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How To Restart iPhone, Do I Have To?

How to restart iPhone – When I asked my friend to restart iPhone to resolve the problem, most of them believed that they already have an excellent product from Apple that doesn’t need to be restarted.
Well, good job for Apple’s marketing team 🙂

When I finally able to convinced my friend to restart the iPhone they have another question “How to restart iPhone?” This is proof that they never turn off the iPhone. As with other human products, iPhone although better than much other product out there still have some certain level of problem that will need to restart as their solution to a problem.

How to restart iPhone?

There are several models of iPhone that slightly different to make it restart, the objective is to display power off slider to be able to turn it off and turn on later.

iPhone 5 or SE and earlier

1. Press and hold the top button (as on the picture below) until the power off slider appears.
2. Drag the slider from left to right then wait 30 seconds to turn off.
3. Turn back on the iPhone by pressing and hold the top button.
iphone 5

iPhone 6,7, and 8

1. Press and hold the side button until the power off slider appears.
2. Drag the slider from left to right then wait 30 seconds to turn off
3. Turn back on the iPhone by and hold the side button until the Apple logo come up.
iphone 6

iPhone X or 11

1. Press and hold either volume button and the side button until the power off slider appears.
2. Drag the slider from left to right then wait 30 seconds to turn off.
3. Turn back on the iPhone by pressing and hold the side button (on the right side of your iPhone) until the Apple logo come up.
iphone x

Reasons Why We Need To Restart iPhone

The most common reasons why you want to restart iPhone are:
iPhone becomes very slow, hang, error. However, you may want to restart for the following reasons:

When the System Suddenly Stops or Malfunction 

When surfing on the internet with your iPhone, the device suddenly stops and cannot function normally. Don’t panic, you just need to restart the iPhone to make the system work again. 

Enhancing Newly Downloaded Applications 

If you have just downloaded an application from the App Store or another site, your screen may display a command to restart your iPhone. Do this to complete the installation process of the new application. 

Reducing iPhone’s Load work Who says iPhone can’t overload? 

Just like Android and other phones, iPhones that are used continuously can be overloaded. This is because the cache is piling up and the number of applications that are running. Well, to reduce the burden on this iPhone, you have to restart the device so that various caches will be cleared. Without doing this your iPhone will become lag or slow when used. 

Resting iPhone After Being Used for Days 

The system on a device can also feel ‘tired’ if used every day without resting. Restarting or turning off the device after several days of use can make the device more durable. It’s best if you don’t forget to restart the iPhone at least 3-4 days. 

Network Restart Test 

It is also useful to test the networks that are connected to your device. For example, when browsing on the iPhone becomes slow, maybe it’s time you restart the iPhone to renew the network connection. After restarting, browsing on the iPhone will become faster and normal. The benefits of this restart do not only apply only to the iPhone, but for all types of gadgets. Because the restart is done to update the system on the gadget. Just like humans, gadgets also need to be restarted to rest the system for a few moments.

If your iPhone still cannot be activated or started

Connect the device and keep it charged for one hour.
iPhone still cannot be activated or started
After several minutes, you will see a charging display.
If you still don’t see the charging display within an hour, or you see a screen connected to a power source, please check the socket, USB cable, and power adapter. Make sure everything is firmly connected, free of dust, and not damaged. Try a different USB cable or power adapter if you still don’t see it..

For the following problems you will need to contact Apple’s support:

The black screen is still visible after charging, restarting forcibly, or following the steps in this article.
You see a black screen, but you can still hear warnings, sounds, and vibrations.
The screen remains black, but the device makes a sound when you ring and connect to power.
The screen is active, but does not respond when tapped, swiped, or tried another move.
You cannot force restart your device because the button is broken or stuck.
The device has stopped at the Apple logo, displays a solid color, or is not recognized in iTunes.

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