My Samsung J7 2016 Experience

My Samsung J7 2016 Experience

At the moment I am using smartphone Samsung J7 2016. This phone actually belongs to my sister, but when my old phone has broken and I don’t have a chance to buy the new one. My sister offers me this phone while she is using another Samsung phone model.

samsung j7 2016

My Experience Using Samsung J7 2016:

Battery (3,300 mAh)

With my daily activity, checking email, browsing the Internet for about 2 hours, the battery could last up to 2 days. I charge the phone when it gets about 20%.

Operating System Stability (Android)

I never have a serious problem with the phone, I rarely found hang when using it. Never experience sudden reboot when using it as my previous phone.

Camera (13MP and 5MP)

Rear camera focus is not fast enough, need some time to make the image focus and ready to shot. I don’t have a problem so far with the front camera as only using it when doing video call.

SIM card insertion

Bad location, we have to open the back cover first, I prefer SIM card location in the side of the phone and can be opened by using card injector or paper clip.

Dual SIM card

I never use dual SIM card on this phone but surely it will drain the battery faster.

Samsung J7 2016 Specification:

Specs Capacity
Dimensions 151.7x76x7.8 mm
Battery  3,300 mAh 
Display 5.5 HD Super AMOLED
Camera Rear 13 MP
Camera Front 5 MP
Processor Octa 1.6 Ghz
Memory 2 GB RAM, 16 GB Flash
Materials Metal Frame

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