The Top Five Information Technology Jobs

The Top Five Information Technology Jobs

When we talk about information technology jobs, what do you think about it? Before knowing it more, it is better for you to recognize what information technology is. Well, it is often shortened to IT and it is related to computers. Then, the workers in IT are very important in every model of modern business. Take for an example, when there is a company which works on emails or phones field, what should be there? Yes, it is, of course, there is a professional of IT who convinces the function of the machine well.

Five kinds of information technology jobs

Related to the information technology jobs, what will you get? As your reward, you will get excellent pay. It sounds great, doesn’t it? Okay, these following jobs will help you in knowing more about kinds of them. Each of them is also related to the range of salary. Here they are:

1. IT Consultant

Information Technology Jobs IT Consultant
Information Technology Jobs IT Consultant

The first kind of information technology jobs is called IT consultant. Actually, it is classified as the best job in America. Besides, it has the rank number which is 13 on CNN’s. When this position is your job, so you have to calculate the systems and also do research. Then, in having this position, you need to fulfill some requirements. For the education itself, you should have a bachelor’s degree in the computer filed. In addition, according to CNN, you will get a salary of about $96,400 for this position.

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2. Cloud Architect

information technology jobs cloud architect
Information Technology Jobs Cloud Architect

Have you heard about a course in cloud computing? If the answer is yes, it is important for you to know it more than this kind of job will give architecture. Besides, the storage space requires to be arranged too. For the education requirement, you have to at least have a bachelor’s degree. Then, for the salary, you will have $112,000. It is higher than the first kind, right?

3. Computer Forensic Investigator

information technology jobs Computer Forensic Investigator
Information Technology Jobs Computer Forensic Investigator

This kind of information technology jobs will look for, recognize, and assess the information from the systems of the computer. In having this job position, you need to a degree in the computer forensics, the information security or the cybersecurity. If you have a certificate from a computer examiner board, it can help you in having this position. Then, according to TBS, the salary that will you get is for about $64,000.

4. Health IT Specialist

information technology jobs Health IT Specialist
Information Technology Jobs Health IT Specialist

This kind of job combines the knowledge of the computer and the record keeping skills. However, it still specializes in the medical coding, the cancer registry, and also the billing. Then, this job just needs an associate degree or a certificate. The salary for this job is up to $45,000.

5. Mobile Application Developer

information technology jobs Mobile Application Developer
Information Technology Jobs Mobile Application Developer

The last kind is called a mobile application developer. This kind of job usually goes beyond personal computers. You should have a bachelor’s degree in software engineering, a mobile computer, or computer science. Then, for the salary, you will have $90,000.

Well, those are the explanation of the top five information technology jobs which you should know. Hopefully, it can be very useful to you.

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