What Is LMAO Full Form?

What Is LMAO Full Form?

LMAO full form – LMAO (Laughing My Ass Off) is an Internet slang used in chatting to describe something extremely funny. LMAO is used especially in text conversation where emotion/voice tone is not possible to be expressed. It is much easier to write LMO than to write “That really made me laugh” or that was funny.

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LMAO history

Started in the early 1990 and now become standard in Internet slang.


instead of being written as LMAO people sometimes use emoticons similar to below:

lmao icon

LMAO sample

lmao sample meme

LMAO related words

LOL  = laugh out loud
ROFL = rolling on the floor laughing
Lmfao = Laughing my F*** ass off

LMAO or LOL in other languages

Thai: 555 in Thai pronounced ha, so 555 = hahaha

Danish: g for griner means laughing in Danish

Indonesian: wkwkwk, awokawokawok


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