How To Install (Delete and Restore) Fonts On Windows 10 1

How To Install (Delete and Restore) Fonts On Windows 10

Windows 10 already has a complete set of fonts that we can use without the need to install additional fonts. Popular fonts including Time New Roman, Arial, Calibri, there are about 290 fonts (after photoshop installed). Somehow we need a special font that we found on a design or logo that require special font.

In this case, we need to install that particular font. Font format usually TTF

Install Font

Type fonts in the search bar and press enter you will see Fonts windows as below, click Get more fonts in Microsoft Store.

how to install fonts photoshop
You will see that some fonts are free while others are not. Choose whichever suits yours.
windows fonts download
Click Get and it will start downloading the font.
windows 10 fonts download
The font downloaded and installed
windows fonts list
Make sure that the font now exists in the system.
free fonts for windows 10

Install font from the Internet


Font can be downloaded from other sources like the Internet. When you already download the font file, usually with TTF extension. 
You can right-click and click Install, yes that’s it. However make sure that you download from trusty website otherwise your font can cause you trouble, so you need to delete the font later.
install a font from ttf file
Right-click and click Install to add a font

Drag and Drop

Alternatively, to install font you can drag and drop the TTF file into the folder as below picture.
Open control panel and click Appearance and Personalization
How To Install (Delete and Restore) Fonts On Windows 10 2
Click Fonts, you can preview, delete, hide or install fonts from there.
How To Install (Delete and Restore) Fonts On Windows 10 3

Delete Font

Installing a font from an untrusty website can cause problems, you can delete font that causing a problem or unused fonts.
Click the font, click Delete button, click Yes to confirm font deletion.

delete font
As with installation, you can always delete the font you do not want by right-click the font and choose delete.
delete font right click

Restore font

If you mess with the fonts and want to make it as the first time you receive, restore the default fonts actually hiding the fonts that are not standard it did not actually delete the font.

restore fonts

I hope this posting useful when you want to install fonts in Windows 10. Enjoy!

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