Comparing the Information Technology VS Information Systems

Comparing the Information Technology VS Information Systems

In this developing era, you can see that there are some kinds of helpful information. You can use them to help your business. In this good opportunity, we want to discuss two great information for you. Those are information technology vs information systems. There are some people who want to know the difference between those kinds of information. Thus, now, we want to share with you.

information technology vs information systems

Clearly distinctive matters on the information technology vs information systems

Talking about the information technology vs information systems, we want to tell the distinct differences between them. So, you can understand more about them and can differentiate between those two important matters for your business. Here is the difference between them seen from the same case.

1. What they relate to

Firstly, we will tell you the difference between them in relation to what they relate to. For the information system, it relates to finding what is needed to meet the objectives of a certain given business strategy. So, it focuses on how you can meet the objectives. While the information technology, it relates to how something is able to be delivered to fulfil the requirements and also reach the objectives of a certain given business strategy. It focuses more on meeting the requirement and achievement of the objectives.

2. What they cover

It will be interesting to talk about what the information technology vs information systems cover. Well, the information technology, it covers the intricacies of a hardware and also software. They are such as CPU VS PC, OS VS Program, Hard Drive VS RAM, and some other things. That is all that the information technology covers.

While for the information system, it covers decision-making according to a set of data, management methods and computing devices. It is clearly different related to what those two matters cover, isn’t it?

3. What they are involved

The third, let’s see the difference between them by considering what they are involved. What about the information technology? Well, it is involved with anything that is concerned with computing technology or computers. While the information system, it is involved with the process and system which govern the effective and efficient use of IT.

4. How they work for business

The fourth case to show the difference between information technology vs information systems how they work. Those two matters work very differently in the business. The information technology work to plan and manage an infrastructure of organizations’ IT. On the other hand, the information system has a role to determine how the IT and business systems can give a foundation for a superior organizational presentation or performance.

From the four cases above, it is clear that those two matters have a different role for business. Besides, they are very useful to make the business run better. So, by knowing the difference between information technology vs information systems, you can know how they will work for you. Well, that is what we can share in this good opportunity. Hopefully, it will be useful for you to know more about those two distinctive matters.

25 Health Information Technology Degree online in the US

25 Health Information Technology Degree online in the US

Health informational technology degree is one of the branches of IT learning with as wide as the other opportunities. The technical skill of the degree builds a strong foundation in health treatment development. The students get many topics such as health services, structures, health data content, medical coding, reimbursement procedures, insurance, and information systems. In fact, many people interest to enter this field even it always gets the increased demand over time. Therefore, you do not allow to skip the change.
health information technology degree

Pursue the Health Information Technology Degree Online

Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) writes 27,800 new jobs in response to the use of electronic health records. Meanwhile, PayScale states that entry-level health information managers get $42,000 annually. This figure climbs to $48,000 after 5–10 years of experience. Chasing a health information technology degree online now becomes the new alternative to qualifies for your professional advancement.

Time to spend this major online commonly requires the completion of 60–70 credits. Students can undergo the program on a part or full-time basis to accommodate their schedules. However, they who enroll in full time merely needs around two years earn their degrees. They also improve the written communication skills in the organization throughout the program. Here, the students also learn about the technical code training and computer systems navigation. Additionally, they get the lawful handling of patient information and electronic health records applications.

The online study concerns the major coursework and general education classes. Students gain lots of medical terminologies, human anatomy, foundational knowledge in psychology, and college-level math. Students also get knowledge about the popular methods of medical record organization, storage, and professional ethics. It equips them with the knowledge of the current procedural terminology by physicians and the International Classification of Diseases (ICD) coding system.

Afterward, the students undergo their internship program in a healthcare area. It allows them to participate in patient data management and billing and reimbursement processes. Upon graduation, students who adequate for entry-level positions in healthcare settings. For example, hospitals, mental health facilities, and physicians’ offices.

Here are the Best Health Information technology Degree online

This article summaries 25 online associations or university along with the address as your reference:

1. Hutchinson Community College: Hutchinson, Kansas

2. Shoreline Community College: Shoreline, Washington

3. Peirce College: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

4. Dakota State University: Dakota State University

5. Collin County Community College District: McKinney, Texas

6. Gateway Community and Technical College: Florence, Kentucky

7. Fisher College: Boston, Massachusetts

8. Sunny College of Technology Alfred: Alfred, New York

9. Northwest Iowa Community College: Sheldon, Iowa

10. Crowder College: Neosho, Missouri

11. Pitt Community College: Winterville, North Carolina

12. Ozarks Technician Community College: Springfield, Missouri

13. Minnesota State Community and Technical College: Fergus Falls, Minnesota

14. State Fair Community College: Sedalia, Missouri

15. North Dakota State College of Science: Wahpeton, North Dakota

16. Davenport University: Grand Rapids, Michigan

17. Sinclair Community College: Dayton, Ohio

18. Moraine Park Technical College: Fond du Lac, Wisconsin

19. Rowan College at Burlington County: Mount Laurel, New Jersey

20. Hazard Community and Technical College: Hazard, Kentucky

21. Central Piedmont Community College: Charlotte, North Carolina

22. Tyler Junior College: Tyler, Texas

23. Eastern Iowa Community College District: Davenport, Iowa

24. Metropolitan Community College: Omaha, Nebraska

25. Portland Community College: Portland, Oregon

Well, those are 25 colleges for your health information technology degree. Those have high quality from human resources and the facilities.

Top 5 Information Technology Jobs Near Me become the Most Favorite Field Today

Top 5 Information Technology Jobs Near Me become the Most Favorite Field Today

At the previous meeting, you had got some majors in information technology. Now, it is time for you to get the next information. Yeah, the article will show you about the information technology jobs near me. Near me mean the jobs which exist around you both in town and in the country. The information later is surely important for you and you can share with your friends later. Therefore, follow and read it.

information technology jobs near me

Careers and Education Requirements for 5 Information Technology Jobs Near Me

Honestly, the information technology jobs near me are not only for them who want to work immediately. Even though, it will be also very useful for people who want to take a lesson. It gives them imagination about their future later. Well, let’s reveal what jobs from the IT major right now!

1. Computer Support Specialists

Their duty solves the customer’s case about the software or the certain computer device. They will accept calling and sometimes visit the customers. Here, the Computer Support Specialist helps the other professional and non-professional IT in the organization. The position of the job needs association degrees usually. Even though, they sometimes allow people with the Bachelor’s degrees and the other in the related field. Besides those degrees, the company also often asks about the Special Certifications or Licensures.

2. Computer Programmers

People who attract with the programming languages, of course, match for this job. They work by writing and testing codes for computer applications and systems. Adjusting the code to ensure each program complete the function properly is their duty too. The good news is the computer programmer work alone and they can do it at home. Bachelor’s Degrees become the minimum requirement for the most entry-level position. On the other hand, the company needs current certification or licensures. It will show the candidate that they master some programming languages such as Java, Visual Basic, C + +, etc.

3. Database Administrators

Well, the third information technology jobs near me are the Database Administrators (DBAs). The duty creates and controls the database that reset and save vital data for each company. DBAs are also responsible for the security of the storage of the collection data. Monitoring database performance, creating database backups, and testing the database structure are their additional duties. The Bachelor’s Degrees of computer science, IT or so on becomes the mandatory requirements for the candidates. Then, the Special Certifications will be the additional support or consideration.

4. Computer Network Architects

The responsible design and build data communication networks for organizations. It includes cloud infrastructure, wide area networks (WANs), local area networks (LANs), and a combination of several different networks. They must also consider network security and implement measures to ensure the protection of the company’s information. Furthermore, the company does not also ask your Bachelors Degree but they keep prefer it. You keep needing the special certification as the sign that you are proficient toward the field.

5. Computer and Information Research Scientists

The main duties are improving existing computer technologies and invent new technologies. Solving complex IT problems in a number of different industries, and make various computer systems function using algorithms. They are able to focus on data mining, computer programming, robotics, etc. However, many of them find work as professors at universities and colleges. For this field, you should have a Ph.D. degree as the minimum educational requirement. Then, you complete it with a certain certification to ensure the company.

Okay, those are 5 types of information technology jobs near me along with the education level. Hopefully, you get the lesson and decide to choose one soon.

Five Great Benefits of Getting a Masters in Information Technology

Five Great Benefits of Getting a Masters in Information Technology

If you have masters in information technology, it can perform the fastest growing in this new era. Actually, it is based on the range of skills and also the abilities that you have. Besides, it is important for you to create your creativity, innovation, and also your skills. It should be like that because it is like a preparation to face many problems in this era of development. Moreover, it can be one of the investments in the future so that you will be really ready in your life.

masters in information technology

The benefits of having masters in information technology

When we talk about the masters in information technology, you are very suggested to recognize the benefits of it well. In fact, there are five benefits which you have to know. Here they are:

1. Work in wide range environments

A professional of the information technology can help you to get a work in the broad range locations. You can find two sectors which are the public and the private ones. Besides, you can also find work which is remote. It is based on the individual preference so that you are allowed to work alone or in a team.

2. Turn the enthusiasm into a career

If you have a degree, it means that you will have an opportunity to get a particular position in a work. Thus, an appropriate degree could help you in turning your enthusiasm into a career so that you will be successful.

3. Make a special variety of work

Actually, there are some opportunities in the career range from the masters in information technology. Then, some of those changes could be a high profile. On the other hand, big data management is also provided for you. It is a field which grows in the professionals as the total information and continued by the human race. Furthermore, you can also find some careers in industry-specific IT. They are medical manufacturing, transportation, and energy.

4. Will travel

Information technology grows discipline at the present time. It can be seen from the opportunities which are provided for the talented and capable personals. Using a graduate degree in the masters in information technology, you can get a job everywhere easily. On the other hand, you are able to move or just have a short contract. It is great and profitable, right?

5. Be on the cutting edge

What does it mean, guys? Before knowing it more, it is a hard benefit for the quantity. Thus, you are suggested to be on the edge. However, don’t worry! A professional of successful information technology will share the new models in order to prepare everything. It will be done in order to make a prospective individual. Therefore, because of the supporting skills which are available, the information technology can help the evolution in the future. So, a master in information technology is one of the greatest requirements for achieving a successful work.

That’s the interesting review about the benefits of masters in information technology. We have explained them one by one in detail so that you should be able to understand them well.

Let’s See the Distinction of Information Technology VS Computer Science

Let’s See the Distinction of Information Technology VS Computer Science

In this developing era, there will be some matters which are interesting to discuss. The two of them are information technology and computer science. Those matters have the great role in certain business. So, in this good opportunity, let’s compare information technology vs computer science seen in several same cases.

information technology vs computer science

The distinction of information technology vs computer science in the same cases

To discuss the difference between information technology vs computer science in the same cases will give a clear distinction between them. Here are the differences between them that we will share with you.

1. How every field uses a computer

There is the difference between those two great matters in relation to how they use a computer. In the field of information technology, you can see the degree holders of its work. It tends to work in roles in which they are responsible for a design, configuration and also maintenance of servers and network hardware. While for the degree holders of computer science, it works in the jobs that focus more on the software development and programming. So, those are the clear distinction between them seen from how they use a computer.

2. Job outlook

In the case of information technology vs computer science, the difference between them can be seen from their job outlook. The job titles in the information technology, there are computer support specialist, network administrator, network architects, and computer systems manager. It is different from the job outlook in the computer science. In the computer science, the job titles consist of software application developer, computer systems analyst, web developer, and computer programmer.

3. Salary information

The third same case that can show the distinction between information technology vs computer science is a salary information. Firstly, let’s see the salary for every job title in the information technology. It is the median annual salary each job title gets. The computer support specialist gets $52,160, network administrator gets, $79,700, network architects get $101,210, and computer systems manager gets $135,800.

After we see the salary information of information technology, now, let’s see the salary which every job title gets in the computer science. It is also based on the median annual salary. The software applications developer get $102,280, computer systems analyst gets $87,220, web developer gets $66,130, and the computer programmer gets $79,840. From those cases, you can see the difference between them clearly in relation to the salary information for every job title.

4. Skills needed

The skills needed for both information technology and computer science are also different. In the information technology, every employee needs to master technical support/ troubleshooting, Microsoft products, SQL, project management, Cisco, Linux, and network engineering. Besides, the employer of information technology seeks workers that can master hardware and software installation, VMware, and also switches and routers.

While in the computer science, the employers commonly seek the workers that master Java, SQL, JavaScript, Microsoft C#, Linux, Oracle, and Python. Then, people who can handle NET programming, C++, and Object-oriented analysis and design are preferred to work in the computer science. So, the information technology and computer science are clearly different seen from the skills needed.

Well, those are the distinctions of information technology vs computer science as seen from the same cases. Which is better? Just look at the facts above to answer such a question by yourselves.

How to Achieve the Success of Information Technology Project Management?

How to Achieve the Success of Information Technology Project Management?

In this great opportunity, we are going to discuss an interesting review which is about information technology project management. Actually, what do you know about that? Well, IT project management is a process of planning, organizing, and also defining or describing the response. It is used for the achievement of the goals of the organizations’ specific information technology.

information technology project management

Then, we classify some projects in the project management of information technology. They are the software development, the installation of hardware, the upgrades of a network, the business analytics, and projects of data management.

Some factors in achieving the success of the information technology project management

In relation to the information technology project management, you need to know that there are some factors in achieving it. Do you want to know about it, guys? It should be like that because technology is applied before the organization process. Thus, here are the following factors that affect success in the project management of information technology.

1. Controlling the project

In this case, it is better for you to know that the life cycle of the project management in general to all the projects. So, we offer five processes that can cover and symbolize the project management life cycle. Here are the specific processes in the information technology project management:

• Initiation

It is like a goal or purpose of the project. Besides, the problem in this process will be categorized. Then, the manager of the project will be allocated and after that, the charter of the project will be made.

• Planning

In this process, the manager of the project and the team of the project will have a cooperation. They will work together to prepare all the steps which are needed. Actually, it is done in order to achieve a result of the profitable project.

• Execution

After a plan of the project is made, what will be done by the team of a project? In fact, they will perform the project plan in order to make a project which is understandable.

• Monitoring and controlling

The next process is monitoring and controlling which will be done by the project manager. They will monitor and control the work for some specifications, such as time, cost, scope, risk, quality, and other project factors.

• Closing

In this last process, the project manager will make sure that all the work has been finished and approved. And don’t forget to transfer it from the team of a project to the operations.

2. Managing the areas of project knowledge

You should recognize that in the information technology project management, there are also ten project management knowledge areas. Are you curious about them? Let’s check them out!

• Project scope management

It is protected from unofficial changes.

• Project schedule management

It is identified by the project working hours.

• Project cost management

It is included the materials, facilities, services, and others.

• Project quality management

It is classified in the specific metrics.

• Project human resources management

The project manager will cooperate with the project team to confirm the team member.

• Project communications management

It will offer information to the project manager.

• Project risk management

It must be classified and evaluated.

• Project procurement management

It requires to buy some things or services.

• Project stakeholder management

It includes identification, inclusion, and also communication.

• Project integration management

It is the coordination of the events which happened.

Well, those are two factors which affect success in the information technology project management. Have an enjoyable reading!

Information and Communication Technology: A Sign of New Era for Human with Pros and Cons

Information and Communication Technology: A Sign of New Era for Human with Pros and Cons

Information and communication technology (ICT) is a component and infrastructure for a modern computing. This term also commonly includes all devices, network components, systems, and applications. So, it is very possible for people and organizations (businesses, non-profit institutions, governments, etc.) to interact with the digital world. ICT has a wider scope. Some companies have used ICT to describe the convergence of several technologies. In addition, it also carries various types, data formats and communications through public transmission lines.

information and communication technology

Pros and Cons of Information and Communication Technology

Most people learn about information and communication technology generally. Their learning is not yet detailed though they have studied at university. If you are the part of them, you should be creative with adding your learning independently. When you meet this article, truthfully it has proven that you are more than them. You want to use your free time to add your knowledge. The following information helps you to gain new knowledge about ICT.

1. ICT system components

ICT system components have existed for a long time in telephones, radio broadcasts, and television. Computers have been around for decades. However, ICTs now represent a broader and more comprehensive list of comprehensive and continuously evolving traits. Nowadays, people can find it in many components such as smartphone, robot, TV digital, and so on.

2. Social and economic impacts of ICT

Recently, ICT has penetrated into the world of the economy. Many companies and people use it for economic, interpersonal, and social transactions or interactions. This technology changes the way people live, communicate, work, and learn drastically. Now, many robots replace many human tasks because ICT continues to revolutionize all human experience as the first computer. For example, computers or robots answer phone calls and handle service requests faster and more efficiently.

3. ICT is very important for economic development and business growth. 

In addition, it also makes major changes in the community where interaction can be done in digitals space. Therefore, this is now referred to as the Digital Era. Now information and communication technology is more advanced. Its progress is able to make development and shipping cheaper for vendors. For instance, telephone companies have now switched to more advanced network material and even provide telephone, internet and television services. The bottom line is that consumers can now enjoy more choices in shipping with the price points as a result.

4. The importance of ICT in companies

For business, ICT can reduce costs, opportunities, and ease through automated business processes. Organizations can convert large data from ICTs into new products and services to transactions. For example, social media provides many choices for shopping, communicating, and interacting with their customers.

On the other hand, ICTs also contribute to problems and challenges for organizations and individuals. The digitization of data in a new crime causes data hatching or accessing the system illegally. The crime was committed to steal money or disturb important systems. ICT that involves robots makes it possible to increase the impact of unemployment. Limit direct human interaction. Even so, you don’t need to worry because more information and communication technology has a positive impact. Experts have also provided solutions for security in various ways. That is why this field has a lot of interest from people around the world.

Four Writing Tips of Information Technology Resume

Four Writing Tips of Information Technology Resume

When we discuss information technology resume, what is your opinion about it? Can you explain it in detail, guys? If you do not know anything at all, so, it is better for you to pay attention well. Actually, when you want to write a resume for the information technology, you need detail attention. Besides, you also need the skills of careful accounting, technical abilities, and software knowledge.

information technology resume

The four tips of writing information technology resume

Related to the writing tips of the information technology resume, we offer help to you to build it. In fact, there are four great tips that you can do in writing the resume of IT. Here are the following tips:

1. Use some action verbs

In this first tip, you should use some action verbs in writing the resume of information technology. If you are still confused about the action verbs, we will give you some examples. They can be administered, analyzed, consolidate, create, determine, develop, and so on.

2. Write an important career objective

In writing the information technology resume, we are very suggested to you to start writing the resume with a career objective. After that, you can continue to the section of your technical skills. Please remember, if your resume is understandable, structured, and has good content, what will happen? You will get the interview as soon as possible.

3. Fit the technical skills

Then, the third tip that you should do is fitting your technical skills as many as you can. Since the technical skills of the information technology jobs are so important and high level, what will be done by the managers? Do you know it, guys? Yeah, that’s right! The managers will want to recognize all the skills, the abilities, the technical, and software knowledge that you have. It is of course based on the education and the professional experiences which you have.

For the additional information, this information technology resume will be sorted by an Application Tracking System or ATS. This system is a software which can read the key phrases and also the keywords. It is actually in order to decide that your resume is related or not to the job role. This role is surely has been planned before. Then, the Application Tracking System is like a guardian robot which will cut up the bad resume. So, it just allows the most significant and related resume.

4. Professional experience

The last tip is having professional experience. When you can describe the activities or events that you have, you are classified in the section of a well built professional experience. So, you do not describe the daily duties. Moreover, if you are able to describe your activities or events with numbers, you will have a good idea in your resume. Thus, the manager will have a great impression to that.

Okay, guys, those are the interesting discussion about the information technology resume. Actually, it is specially discussed about the four tips for writing the IT resume. We hope so much that you can understand it clearly so that you can do those four tips as well as you can.

Seven Benefits of Health Information Technology Jobs

Seven Benefits of Health Information Technology Jobs

Have you ever heard about the explanation of health information technology jobs? If you do not know it at all, it is very suggested for you to give your good attention to this discussion. When we talk about a career or job in health information technology, what do you think about that?

Do you have an idea, guys? Well, actually, a career in health information technology is one of the occasions which grow at the present time. Besides, it includes the fastest opportunity which is available.

health information technology jobs

The great benefits of health information technology jobs

In relation to the health information technology jobs, people who have enthusiasm for the computer science can get the best career in it. Hence, there are some benefits when you enter or have a job in the health information technology field. Are you curious about it, guys? Please pay attention to these following benefits well.

1. Make the health lower in costs

The first benefit that you should know is making the health lower in the costs. Why can it be like that? Yea, it is because the knowledge of the health information technology professionals has all the data. Then, they can also classify the occasion of the cost savings and the efficiencies too for the organization of the healthcare.

2. Increase health efficiency

In the health information technology jobs, you can help to increase the efficiency of health. Then, the health information technology professionals can suggest and apply the progress of the process.

3. Remove the preventable mistakes

In this case, it is included the ability to adjust the preventable mistakes which have the right information. The health information technology professionals want to have correct data so that the preventable mistakes can be removed.

4. Save money

Then, the fourth benefit of health information technology jobs is saving money. Greatly, you are able to save millions of dollars every year. Why can it be like that? It is because the health information technology professionals can save important money. It can be done by removing and correcting the process.

5. Help people

In fact, helping people is an appreciable way. Besides, it is a part of the organization of healthcare. Thus, the professionals of the health information will be responsible with it.

6. License and certifications

In the health information technology, there are some programs of licensing and the certification which are offered. Furthermore, the Association of American health information management provides two kinds of certifications. The first one is named the registered health information technician and the second one is the registered health information administrator. However, you can get each of them by passing the exams. Then, for the cost of the certifications is about $175 – $300. It depends on the level.

7. Career advancement

There are many occasions for career advancement in the health information technology. In this case, you can have a chance to move to the management and other positions of leadership.

Okay, those are the seven benefits of health information technology jobs. Hopefully, you are able to understand them well so that you can decide to have a career in health information technology or not.

Here is a Global Information Technology with 4 SAP Features

Here is a Global Information Technology with 4 SAP Features

Welcome to Global Information Technology Inc. which is ready to serve you with quality facilities. It is a consultant company for the SAP business optional solution with integrating and implementing the existing technology. It has been also becoming the strategic initiative for the knowledge-based industries for a Contract Research Services Division. The research company provides Clinical Data Management Services, SAS Programming, Bio-IT, and Chemistry Services. Definitely, it expedites the Drug Discovery and Development initiatives of Biotech Industries and the Global Pharma.

Global Information Technology

Top 4 Global Information Technology Features

There are many interesting things from Global Information Technology which should be unpacked. At least, this article has summarized 4 points from the company:

1. SAP Analytics

The company established as the leader of the technology and market Business Intelligence (BI) and analytics. The offering of BI and analytic applications give marvelous opportunities for SAP customers to transform strategic vision. It has experience in helping public sector organizations and all size businesses. They leverage the full spectrum of SAP BusinessObjects BIand SAP business analytics solutions. It will make informed decisions that drive efficiency gains and sustainable productivity. In order to increase flexibility, agility, and generate competitive advantages. By the way, below are the example of the SAP business warehouse offerings:

a) Content enablement services (SAP BusinessObjects – Xcelsius, Web, Explorer,

b) Voyager/Pioneer, Bex, Web/Visual Composer)BI reporting strategy and roadmaps (SAP BusinessObjects, BW)

c) Integration services (SAP BusinessObjects, BW)

d) BI functional and process services (requirements gathering, KPIs)

e) Business planning and consolidations (BPS-IP, ECCS-BCS, BPC)

f) Implementation and architecture services (BW, Universe Design)

g) Upgrades and support (BW)

h) Data performance services (BW accelerator, BW performance tuning)

2. SAP Business All-in-One Business Objects dashboard/reporting (KPI One)

Meanwhile, the services of GIT’s SAP BusinessObjects Planning & Consolidation (SAP BPC) are:

a) Data sourcing and loading

b) Co-project management

c) Report development

d) Input schedule development

e) Business rules development and basic script logic

f) Foreign currency translation

g) Blueprinting and Application analysis

h) Dimension build and application structure

i) Business process flow development

j) The standard journal entry template

k) Security design and implementation

3. SAP Industry

Global Information Technology Inc. has done projects from different segment along with their team. The complete end-to-end projects from government, public Sector, oil and gas, utilities, and retail.

SAP Technology

It has many SAP teams for financials, logistics, CRM, SRM, Basis, JAM, Integration XI/PI, Human Capital Management, and ABAP Development.

4. SAP Contract Research Services

It consists of Bio-IT, SAS Programming, Clinical Data Management, Synthetic Chemistry, Medicinal Chemistry, and Process Chemistry & Scale-Up and cGMP

In summary, the main company is in Florida with operations in USA, Canada, and India. It was established in 1995 and has over 450 consultants which serve multiple 100 companies in the US. The consultants must own a broad range of skill sets such as the SAP (HANA, SAP BusinessObjects, SuccessFactors, ABAP, etc.), Teradata, Oracle DotNET, Java, Database Administration services, C++, C#, etc. Formerly, a woman minority who owned the company with a group of extensive experience professionals. It spanned lots of decades in the government, Public Sector, Finance, and Retail.

Global Information Technology Inc. has also got a Contract Research division providing innovative solutions for the global biopharmaceutical companies. Professional with more than 25 years of work experience has been leading this effort. So, it experts in Marketing, Project Management, also Operations and Business Development. Most of the experience provides Contract Research Services to the global Bio-Pharmaceutical Industry thru strategic partners in India and the US. The company is also looking to acquire companies with SAP specialization from South America, Asian, and Europe.

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