why my laptop so slow

Why Is My Laptop So Slow? Read Below To Fix The Problem

Why my laptop so slow? Whether your laptop operating system is Windows 7, Window 10, or Windows 11 eventually you will find that your new laptop becomes slow after being used for some time.

The problem with a slow laptop is the frustration caused by this problem. This feeling can ruin your whole day especially when you will presenting something big to an important client.

This article will show you the possibilities of the problem that can make your laptop so slow. There is how to fix a laptop running slow under this section.

why is my laptop so slow windows 10


Factors that can make your computer slow

Outdated hardware

Old hardware can make your laptop slow because the hardware can’t keep up with the software requirements. When new technology is introduced it will usually need new hardware technology to support the feature. Without the new hardware that has a special function, it will not work or will slow down the laptop.

Overloading of programs and files

As we use the laptop over time, we tend to install many programs that we need or maybe just want to try something new. Having too many programs on a laptop can make the laptop slow on startup as it load registry added by the program.

Viruses and malware

Viruses and malware have become notoriously known for making PC or laptops slow. Viruses can duplicate themselves rapidly and make laptops slow because storage becomes full. Viruses can also eat memory by making certain processes, thus making the laptop significantly slower.

Inadequate storage space

Run-out storage space is another factor that can make slow performance.  Left about 15-20 percent of your storage for the operating system to work properly. Windows need about 15% of storage to defragment your cluttered files.

Old and cluttered operating system

As time goes by your laptop has lots of old files as part of the operating system and applications that cannot remove by the system automatically when upgrading the new system.

why is my laptop so slow windows 11


How To Fix Slow Laptop

Restarting the laptop

Restarting the laptop seems a simple solution, trust me many times I found doing it will solve the problem when my laptop becomes slow. This can be a temporary solution but it helps. You need to check further when the problem regularly needs a restart solution.

Uninstalling unnecessary programs and files

You better uninstall and delete unused programs, it can cause the laptop slow on startup. Every program will certain entries on the registry and add files thus decreasing storage space.

Running virus scans and malware removal tools

A virus scan is mandatory especially when your received files and send out files.

Upgrading hardware and software

External storage can become a solution when you run out of file storage. Old images and videos that are rarely open but you think are still needed can be moved to external storage.

RAM expansion can be a good solution for a laptop that slows down because of high memory utilization.

laptop running slow windows 7


Slow Performance Prevention and Maintenance for laptop

Regular cleaning and optimization of the laptop

Regular cleaning of a laptop is similar to daily or weekly sports for your body. It will keep the performance at its peak, or at least will avoid potential problems.

Regularly updates your OS, security, and application software

Updating OS is a must-do activity to keep your laptop healthy. Malicious program always becomes more advance and sophisticated from time to time. To prevent becoming a victim of this program you need to update your operating system.

Storing files and programs on external storage devices

Keep your rarely used files on separate hardware like external storage, this measure will keep the performance of the laptop stays on top by providing enough space for the process of computing.

Educating yourself on safe browsing and downloading practices

We must educate ourselves to prevent browsing internet to the unsafe sites. Unsafe sites can infect our computer system and make it break. It is always easier to prevent than to repair.

Many modern web browser will warn you that the site might compromise or contains malicious code, avoid the sites with this kind of warning.

Never click any link from the email directly, especially from one you don’t know. Many phishing sites try to steal usernames and passwords by pretending to be legit companies.

my laptop is very slow and hanging


There are several common reasons for a slow laptop like outdated hardware, too many programs installed on a laptop, viruses and malware, not enough storage, and an old operating system

Regular maintenance and troubleshooting are required to keep good performance of the laptop.

Fast and efficient laptop performance needs regular attention and maintenance. Don’t let small problem becomes big and uncontrolled when you can fix them immediately.

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