Introduce A Virtual Call Center as the Best Friend of the Small Entrepreneurs

Introduce A Virtual Call Center as the Best Friend of the Small Entrepreneurs

A virtual call center presents to the world to help all business both large and small. It is software which helps people to run their venture with housing cost and save the equipment. Even, it is easy in the operating system where people can do it everywhere and every time. The meaning is they do not need to always sit in their office chair every day. By the way, the business owner is also able to take a freelancer to operate it from their house. Wow, that is so amazing. Would you like to take it? It better you learn it first about all of the things.

virtual call center

Virtual Call Center Working System

The virtual call center is very advantageous for the people with small business. People who hire the freelance may do two or more business at one. Even though, they keep not able to release the responsibility because something bad can happen here. They should own a system to find the order status through the internet. Further, the worker can access it easily from their place where the system is completed with some answer rules. So, all pick up the calling both the freelance and the others are able to answer it on behalf of the company.

There are many companies which provide this service for the small entrepreneurs. The customers usually get numerous services with lower cost according to the business. It is such as the return management, customer service, direct conversation, inbound sales, and the after-hours support. Here, you get two examples of the virtual call center companies. Firstly, it is Xact Telesolutions which has no invoice requirement or the minimum call monthly.

The mean implies the customer just pay when they using it. Secondly, the name is TeleDirect with complete options both from outbound and inbound services. It includes some features such as a cold calling. Then, it is a Solid Cactus which offers a service base on your plan for business and budget. Lastly, the Nextiva also gives a good option for a long-distance cellular agent.

The Advantageous of Using the Virtual Call Center

Absolutely, the benefits of the virtual call center had discussed previously. Hence, it is more than that and it does not stop here. Certainly, there are many advantages which people need to know now.

1. It has no geographical limitations

Using the virtual call center make the business always run 24 hours. It is because the customer can hire all the people in the world and expand their hiring pool. Apparently, the different time zone makes your business never stop. Your customer will get your product insight from the different freelancers in the world.

2. Cheaper upfront budget

The virtual call center has a lower cost than the traditional call center. You perhaps will take little expensive budget upfront. Nevertheless, it will not happen in the next time. You just need to buy the phone terminal, PBX, and the hosting servers. Definitely, it is far different when you hire someone to come to your office. Besides those things, you must provide some facilities. They usually need a desk, a chair, a special room, and so on. The software call center works more professional with the light draft bill and no bad effect on the employee and the customers.

3. Reduce the mobility and the turnover

Those benefits emerge from the freelancer that works without the commute. It will add the potential time and prevent the lateness. Besides that, it also lowers the stress level for them (the worker). Indeed, the call center is the job with high pressure where the company demands them to always discipline. This case makes them feel stress and even get some serious diseases. On the other hand, it makes the company often lost the employee. Surely it will not happen to the virtual call center.

4. It supports the Go Green Campaign

The software call center is eco-friendly with helps the earth to from the pollution. When you have an onsite employee they are usually come by vehicles such as a motorcycle and car. Those transportation tools have the carbon monoxide which gives lots of side effects to the earth. On the other hand, you also more save the paper production, eliminate the hardware, and energy saving.

After you understand about the working and the benefits, you should learn the setup. It consists of:

1. Empowering the workforce

It is easy to access every time and everywhere. Use it to get the best worker to give the right motivation, and the strong orientation.

2. Be the manager

It means you should own the different ability to manage them properly. So, always close to them in the working relationship. Give them the feedback; control their performance and the rest.

3. Shop around

You know that there are numerous companies outside becoming your rival. It is better you try to compare them and make a few free tests.

4. Consider the need

It relates to your need for the requirements. Whether you are the seasonal businessman with current language and area? Think about the demand for the other languages to the provider or the worker.
Okay, what do you want to know besides those insights? It is certainly about how to choose the best product but it does not call the brand.

Some Important Points Before Installing the Software

By the way, there are some important points that you must notice before you install the software:

  • Fast Setting

The proses of the setting are quite fast where it only needs a few minutes. It is simpler than the traditional call center.

  • Bigger Flexibility

The virtual style has an easy scale in a short time. It has easy management to add or remove the users.

  • Simple, in the real-time

The software call center is not complicated in the utilization. Your team is able to organize and train the worker easily though they do not in face to face directly. Even, you can count the survey faster.

  • A complete package

This kind of the call center is not only easy installation but also has the complete package. It means the features not inferior to the traditional style.

  • Host of Integration

It integrates with Intercom, Zendesk, Salesforce, and Slack.

  • Security

It can be the finest way to nurture the sensitive information secure.
It turns out to select the virtual call center is the brilliant decision for everyone. Moreover, it very perceives the needs of all people in the world and the small entrepreneurs.

The Review of the Predictive Dialer: the Newest Solution for Your Online Marketing

The Review of the Predictive Dialer: the Newest Solution for Your Online Marketing

Have ever heard about the predictive dialer? By the way, it is a tool that often exists in the banking and the telemarketing agents. They use it to make lots of outgoing calls automatically at the same time. It implies the people quite dial one time and they will have many calls from the random numbers. The aim of it is to offer a product, collect a debt, customer service follow-up, and do market research. Do you want to know more about this tool? Who knows you needed it to support your professional business?

Predictive Dialer Work and the Effectiveness

The predictive dialer has a meaning as the tool or now it is available in software to make automatically outbound calls. Such as the other auto dialers, it helps the agent getting a good signal, sooner receive, and the rest. They are able to use a call metrics to predict when the agent willing to do next call. The aim is to get the exact lead in the right time pretty the agent can make a maximum utilization.

Predictive Dialer

In fact, the predictive dialer has been around the world for roughly 30 years. This tool is used to available in hardware but it now comes in high technology. This auto dialer present in software which reduces the IT costs and minimizes up-front capital expenses. It is the reason for many companies like this product. So, what does the predictive dialer work?

Certainly, the agents have a freedom to call everyone whenever they want. The predictive dialer uses algorithms to guess the best time for the agent to finish up the call. Afterward, do the next calling without any disturbing. It implies the tool works properly with the stable stop time or even nothing. Besides that, it is capable to count the needing average call length and amount. Those calculations are usually to make a connection and then optimize the calling. It is pretty the agent can move fluently from one call to the next.

For the beginner, using the auto-dialer often emerges one question. They are very curious about the effectiveness of the tool. It may cause they do not know it before or lack of the information. Apparently, a lot of report from the various sources state this product has good working and effective. There is a study which shows about the improvement productivity approximately 200-300%. The predictive dialer shows a dramatic result when the phone usage is a primary concern.
The Drawbacks of the Predictive dialer and the Best Products

Each human made of course has the weakness including this auto dialer product. There is a concern toward the tool when it does the callings at once. Obvious, the predictive dialer does not give the inside sales reps when the calling process takes place. Alongside that, there is a flashback toward the auto-dialer utilization which calls the random numbers that do not own the pre-established consents.
Although it has some drawbacks, the features keep makes people sure to choose it. Even, this article has resumed some brands which become the best in this year.

1. Dolphin Pro

Electronic Voice Service releases it to serve many agents which need many callings. It suitable for the mortgage, financial service, B2B, multi-level marketing, telemarketing, real estate, insurance, and the call centers. The company reaches the agents in U.S area and around. It offers the price starting from $89.00 per month and user. Each purchase will be completed with installation, documentation, and the live online.

2. Greenlight CRM

The Greenlight CRM is suitable for all business sectors both in single user deployment and the hundreds of agent seats. Greenlight Innovation is the company that responsible toward this predictive dialer product. It bases in the UK as the call center solution while fulfilling the people necessary in one hosted system. The company throws it in the market starts from$49.00 per month and user. Each purchase is free of the demo, training (in live online and in person), and support is 24 hour in a week.

3. Dialshree

Well, Dialshree comes from the Elision techno lab. It is the call center software with many features. There is a voice logger, outbound dialer, asterisk base solution, VoIP, and IPPBX. It has the price of $100.00/ month and user with free version and training. The training includes the documentation, live online, and in person. Meanwhile, the support is online with a live report during 24/7.

4. PrimoDialler

The agents will get many benefits and feature from this brand relating to the advanced VOIP dialer system. It even serves with a flexible service and the minimal investment. By the way, the company that base in England offers a quick, complete, and smooth service suitable for the agents’ requirement. The customer can get the price from $0.03 per user and month. Alongside the simple price, it gives an easy payment. There is a free trial, complete training, many deployment ways, and also the support.

5. MegaCall

Introduce a MegaCall from Phoenix Solution that is ready to solve your problem in a few minutes. This is the center of the inbound calling, outbound calling, contact center, and the telesales office. Well, the price is $300.00/ one-time with easy payment without a seat price. The training is documentation and the live online. Afterward, the deployment includes Cloud, Web, and SaaS. Meanwhile, the support is in the business hours.

6. ICTBroadcast

The service of the ICTBroadcast from ICT Innovation is very complete. It covers the internet service providers, enterprise, telemarketers, b2b business, small business owners, political parties, school, telecom operator, and so on. Even, it also serves the fundraising organization, NGO, and the government organization. Seemly, this company uses the finest technology to make predictive dialer work fabulously.

People can get the things in $199.00/ one-time. The pricing detail is based on the calls or the number of concurrent channels. Such as the other brands before, there are free trial, many deployments, training, and supports. The deployment is web, SaaS, Cloud, Windows, and Android. People get support through business and online. Meanwhile, the training is with live online and documentation.
Okay, those all about the predictive dialer which is looking for by many agents right now. Perhaps, you are one of them that need it so much to save your business.

Namecheap Hosting Review, A New Hosting Alternative For Me

Namecheap Hosting Review, A New Hosting Alternative For Me

Namecheap is not only selling domain but also provide hosting with good performance and good price as well. I registered many domains there and also have a hosting plan. Namecheap hosting is a good choice who concern about performance and price.

I am using the Stellar plan which only cost me $2.88 per month or $24.88 per year. With this plan, I can host up to 3 websites, 1 main domain, and 2 add-on domain.

Currently, Namecheap hosting has 2 location of data centers, the US and the UK, so if your visitors mostly came from the US, this is a very good choice.

Namecheap hosting
Namecheap Datacentre Source:

I just realize that Namecheap provides 100% uptime, while my other hosting provider mostly offers 99.xx%. This Plan has 20GB SSD-accelerated storage and unlimited bandwidth, unlimited parked domain, up to 30 subdomains. Twice a week backup ( my other hosting provider only offer once a week). Last they also offer 30 days money back guarantee.

They offer Cpanel for the control panel and this is great as Cpanel is very easy to use, many of you already familiar with it.

I already use 3 available domain for more than a year and never had an issue with them. Even when I have a technical problem with my domains registered with them, they always fix it right away.

Other shared hosting plans with Namecheap are:

Stellar Plus

$4.48 per month or $46.88 per year.
Unlimited SSD-accelerated storage

Stellar Business

$8.88 per month or $88.88 per year
20GB pure SSD storage

Both plans above have unlimited domain hosting. All Namecheap server are using Dell technologies which is great, I have been working with Dell servers and they are a very reliable server.

For more info about their shared hosting please refer this page:

Different namecheap hosting plan

Namecheap VPS plan

namecheap VPS plan hosting

Namecheap dedicated server plan.

Namecheap dedicated server plan with Xeon 3 processor
Dedicated server plan
namecheap dedicated server plan with Intel Xeon 5
Dedicated server plan multiple CPU Intel Xeon5
Scanpst.exe: How to Fix Corrupted PST File (Ms Outlook)

Scanpst.exe: How to Fix Corrupted PST File (Ms Outlook)

Scanpst.exe is a utility program to fix corrupted PST file, it came when you installing Microsoft outlook as part of Microsoft office program. When you incorrectly shutdown outlook it can be caused corrupted to the PST file and when PST file corrupted Outlook cannot open.

There 2 type of Outlook data file, an OST file is a cached email stored in your local computer. This is a copy of your emails in the server, losing this you still the emails in the server. A PST file this is the file that contains emails in the local PC and not available in the server. Losing this file means losing your emails and no other copy, so be careful not to lose this file.

scanpst.exe location

When Microsoft Outlook cannot start because of corrupted PST file you will need to run Scanpst.exe to fix the problem.

What is PST file and where is the location of this file?

PST file is personal file contains email that part of Microsoft outlook program. A PST file can hold all emails and folder, the file size can be huge. When a file becomes too large, it became prone to corrupt.
You will need scanpst.exe file to fix the problem and the location of scanpst.exe file different on each version of Ms. Outlook, below are the location for each outlook version:

Windows 7 Pro 64 bit – Outlook 2016:
C:Program Files (x86)Microsoft OfficerootOffice16

Scanpst.exe location on Microsoft office 2013
C:Program FilesMicrosoft OfficeOffice15

Scanpst.exe location on Microsoft Office 2010
C:Program FilesMicrosoft OfficeOffice14

Scanpst.exe location on Microsoft Office 2007
C:Program FilesMicrosoft OfficeOffice12

How to run Scanpst.exe to fix PST file:

To run scanpst utility you need to close outlook first. Run the scanpst.exe and browse the PST file you want to repair. When Scanpst found the error, it will repair the error and make a backup of original file.

The repair process could take hours depending on how big is your PST file. I recommend you to repair it when you finish work and let the computer on if file size more than 10GB. You can check the result next day in the morning.

For more Outlook troubleshooting, please check this 7 Ways to Fix Microsoft Outlook

Samsung Incorporate New ISOCELL Plus to Enhance Color Accuracy and Sharpness For their Mobile Photos Technology

Samsung Incorporate New ISOCELL Plus to Enhance Color Accuracy and Sharpness For their Mobile Photos Technology

Smartphone users can now expect much more precise and clearer pictures from hard light surroundings.
To shoot high-quality photos, CMOS image detectors will need to maintain just as much light, or photons, as possible and transmit the ideal color info into the photodiode.

samsung isocell plus technology

Such requirements were solved by the introduction of Samsung’s ISOCELL engineering in 2013.  ISOCELL creates a physical barrier between the neighboring pixels, decreasing colour crosstalk and enlarging the full-well capacity.  This empowers each pixel to absorb and hold much more mild compared to the standard backside-illuminated (BSI) image detector design for superior picture quality.

With the debut of ISOCELL Plus, Samsung pushes pixel isolation technologies to another level via an optimized pixel design.  In the present pixel arrangement, metal grids are shaped within the photodiodes to decrease interference between the pixels, which could also result in some optical reduction as metals have a tendency to signify and/or absorb the incoming light.

For ISOCELL Plus, Samsung altered the metallic barrier using a new new material created by Fujifilm, minimizing optical reduction and mild reflection.

The brand new ISOCELL Plus provides higher colour fidelity and up to some 15-percent improvement in light sensitivity.  The technology also empowers image detectors to equip 0.8-micrometer (µm) along with smaller-sized pixels with no reduction in functionality, which makes it an ideal solution for developing super-resolution cameras using more than 20 megapixels.

“Through close cooperation with Fujifilm, a business leader in imaging and information technologies, we’ve pushed the bounds of CMOS image sensor technologies even farther,” explained Ben K. Hur, vice president of System LSI marketing at Samsung Electronics.  “The ISOCELL Plus won’t just permit the progression of ultra-high-resolution detectors with incredibly compact pixel dimensions but also bring functionality advancements for detectors with pixel layouts.”


5 Cameras and Face Unlock to the next LG Flagship Phone?

5 Cameras and Face Unlock to the next LG Flagship Phone?

According to Android Police source’s, LG at the moment developing a successor for V30 handset, probably V40 and it will incorporate 5 cameras. 2 Cameras might in front for 3D facial recognition feature, and the other 3 will served as rear camera, but this is not confirmed yet.

LG flagship phones
Picture from

Currently 3 rear camera we found only on Huawei P20 Pro. The 3 cameras in LG will include standard wide lens an dultra wide lens, the 3rd camera maybe for zooming only, or for depth effect in the picture taken by the phone.

If this is happen then this will be the first smartphone with 5 cameras.
Source said that the phone will have notched display (like Redmi 6 Pro and LG G7), notch can be turn off.

Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 845 will be the processor of V40 and the fingerprint sensor will be in the back.


7 Ways to Fix Microsoft Outlook is Not Responding, Stop Working, and Can Not Updating Emails

7 Ways to Fix Microsoft Outlook is Not Responding, Stop Working, and Can Not Updating Emails

When Outlook becomes not responding it becomes a nightmare for us especially when there are many important emails we need to work on for the deadline. There are many contacts to email today. We have compiled 7 outlook problem that commonly happens and causing outlook cannot be opened.

outlook is not responding

Microsoft Outlook Troubleshooting

Below are our experience with outlook 2013 and outlook 2016 stop responding, not updating email, and stop working problem:

1. Outlook not updating emails.

In many cases because there is an open window waiting for your username and password to be entered correctly. This happens when you just changed your password. Outlook 2016 needs 5-10 minutes to realize that your password already changed. This is because the email server is in WAN not in our LAN.

To fix this problem, just keep press ALT key + TAB key repeatedly to find the window to enter your password. If you still cannot find the window this way the easiest way is to close your outlook, wait about 3 minutes, and open again your outlook. This time outlook will directly ask your username and password.

2. Outlook not responding because of a problem with add-in

Outlook not responding straight away when we open the outlook program, on our case we found that it stops responding when add-in “outlook meeting…” is active. Turn off this add-in will make outlook work normally. To stop this add-in start outlook in safe mode by typing outlook.exe /safe from run.. (windows 7 ).

3. Outlook not responding because PST file located in the network

Outlook not responding in the middle of your work.  In this case, user have personal folder files (PSTs) located on a network drive. This was ok when the user still using outlook 2007 or outlook 2010 but became a problem with outlook 2013, outlook 2013 needs power almost double from outlook 2010. To end this problem, move your PSTs file to your local drive and only attach a huge PST ( 10 GB or more) when needed.

4. Outlook not responding trying to open additional mailbox from old server

Outlook will not start after you migrate from your old server. We found the culprit is outlook trying to open an additional mailbox that still on the old server address. To overcome this remove the additional mailbox and only attach when it’s already migrated to the new server (same server). You can remove it from the control panel and click mail, or you can unplug the network cable, after getting into outlook, plug again the network cable, or disable the wireless connection and enable it again when outlook already opened.

5. Outlook not responding because not in cache mode

Outlook not responding for a moment when receiving emails. If you see a status near the taskbar from outlook like “Outlook is trying to retrieve data from Microsoft exchange server and when back to normal you see the status “Outlook online” then you are in online mode. You should change it to cached mode so outlook will check into cache file instead of check online to the server all the time.

6. Outlook installation files corrupted

After doing all the above and you still have the problem try to repair your office installation because in many cases we have corrupted office installation files. Open control panel> Program and features.

Highlight Microsoft office 365 ProPlus-en-us, Click Change button. You will see an open window to choose quick repair or online repair. The quick repair will resolve the problem most of the time but if it still does not work, use online repair, this will took longer as it will repair all files.
repair outlook 2016 files

7. Recreate email account

Delete corrupted outlook email account settings. From outlook click File> Account Settings> Account Settings… highlight the account and click remove. Close outlook when finish.
Open outlook again, this time outlook will try to create a new profile because you already remove the account before, this will recreate your OST file (outlook cache file) and should resolve your problem.
If you have a large mailbox it will need the whole day to fully sync your email. So better to this during the weekend.

I hope 1 of the 7 solutions above will resolve the problem “outlook is not responding”. If you think this article helpful please share using the below button, thank you.

How To Resize Multiple Images On Photoshop Easily!

How To Resize Multiple Images On Photoshop Easily!

Resize Multiple Images – I Stumble into this situation when trying to resize 70 PNG images that have 5 to 8MB per picture into a smaller size. The goal is to make the size smaller not the resolution, so I tried to use a free plugin to compress the sizes automatically however in the free version the maximum file size to compress is 2 MB so this not fixing my problem.

I also try the fast image resizer program which works great for JPG files but unable to resize PNG transparent files properly, it will turn the transparent part into black, it seems to resize it into a JPEG format although the extension is PNG.

So I tried to use batch resize images on photoshop, below I outline the steps to follow it’s quite simple but there are some parameters you need to pay attention to.

Before doing the resize batch process make sure you put the same all the pictures with the resolution into a folder to make sure the result will perfect. Basically, Photoshop will record what we did to a file and copy those steps into the rest of the file on the same folder.

To record action

1. I put all pictures with the same resolution in a folder.

2. Make the second folder called resize (could be any name)

3. Open Photoshop and open the file you want to resize.

4. Click Window and click Actions

Resize Multiple Images

5. Click the folder icon to Create new set and give a name

batch resize images photoshop

6. Click the icon next to folder icon to create new action and give a name ( I name it 600px) and click the Record button.

create new action

7. Now you do the resize process as normal and save it to the resize folder.

8. Make sure to close the file (Click FileClose) at the end of the resize process to prevent Photoshop open many windows during the batch process and drain your computer’s memory.

To Batch the process

9. Open File – Automate – Batch

batch process

10. Choose the source folder that contains pictures you want to resize.

11. Make sure to tick the Suppress File Open Options Dialogs and Suppress Color profile Warnings, choose the destination folder and tick Override Action “Save As” Commands, and click OK button.

automate batch

12. You should see the resizing process running and give the new files with the resolution you want.

I hope this “How To Resize Multiple Images On Photoshop Easily!” useful as it is to me.

Airtel turns competitive with prepaid programs!

Airtel turns competitive with prepaid programs!

After starting a new long term strategy offering 3GB information every day for 82 days, Bharti Airtel has again established a brand new strategy with 168-day validity. Lately Reliance Jio has revamped its own series of programs with tumultuous offerings. Airtel has also revamped its Rs 99 program to provide double the information in its updated plan.

airtel prepaid data plans

The new plan includes a validity of 168 days, also is a voice-centric program offering unlimited voice calls with no FUP. The brand new Rs 99 program will double click the information, which includes 28-day validity and unlimited voice calls.

The Rs 99 program was upgraded and it is going to now provide 2GB high-speed statistics rather than 1GB. The program also provides free unlimited voice calls on Local, STD and National Roaming free of charge 100 SMS every day.

Cost Rs 99 Old Data Cap 1GB New Data Cap 2GB Calls Unlimited Calls (Local + STD + National Roaming) SMS 100 daily Validity 28 times The Best Budget Plan — Reliance Jio Rs 98 Plan vs Airtel Rs 99 Plan

In comparison to Jio’s Rs 98 plan, the Airtel program offers 2,500 SMSes longer with infinite data at greater rates of 128kbps.

Airtel has launched a new Rs 597 program using a long-term validity supplying unlimited voice calls with no FUP limitation. The program also provides complimentary 100 SMS every day and completely free access to premium Airtel programs to get a validity period of 168 days.

The 597 Airtel program is a voice-centric prepaid package offering 10GB of information benefits.

Cost Rs 597 Data 10GB Calls Unlimited Calls (Local + STD + National Roaming) SMS 100 daily Validity 168 days

Airtel has no additional offer with these kinds of advantages and validity. It’s a Rs 995 plan that provides unlimited voice calls using free 100 SMS every day and 1GB information per month. The program includes a seven-year validity that provides 6GB of complete data for the whole validity period.

Jio and Airtel provides a long-term validity strategy of Rs 999 supplying unlimited voice calls, free 100 SMS every day and 60GB of all 4G data. The program includes a validity interval of 90 days.

New Agreement Could See Smartphones Replace Car Keys

New Agreement Could See Smartphones Replace Car Keys

A group of automobile manufacturers and tech giants have formed a consortium that aims to make a normal system enabling cars to be controlled by means of a smartphone as opposed to a secret.

The mix of automobiles and smartphones is restricted right now. Many firms, such as Volvo, supply companion smartphone programs that may be utilized to monitor and track automobiles, but so far just Tesla enables owners to ditch the essential completely and get their own Model S, 3 or even X using their cellphone.

unlock car with smartphone

The CCC’s new protocol intends to standardize smartphone performance with automobiles, promising’the greatest state-of-the-art security amount for automobile access.

The protocol relies around Near-Field Communication (NFC) exactly the exact same technology that powers payment programs like Apple Pay and Android Wallet. It is more secure compared to radio frequency processors in present keyless entry methods or contactless payment cards, even since it functions within a shorter range and cannot readily be’promoted’ by rogue car burglars.

An announcement from Volkswagen stated:”VW has supported and donated to the Digital Key standardization action of CCC in the very first moment. We are eager to observe that the speedy specification growth and the launch of version 1″

It’ll expand variant 1 into a larger collection of smart vehicles and devices.

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