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Writing Article FastWriting article is the most challenging task for me as I am live in a non natives english Country.  I need to create articles to be put in my blogs also to be sent to article directory to make links. After waiting so long i found spinner and we-writer that match my needs. This piece of software not only spin the words, it did more, re-write original article to create readable new article.


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Before i found this spinner i have tried following:
buy fiverr gigs to create unique article
however it still not satisfy me because of: need to wait 1-5 days depending on to the seller. After i received the article sometimes its not unique according to copyscape, not to mentioned sometines i don’t agree with their wording. Well… maybe i asking too much? I don’t think so. If you want to try buy a gig from fiverr, follow link  above. Maybe i just not find the right writer for me.

Hire local ghostwriter
Almost the same problem with fiverr only with higher cost 🙂

Asking my nephew to re-write article
I provided for her, this works good for me because i can pay her less comparing to other 2 above and i can ask to amend articles when i need to. Again time still become obstacle.

I skeptic when i found spinrewriter because i did try many spinner software before and still disappointed with the result. Since this software offering 5 days trial I use it and when try the result amaze me. Below you can see the result of the software.

Original article                                   Spun article

I admit that sometimes I need to make correction, but it only need 5 minutes for an article. If you examine the spun article it become 400 words from its original 600 words, this prove that this software not only replace words with synonym but also rewrite the sentences.

Setting for spin rewriter,

spinrewriter1 - Writing Article Fast
spinrewriter2 - Writing Article Fast




spinrewriter3 - Writing Article Fast






No program to install, means you only need your internet browser to create unique article.

If you in the same situation as I was before, maybe this is become your solution, give it a try and let me know the result.

Go get the software now and make quality article in 5 minutes

If you want to write article without any help form any software (which I feel this is the easiest) you can read here.

Before choose an article to write (or rewrite) you will need to research your keyword carefully. following this post and you may find the perfect tool for your keyword research.


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