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ATT Wifi Extender Review

Do you often experience a weakened or even dead wifi network? This can happen because the wifi signal does not reach your area and of course, you need a wifi extender to strengthen the wifi signal.

If you want a stable and strong internet network, then you can use the att wifi extender. The AT&T wifi extender is a device that can spread and amplify wifi signals throughout your home.

Moreover, you can stream videos and music without experiencing buffering. This wifi extender can connect to various devices and locations that were previously unreachable by wifi networks.

AT&T Smart Wifi Extender Review

With a sleek design and white color, this wifi extender can be placed anywhere. Coupled with an LED that shows the strength of the wifi network is strong or weak.

There are several main features of att wifi extender:

  • Seamless Connectivity

If you often experience a weak wifi signal, then you need a device that can strengthen wifi coverage. AT&T wifi extender is a device that can strengthen your home wifi network.

Its main features can reduce signal weak points and eliminate wifi dead zones. This device uses the most advanced mesh technology which is useful for expanding your home wifi network.

Even adding a wifi extender can increase a very wide range. This minimizes the occurrence of weakened wifi signals due to a large number of wifi users.

  • WiFi Gateways

Several wifi gateways are compatible with this device, namely BGW320, Speed ​​5268, NVG589, NVG599, and BGW 210.

  • Connect to Fast Wifi

This device uses mesh technology, which is a smart extender device that can automatically select the fastest and best connection available in every home.

This allows you to get the strongest wifi network so you can stream videos and music on many devices and in various places. Of course, locations that previously couldn’t reach a wifi signal can now get a wifi signal.

Simple settings make it easy for anyone to use. This wifi extender automatically finds the strongest wifi network in every home and instantly connects to your device.

  • Personalize Wifi

By using this smart wifi extender, you can more easily personalize wifi. You can use the Smart Home Manager application which helps you to manage the wifi network and all connected devices.

With the smart home manager application, you can personalize your home wifi settings and manage what devices are connected to your home wifi network.

This application helps you to choose the best network and reach locations that previously did not get a wifi network.

AT&T Wifi Extender Specifications

The following are the specifications of this device:

Bandwidth reaches 1600Mbps and covers all areas of the house.

  • Wireless AP with dual-band 1300AC.
  • 2Gb Ethernet LAD can be used as a gateway or to a client device.
  • Security options using WPA2 Enterprise, WPA Enterprise, WPA2-Personal.
  • There is a WPS button that works for simple settings and makes a more secure connection.

With mesh technology on this wifi extender allows you to get the strongest and best wifi network on all devices. If so far the wifi network can only be used by a few devices, with a wifi extender you can use wifi on many devices.

This device also helps you to stream without lag on all devices connected to a wifi network. Att wifi extender can be used in all homes with a predetermined gateway.

The price is quite affordable, it can make all areas of your house reachable by a wifi signal. Moreover, with the smart home manager application, you can personalize the wifi settings. Because there must be several factors that block the wifi network in your home.

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