Easy Steps to make a Journal of Information Technology

Easy Steps to make a Journal of Information Technology

Are you getting an assignment from your lecturer to create a journal of information technology? Of course, it becomes the heavy task for you because journal cannot be made carelessly. Journal itself is a paper in the form of articles published periodically like every 4 months or once a year. Generally, journals consist of 6 to 8 pages. However, the issue is very dense with a wide range of knowledge or material. The purpose of journaling is as the development of a research that has been written. Hope that it can be a reference for other researchers doing the same research activities.

journal of information technology

Contents and Steps for Journal of Information Technology

Knowing the definition of a journal along with the purpose helpful very much for someone who is doing it. This paper has 3 categories such as Popular Journals, Trade Journals, and Scholarly or scientific Journals. By the way, the journal of information technology belongs to the scientific journal. Commonly, each journal consists of:

· Title

· Abstract

· Preliminary

· Materials and Methods

· Results

· Discussion

· Conclusion

· Bibliography

The following are the steps to create the finest journal that you should know:

1. Tittle

Make the title clear and interesting. The readers should perceive the core of the journal from the title. They have understood what you want to say though they did not read until it is finished.

2. Abstract

Abstract distinguish from summary because the function to describe the overall content of the journal briefly. This second part must be clear, concise, objective, and stand-alone. Stand-alone means the abstract part does not contain quotations or footnotes. The contents of the abstract are about 250 words about the purpose, method, results, and conclusions of a journal.

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3. Preliminary

An introduction is a general description of a case that is being investigated which is presented to the reader to understand the purpose of conducting the research. In an introduction covers the background of the problem and the benefits of the trial.

4. Materials and Methods

The fourth of making the journal of information technology enters the part of materials and methods. In this section, you explain the trial process you are doing. The contents explain the experiment design, equipment, methods in data collection, description of the location, and type of control. In this section, you must explain clearly and in detail.

5. Results

The researcher presents concise data in the form of narrative text, images, and tables. You only provide information in the form of no data interpretation or conclusions from the data. Data must appear in the form of tables or images then narrative text supports data in easy-to-understand languages.

6. Discussion

The discussion section asks you or the researcher to interpret existing data based on observed patterns. Readers can clearly see each relationship between important experimental variables and correlations between variables. You must include different explanations of different or similar results or hypotheses from the experiment related to research conducted by others. Every experiment does not always refer to the major difference or important trends. Negative results from a study may be important and are new discoveries.

7. Conclusion

Give conclusions from the whole experiment or research you have done. The researcher has to refer back to the statement in the introduction to each of the data that is informed.

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8. Bibliography

The bibliography is a collection of the names of the literature that you use as a reference when creating a journal. The contents of the bibliography in the form of quotations and writing bibliography must follow good and right rules.

All journals have the same steps in their creation. Your task now is to understand, make ideas, collect materials, and start making them. Then give satisfactory results in your journal of technology information.

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