Digital Ocean Review

Digital Ocean Review 2024

Digital Ocean Review – Do you ever feel that your website sometimes cannot be accessed, or has slow performance when doing daily updates and maintenance?

Digital Ocean has been my reliable hosting company for the last 4 years. Frankly, I ever switched to another hosting company for almost 1 year. After facing some problems, I found that Digital Ocean is far more stable and fast at the relatively same price. Since then I have switched back to Digital Ocean and never look back because I don’t have anything to worry.

My 3 Requirements for A Hosting Plan

  • Fast: A speedy website is a must, visitors will leave your slow website, period.
  • Reliable: People will get annoyed when they visit a website that cannot be accessed many times.
  • Affordable: Fast and reliable websites are usually associated with expensive prices, but not with this.

For more Specification and features see below

Server Location

You want to be as close as possible with your visitors, so if most visitors come from the US then you need to choose a US-located server. In my case, the visitors mostly come from Indonesia so I chose the Singapore server as the closest location.

NYC1New York City, United States
NYC3New York City, United States
AMS3Amsterdam, the Netherlands
SFO2San Francisco, United States
SFO3San Francisco, United States
LON1London, United Kingdom
FRA1Frankfurt, Germany
TOR1Toronto, Canada
BLR1Bangalore, India
SYD1Sydney, Australia


We pay $12 per month and get 1 Virtual CPU, 2GB RAM, 50 GB SSD, and host 3 websites in there, so this is a good price and specs for us.

what we use
DO Pricing1

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