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17 Stock Photo Sites To Download Royalty-Free Images

If you are creating content for a website I am sure you will need some very nice image to be inserted in the articles to make it more attractive for people to read. We can use our smartphone to create some perfect photos but the problem is the result is not as good as a pro who are using expensive tools to produce the photos. Not to mention their skill to capture a great moment.

Luckily I know some websites that provide free royalty pictures that I can use on my business. These websites allow us to use their photos without permission, sometimes called Creative Commons (CC0) or public domain pictures.

Ground rules when using free royalty photos:
1. Never claim the photos are yours, this is including give watermark on the photo.
2. Don’t use the photos for illegal activity.

Below are my favorite websites when I need awesome pictures for the articles. Divided into no registration and need registration websites to download.

No registration required to download photos (5)

1. Pixabay. This website is very simple and powerful when you use it occasionally we can download their beautiful photos without registration. There are several resolution formats to download from 640x480px up to 1920x1280px. No meta info on their photos.

free photos download

2. Unsplash.To download photos from Unsplash require only one click on the photo. Very simple but provide only one resolution depend on the creator, all in high resolution. I use to resize the picture to width 640px to be used on my websites.

free photos unsplash

3. Pexels. Pexels also requires no login to download photos and provide many resolution formats from 640px.

free photos pexels

4. Stocksnap. The photos quality is good. Only give one high-resolution format. easy to download photos.

17 Stock Photo Sites To Download Royalty-Free Images 1

5. Reshot. Easy to download, good quality photos.

17 Stock Photo Sites To Download Royalty-Free Images 2

Need to register to download photos (2):

1. Rgbstock will ask you to login first to download their photos.

17 Stock Photo Sites To Download Royalty-Free Images 3

2. Freerangestock will need you to login to download photos

free pictures
3. Desygner is more than just a stock photo website, it’s a place where you can make beautiful designs with access to millions of Shutterstock images. It offers 14 days trial without asking for payment details so you can try to see if you will love it.

10 Free Photos Sites:

Negative Space (
Superfamous (
Picjumbo ( ( (
Picography (
Gratisography (
MorgueFile (
SkitterPhoto (
Life of Pix (

I personally use websites with great photos and provide 640px format (Pixabay, Pexels) as I don’t need to resize the image. My priority is good images, if I found a good photo I don’t care if I have to resize to fit my website. I also love the one that no need to login to download photos.

Human is a visual creature, good picture or funny picture will give more attention for the people. When your website has many awesome pictures, people will love your website.

Ok I hope you like my list about websites that provide free royalty pictures

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