VPN HMA Top Rated VPN Provider VPN Free Best Trial 1

VPN HMA Top Rated VPN Provider VPN Free Best Trial

VPN HMA or Hide My Ass has 1100 servers across 190+ countries, with 20 Gbps speed you will get a secure and fast VPN connection. So by far, HMA is the biggest VPN network in the world.

VPN HMA Features

Countries 210+ Europe, USA, North America, South America, Asia Pacific, Middle East, Africa
Locations 290+ At least 1 location in a country, some countries has many locations
VPN Servers 1080+ 1 Location at least has 2 servers
Server Speed 20Gbps
HMA Payment Paypal, Visa, Master, AMEX, JCB, Discover
HMA Client/Apps Windows  Link
MAC OS  Link
Android  Link
iOS  Link
Linux  Link
HMA membership 7 Days Trial No charge during the trial period, at the end of the trial you will be billed. You can cancel anytime during trial at no cost

Some details may have changed please check their website here.

With more than 15 years of operating HMA has lots of features for you like:

The biggest VPN network with 290+ locations around the world.

No one outside of a small group within the company may access any public logs. There is no way to do this and maintain our privacy, so we have decided not to keep them at all – it’s simply too dangerous for us.

Blazing fast servers with up to 20 Gbps of bandwidth
Enjoy a server that operates at blazing speeds.

OpenVPN is a fast, safe protocol that provides transparency.
The OpenVPN Protocol enables people to bypass the government’s internet censorship and maintain better speeds for streaming content around the world while protecting their identity online with encryption protocols.

Lightning Connect is the fastest way to find a server.

You might not have noticed but when you change Wi-Fi networks, sometimes your device will disconnect from the internet for a couple of seconds. That is because some other wireless network operator may be providing more coverage than HMA in that location and won’t let our connection rule through until it’s done with its own users first! This can happen especially if you are connecting to public WiFi like at airports or cafés where there are many people looking for signal interference constantly. Fortunately all this confusion doesn’t last long since as soon as we gain access again, everything gets back to normal on your end within just few moments – no need to panic then — so don’t worry about missing important updates during these transitions either 🙂

The internet is a dangerous place, but fortunately there are ways to protect yourself. One such way is by using IP Shuffle; you can use this service without any hassle and it will completely change your public-facing IPv4 address every few minutes so that nobody knows where you live or what websites you visit on the regular. It’s perfect for those who want to stay anonymous while browsing online because no one can track them down!

“This app is a must-have tool to keep your browsing under wraps. It’s designed for people with sensitive work and personal information who need the protection of an encrypted VPN connection, but don’t want their internet service interrupted when they lose that secure link.”

Smаrt Kіll Swіtсh
Autоmаtісаllу lаunсh HMA tо рrоtесt уоur аррѕ.

No more logs. Rely on our no-log DNS to avoid leaving a trail and keep your identity secure, anonymous, and hidden from prying eyes.

Leak Shield is a tool that helps you to stop “IPv4, IPv6, and DNS leaks when browsing.” You can use it on your phone or computer so that other devices cannot see sensitive information about what websites you have visited.

Sрееd Tеѕt
Fіnd thе server wіth thе best performance.

HMA Pricing

HMA has 1-month plan cost $11.99 per month

12 months plan cost you $4.99 per month or $59.88 per year

36 months plan cost you $2.99 per month or $107.64 per year

vpn hma pricing

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