Comparing the Information System versus Information Technology

Comparing the Information System versus Information Technology

What do you think about the information system and information technology? Do you think that they are the same? Maybe, there are some people who think so. But, they are actually different. We certainly realize that those two fields deal with a computer. Although they deal with the same device, they have got a distinct characteristic. That is why we want to share with you about the comparison of information system versus information technology. After you see the comparison, we are sure that you will be able to see the brief difference between them.

As a short description to differentiate them, there will be specific career paths that generally require distinct education. Also, those careers get different training. To get more explanation about the difference between them, let’s see the additional explanation below.

Some things to know to differentiate the information system versus information technology

There are some things to know if you want to know the difference between information systems versus information technology. Those two things have some characteristics to reveal. So, here they are.

1. Information system

The information system is the main term for the systems, processes, and the people that are meant to do some matters. They are like making, storing, distributing, manipulating, and spreading information. From this case, it can be concluded that the information system is able to bridge the people’s business with the computer science.

Then, when we talk about information system versus information technology, we will tell you an interesting analogy for those two fields. Those two fields are considered as simple as a piece of paper and a pencil. Those two things are separate and what becomes the object are just tools. In essence, we use the information system, and information technology together and those two fields can make a system for particular recording information. In short description, we can say that those two fields are different. However, they can work together well.

Moreover, you need to know that the degrees in those two fields are different. In the information system, there are some courses like information theory, social science, foundations of management, and information technology. The courses are different from what is in the information technology and you can see in the explanation of the IT section below.

2. Information technology

In the case of information system versus information technology, it is time to talk about brief characteristics of information technology. Fundamentally, the information technology comes under the information system umbrella. But, the information technology deals with the technology which is occupied in the systems themselves. So, in this case, we can see that the information system and information technology are the different fields.

Then, information technology contains software, hardware, database, and networks. Besides, this field needs a different requirement for the information system. The information technology needs a degree in computer or information science. This field also requires a degree that can present several career paths. They are like cybersecurity, infrastructure management, network or database administration, computer programming and software development and also business intelligence or enterprise resource planning.

Well, that is all about the comparison between the information system versus information technology. Hopefully, it can be a good reference for you to know more about those two different fields.

The Information Communications Technology Industry in Ireland

The Information Communications Technology Industry in Ireland

Hello guys! In this nice opportunity, we are going to tell you about information communications technology industry. Especially, we will discuss it in Ireland. Have you known about Ireland? Actually, you need to know that Ireland is the second exporter of the computer and the services of information technology in the world. Besides, it includes the largest exporter. It is great, isn’t it? Then, Ireland has invited eight companies of universal information technology in order to build an important existence.

Some related and significant facts of the information communications technology industry

When we talk about the information communications technology industry, what do you think about that? Have you recognized some important facts about it? If you do not know it at all, you are suggested to give your good attention to this following explanation. Okay, let’s check it out now!

1. Ireland is the second largest exporter

The first fact is that Ireland becomes the second largest exporter. What is the exporter? In fact, it is the largest exporter of the computer and also the services of information technology in this world. In addition, it can establish the environment of an economical commercial tax and an open economy. It can be done by having the capable employees and highly innovative too.

2. Global leaders have long established operations

The second fact of the information communications technology industry is that the international leaders have the operations which are long established in Ireland. You can find the sectors of the traditional players in which the operations are long established like Intel, IBM, HP, Apple, and also Microsoft.

3. Have been participated in the newer leading edge

Actually, it has been participated by the newer leading edge or the newer firms. It is especially at the vanguard of the internet and the revolution of social media. It can be Facebook, Google, Amazon, Linkedin, eBay, PayPal, and Twitter too. Their existence has pointed by Ireland as Europe’s capital of the internet.

4. Dublin is Europe’s leading

After that, in relation to the information communications technology industry, Dublin is Europe’s leading, you know. It leads the companies of creative games with Big Fish, Havok, EA, PopCap, Zynga, Riot Games, DemonWare, and also Jolt. In fact, they have an important existence in Ireland. Therefore, it can make a good reputation in the worldwide.

5. Having the sector accounts

Then, the last fact is that the industry of information communications technology has the sector accounts. It is proved by the information which shows that the sector accounts are more than €50 billion of the exports. Actually, it comes from Ireland per annum.

For the additional information, Ireland has finished an excellent job in building a Valley of proto Silicon. It can be done by inviting the names of the universal high-tech to the country. Thus, it can offer you a high-tech hinterland so that a smaller company is able to grow well.

That’s an interesting discussion about some important facts of the information communications technology industry that you can know. We expect so much that you are able to understand it clearly.

A Brief Explanation Information Technology and Innovation Foundation

A Brief Explanation Information Technology and Innovation Foundation

Do you ever know what the information technology and innovation foundation is? If you do not know it yet, we will tell you then. In a short definition, we can say that it is a nonprofit public policy from the U.S. This organization is a public policy think tank which is based out of Washington, D.C.

information technology and innovation foundation

Some important things to know about information technology and innovation foundation

Everything about information technology and innovation foundation further, below are some good facts about this organization.

1. Good-rated organization

You need to know that this organization focuses on the certain public policies which prompt technology innovation. There is a university that rates this organization as the most authoritative science and also technology think tank in the U.S. It is the University of Pennsylvania. Even, this university rate the organization as the second most authoritative in the world in the world. This, we can say that this ITIF is one of the best policy think tanks.

2. Easy to recognize

The information technology and innovation foundation are easy to know by the public. It has a simple abbreviation to remember. The abbreviation from this policy is ITIF. Then, its type is a public policy think tank. Those two things are kinds of matters which are easy to recognize.

In addition, the location of this organization is in Washington D.C. the president of this organization is Robert D. Atkinson. With its leadership, it makes the organization become better and better and be a good public policy in the U.S.

3. Having an excellent mission

Another good matter to know from this organization is to have a good mission. What is it? The mission is to publicize new ways of thinking of technology-driven competitiveness, productivity and also globalization. It is a kind of good mission for the public, isn’t it?

4. Bring about many publications

The great thing to know from this information technology and innovation foundation is about the publications. It has so many publications. The economic policy and life science are two examples of its great publication. In the economic policy, this organization has published the State New Economic Index. This publication is to measure how much the U.S. States’ economies are handled with knowledge and innovation. Also, it published The Atlantic Century and B-index in the economic policy.

Moreover, in the life sciences field, this organization has published Leadership in Decline. This publication has a title “Assessing U.U. of the International Competitiveness in the Biomedical Research.” it happened in 2012. Well, those are just two examples of great publications that were done by this organization.

After seeing some facts about the information technology and innovation foundation above, we can know this organization has a good impact on the public. Therefore, it is very important for you to know it. By knowing it, you can understand its role to the public and the benefits that you will get from this organization. Well, that is all that we can share with you about ITIF. Hopefully, it will help you recognize this organization.

Understanding Information Technology versus Computer Science

Understanding Information Technology versus Computer Science

Most of the layperson always regard equal between information technology and computer science. They start realizing that this mind is wrong when you enter a university or college. In fact, there are three main disciplines in one realm of studies such as computer science, computer engineering, and information technology. Even though, those aspects give different career and focus in the field. To clarify everything, see reviews about information technology versus computer science.

information technology versus computer science

Here is the Information Technology versus Computer Science

Well, today you will open the differences in information technology versus computer science together. Let’s start now!

· Information technology

Information technology adopts system administrations or monikers information systems. As the technology user, it utilizes software, operating systems, and applications to build a larger system. After that, it solves a specific business problem. IT also builds a network from building blocks to bring a task, for example, automated supplies ordering service.

Apparently, an IT professional has the nature of the work such as multi-talents. Describing how to solve technology cases to the client is expertise. They also work with executives and business owners to fulfill their business need.

The IT students learn many subjects include network, database, design, basic theory, and applied mathematics. They will possess strong and critical thinking skills to apply the tools with resourcefully and cost-effectively. Information technology has large career coverage because all parts need it now. Here are 5 careers for your IT skills:

1) Information security analyst

2) Network architect

3) Computer support specialist

4) Database administrator

5) Systems administrator

Pay scale shows the average salaries for information technology degree:

1) Associate’s Degree: $63,272 per year

2) Bachelor’s Degree: $64,918 per year

3) Master’s Degree: $113,627 per year

Doctorate: not reported

· Computer Science

Absolutely information technology versus computer science, in fact, has a clear difference. People from computer science focus on the theory of computational applications. It means they expert in the computer program, use advanced mathematics and algorithms. They invent a new solution to transfer and manipulate information. Generally, it concerns with operating systems, software, and implementation.

Computer science understands coding very much. Students learn about the fundamental of different software design and development. Also, they study programming language, discrete, and linear.

A computer scientist such as can able to talk to the computer because the basic is mathematics has created a computer language. Through the language, they work to make the program or operating system suitable for their want. Same with information technology, computer science also grows rapidly in the job field. It has a high salary too and here are some careers from computer science:

1) Applications software developer

2) Systems engineer

3) Web developer

Payscale shows the average salaries for computer science degree:

1) Associate’s Degree: $62,864 per year

2) Bachelor’s Degree: $73,679 per year

3) Master’s Degree: $99,268 per year

4) Doctorate: $117,039 per year

Well, those are the difference between information technology versus computer science. So, which one you will choose? No need to confuse because both fields are promising and easy to learn. It depends on you who like work at the office or in the field. See yourself and find your talent!

20 Information Technology Skills and 5 Ideas to Get Dreaming Jobs

20 Information Technology Skills and 5 Ideas to Get Dreaming Jobs

Unconsciously humans are born with information technology skills. You can prove from a baby who is able already to operate a smartphone only with see you operate it before. Even, they often show that their capability is more you further. So, why people must study about IT major? It is because learning is more than that. It dares to promise a brighter future with many cool jobs. The knowledge of IT outside of the school or course is still common. Meanwhile, both education areas bring you to deeper insight and skills

information technology skills

Two Categories of Information Technology Skill

As your information, this article divides 20 information technology skills into two categories:

· Base on Demand

1. SQL

2. Technical support

3. Oracle

4. Business process



7. Network configuration and system

8. Collaboration


10. Software installation1

· Companies are seeking in IT candidates are

1. Communication skills

2. Organizational skills

3. Writing

4. Problem-solving

5. Troubleshooting

6. Project management

7. Planning

8. Microsoft Windows

9. Research

10. Customer service

Now, you know what companies mean about the information technology skills. It skills are the most essential thing for them when they are looking for the best candidate. Pretty you can get your dreaming job and company, you must use your insight and knowledge. By the way, you may start with these 5 steps:

1. This list will guide you to make the best resume with highlight your skill in an interview. The information gives you a bigger chance to rise up as the top candidates and tell that your skills match the company needs.

2. Pay attention to your education! You cannot choose any IT major if you want to develop your skill. At least you decide one who matches with your talent and many enterprise demands. Search for a quality school so that you not only throw your money but also give a real result.

3. Do not be lazy to take many responsibilities even becomes a volunteer to take an extra project. This way, also will grow your soft skill in management and becomes a story when your success later.

4. You, of course, cannot do alone when you are studying or as the junior worker. You need a mentor and better do not be afraid to get your favorite mentor. Do anything to meet him or her and talk about why you choose them. Yeah, giving the reason why you like choose and like is very important for them. Catch some advice such as how to make an effective resume, search job vacancy, and the worst-case scenario.

5. Keep doing research and find things that block your interest in IT. Do not stop to talk to people in the field. From them, you can know much knowledge such as IT career, type of companies, and the job available.

Yeah, those are 5 points to gain the dreaming job easily. Knowing your talent and the support it with appropriate education and license. There is something certain in the IT field because it keeps developing faster than what people learn. Nonetheless, there are many companies that need people with constant skill. On the other hand, they are willing to provide a training and internship. So, your ability will develop itself over time. Have you found your information technology skill?

Enrich Your Insights by Reading Information Technology Project Management 8th Edition

Enrich Your Insights by Reading Information Technology Project Management 8th Edition

What is information technology project management 8th edition? It is one of the sources to study project management. At this time, the source comes from Kathy Schwalbe entitle Solution Manual. She appears her paper in 7 page with the brilliant explanation. Besides that, Kathy also brings 6 learning objectives inside. Certainly, the article tries to reveal the content in general. Hopefully, the explanation below supports your learning later.

45 points Information Technology Project Management 8th Edition

The discussion of information technology project management 8th edition from the learning objectivities. Here are 6 points which Kathy want to expose to in public:

1. Perceiving the increasing need for better project management, primarily in information technology (IT) projects

2. Explaining the definition of the project, give the examples, attributes, and the triple constraints

3. Explaining the project management and then discuss the main elements from the frameworks. It relates to the project management knowledge areas, project stakeholders, techniques and common tools, and project success.

4. Talking about the relationship between portfolio management, program, and project, and contributions to the success of each enterprise.

5. Explaining career opportunities, what they do for the IT project. Besides that, it describes what skills they need in the form of perceiving the role of project managers.

6. Explaining the project management profession, including the role of professional organizations and its history. Like the Project Management Institute (PMI), it tells about the importance of certification and ethics. Also, it focuses on the advancement of project management software

After show about the learning objectives, the paper enters to the introductions. Here are the contents of the information technology project management 8th edition:

1. Project Management Statistics

2. Motivations for the study of information technology project management

3. Project Management advantageous

4. The Definition of Project and the examples

5. Top Strategic of Technologies for 2012 or Gartner

6. Snapshot Media: Unproductive Apps

7. Project Attributes

8. Program and Project Managers

9. Triple Project Management Constraints

10. Definition of Project Management

11. Project Management Framework

12. Project Stakeholders

13. Knowledge Areas for Project Management

14. Tool and technique

15. Super Tools

16. Project Performance Improvement

17. Project Success

18. Things help success

19. Top Three Reasons for Success

20. What they do next

21. Project and Program Portfolio Management

22. Project Portfolio Management

23. Comparison between the Project and Project Portfolio Management

24. Best Practice

25. Sample Projects for Portfolio approach

26. The capability of Microsoft project portfolio management

27. Project Management Role

28. Suggested Skills

29. Ten Most essential Competencies `and Skills for Project Managers

30. Different Skills for Different Situations

31. Leadership Skills Importance

32. Career

33. Ten Lists of the hottest IT Skills

34. Profession

35. History of Project management

36. Sample Gantt Chart

37. Sample Network Diagram

38. Project Management Offices

39. Project Management Offices Growth

40. Global Issue

41. Institute for Project Management

42. Certification

43. PMP Certification Growth

44. Ethics in Project Management

45. Project Management Software

Lastly, information technology project management 8th edition by Kathy Schwalbe is about the conclusion. Kathy reveals 6 points as the summary while close her paper. Well, do not outdated to not buy the book. You can visit online shops or download it legal.
Bose Frames Tempo – Bose Sunglasses With Speakers And Bluetooth Connectivity

Bose Frames Tempo – Bose Sunglasses With Speakers And Bluetooth Connectivity

Bose sunglasses with speakers is the perfect companion for jogging, bicycling, hiking, and other indoor and outdoor activities. Bose Frames Tempo has 4.6 out of 5 from 779 Amazon user’s ratings.

bose sunglasses with speakers

Bose Frames Tempo Features

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Lоng bаttеrу lіfе
Uр tо 8 hоurѕ оf соntіnuоuѕ lіѕtеnіng and fullу сhаrgе in 1 hour vіа USB-C.

Bluеtооth соnnесtіvіtу
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Advаnсеd mіс ѕуѕtеm
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Step-by-step setup
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Exреrіеnсе hіgh-ԛuаlіtу sound — wіthоut hеаdрhоnеѕ. Bоѕе Frаmеѕ Tempo are hіgh-реrfоrmаnсе ѕроrt sunglasses with a rеvоlutіоnаrу Bоѕе Oреn Eаr Audio design that allows уоu tо hear уоur muѕіс аnd уоur ѕurrоundіngѕ аt thе same time for a wоrkоut unlike аnу other.

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Read 5 Reasons Below To Understand Why Student Need To Study Information Technology

Read 5 Reasons Below To Understand Why Student Need To Study Information Technology

Why do students need to study information technology? All this time, many people experts with IT though they not learn or get it, autodidact. Even, lots of children in primary school has known many social media where it is a part of IT. However, technical information is broad and contributes most of life for humans. Numerous advantageous have been experiencing by them from social media (communication) until the future. Perhaps, it can be one of the reasons for you to learn it.

5 Reasons why do Students need to Study Information Technology

Nowadays, this field already holds almost 90% of joints of life in several areas. Take a look! Government departments, office, school, hospital, constabulary, and many else rely on IT. This sophisticated system really helps them to run their mission. Well, below are 5 reasons why do students need to study information technology:

1. Unlimited Career Options

You certainly already heard about the coverage of the IT field both in the study and in work. The opportunity to get job fasters easier than the other field. They can work as office machines repairer, technical writer, web developer, chief technology officers, and so on. Definitely, you are still able to find more than above. Here, you will focus on one of the major or specialization according to your interest later. Usually, a company accepts employee stating from a Bachelor’s Degree.

2. Providing what you are learning

Learn about information technology is more than a theory lesson in class but it is about practice. This course makes you an inventor from what you have learned and useful for many people. Do you know Mark Zuckerberg? He is an inventor or Facebook maker that viral thoroughly the world. Facebook makes him very rich because when people use the application, it sends money indirectly. He is only one among many IT inventors in the world. Do not you want to like him? Of course, you can be like them with creating, changing, and applying what you got from course. It is more useful for your life and the successful will last a long time.

3. Flexible Work Time

Being the office worker is not always exciting though you have many friends. You loss many times for yourself, family, and environment because you spend your day at the office. Many workers get serious illnesses because of the less movement and get stress from the job desk. Certainly, it differs from you who work at home both at freelancer and own business. You free to manage your time for them. Keep socializing, managing the house, care for ourselves, are very exciting.

You keep own comfortable life with fixed income. Also, you can choose where you would like to work such as at home or in public spaces. Start in the morning, afternoon, or night also will not be your problem. The most important thing you do not get direct pressure from the senior boss. Once more, this job is suitable for people who like working alone with calming nuance and introvert.

4. Earn good money

Actually, the reason is the continuity of the first point where you hope a greater salary in the future. No matter if you will get it after work for long times because your skill is better after used in any year. Besides that, some companies want to own worker with long experience and current education degree.

5. Demand never decrease

The last reason why do student need to study information technology is about demand. The demand for IT jobs increases continually from year to year. You can work at home or wherever you like. If you want to work abroad with your IT skill is very possible.

Well, those are 5 reasons why do students need to study information technology. Get at least a bachelor’s degree with specialization major. Do not forget to add with a certain certification or license to support your career.

Enter UCF Information Technology Easily with Service Catalog

Enter UCF Information Technology Easily with Service Catalog

Do you want to hone your skill in IT field? Just come to UCF information technology. The University of Central Florida or UCF is a university in 4000 Central Florida Blvd. Orlando, Florida 32816. The focus of the school is, of course, about the technical skill but it also adds about the resource. Support the students, staff, and faculty to achieve their learning, research, teaching, and service are the mission of UCF. Well, UCF includes one of the quality IT school in the world. Roughly, what are the features of the school for you?

UCF Information technology has three points to realize their mission includes:

Online Service of UCF Information Technology

· Providing the best services and innovative technology solution.

· Giving reliable and responsive support and IT infrastructure

· Improving and accessing the service offering continually

Many partners call UCF as the main information technology providers. It certainly has a few responsibilities such as enterprise administration system and providing voice and data (telecommunication services). Additionally, the university also supports the UCF community:

1. Campus telephone system

2. Campus local area network

3. Campus-wide area network

4. Campus wireless network

5. Cable TV

6. Computer labs

7. Computer store

8. System administration and Data center operations

9. Email

10. Document imaging services

11. The services of enterprise administrative data processing

12. Online instruction support

13. PeopleSoft ERP (SA/HR, Portal, CRM) development

14. Identity management/ domain services

15. Research computing

16. Web hosting services

UCF information technology now releases some services to ease the students getting their necessary relation to the university. It consists of several types but the article will focus on one type. Service Catalog comes to define and categorize service offering and improve the understanding of what UCF give. The purpose of the catalog is to appear more accurate information than before. It is also able to describe and the services clearly and consistently so that the student easy to identify UCF. Generally, it relates to the description, functionality, price, and technical specification.

Besides that, the service eases the customers using services by facilitating the communication between the community and UCF IT. Within the catalog can find more information. It is such as

Enterprise Application Development

Operations and Enterprise System

Information Security

Planning and Program Management

Technology Sales, Service, and Support


The other services of UCF besides the catalog are:

Business Relationship Management

Technology Commons

Computer Store


Test Scoring

Service Level Targets

Request a Service

Actually, there are still numerous things you can catch from this university. Therefore, you must move to collect more information. After you study here you will work in benefit companies where many alumni have proven it.

Lots of companies look for the candidate from this university because the students are very skillful. It implies you have a golden chance to improve your life after graduation. Even, they open the opportunity for the students to work there. How if you live in another part or country? This online catalog eases you to get all information without must move from your chair. UCF Information Technology deserves as the best IT University and you do not need to doubt it again.

VPN HMA Top Rated VPN Provider That Covers The World

VPN HMA Top Rated VPN Provider That Covers The World

VPN HMA or Hide My Ass has 1100 servers across 190+ countries, with 20 Gbps speed you will get a secure and fast VPN connection. So by far, VPN HMA is the biggest VPN network in the world.

VPN HMA Features

With more than 15 years of operating HMA has lots of features for you like:

The biggest VPN network with 290+ locations around the world.

No one outside of a small group within the company may access any public logs. There is no way to do this and maintain our privacy, so we have decided not to keep them at all – it’s simply too dangerous for us.

Blazing fast servers with up to 20 Gbps of bandwidth
Enjoy a server that operates at blazing speeds.

OpenVPN is a fast, safe protocol that provides transparency.
The OpenVPN Protocol enables people to bypass the government’s internet censorship and maintain better speeds for streaming content around the world while protecting their identity online with encryption protocols.

Lightning Connect is the fastest way to find a server.

You might not have noticed but when you change Wi-Fi networks, sometimes your device will disconnect from the internet for a couple of seconds. That is because some other wireless network operator may be providing more coverage than HMA in that location and won’t let our connection rule through until it’s done with its own users first! This can happen especially if you are connecting to public WiFi like at airports or cafés where there are many people looking for signal interference constantly. Fortunately all this confusion doesn’t last long since as soon as we gain access again, everything gets back to normal on your end within just few moments – no need to panic then — so don’t worry about missing important updates during these transitions either 🙂

The internet is a dangerous place, but fortunately there are ways to protect yourself. One such way is by using IP Shuffle; you can use this service without any hassle and it will completely change your public-facing IPv4 address every few minutes so that nobody knows where you live or what websites you visit on the regular. It’s perfect for those who want to stay anonymous while browsing online because no one can track them down!

“This app is a must-have tool to keep your browsing under wraps. It’s designed for people with sensitive work and personal information who need the protection of an encrypted VPN connection, but don’t want their internet service interrupted when they lose that secure link.”

Smаrt Kіll Swіtсh
Autоmаtісаllу lаunсh HMA tо рrоtесt уоur аррѕ.

No more logs. Rely on our no-log DNS to avoid leaving a trail and keep your identity secure, anonymous, and hidden from prying eyes.

Leak Shield is a tool that helps you to stop “IPv4, IPv6, and DNS leaks when browsing.” You can use it on your phone or computer so that other devices cannot see sensitive information about what websites you have visited.

Sрееd Tеѕt
Fіnd thе server wіth thе best performance.

VPN HMA Pricing

HMA has 1-month plan cost $11.99 per month

12 months plan cost you $4.99 per month or $59.88 per year

36 months plan cost you $2.99 per month or $107.64 per year

vpn hma pricing

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