How To Delete Gmail Account in 2020 1

How To Delete Gmail Account in 2020

For some reason, you want to delete your Gmail account and it’s email content. Don’t worry you can only delete Gmail account without deleting other Google services like Youtube, Google Drive, and others.

Deleting Gmail account is quite easy, you only need to know where to click 😉
Please check step by step below to delete Gmail account permanently.

1. Go to and login with your email that you want to delete

how to delete gmail account 2019

2. Make sure you are login using the correct email address

google account settings

3. Click  grid icon on the upper right

delete google history

 4. Click Account to continue

how to delete gmail account from computer

5. Click Manage Your Data and personalization.

remove gmail account from list

6. Under Things you create and do, click Gmail

permanently delete emails

7. Under popular Google services, click the drop-down icon to expand the option.

can i delete my gmail account and recreate it

8. Click 3 dot vertical icon to continue.

can you delete a gmail email address

9. Click Delete Gmail

how to delete gmail account on iphone

10. You will be asked to log in again to authenticate

delete google history

Optionally you can choose to download your data (email) to save any information before deleted permanently.

11. Click the trash icon next to Gmail

how to delete gmail account from iphone

 12. Enter alternate email address (cannot another gmail address).

This is require so that you can use another Google services using that alternate email address.
Remember, deleting Gmail account does not mean delete other Google services.
If you want to delete all Google services you have to choose Delete Google Account not Gmail account.

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