7 Ways to Fix Microsoft Outlook is Not Responding, Stop Working, and Can Not Updating Emails

7 Ways to Fix Microsoft Outlook is Not Responding, Stop Working, and Can Not Updating Emails

When Outlook becomes not responding it becomes a nightmare for us especially when there are many important emails we need to work on for the deadline. There are many contacts to email today. We have compiled 7 outlook problem that commonly happens and causing outlook cannot be opened.

outlook is not responding

Microsoft Outlook Troubleshooting

Below are our experience with outlook 2013 and outlook 2016 stop responding, not updating email, and stop working problem:

1. Outlook not updating emails.

In many cases because there is an open window waiting for your username and password to be entered correctly. This happens when you just changed your password. Outlook 2016 needs 5-10 minutes to realize that your password already changed. This is because the email server is in WAN not in our LAN.

To fix this problem, just keep press ALT key + TAB key repeatedly to find the window to enter your password. If you still cannot find the window this way the easiest way is to close your outlook, wait about 3 minutes, and open again your outlook. This time outlook will directly ask your username and password.

2. Outlook not responding because of a problem with add-in

Outlook not responding straight away when we open the outlook program, on our case we found that it stops responding when add-in “outlook meeting…” is active. Turn off this add-in will make outlook work normally. To stop this add-in start outlook in safe mode by typing outlook.exe /safe from run.. (windows 7 ).

3. Outlook not responding because PST file located in the network

Outlook not responding in the middle of your work.  In this case, user have personal folder files (PSTs) located on a network drive. This was ok when the user still using outlook 2007 or outlook 2010 but became a problem with outlook 2013, outlook 2013 needs power almost double from outlook 2010. To end this problem, move your PSTs file to your local drive and only attach a huge PST ( 10 GB or more) when needed.

4. Outlook not responding trying to open additional mailbox from old server

Outlook will not start after you migrate from your old server. We found the culprit is outlook trying to open an additional mailbox that still on the old server address. To overcome this remove the additional mailbox and only attach when it’s already migrated to the new server (same server). You can remove it from the control panel and click mail, or you can unplug the network cable, after getting into outlook, plug again the network cable, or disable the wireless connection and enable it again when outlook already opened.

5. Outlook not responding because not in cache mode

Outlook not responding for a moment when receiving emails. If you see a status near the taskbar from outlook like “Outlook is trying to retrieve data from Microsoft exchange server outlook.office365.com and when back to normal you see the status “Outlook online” then you are in online mode. You should change it to cached mode so outlook will check into cache file instead of check online to the server all the time.

6. Outlook installation files corrupted

After doing all the above and you still have the problem try to repair your office installation because in many cases we have corrupted office installation files. Open control panel> Program and features.

Highlight Microsoft office 365 ProPlus-en-us, Click Change button. You will see an open window to choose quick repair or online repair. The quick repair will resolve the problem most of the time but if it still does not work, use online repair, this will took longer as it will repair all files.
repair outlook 2016 files

7. Recreate email account

Delete corrupted outlook email account settings. From outlook click File> Account Settings> Account Settings… highlight the account and click remove. Close outlook when finish.
Open outlook again, this time outlook will try to create a new profile because you already remove the account before, this will recreate your OST file (outlook cache file) and should resolve your problem.
If you have a large mailbox it will need the whole day to fully sync your email. So better to this during the weekend.

I hope 1 of the 7 solutions above will resolve the problem “outlook is not responding”. If you think this article helpful please share using the below button, thank you.

Crystal Report Viewer Logon Failed Error

Crystal Report Viewer Logon Failed Error

Crystal report logon failed – We have client-server based on the Visual Basic program, this program is running on Windows 7 Professional and connected to the SQL server. The program is working fine, but when we did a clean install on other machines there is an error message “Logon Failed” on Cyrstal Report Viewer window when a user tried to print a report.

We have had to check the security credential on SQL server, check the ODBC setting on the control panel, tried to add a user as a local administrator on the client computer, etc. but was not working.

Crystal Report Viewer Logon Failed Error 1
Later on, I found that there is a group on the SQL server called SQLServerMSSQLUser$ranap2$MSSQLSERVER (ranap2 is server name), by adding the domain user account to that local group it solved the problem.
Step by step instruction to fix Crystal Report Logon Failed
On the server SQL server where your database located:
1. Click Start>Control Panel>Administrative tool>Computer management>local users and groups>groups
2. Double click SQLServerMSSQLUser$yourservername$MSSQLSERVER
3. Add user which having error logon failed on crystal report
Below is the server information where Ms SQL server installed:
OS Windows 2003 Server R2 64 bit edition with Service Pack2
Intel E5440 2.83Ghz RAM 32GB hard disk
Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio 10.0.4067.0
Microsoft Analysis Services Client Tools 10.0.4067.0
Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC) 3.86.3959
Microsoft MSXML 2.6 3.0 6.0
Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.0.6001.18702
Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0.50727.3655
Operating System 5.2.3790
Meraki VPN Client Cannot Connected To The Server

Meraki VPN Client Cannot Connected To The Server

We have a small representative office in Bandung, Indonesia that sometimes needs to use VPN to get access to the server at HQ in the UK.

Just a week ago our headquarter office has changed their VPN from Cisco to Meraki but since then the client in the Bandung office cannot connect to the server.
However, when using tether from a smartphone is connected to the server.
Obviously, the problem is with the network configuration or with the internet provider.
Our current connection is using 4g USB modem Huawei E3372 4G LTE 150Mbps and Router 3G 4G TP-Link
meraki vpn client Huawei Modem
So the first thing I check is the router setting of TP-Link MR3420, I click NAT forwarding section. From there I can see that PPTP Pass-through, L2TP Pass-through, and IPSec Pass-through are not enabled.
meraki vpn client Huawei Modem
I am sure that Meraki will need at least one of them to be enabled. As I want a quick result, I enabled PPTP Pass-through, L2TP Pass-through, and IPSec Pass-through. Reboot the router and asking the user to reconnect using VPN.
Yeah, this time VPN client Meraki can connect as it should be.
meraki vpn client Huawei Modem vpn cannot connect
How To Change A Home Router Settings

How To Change A Home Router Settings

There are some common setting you want to change on your home router.

You want to change network name (SSID) of your wireless, you want to do this for security maybe or you just want to see another cool name.

You want to change the password of your wireless network, ideally, you need to change this once a month to keep your network secure free from unauthorized access.

You want to change router’s firewall rules to allow inbound or outbound traffic on specific network ports.

You want to change domain name servers (DNS) to resolve network addresses, sometimes this necessary when you cannot access a certain website, you might want to change to open DNS like Google DNS and other open DNS servers.

You want to change the default username and password used to get access your router’s console, this is mandatory to secure your network.

To enable or disable remote administration to the router, that allows the administrator to configure remotely the internet.

wireless router settings

How do I change the settings of the router?

Every router has a different setting but in general, they follow the same procedure. Always follow your router’s manual for a specific setting.

Every home router is accessible from the web interface, here are the steps:

Open your favorite internet browser, in the address bar type your router’s ip address, usually one of the following address:
192 .168.1.1

The standard username and password:

Admin no password
admin admin
root root

After login to the router’s console, you can change above settings as required. Remember to save your changes and reboot your router to reflect the changes.

How To Change Recycle Bin Icon in Windows 10

How To Change Recycle Bin Icon in Windows 10

Feel bored with your current Recycle Bin Icon? You can change easily, but before you can change, you need prepare 2 new icon for empty and full recycle bin icon.

There is a file called imageres.dll located under folder windowssystem32 contains many icons but if you want another picture you can search on the internet for free.
I am using the icon from following https://findicons.com/search/recycle-bin 
recycle bin icons for windows 10
The sample of modified recycle bin icon.
recycle bin icon not changing windows 10
Step to change the icon:
1. Click Setting icon 
windows 10 recycle bin icon download
2. Click Personalization
recycle bin icons deviantart
3.  Click Themes and scroll down until you find Desktop icon settings
windows 10 recycle bin icon not refreshing
4. Click change icon
small recycle bin icon
5. Select the icon you want
change recycle bin icon xp
Click OK and finish.

Windows 10 recycle bin icon not refreshing

When you are using customs and the icon not refreshing from empty to full and vice versa, check out this post.
Website Rank Recovery Procedure Step by Step

Website Rank Recovery Procedure Step by Step

Below is a real case of how I try to recover my website rank and this process is still going on. I am not promising anything here I just create this for my personal notes, however you can ask anything and I will try to answer in the comment section below.

I will try to recover my website rank in search engine by submitting disavow file. Disavow file contain URL or domain that I want Google to ignore. The links I want to ignore in this case are those that created automatically from spammy sites which gave bad effect.

In 2016 my website ( I will not tell you the domain name) traffic starts to decrease gradually since September 2016. From 400 per day page view dropped to below 100.

google ranking dropped dramatically

I did not receive manual action notification in my webmasters tool console but the traffic keeps dropping. I believed that the website got bad links from the spammy website.

Several indicators which I noticed other than traffic dropped are:
1. Search ranking dropped significantly, my postings that usually on page 1 or 2 now are gone
2. When I type my domain name, partial or exact match, usually showing in 1 position, but now in page 3,4, even more.

My actions:
During years 2016-2018 I let this condition happened hoping there will be better changes, but nothing happen 🙂

On June 2018 I try to identify the bad links using Google Webmasters tool. Under Search Traffic, click Links to Your Site, click more under Who links the most and Your most linked content to expand the list.

sudden drop in keyword ranking

As you can see my total links identified by Google Webmasters Tool are only 186, not many, so manual identification and removal still possible to me. You may need professional help if you have thousands of link point to your website.

why did my website drop in google
Click the external link icon to find out how many URL from that particular domain pointing to our website.
google flux seo
Click the external link icon to go to URL that give us bad link.

How to identify the bad links?
After I have the exact URL source that give us bad link, many times we will not found our domain in their page but if we check their source code we will find it.

1. I check whether the URL I got from GWT still indexed by Google by copying the URL into Google Search if appeared means indexed, move to step 2.

google seo tools

2. I will check it’s domain name in search engine box, if it does not appear in the top position I will put this domain name into disavow file. Below picture is an example of a domain that I will put in disavow file.

google search result

Putting URL or domain list into disavow file is like 2 sides of knives, if you wrongly identify it, the result may become worst. Follow my steps at your own risk. If you are not sure give this job to the professional team.

website down google ranking
I have collated 10 domain that I want to include in the disavow file as above picture
why does my google ranking keep changing
Make sure to save in the UTF-8 encoding format so the Google Webmasters Tools will properly acknowledge the content of disavow file.
Upload your file
sudden drop in website traffic
about 30-60 minutes after uploading disavow file I checked the result. I quite happy that when I typed the domain name in the Google search now in the 1 result and also now Google showing site links in the result. I am using USA VPN to check this result as I am in Asia will need several days to be reflected on the Google local.
I presume this is a good sign and happy about this. The traffic not recovered yet but I am pretty confidence if I keep updating my site the traffic will recover soon.
why suddenly ranking down in search engine

Again I am trial this method, the result maybe not the same, at least this is what I believed and I still need to update content and try to get the good backlink to the website.
By for now.

How to Bookmark a Webpage in Internet Browser

How to Bookmark a Webpage in Internet Browser

When we found an interesting article but we don’t have time to read until finish we will want to bookmark it so we can read later when we are free.

The easiest way to bookmark is by pressing CTRL+D keys, it will bring the dialog box so we can the page quickly.

Bookmark a page from Microsoft Edge

how to bookmark a page in chrome

Bookmark a page from Google Chrome

how to bookmark a page
How to Check How Much RAM Do I Have

How to Check How Much RAM Do I Have

There are times when we need to know how much RAM do we have on the computer. Whether to check if our computer will run a certain program or find out if it requires additional RAM to speed up the process.
A database program will need more memory than other programs. A spreadsheet with huge data also needs more RAM. A graphic design program will need more memory, main processor and GPU processor.
Without knowing current installed memory capacity we don’t know if it needs to upgrade or not.

What is RAM?

RAM ( Random Access Memory) is a non-volatile (temporary) storage inside your computer. When a program running on a computer, mostly run in the RAM while the files still reside in the Harddrive.
When a computer turned off all information in the RAM is gone, while the information in the hard drive still exist and ready to be executed when the computer turned on later.
The common size of RAM in a computer today are 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB and so on. The bigger the RAM we have to more the more program we can run simultanously or teh process become faster.
When you running a program and it run slower than usual you may want to check the RAM size and its utilization in the system, it may need to be upgraded to a bigger RAM size to make the program run faster. When your computer need more memory (RAM) it will store part of the data to and from Hard drive ( which is slower).

I have 16GB memory but only detected less than 4GB RAM?

This is what happened with your system …On 32-bit Operating System version, the maximum detected RAM is 4GB, it cannot read more than that. So if you have more than 4GB RAM you need to use 64bit Operating System like Windows 10.
To check that you have more memory than reported by the system, first, you need to check the RAM size from BIOS, it runs before the operating system (Windows).
There are several ways you can find out how much memory installed in the computer. The one I like is using WMIC command.

1. Using task manager

RAM utilization
Above is the screenshot of RAM utilization in my computer. To run above program, from Windows 10 you can right-click the taskbar, click Task Manager.
As you can see I have 6GB of RAM. Yes I have 4GB and 2GB or RAM. Most of the time my RAM utilization is 79%. So it seems that I need to buy more RAM for my memory, 16GB will be enough for me 🙂
The task manager also reporting 17% processor utilization, which is okay and 2% of HDD activity, this is also good.

2. Using WMIC commands

check ram size using WMIC
From command prompt type wmic memorychip get banklabel,devicelocator,capacity,speed
With this command, you can get very specific information like how many BANK used by your memory, how much the capacity and what speed the RAM is.
On the example above my laptop has 2 slots, 1 slot is filled by 4GB or RAM the speed is 1333Mhz.
The second slot is 2GB RAM with the same speed 1333Mhz.
If I want to upgrade it to 16GB then the composition could 1x 16 RAM on slot 1 or 2x 8GB RAM on slot 1 and slot 2.

3. Using System From Control Panel

check RAM size from conrol panel

This is the easiest way, you just need to open control panel (type control panel on serach bar) and click system. On the system you can see that I have 6GB of memory, it doesn’t give detail as with WMIC command above.

4. Using Systeminfo Command

Systeminfo can have 2 mode, GUI and command prompt. When you type Systeminfo and press Enter key from Serach bar, it will show up Systeminfo in GUI mode (Graphic mode).

RAM size GUI using systeminfo
Systeminfo GUI mode

When you type cmd on the search bar, then type Systeminfo from command prompt it will show up the information, you need to scroll down until find the Total Physical Memory line, that is the total memory detected by the Windows.

RAM size systeminfo command

Systeminfo will give more than memory information, it will include OS, model, install date. However if you want to get only memory capacity but not other information use this command:
systeminfo | findstr /C:”Total Physical Memory

RAM size systeminfo check


We have several ways to check how much RAM do we have:

1. Task Bar

2. Using WMIC command

3. System on control panel

4. Using Systeminfo command, graphics mode and text mode.

From above options my favourite is using WMIC command as it give mode details of RAM size, physical capacity of each RAM module, and Speed of the memory. This will give more clear specification without have to open the computer case.

chrome://plugins/ is no longer available and this is the replacement

chrome://plugins/ is no longer available and this is the replacement

If you usually access chrome://plugins/ to enable or disable plugins, unfortunately since January 2015 Chrome already removes that page for security and other reasons.

how to access chrome plugins

They said it will reduce the complexity of code also to increase security for the system.

chrome://settings/content as replacement to chrome://plugins/ 

Don’t worry you still can control your content setting by accessing page chrome://settings/content from chrome.

chrome plugins page


To access your extensions, remove, on and off your extension for Chrome. Plugins and extensions seem almost the same but it’s not. If you see additional icon on your Chrome browser then it is an extension. Plugins will not affect the Chrome appearance it will not showing any icon.

chrome plugins settings


You can find out your Chrome version by accessing page chrome://settings/help
chrome plugins cannot be reached
Robot Vacuum Reviews 2020 – Aiibot Has Strong Suction Power and Intelligent Sensors Will Clean Your Carpet and Hard Floor Easily

Robot Vacuum Reviews 2020 – Aiibot Has Strong Suction Power and Intelligent Sensors Will Clean Your Carpet and Hard Floor Easily

If you don’t have time to clean your house regularly, this is the perfect choice. Aiibot is a robot vacuum cleaner that designed and created to be a high quality kitchen / house electronics.

It will replace your traditional tool such as broom and dustpan. You will have a free time to do others while enjoy your clean house.
Aiibot has 3 different suction mode for different room size: Random mode, Automatic Mode, Edge Mode.

See how Aiibot works on the video below:

This robot vacuum cleaner works good on thick carpet, wooden floor, marble floor. The battery will last until 1 hour of operation.


robot vacuum reviews 2020

Aiibot vacuum cleaner able to detect stairs so it will not fall when found stairs.

robot vacuum for thick carpet

Only need 76mm height to make Aiibot able to clean your room, so it will mostly clean your house easily.

robot vacuum for hair

With double filter will make sure only small dirt and dust reach into dust box.

best robot vacuum for hardwood floors

Perfectly detecting object around the robot so it will not damage your furniture or the robot itself.

robot vacuum stairs

Able to clean small parts up to bean size garbage.

best robot vacuum for large house

Comes with a manual book, a remote control, an adaptor and backup sweeper.

best robot vacuum for carpet


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