Mirrored Front Camera Problem? Fix This Problem Easily 1

Mirrored Front Camera Problem? Fix This Problem Easily

Mirrored front camera – Ok you found a great moment and took pictures and video using the front camera. But when you tried to open and play, the photo and video become mirrored or plipped. You may not realize this until you take photos or videos that contain text.

This is a problem especially when you cannot re-create the moment and you just found out this after make hours of video 🙁

Many people will not see the difference. However, when you use the front camera to capture a photo or video that contains text, the text will become reverse.

Flipped picture or video

This is me taking a picture using the front camera, not a good picture right?

flipped front camera

Normal picture or video using the front camera

To make the picture above readable, you just need to do the following:

normal front camera photo

This option on the front camera setting will fix the problem

You will need to open camera settings. On the front camera section, make sure to untick the Save picture as previewed option. The camera settings option below are taken from Samsung Galaxy J7 (2016), yours might slightly different but has the same purpose.

front camera setting

Still getting flipped photo on the preview camera?

Don’t expect to see the difference right after you changed the setting above. You need to see the photo or video after making the option changes and you will see the difference. Hope this help.

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