1TB Hard Drive 1

1TB (Terra Byte) hard drive will fit many computing needs, whether you are a student, business person, marketing and many profession/business.

However, when using to record CCTV video you may need a bigger capacity of a hard drive. Besides capacity, the hard drive for CCTV needs to spin not too fast as it needs to works in a longer time. The performance nota priority but the endurance is.

How big is 1TB hard drive capacity?

1TB hard drive can be used to store up to 2 hours of 28 HD movies, or to keep 110 music albums, or to keep up to 100,000 photos. I still remember where a 40MB harddisk is a star, and people who own it will proud.
Western Digital green1 TB hard drive 3.5 inch

External hard drive

Big capacity hard drives usually to store big files like movies and songs. Because the hard drive accessed relatively seldom, then people store it on an external system.
An external hard drive only attached to the computer when needed, not all the time need access to an external drive.

Seagate 1TB hard drive 3.5 inch

Internal Hard drive

An internal hard drive is physically not visible, its located inside the computer main unit or sometimes people call it CPU. Thi shard drive is the busiest hard drive compared to external one.

WD blue 1TB hard drive 3.5 inch



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