Our Honest Review on the Nooie 360 Indoor Camera 1

Our Honest Review on the Nooie 360 Indoor Camera

The Nooie Indoor Camera is all the rage right now. Claimed to be capable of two-way audio feed and motion tracking, it just sounds too good to be true. Considering the price, the Nooie Indoor Camera seems to be highly praised by Amazon buyers and reviewers. Lately, this indoor camera has finally piqued our interest. So, we decided to get one to give an honest review on the Nooie Indoor Camera.

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What we like about this product

Lifting it out of the box, we were quite surprised at how small this indoor camera is. In the box, we also found a power adaptor, wall mount, screws, and a handy user manual. After reading the user manual, we tried to pair the camera with our Wi-Fi network. The anticipation for failure and difficult pairing procedures is only a myth. We can practically set the camera in a matter of minutes.

Thanks to the 1080p HD camera lens, we can clearly see the captured live feed. The image quality is superb, especially considering the size of this camera. With a camera this small, you can easily place it on the corner of your room or install it on the wall. The night vision mode is surprisingly crisp and clean. Thanks to the enhanced 940nm ID LEDs, even a pitch-black room can be viewed clearly.

Now, for the most anticipated feature, the camera tracking is also decent. When we tested it on our pet, the Nooie 360 Indoor Camera can easily track our cat’s movement smoothly. We can even zoom in through our phone to give the closeup look to our mischievous cat.

What we don’t like about this product

There are several criticisms that we made towards the Nooie 360 Indoor Camera. First, it is impossible to view the recording playback through our phone. As it turns out, you need to pay a monthly subscription fee to use the company’s cloud service. While equipped with an SD card, the recorder video cannot be viewed when we open it on our laptop.

Second, you can’t view the live feed on your phone if it’s not connected to a Wi-Fi network. This is very unfortunate since you won’t always find Wi-Fi when you’re away.


The Nooie 360 Indoor Camera might not be the best home surveillance camera. But, considering the price tag, you can get a lot of useful monitoring features, such as motion tracking and night vision. However, if you want to view the camera recording, be prepared to pay a monthly subscription.

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