5 Reasons to Choose IP Camera over Analog CCTV 1

5 Reasons to Choose IP Camera over Analog CCTV

Although IP camera more expensive than analog CCTV for initial cost but in the long run IP camera will save a lot of time, money and headache over analog CCTV. Let me show you why:

IP CCTV is better than Analog CCTV

According to our experience using analog CCTV for more than 5 years, we found at least 4 problems when dealing with analog CCTV (Closed Circuit Television). That is why we are now migrating to IP camera.

IP camera system

1. Camera IP Installation vs Analog CCTV Installation

Analog CCTV needs to be connected to DVR via RG6 coaxial cable. Installation is not as easy as RG6 coaxial cable is hard and not flexible comparing UTP cable use by IP camera. In the term of cost, if you are using 900 meters of RG6 cable, the cable cost alone will match IP camera price. Because of cable installation is not easy thus the installation fee is also higher than the IP camera installation fee. Analog CCTV will need a separate cable for the power, means you need the more electrical outlet near CCTV camera. You need a separate cable for PTZ functionality. PTZ are 3 directions of camera movement. Pan is the horizontal movement of a camera just as if we move our head from left to right or vice versa. 2. Tilt is a vertical movement of camera and zoom function where the camera can be controlled to see object closer.

2. NVR for IP Camera and DVR for Analog CCTV camera

On IP camera you don’t always need NVR (Network Video Recorder). If you just need to take a picture when there is a movement you don’t need VNR. However, if you need to see a week ago camera recording, then you absolutely will need NVR. On CCTV camera you will always need DVR, you cannot see a video without DVR, while the recording capabilities are the same with DVR, image quality from  IP camera is better than analog CCTV.

3. IP camera vs CCTV Scalability and portability

Scalability is not easy either if your DVR ports are all occupied, then to get more camera you need another DVR port with a separated system or you can replace existing DVR with more port count.
On IP camera you can just plug to switch and can see the picture but without recording, you going to need another NVR for recording purpose. Relocate CCTV camera will need to move the coaxial cable while relocating IP camera only need existing UTP cable to attach.

4. IP camera vs CCTV Troubleshooting

When it comes to troubleshooting analog CCTV is the worst, the camera is often broken because of power instability caused by the electricity source, voltage surge, etc or malfunction of the adaptor of the camera. This will not happen with IP camera using POE port. POE is Power Over Ethernet where power for IP camera can be passed via the same UTP cable for transmitting video.

5. Image Quality (Resolution)

Maximum resolution of NTSC that become standard for analog CCTV is 720 x 480 NTSC standard was built in 1953 and no new standard after that for analog CCTV (what you can expect with 63 years old standard without changed). Comparing to 1.3 megapixels of 1280×1024 give more details on picture quality that will be needed when you want to investigate a criminal evidence.  Higher resolution means also can cover a wider angle of the camera, you will need fewer cameras with IP camera over analog CCTV.

The disadvantage of IP Camera is bandwidth, you might need to separate network cable between IP camera with NVR unit if you have many cameras.

The disadvantage of analog CCTV camera is near end of life, you should start migrating to IP camera over time.

One of the good wireless IP camera for outdoor is from Sharx.

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