Create Android App Icon (Adaptive Icon) on Android Studio

Create Android App Icon (Adaptive Icon) on Android Studio

Android app icon ~ I thought it’s easy to create an android app icon on Android Studio just replace the files under res folder and following the file resolution and names. Apparently I was wrong. Doing it didn’t change anything.

android app icom

Below are the correct steps to create Android app icon on Android Studio:

1. Create 1 file for foreground and 1 file for background from the same picture. My friend doing this on Photoshop and create 2 PNG files with 512 x 512px resolution.

2. Open Android Studio, right click – New – Image Asset

image asset

3. On Configure Image Asset window choose Foreground Layer. Choose Image on Asset Type: section. Click folder Icon on the Path: section. Browse and choose the foreground file you just created before.

foreground layer image

4. Click the Background Layer tab, choose image on Asset Type:, click folder icon on Path: section. Browse and select the background file we just created before.

background layer image

5. Move slider to match the icon position as you like.

scaling image

After this step you just need to press Next Button and Finish.

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