curious about them? If it is true, don’t worry! We surely will help you to give great information about it. Hopefully, you can increase your knowledge about this kind of technology.  Well, here is the list of the kinds of call center based on technology.

1. Automatic Call Distributor (ACD)

The first kind of call center technology is Automatic Call Distributor or ACD. Greatly, it is able to manage the incoming calls to a call center. On the other hand, it also routes those calls to the suitable party according to the instructions of pre-established handling. Moreover, there are many features of Automatic Call Distributor which are according to routing technology. The feature routes the calls to the suitable agent of a call center and of course based on the skill set.

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2. Predictive Dialer 

A predictive dialer means that it can call a list of the telephone numbers automatically. Besides, it can screen out the busy signals and no answers. Also, an agent or a call center will be provided in order to handle a call when predict to answer at the same time.
Commonly, a predictive dialer is frequently used in the call centers of outbound. Why can it be like that? In a fact, it can improve the productivity of the call center by decreasing the total amount of time agents. These time agents should be spent on each call which you use.

3. Issue tracking system

Then, the third type of call center technology is named issue tracking system. What do you know about it? Actually, it is usually used in a call center. It has the function to record and also to follow the progress of a customer’s issue. Then, the system of it captures all the information which is related to the issue. On the other hand, it also lets the managers know a person who will be responsible to resolve it.

4. Knowledgebase

The next kind of the call center technology is called knowledge base. Well, it is important for you to know that this knowledge base is a central repository from the dynamic information. In addition, it is also classified as a significant part of a system from the knowledge management.
Furthermore, this knowledge base is commonly used in the call centers in order to give the agents of a call center. Besides, the costumes can get so much useful information without having difficulties.

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5. Text analytics

Do you know the function of the text analytics? Actually, this application is used to analyze the text from the interactions of customer service. Then, related to the call center technology, this application can help you in the organizations extract value. It can be done from the total number of the interactions in the text-based customer.

6. Session initiation protocol (SIP) 

This application is frequently used in the call centers related to Internet Protocol or IP technology. The SIP decides the end system to be applied for the session. It is also used for media parameters, communication media, and the called party to unite in the communication. Then, you need to know that SIP can build a call parameter at the end of the communication. It will also handle call transfer and termination. Then, it lets customers and virtual call center agents link up with the call center from somewhere in the world. So, this application has an important role in call center technology.

7. Rich Presence

What do you think about this application? And, what is its role? Well, this application situates and identifies a computing device in spite of its location immediately the users connect to the network. In this condition, the application allows the users to know other users which are connected. Besides, it also monitors to some extent what they are doing. Basically, the Rich Presence is used in the call center for online chat.

8. Email response management software

This is software which handles email based on the users’ defined rules. Many call centers use this software to manage big volumes of email messages. Besides, they use this software since it can track and record each message status and follow-up the message. Then, this software is also used in the call center technology to present automated responses to any incoming emails according to the similar email responses from the past. So, it is useful for managing the email.

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9. Computer telephony integration

The computer telephony integration or CTI is used to manage the telephone calls. Using this application, the call center agents will get a ‘screen popup’ on the screen of their computer when their customers’ call in. Besides, this application will provide the detailed information about the customer who is on the line. CTI develops the productivity of call center agent by removing the need for them to find information while on a call. So, it will, of course, be used for the call center technology.

10. Speech analytics

This is an application used to screen the customers’ interactions for the reason of finding the customers need. Besides, it is able to detect cost savings and also the cost avoidance opportunities. It can also identify the ideas for improved or new product and identify cross-sell/up-sell opportunities.

Moreover, the speech analytics is able to determine the marketing campaign effectiveness. It also has a role to identify the competitive situations and the essential reasons why the customers close his or her accounts. Thus, the role of speech analytic is very necessary for the call center.

Well, that is all about the explanation of call center technology we can share with you. Hopefully, it will be beneficial information for you.

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