12 Things in the Information Technology Example very close to your Daily Life

12 Things in the Information Technology Example very close to your Daily Life

Who is still able to live without involving technology? It is seemly impossible in case it is still a human can live without it. Moreover, technology has been their friend daily and the existence helps them so much. Information technology example is not only the computer but also everything coming from the electronic device. Today, this article will describe 12 things including the IT example for you. Why you should know about it, is it important?

information technology example

Information Technology Example from General to Special

Before discussing information technology example, you need to recall what information technology is. It is something or thing to get information using technology. IT implies the use of software, hardware, services, and other supporting infrastructures. The goals are to manage and deliver information in the form of data, voices, and video. Typically, IT refers to equipment like computers, communication devices, data storage devices, and networks. Below are the things belongs to the information technology:

· All computer types include the laptop, netbook, tablet, etc.

· Network: Network in a computer connects all computer peripheral.

· It needs a network of data, voice and video, equipment, and staff to operate it.

· All benefits and salary from the employees who work in application development, network services, and systems administration.

· All technology services come from contractors and vendors.

· Operating costs related to the provider

· All costs are for developing, purchasing, licensing or maintaining software.

Certainly, the points above have not touched the more specific parts of technology information. Meanwhile, the information technology example is a lot enough. Here are 12 things as the examples of the information technology:

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1. Switches, radio, and telephone: The equipment is for voice communications.

2. Traditional computer device: Include data storage and programs to input and process and output the data.

3. Software and support: The function is to automation systems offices such as spreadsheets and word processing as well as the computer to run them.

4. User, PCs & software.

5. Data networks and all communications equipment: servers, routers, bridges, hubs & wiring.

6. Peripherals connecting computer information systems directly: collect or transmit audio, graphics information or videos such as digitizers and scanners.

7. Voice response systems: interact with an application or a computer database.

8. Video conferencing equipment.

9. The official or state radio communications network.

10. Computers and network systems: The goal is to help the students, teachers, and trainers and students in education.

11. Open computer systems: Automate or monitor mechanical or chemical processes. Store information using computer applications for decision making and analysis.

12. All equipment, operating costs, time, and staff belong to items except video equipment. It is for technology training including in the information systems costs center for the agency.

Apparently, humans are very close to examples of information technology and they are very dependent on it. By knowing these examples, you can appreciate what you have in your life. On the other hand, many people are interested in learning about IT. In fact, this field promises a lot of advantageous for human both in income and in daily necessities. So, what do you think? Is there an interesting idea for your life after reading this article?

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