Do you often confuse about the Information Communication Technology? Here is the Explanation!

Do you often confuse about the Information Communication Technology? Here is the Explanation!

All this time, people do not know in detail what information communication technology (ICT) is. Most people regard ICT, IT, and IS are similar. Those indeed have bit relationship and similarity so that they never pay attention to the term. It turns out emerges bit problems to the student who wants to take technology major. They made the wrong choice of study and did not get the right job. Let’s change that bad habit and start to open mind through the following information.

Information Communication Technology
Learn about Information Communication Technology to know your Future

Knowing closer about the information communication technology (ICT) better begins from the definition. ICT is term or science focusing on communication and technology. The students usually learn about certain topics during their education period. It is such as software, internet, telecommunication, networking, and IST (Information System technology. In fact, ICT comes with different contexts and often emerges ambiguity. The examples are the ICT sector, ICT companies, ICT industries, ICT laws, and the rest. Through this article, you get a clear explanation soon.

By the way, there are two choices from the ICT cloud acronym; information and communication technology also information, communication technology. Okay, let’s open it from the first option that means both cannot stand alone in technology. Meanwhile, the second option has a wider interpretation where the experts see it from these acronyms:

1. Communication – in person or electronically (electronic communications), in writing or voice, telecommunications, and broadcasting

2. Information – (or data) in paper or electronic format

3. Communications technology – including protocols, software, and hardware

4. Information technology (IT) – including software, hardware, and electronics

The analogy is ICT same with plumbing system which consists of pipes and storage tanks. Information technology (IT) is as the storage tank and communication technology (CT) as the pipe. In the performance, IT saves the information and it flows or delivers to the receivers through the CT.

Okay, go on the further information which relates to the education or the level degrees. The knowledge from the course of university teach them to solve the problems relates to communication and technology effectively. It includes managing and implementing technology in an organization. The students also wish to work as the connector between the people and organization communication using technology. Information communication technology will pursue one of two concentrations; ICT Commercialization and Technology Management.

1. Commercialization: it has 12 hours for the focus area with four-course options:

2. CT 307—Copyright

3. IS 402—Competitive Intelligence

4. ICT 410—Privacy

5. Requisite ISC 161)

6. MAS 322—Multimedia I

7. MAS 422—Multimedia II

8. ISC 361—Direct Response Targeting: Media and Database Management (pre

Then, the electives take 6 hours with 300+ level IS or ICT courses. Besides that, there is cognate with 15 Hours for the 300+ level outside the Major.

Technology Management has 12 hours for the focus area with:

1. ICT 303—Systems Analysis

2. ICT 550—Security Informatics

3. ICT 351—Technology Security

4. ICT 552—Cybercrime and Digital Law Enforcement

5. CT 302—Content Management Systems (new course effective fall 2015)

6. JOU 330—Web Publishing and Design

7. MAS 355—Information Communication Systems in Organizations

8. MAS 535—Telecommunications Network Management

9. MAS 404—Media Organizations

The, 6 hours for the electives–6 Hours for two ICT courses or 300+ level IS. Meanwhile, the cognate takes15 Hours (300+ level) outside the Major. Yeah, that is about the information communication technology. Hopefully, it gives you inspiration for you.

10 Reasons Why You Must Choose the Information Technology Schools

10 Reasons Why You Must Choose the Information Technology Schools

If you like everything related to the computer, you will choose an information technology school. So, you will increase your ability and willingness to study about it. Besides that, studying something that you like will make you feel happy to pass the process, enjoy it and get the best result. This is because you do it with the full heart without some force from another person and it is really good news for you to get the bright future.

As we all know, technology information always gives new things that really helpful for a human being. It is because the information technology schools always try to make an improvement for their students to make a good invention. In the school, they will study theoretical and practical of site programming, internet security, system analysis and many more. So, you need to do the practical work and written assignments to know more about the material.

information technology schools

For you that real interest in the information technology schools, you must be happy. Because through it you will get a good future. It becomes the favorite because this department is promising and have a good prospect. Let’s check the reasons for your consideration why you must choose the information technology department.

The reasons to choose information technology schools

1. The information technology has good prospects in the future and urgently needed in the modern era. It is because of the fast technological development of information technology and a lack of personnel with a good ability.

2. Related with the technological development, the opportunities of information technology students will increase every year. The whole country in the world really needs it, so you must be ready to get the challenging job in the future and get the high salary.

3. If you don’t want to be an employee, you will create something with your skill ability. So, you will create your own work in the information technology field and make some products. For example, you will make some applications or software and get some benefit from it.

4. You will develop some work and provide employment for others. It is a really good idea to decrease the unemployment of people around you. You will hire them to help you manage the information technology products.

5. If you hate studying physics or don’t like memorizing the concepts of biology or chemistry, choose information technology school is the right choice. Because here you just study the logic programming, smart business and interesting things about technology.

6. In information technology schools, you will study how to create hardware and also software. Through it, you will have some ability to create hardware software that user-friendly and useful for many people.

7. You will be a programmer too if you choose the information technology department. You will do it as soon as possible without waiting for a graduate from the school if you like and have the basic skill. It gives a good benefit to you because it will give you extra money if you work as a programmer.

8. You will have an opportunity to be an information technology consultant. Through it, you will use your skill for some clients to install a good system or to develop some device that used for another person.

9. If you have enough skill and majoring in information technology, it is easy for you to understand software. So you will create software to be more effective and easy to use.

10. If you have some trouble with your hardware, absolutely you will fix it by yourself. So, it will decrease the repair cost when your hardware is broken. Besides that, you will also open a repair service that will give some benefit to you.

Those are the 10 reasons for choosing information technology schools as your considerations. The good prospects in the future and also give you an opportunity to get a good salary is also the point. So, don’t hesitate to choose it if you have a passion for information technology.

7 Benefits of Reading Information Technology Articles

7 Benefits of Reading Information Technology Articles

Reading is one of the good habits for us and one of them is by reading about information technology articles. Unfortunately, the more people who love reading are getting less and they don’t realize how useful it is to read. There are many articles written and available in various electronic and printed media, but the readers are very minimal. If they want to read, they will get many benefits in all fields.

In this advanced age, there are still many people who do not understand about information technology even though there are so many information technology articles that can be used as references. As a result, they cannot quickly follow the development of the era and maximize the technological tools that they have. Some of them were able to buy the latest technology devices but could not maximize their function due to lack of knowledge.

information technology articles

So, let’s open our minds and make reading an important activity to increase knowledge. So you are more interest to read and get the benefits of reading articles. There are several reasons that can strengthen your intention to be more diligent in reading information technology articles.

The benefit of reading information technology articles

1. By reading information technology articles, you will get a lot of new information about technological developments. Of course, this will provide many benefits so you never left behind to update the recent technology.

2. Almost every day there are new discoveries about information technology. So you must update your knowledge and know it immediately. If you know it soon, you will get some benefit especially if it can make you easier to finish your work.

3. By reading a lot of information technology articles, you will know many things that other people don’t know yet. Of course, it will make you more advanced and more knowledgeable so that you can share that information with others.

4. In articles that contain information about technology, there will be many tips on how to deal with problems related to modern devices such as computers, cell phones and so on. By reading the article you can try to find a solution to solve the problem of the device that you have before taking it to the service center.

5. By reading the articles you will find out how to repair a device and try to practice it by yourself. Through it, you will save your money because the cost of repairing a device can be fairly expensive.

6. If you have a lot of knowledge from the article and know too many ways to solve some problem of the devices by practice the ways, it really gives you many benefits. You will get many experiences from this trial and error and you can earn money by service some device.

7. By reading the article you can handle some problem by yourself in an urgent time without waiting for some help from the other. Actually, it will save you time and you will continue your work soon and finish it immediately.

There are too many advantages for you that have a willingness to read information technology articles. But you must have some awareness of how important the reading habit for your life to gets some new information.

Understanding The Ethics in Information Technology for Your Safety

Understanding The Ethics in Information Technology for Your Safety

You often get the notification to relate to the new rule for the security of your social media. Then, you just click okay or skip it on Facebook or others. Apparently, it is the ethics in information technology. The function of the ethics to protect the user’s privacy. Besides that, it informs that the users use the right applications and the email response. Additionally, the ethic detects about the right and wrong when operating the information technology. So, what are the ethics of IT?
ethics in information technology

Here are 5 Ethics in Information Technology

Below, the article shows 5 ethics in information technology which are actually very important. Even though, the user never think about it because they do not understand what is that?

1. Data Mining

Data mining has a wide range coverage of activity which turns words, numbers, and other data into differentiable patterns. They are able to responsible determine demographic buyer groups or determine probable next step for a terrorist cell.

2. Social Networking

There are numerous cases relating to the social networking. For example, Facebook made a new program with Beacon as the name in 2007. The program, then, changes the user’s personal information become an advertisement. It surely allows a greater amount of connectivity between the website’s members. In fact, this program failed to create an opt-in system and came under fire because pulling information from Facebook profiles.

By the way, the action had broken down privacy boundaries common in the real world. Additionally, the ethical issue relates to the amount of security when they registering members. Several abductions come from the social media networking that connected to MySpace. Certainly, it brings up new concerns that social networking sites are not giving enough to protect young users.

3. E-mail Spam

Spam is an email with commercial or profane messages. People sent it blindly to hundreds and thousands of users. Besides that, the major case of ethics in information technology affects service providers and individuals. AOL and Yahoo! are able to identify some spammers who know that detect that their spam programs depend on feedback. As information, some users identify legitimate spammers bringing viruses and pornographic messages.

4. Intellectual Property and Information Technology

Since the 1990s, there is incorporating between the information technology and the intellectual property rights. Apparently, Limewire, Napster, and peer-to-peer downloading networks give issue toward the future property artistic violation. Here, the ethical issue arises when faced with intellectual property in the virtual world. The producer should pursue permission to reprint images and articles.

5. Filtering Online Content

Comcast had come under fire in the past two years after blocked downloads from Bit Torrent. He had claimed that “throttling down” downloads through Bit Torrent is a reasonable element to maintenance the high-speed service. Before ISP, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and end users is whether Internet service becomes content-neutral, they had done debate.

It turns out knowing about the ethics in information technology is very important. Knowing and obey the regulation surely save yourself. Other people cannot take your data, steal your privacy, and commit a crime against you. Moreover, cybercrime has difficult detection for common people and often not realized. So, save yourself!

Information Technology Management: One Field with Many Changes

Information Technology Management: One Field with Many Changes

Information technology management is the process of managing all resources related to information technology. This includes real resources (people, computers, and network hardware) and intangible resources (data and software). The main goal is to produce value through the use of technology. Thus, the management process requires business strategies and technology to be aligned. There are many basic functions and other unique functions. Basic functions include management as an example of organizing, staffing, budgeting, and control. The unique functions include change management, network planning, software development, and technical support. Generally, organizations use IT are used to support, complement, and the center of their business.

information technology management

What is in information technology management?

Information technology management is a fast-growing field where many companies need it. This is because technology management is able to improve their technology. People who work with computers and communicate with others are suitable to work in this field. Students need to prepare an appropriate educational background, database administration, and network management if they want to work in the field of computer science and business. Both fields are highly dependent on competitive and efficient computer technology. The following are important things or factors to prepare before working in the IT field:

1. Education Information

Prospective applicants have at least a bachelor’s degree in their field. In this level of education, they have been able to apply their computer science skills to the business world. They also learn to work in teams when developing, maintaining, and improving computer systems.

2. Long-distance learning option

Many colleges and universities have offered online degree programs. Some also provide free online courses without giving an undergraduate level. Some fields provide only learning:

a. Bachelor of Online Science in Information Technology

b. Bachelor of Online Technical Management

c. Master of Science in Information Technology: Online Degree

d. Online Technology Management Degree

3. Career Alternative

It is no secret anymore if there are many types of jobs from the information technology management. In fact, many companies dare to offer very high salaries to their employees. They can also rise from low to higher positions. However, these promotions usually require certain conditions such as several years of professional IT experience.

4. Employment Information

US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) states that the work in the computer field will continue to grow and develop in the future ( Many companies are looking for skilled individuals to meet their technological needs. BLS predicts that this type of work will grow 15% from 2012-2022 and faster than the average of all national jobs. These managers also accept an average annual salary of $ 132,570 in May 2013.

So, what should you do now? Of course, you must be an information technology professional who has good quality. Moreover, there are always staffing recruits from many companies every year. Like in the US, companies ask for qualified information technology professionals. Having an information technology management degree has become a good start for your career. That is because you get a lot of knowledge and training in multi-faceted programs. With this provision, you even have more than one chance or position. Now, do what you should do with taking a course or join to college.

Director of Information technology: Highest Position which experiences about the Demand

Director of Information technology: Highest Position which experiences about the Demand

Director of information technology is the highest position for the job in business or organization. They are very responsible for technology for more than one aspects. Sometimes, someone in this position will collaborate with the CIO. Even though, both keep having large differentiation where and IT director works with the technology directly. On the contrary, CIO more focuses on temporary technology strategic. The director, typically, oversees the deployment of services and new systems. It also controls the IT vendor contract and the initiative and policies development. However, the director may report directly to the CIO.

director of information technology

About Director of Information Technology

Most of the companies own at least one director of information technology. The responsibilities include eliminating security risks, increasing user satisfaction, and many else. Here, you will see how a director is. This article will give you imagination responsibility, candidacy requirement, future, and the rest.

1. Terminology

This position has more than one title such as IT and Senior IT Director.

2. Peers and Reporting

A director asks for resource report, providing the update, and report directly to CIO. A director of a technology answer these questions:

a) Are individual IT teams reach their goals?

b) Are the teams own issues bringing?

c) Are other departments supporting the IT department by providing the necessary support, infrastructure, resources, etc.?

3. Responsible and Roles

Responsibilities and roles come to vary greatly depending on the size of the organization and the scope within the enterprise. The job itself will give a good impact to the organization. The industry will have an impact on government, healthcare, education, and nonprofit sectors. Here is the responsibility of Director in the IT field:

a) Overseeing and Developing SMART metrics for software, hardware, and storage

b) Ensuring the strategic capacity planning

c) Managing part or all of the IT department and supervising some employees, handling employee concerns, hiring certain members, and performance directly

d) Communicating with the team and other departments as collaboration necessary

e) Determining IT business systems requirements

f) Coordinating IT activities to ensure network services and data availability

g) Overseeing departmental finances such as budgeting and forecasting

h) Implementing policies and reporting it back to the C-suite level

i) Eliminating them with strategic solutions and Identifying security vulnerabilities

j) Support and directing new software and hardware implementation

k) Identifying and recommending the new technology solutions

l) Managing the organization’s help desk such as external, internal, or both

4. Requirement

General requirements for a director of information technology position:

a) A BS in computer science, c programming, computer engineering, etc.

b) Several years’ experience: manage employees properly within an IT environment

c) Several years’ experience: working certain relevant systems to the company. For instance; EMR/EHR systems in healthcare technology

5. Job Outlook

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) in the US, the demand for this job will grow 15% by 2024. This increased demand for such candidates because they need to implement the growth goals. Further, it is because of the cyber threats increase and the IT teams must spend more time to bolster their cybersecurity (protocols and practices). The BLS predicts that the cybersecurity requirement gives effect to the insurance, healthcare and so on.

Well, that is a bit knowledge about the director of information technology. Wish this article becomes your best reference.

Five Considerations in Choosing Vanguard Information Technology ETF

Five Considerations in Choosing Vanguard Information Technology ETF

Have you ever heard the term of vanguard information technology ETF? Or, is it the first time for you? If this question is right for you, don’t worry! We are going to help you to share an interesting knowledge about it. Essentially, it is like a fund of exchange-traded which is integrated in the USA. This ETF follows the presentation of MSCI US Investable Market Information Technology Index which has the stocks of technology in all cap sizes.

Then, for investments, they are concentrated in the US. They just focus on three parts which are the computer, software, and also the internet companies. As a result, the information technology of vanguard is ETF which has low cost and provides a large variety of tech stocks. They are available for the investors and it also includes the subsector of the industry.

vanguard information technology ETF

The considerations in selecting vanguard information technology ETF

In selecting the vanguard information technology ETF, you have to pay attention to these following considerations. Why should it be like that? Yeah, it can help you in deciding it which is appropriate to use or not. Are you curious about them? Here are they:

1. The objectiveness

The first consideration that you should know is the objectiveness of vanguard information technology. The investment objective of it is to follow the presentation or act of the MSCI in the US. Then, there is the Investable Market Information Technology 25/50 Index which includes the tech stocks. They are classified into three main parts which are the hardware and equipment, the software and services, also the semiconductors.

2. The allocation of assets

Then, vanguard information technology ETF has a distinction which is high level. In fact, it across the tech industry subsectors. In relation to the assets, the services and the internet software become the fifth of the fund’s assets. For the systems software, the technology hardware, the data processing services, and the semiconductors have the allocations. Each of them has between 11% up to 17%.

3. The cost

The vanguard information technology accuses only 0.10% on the yearly basis. Then, for the costs, they are currently about $140. Please remember that there is no lowest investment in order to buy shares in your account of the brokerage. However, the account holders of the vanguard brokerage can buy shares with no commissions. On the other hand, other brokers have the commissions which can add the fee in order to buy and sell the ETF.

4. The income from paying the shareholders

It is better for you to know that vanguard information technology ETF is only 1.2% for the current SEC defined yield. In addition, the ETF creates some allocations on a quarterly basis which the total amounts are varying. It is based on how much income from the fund which accumulates from the holdings.

5. Appropriate for you

Greatly, the vanguard information technology has finished an excellent work in giving the exposure of the shareholders to the tech industry. Hence, it becomes the last consideration in choosing what the vanguard information technology is appropriate for you or not.

Those are five considerations in selecting the vanguard information technology ETF. Hopefully, it can be very useful to you.

Incredible Information Technology Services from Pakistan to the World

Incredible Information Technology Services from Pakistan to the World

There are many Information technology services (ITS) in the world one of them is from Pakistan. Pakistan is a country in South Asian boundaries with India, Afghanistan, Iran, and the Arabian Sea. The country with has many uniqueness also has a cool building to serves people relate to the information technology. By the way, the office stands at C-32, Block -1(A), Gulistan-e-Johar, Karachi, Pakistan. They provide lots of services for all customers thoroughly the world.

information technology services

5 Featured Product Information Technology Service

Information Technology Service in Pakistan has established since 2001 under the professional teams. They are very professional toward web development, publication, and event management. Additionally, the company also own quality services and successfully in operating various projects.


The vision of the company provides publishing, conference management, and digital marketing services. ITS company believes that the vision will work during they uphold the highest standards of work ethics. Then, they practice and undergo the duty exceeding the expectations of the customers.


Providing the best service to customers is the mission of this company. They will do it with honesty, perseverance and high dedication. At the same time, the company provides the best work environment for employees. So, they are able to work professionally both individually and in groups. In addition, a good working atmosphere creates a feeling of happiness and they can grow and develop together.

Below are the products or services of the company:

1. XML Conversion

The company from Pakistan is famous for the best service of XML Conversion to the R& D organization and the major publishers around the world. The focus on improving the efficiency and affordability in delivering high-quality XML services. XML conversion from the company has the high standard solution. It transforms database and document to fulfill the customer’s need really both today and the future.

Main Benefits of I.T.S XML Conversion Services:

a) Database Preservation and Maximum Accuracy

b) Significant Cost Savings

c) Minimum Turnaround Time

d) Innovative and Customized Solutions

e) Optimum Security of Information

f) Increased Flexibility

2. Proof Reading

Generally, the function of proofreading catch any glaring errors. The Expert proofreaders from I.T.S really help to give a professional image to a piece of writing.

3. Copy Editing

The presence of the copy editing helps the writers to improve readability, accuracy, and coherency of the text. By the way, the duty of copy editing relies on the content.

4. Graphics Enhancement

An article with illegible, bad quality or fuzzy form is the same with suicide. Giving the authenticity, diagram, figure, to research is very essential.

5. Graphic Design

The products of graphic design from the information technology services are various. Lots of designs such as the brochure, flyer, logo, poster, business card, advertisement, and presentation folder. Besides that, there are catalog/ booklet design, book cover, website layout, and banner animation. 

The information technology services from Pakistan has many products of high quality. Alongside those 5 points, the company still saves some. You can buy Printing, Web development, Composition, E-publication, Post-publication, and Event Management. It turns out a small country with two cultures is able to show a modernity to help the people in the world.

Entry Level Information Technology Jobs with High Salary Prove That You Take The Right Major

Entry Level Information Technology Jobs with High Salary Prove That You Take The Right Major

Be happy and thankful because you choose the right major in your study. There are a lot of company waiting for your graduation and fill their office soon. Entry-level information technology jobs have an easy job desk but it requires you to face the computer screen longer. Nonetheless, many people dream of this job so that you have many rivals later. To avoid a bad event, you better search many companies from now. So, you will be more ready to send the application or they perhaps will hire you before graduation. Below are the levels of the entry jobs as your reference.

entry-level information technology jobs

8 Entry Level Information technology Jobs with the Salary

Here are 8 entry-level information technology jobs include the payment:

1. Software Engineer I

You have a team usually to design computer software applications and develop it. You along with your team will be key stakeholders for each company/organization. Then, you became the channeling your inner coding power to analyze to the user. By the way, the average software engineer I salary is $ 54,876 in 2010. It means you have a bigger salary payment now.

2. Network Specialist

As a network specialist, you must understand how to implement computer networks and record problems. Some companies may ask you to get network certification, such as Cisco and Microsoft. The average salary for the network specialist starts from $ 52.616.

3. IT Specialist

The entry level for the IT specialist, in fact, has large meaning. It consists of the technology, security or system analysis, operation system, data management, and the customer support. You will responsible to make sure that all systems run properly. You will get the average salary about S 51,754 in 2010.

4. Junior Administrator System

Your duty as the entry-level information technology job is a lot enough. It covers helping the current organization or company in maintaining and improving their computer systems. The payment for the junior administrator system is about $46.246.

5. Postdoctoral Research Assistant

Your job is helping a Ph.D. with their research where it will be the first step to be a doctor. Therefore, the job is suitable for people who want to continue their tertiary education. The salary of the job is about $ 43.613.

6. Computer Support Specialist

It has the salary in 2015 between $28.980 and $47.660 per year. You quite evaluate the network, maintain and solve the problem. You also must control and repair the computer device. Besides that, you will train them to use the hardware, software, and the new computer device.

7. Cellular application development

The average salary is $ 57,340 up to $98.260 per year in 2015. The responsible is designing and adjusts the computer application software to the user’s necessary. You must responsible for the coding, testing, and debugging. Even, you must monitor existing software applications and ensure they are running correctly.

8. Web Development

The average payment in 2015 is $ 34.770- $ 64.970 per year. Your job desk helps to design and build the website. You also test application for websites and write codes. Together with other team members, you must determine the layout, audio, graphics, and monitor web site traffics.

Those are the specification of the entry-level information technology jobs for you. Such as you know, IT system has large coverage and it is easy to get the job.

Blink (Indoor) v Blink XT (Indoor/Outdoor) Camera Review

Blink (Indoor) v Blink XT (Indoor/Outdoor) Camera Review

Gabe: Today, we’re going to check out the original Blink camera and its somewhat bigger, definitely badder cousin, the Blink XT. Let’s check them out. [music] Gabe: Hey everybody, this is Gabe at Security Baron. Today we’re going to look at the Blink and its bigger, badder cousin, the Blink XT. Blink was acquired by Amazon in the past year for this HD video technology.

Before we can get into that, we’ve got to unbox. [music] Gabe: For today’s review, I want to go over a few things. The way we’re going to structure it is talk about what these have in common and what they do separately, and then come back to say what they do well together. Let’s begin with the actual cameras themselves. Each of these cameras actually feels pretty weighty in my hands despite the plastic encasing.

They’re about 3.3 inches across. The Blink XT is a little bit bigger. They each come with these sync modules.

However, you just need one sync module to run up to 10 cameras.

Both of these cameras come with at least 720 high-definition video, a microphone, free cloud storage, Amazon Alexa integration, and the famed battery life. The best way for us to go about talking about the distinctions between the XT and the original Blink camera is to go through Security Baron’s necessary features. A good security camera should have stellar video, two-way audio, night vision, local and cloud storage, a great value, smart platform integration, artificial intelligence with facial recognition, and a convenience factor. To begin with, let’s start with the Blink. The original Blink camera goes for about $100 online, which I overall think is a pretty great value considering that you can just put two cheap AA lithium batteries inside and it will go for two years without having to think about it.

The Blink has 720 resolution, which honestly we’ve seen a lot better in a lot of other cameras that we reviewed here on our site.

That’s minus in terms of what kind of features they have. Secondly, you have the audio is only one-way. One-way audio, after we’ve seen so many two-way audio cameras, is a little disappointing. Additionally, the original Blink only comes with illuminated night vision, not infrared.

The thing that I think it really lacks in terms of what we’re looking for in today’s market is a smart platform integration. While you can set it up with Amazon Alexa, or even use some IFTTT, and set it up with your Google Home, the functions are pretty limited.

You can basically schedule an arming or disarming, but you can only do it for the whole system together. When you try to do one independently, it won’t work. I can’t have a Blink camera set up in my living room differently from my bedroom or kitchen versus outside.

That’s a bit annoying because I think this really stems from their issues with no artificial intelligence and no facial recognition. These are two other Security Baron necessary features that I don’t find in the original Blink camera. Now, it was very convenient to set up. All I had to do was take about 30 minutes, unpack everything, download the app, and I was ready to go.

Let’s talk about these necessary features in relationship to the Blink XT.

The Blink XT actually can be configured up to 1080p which should be the bare minimum for any security camera out in the market these days. Additionally, it has only one-way audio which is the same issue that we have with the original Blink. It does have a better night vision because it has actual infrared capacity, but it has the same cloud storage options as the original Blink camera.

In terms of value, for about $20 more generally than what you pay for the Blink original camera, you get the weatherproof Blink XT that has 1080p video. In terms of smart platform integration or convenience, or anything like that, they’re essentially the same.

In terms of value, I think this is the better value because you can place it anywhere, get a better video, and get better night vision. I want to talk about some of the things I really like about the Blink security cameras. For one, the two years of battery life with just two AA lithium batteries for the Blink Indoor is great. It allows me to set up this little camera and forget about it. Also, the set up itself was very easy.

I synced the module to my router and was ready to go within 15 minutes. While the Blink works for two years on two lithium A batteries, the Blink XT reports of the same thing. We’re reading so many reports that it actually will die within two, three or four months.

If I’m going out in the snow or any other elements, I have to change the battery that I expected to work for two years, I’m going to be a little bit annoyed. On top of that, when I want to watch the video on the Blink or the Blink XT, I have to continuously press on the app to maintain the live stream.

It’s almost like Netflix saying, “Are you still watching?” That’s really annoying because I want to be able to, like most of my cameras, tap on the app and watch the live stream for as long as I want without having to continuously think about the fact that I’m watching a live stream.

Another issue that each of them has is that there’s only 110 degrees of viewing angle. It’s not going to capture everything that’s happening in any given space. Many of the cameras that we’ve reviewed so far have 120 or 130 degrees, or they can even pan.

The fact that this is only 110-degree viewing angle is a real issue for us. Otherwise, I really enjoyed working with these cameras, but those are some things to think about when you’re buying the Blink and the Blink XT. I wanted to end today talking about how you can set up the Blink system in your home to feel secure. With one sync module, you can put up to 10 cameras and you can mix and match between the XT and the original Blink camera.

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The Blink has motion detection, scheduled arming, all of things that you would want in terms of feeling safe and that you know what’s going on in your home.

We should mention that it will only send you a push notification after it begins recording when motion detection is sent off. You can expect it to be instant from the moment someone walks in your home. It’s going to start recording and then send you a message. Additionally, if you do live streaming you have to continuously press on it to see a new video. Most systems allow you to hit live stream once and you could watch that stream all day.

The Blink doesn’t allow for that. Finally, you can set up the configuration for video to be between five seconds to one minute, but ultimately, it will only record 7,200 seconds before it begins to overwrite itself. There’s no cloud storage beyond that. Additionally, if night vision is important to you, you’d definitely want to have more XTs in your system. Of course, you can mix and match up to 10 on just one module.

The XT has actual infrared LED video capacity. The original only comes with illuminated night vision. Let’s take a look at the video capabilities of the Blink and the Blink XT. Right now, I’m looking on my iPhone at the video clarity of the original Blink and I immediately noticed that it’s just 720. When you look at some of the other cameras on the market even at a lower price range, they’re often shooting in 1080.

That’s one thing. Additionally, every 30 seconds, I have to click continue in order to maintain the live stream. This may have to do with the fact that the Blink runs off of two batteries for two years. It’s definitely something that I find annoying as I go through and I have to continuously remember to press it if I’m watching a video in order to see what’s happening in my home, or I just want to catch up on something going on.

You’ll also find that the 110-degree viewing angle is narrower than many other competitors.

Usually, you start off with at least 120-degree viewing angle. We’ve seen cameras like the iSmartAlarm that have a pan that go a full 350. Let’s go ahead and look at the Blink XT. As soon as I start recording the video for the Blink XT, you can see how much better the clarity is in comparison to the original Blink. The Blink XT is configurable up to 1080p, so you get a much better resolution.

However, it is still limited by the 110-degree viewing angle and the fact that I have to look down and press continue in order to maintain a live stream.

It does come with some of the same setbacks as the original Blink when it comes to watching and reviewing a video, but it does have a much better quality. Let’s go ahead and look at both of these cameras and the ways of where they differ in terms of night vision. Both the original Blink and the Blink XT come with night vision modes. Now with the original Blink, it has something called low-light illumination, which essentially means that anytime it detects something in terms of motion or you press live stream, it shines a bright light, which I’m looking directly into now, I’m following the light.

The Blink XT uses a more traditional infrared LED for capturing video in low-light. If I’m trying to watch a live stream or it detects motion, a little red light is on, on the camera, but there’s no low-light illumination, bright light, and I can see everything in the same manner. Of course, I can still use digital zoom, whatever is necessary, but the Blink XT does the job in a really satisfactory fashion. Let’s check out the Blink app. I just click in.

As you can see, I’ve got an array of options in terms of modules. I’ve only got two set ups for right now. I’ve got the original Blink on top as Baron Spy and the Blink XT as Baron Spy Master. Of course, you want to make sure you’re connected. Here at the bottom, and I find this pretty intuitive generally, it says it’s online, the WiFi is excellent.

I go back. Now, I can either take a screenshot by clicking on the camera here or here. I can go here into the folder and look at some of the rolls of clips that I’ve shot. If I want to go to the live streaming, I click on either of these two icons depending on which camera I want to see. Here I am.

As you can see, there is a bit of lag for what I’m actually doing, what I’m actually hearing and what’s taking place on the screen. Overall, the app is very intuitive and I can merely get it up and working.

Overall, the Blink and the Blink XT are two great security cameras for your smart home security system. Of course, I have concerns with each, especially the resolution on the indoor or the battery life on the XT, but they’re great cameras for someone starting out setting up their home system. If you’d like to read the whole review, google Security Baron plus Blink Security Cameras.

If you have any questions, leave a comment below. If you have appreciated this video, give us a like. As always, this is Gabe at Security Baron. Be secure. [music].

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