Telegram Web, The Effective Way To Use Telegram From Laptop 1

Telegram Web, The Effective Way To Use Telegram From Laptop

Telegram is also my favorite instant messenger beside Whatsapp. I have many Telegram group as well as WA. Telegram founders are Pavel Durov and his brother Nikolai, their company is Telegram Messenger LLP based in London. Telegram app runs under iOS, Windows Phone, Android, and Linux.

4.95 million people signed up for Telegram today. Telegram is #1 most downloaded iPhone app in 48 countries. To the bad news…

— Telegram Messenger (@telegram) February 24, 2014

Telegram Strength

Telegram well know by their customer privacy, they will not allow any government to monitor their customer communication. Because of that, some country like Iran and Russia try to ban Telegram.

Telegram rejects any affiliation with Russia. Mr. Pavel Durov also started a social network just like Facebook, VKontakte, in 2006. He leaves Russia in 2014, then started Telegram.

Telegram Web

Telegram web similar to Whatsapp web although, there are some differences. Let see what is the differences:

1. Login to it will ask for our phone number, so it will easier if we are not in the same location with the phone as long as we have a friend to tell us what the code is. In WA web we need to scan the QR code on the computer screen by our phone, and we can ask for friend help by sending the QR code but it will not easy.

telegram web

2. After login it will ask for confirmation whether your phone number is correct. This is not required when we scan the QR code as with WA web.

telegram desktop

3. It will then send the code to our Telegram app on the phone and we must fill in the form below. The code usually 5 digits number.

telegram apk

4. That’s it now we can use Telegram on the web.

telegram web download

5. The interface is a bit different with Telegram on the phone but not much.

sign up telegram

Telegram Desktop

Telegram also has it’s won desktop version that you can download here.
They also have the portable version for Windows.

OK, that is my very short review about Telegram web, I hope you enjoy it.

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