What is Asus Wifi Extender? 1

What is Asus Wifi Extender?

Wifi extender is also called wifi extender or wireless range extender. It is a device wifi booster that is used to extend the wifi signal from the main router to other areas. For example, the Asus wifi extender.

The wifi extender is connected via an ethernet cable so basically, wifi extender is like adding another router to an area that was previously unreachable by a wifi network. Since the wifi extender uses a wired connection, it doesn’t reduce bandwidth like a wifi repeater so your wifi speed will be the same either before or after installing the wifi extender.

What Is a Wifi Extender?

A wifi extender is a device that is usually used in buildings, offices, public places, cafes, restaurants, or homes to extend the signal range of a wireless router (access point) so that internet users who are far away from the main source of the network (wireless router) can still be connected to the internet.

The function of the wifi extender is simply to rebroadcast the wifi signal from the wireless router so that it can reach more devices, especially in the dead zone era.

How the wifi extender works is depend on the model, for example, the Asus wifi extender. They normally work well by pairing the router with the extender, so the extender knows where to connect. Then, you plug the extender into the free power socket between your router and the PC.

Now that the extender is set up, it creates its wifi network for others to connect to. When you connect a device to it, all your traffic goes to the extender. When it receives this information, the extender forwards the data to the originally paired router.

The Function of Wifi Extender

Many of us have turned to the latest network hardware such as wifi extenders, repeaters, and boosters to not only improve the quality and security of our internet connection but to ensure that we can stay connected at all times. The wifi extender itself has the function of extending the range and avoiding network obstacles.

Extend the range

By placing the wifi extender in this middle position, your router and PC are able to connect to it with signal strength that is average. The extender can then transmit data packets between your router and PC with a better quality signal. This, in turn, improves overall performance and reduces the number of internet drop-outs.

Avoid network interference

A wifi extender can do more than just mileage. For example, did you know that some building materials, furniture, and devices can create a so-called wifi dead zone? If something is blocking your signal, trying to “force” your way by sticking the extender in the middle may not work.

However, you can place extenders in strategic places avoiding obstacles altogether. If the extender is in a position where it can “see” your router and PC without having to cross any obstructions, you can clear up the signal between you and the router.

How Wifi Extender Works

The way a wifi extender works is not the same as a wifi booster, which connects to the router directly and boosts the signal from the access point, the wifi extender rebroadcasts the existing wifi signal. A wifi extender usually plugs into an electrical outlet and uses two antennas to receive, replicate, and extend the designated connection.

A wifi extender is the best way to break wifi dead zone. Thus, you only really need it if your wifi connection is not regular. Therefore, it is best to buy only a quality wifi extender. From a business owner’s perspective, high-end hardware from a trusted manufacturer like Asus wifi extender is recommended.

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