How I Fix Message Domain name already exists on Digital Ocean

I tried to add a domain name on the Digital Ocean dashboard but failed with the error “Domain name already exists on Digital Ocean” 

domain name already exist DO
Domain name already exist DO

I quite confuse by the error message because I confirm that the domain name I want to add to the system is still not yet registered with DO.

After searching for the answer in the community forum I found that I need to ask support for help. The reason for this problem is someone has added the domain in the past. The support needs to delete the domain first from other account so I can add the domain to my account.

After I open a ticket to support they ask me to add the TXT record in DNS entry to prove that I own the domain. When I did what they ask and they confirm, immediately I can add the domain to my account.

This took me several days to get the answer.

DO support
DO Support Email

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