Zmodo Reviews PKD-DK0865-500GB 8-Channel DVR Night Vision Cameras

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Zmodo Reviews: There are wide range choices of surveillance camera system. However, not all of them offer you with high quality security system. Many homeowners are complaining about their security camera system. Some of them are not happy with the result of the night vision of the camera. They think that it doesn’t provide them with clear and high quality videos. Others are not happy with their wireless camera because the battery’s life is not as long as they expected. If you are not happy with your current security camera, you can take a look at this Zmodo PKD-DK0865 night vision camera system with 8-Channel DVR .

Zmodo Reviews PKD-DK0865

1x 8 Channel DVR unit
1x Hard Drive 500GB
8x Outdoor Security Cameras ZMD-CCH-BAS16NM
8x 60feet Video plus Power All-in-one Cable for Security Camera
2x Power Supply for Cameras 12V/1500mA
2x 1-4 Splitter Cable for Cameras
1x DVR Power Supply
1x Mouse

What you’ll get from Zmodo PKD-DK0865

Zmodo PKD-DK0865 is a high quality surveillance system. When you buy this security system, you will get a set of kit that will enable you to add security of your home or commercial building. Inside the box, you will find 8 security cameras, a H.264 DVR with 8 channels and 500 GB hard drive, a power supply for security cameras, a DVR power supply, and 8 all-in-one cables. With all of these kits, you will be able to install this security system easily both indoor and outdoor.

If you have this surveillance system, you can do many things with it. You can monitor your home through the apps while you are away from home. You can check your kids while you are not at home. Installing these security cameras outdoor will scare off burglars and vandals. If you installed it on our commercial site, you will be able to monitor the activities in your store from afar.

This security system is full with excellent features. One of them is that it has powerful night vision. This security camera system is capable of recording high quality images even at night. When the night mode on, its range of vision is about 30 ft away from the camera.

Zmodo PKD-DK0865 is weatherproof. That’s why you do not need to worry if you want to install it outdoor. The cameras are designed with sturdy package so that bad weather will not harm them. They are a bit bigger than dome security cameras. However, it is not a problem at all. A prominent security camera will be more visible to burglars-to-be. In consequence, they will think twice before breaking into your home.

Zmodo offers you with excellent app to syncing this security system. Therefore, you can access the real-time videos on various devices. You can monitor your home through your Smartphone and PC. If you buy this application, you will get 2 year warranty.

Zmodo PKD-DK0865 customer review

Zmodo PKD-DK0865 received a pretty good review so far. It gets 3.9 stars on average. More than half the customers are happy with it. Some of them said that the cameras and DVR work great. Some of them have already owned this security application for two or three years without too much problems. Some customers love it because it is very affordable. Zmodo PKD-DK0865 is not a high-end security camera system that’s why it is affordable for most homeowners. It is perfect for those who are on budget. Those who are happy with this product said that its price is worth the quality.

About 20% of the customers are not happy with this security application. They think that the camera doesn’t provide them with high quality images in the dark. Some others said that they have several broken cameras after several months. They also said that they cannot monitor the videos on Mac. Though they are some negative review, all in all, this security system is quite excellent. It is affordable and provides you with high quality image in area with enough lighting.

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