computer output devices

Computer output devices are different devices that allow a computer to send information to the outside world. The data is inputted to the input devices, then processed by the CPU, and finally sent to the output devices. This can include displays, printers, projectors, modems, and speakers.

1. Monitor

The computer monitor is an electronic device that allows people to see images and text on a screen. It is usually mounted on a desk or wall, and used for work, entertainment, or communication.

CRT monitor

output devices crt monitor

The CRT monitor is a type of monitor that uses a Cathode Ray Tube to display images. It has a huge form and much heavy than an LCD monitor. The difference with TV is the monitor doesn’t have tunes and speakers.

LCD monitor

lcd monitor

A monitor that uses LCD technology. This technology uses a liquid crystal material in a matrix to create an image. LCDs are usually smaller and lighter than CRT monitors, and they are also able to display more colors. We also find an LED monitor.

2. Printer

Printers are devices used to create physical copies of documents. Printer keeps evolving now we can find a cutting printer that can cut stickers. The 3D printer can produce things in 3 dimensions and even can produce a house.

Dot Matrix Printer

A matrix printer prints out a series of x-y points on a sheet of paper. It uses a series of small metal plates that are placed on a moving carriage. The dot matrix printer is loud, it prints images and text in dots forms on paper.

Inkjet Printer

An inkjet printer is a printer that uses inkjet cartridges to print text and images. Inkjet printers are popular because they are fast and prints in colors.

Laser printer

A laser printer is a device that prints documents by projecting a beam of light from a laser printer head onto a sheet of paper. Laser printers use a variety of printheads that can print text, graphics, photos, and even three-dimensional objects.


A plotter is a device used to produce images on a medium such as paper, film, or electronic display. They are used in a variety of applications including engineering, surveying, mapping, and advertising.

3. Projector

A computer projector is a machine that uses a light source, such as a lamp, and a lens to produce an image on a screen. The lamp has high wattage and is very hot as a result to produce a bright projection.

4. Modem

A modem is an output device that sends electrical signals to transmit data over the telephone line. There are many different types of modems, but all of them use electrical signals to transmit data over the telephone line or fiber optic.

Analog modem

An analog modem is a modem that uses analog signals to send and receive data over telephone lines. The modem is convert digital signals into analog and is sent via a telephone line at the other end it converts back from an analog signal to a digital signal and is processed by the computer.

WIFI modem

A modem that converts and sends internet data packets wirelessly via cellular phone network 3G, 4G, and 5G. Modem WIFI is sometimes called MIFI.

DSL modem

A device that connects a computer or network to DSL for Internet access. Dial-up is slower than DSL, but the cable modem is faster. The connection is asynchronous. Upload speed is slower than download speed to prevent low-cost DSL subscribers from hosting high-traffic Web servers. Telephone companies may modify a user’s IP address to prohibit Web hosting.

In conclusion, there are many types of output devices that you can use to send information to the outside world. We have discussed some of them in this article. If you need to know about input devices, you can check here.

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