Information and Communication Technology: A Sign of New Era for Human with Pros and Cons

Information and Communication Technology: A Sign of New Era for Human with Pros and Cons

Information and communication technology (ICT) is a component and infrastructure for a modern computing. This term also commonly includes all devices, network components, systems, and applications. So, it is very possible for people and organizations (businesses, non-profit institutions, governments, etc.) to interact with the digital world. ICT has a wider scope. Some companies have used ICT to describe the convergence of several technologies. In addition, it also carries various types, data formats and communications through public transmission lines.

information and communication technology

Pros and Cons of Information and Communication Technology

Most people learn about information and communication technology generally. Their learning is not yet detailed though they have studied at university. If you are the part of them, you should be creative with adding your learning independently. When you meet this article, truthfully it has proven that you are more than them. You want to use your free time to add your knowledge. The following information helps you to gain new knowledge about ICT.

1. ICT system components

ICT system components have existed for a long time in telephones, radio broadcasts, and television. Computers have been around for decades. However, ICTs now represent a broader and more comprehensive list of comprehensive and continuously evolving traits. Nowadays, people can find it in many components such as smartphone, robot, TV digital, and so on.

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2. Social and economic impacts of ICT

Recently, ICT has penetrated into the world of the economy. Many companies and people use it for economic, interpersonal, and social transactions or interactions. This technology changes the way people live, communicate, work, and learn drastically. Now, many robots replace many human tasks because ICT continues to revolutionize all human experience as the first computer. For example, computers or robots answer phone calls and handle service requests faster and more efficiently.

3. ICT is very important for economic development and business growth. 

In addition, it also makes major changes in the community where interaction can be done in digitals space. Therefore, this is now referred to as the Digital Era. Now information and communication technology is more advanced. Its progress is able to make development and shipping cheaper for vendors. For instance, telephone companies have now switched to more advanced network material and even provide telephone, internet and television services. The bottom line is that consumers can now enjoy more choices in shipping with the price points as a result.

4. The importance of ICT in companies

For business, ICT can reduce costs, opportunities, and ease through automated business processes. Organizations can convert large data from ICTs into new products and services to transactions. For example, social media provides many choices for shopping, communicating, and interacting with their customers.

On the other hand, ICTs also contribute to problems and challenges for organizations and individuals. The digitization of data in a new crime causes data hatching or accessing the system illegally. The crime was committed to steal money or disturb important systems. ICT that involves robots makes it possible to increase the impact of unemployment. Limit direct human interaction. Even so, you don’t need to worry because more information and communication technology has a positive impact. Experts have also provided solutions for security in various ways. That is why this field has a lot of interest from people around the world.

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