Review The Best Orbi Wifi Extender 1

Review The Best Orbi Wifi Extender

Almost everyone needs a strong and stable wifi network. Therefore, many people choose to use a wifi extender to strengthen and expand the wifi network in all areas of the house.

Because several factors cause the wifi network to not reach certain areas. There are lots of wifi extenders that you can choose from.

But have you ever heard of the Orbi wifi extender? Orbi has a different system with extenders in general.

How Orbi Extender Works

The satellite used by Orbi is different from the usual wifi extender or what we often call a repeater. Here are some significant differences between Orbiters and repeaters:

1.     Network

The system on Orbi has a single wifi network that can be used for your entire home. By using this system, you only need to use one network name and password.

So you don’t need to change the network if you move or move to another area of ​​your home.

But on the extender, the way it works is to repeat the wifi signal obtained from the router to other parts. This results in the extender having two different wifi networks.

These two networks will be connected to the router and range extender you are using.

2.     Tri-band Wi-Fi

The tri-band feature is used by Orbi to cover up to 1.7Gbps 5FHz to expand internet speed. This allows the other two bands to be connected throughout the house for maximum internet speed.

If the range extender does not have tri-band service. This affects the router’s range to receive and resend data.

3.     Whole House Coverage

The system on the Orbi extender can cover up to 5000 square feet. So this device can meet the needs of almost every home in the US. With just one network name and password, you can connect to wifi in all areas of your home.

The Orbi system is easy to install so you don’t have to keep the Orbi extender close to you as the tri-band technology will reach your entire home.

Recommended Orbi Wifi Extender

One of the Orbi extender recommendations for future homes is the NETGEAR Orbi Wifi 6. Comes with advanced technology that will make your home internet network faster and more stable.

Netgear is the right product when you are looking for a wifi extender. Moreover, this device is not the first Orbit that managed to make the internet network very fast.

This device is equipped with a coverage area of ​​up to 5000 square feet and has 4 wired Ethernet connections.

The design of this Orbi extender is quite thick and large, so you need a special place to put it. Because behind this big box there are eight antennas hidden in it.

Setting up the Orbi extender is also quite easy because you only need to wait 10 minutes to turn it on and perform a firmware update. You can also use the Orbi application to personalize and guide you in using this wifi extender.

This Orbi extender is capable of connecting up to 100 gadgets simultaneously. Of course, this device will keep the internet network stable.

This device has advanced technology that has been proven to provide stable internet speeds in offices. This Orbi extender is perfect for placing in buildings and connecting up to 100 devices simultaneously.

Streaming and download speeds are also important considerations in choosing this Orbi wifi extender. Moreover, Netgear Orbi Wifi 6 has succeeded in proving that 50% of network users can download at a very good speed.

Although the price is quite expensive, you still need it, especially for offices that use many devices.

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