The Best VPN Client for Android 2.3.6.

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VPN Client For Android 2.3.6.
My Android phone

At least best VPN for my old android phone. I have a Samsung Galaxy Ace first generation with Android 2.3.6 (rooted). I use VPN mainly to unlock Active Directory account in factory where i work. The factory working hours is 5:45 am – 10:45pm, working in 2 shift, but sometimes it works 24 hours in 3 shift, while IT work from 08:00am – 05:00pm. I have many request to unlock account during my out of working hours.

It’s very impractical when i have open laptop and connect to VPN just to unlock Active Directory account. I really want my old android phone to be able to do the job.

Many alternatives to choose this but my choice is VPNC widget, the setting quite simple and it works great. You need to root your android first to make this app working.

My company VPN access is using Cisco VPN client

Cisco VPN client - VPN Client For Android 2.3.6.
Cisco VPN client

To configure VPNC widget after installed on your android phone:

setting VPN on android - VPN Client For Android 2.3.6.
Configuring VPNC widget

IPSecGateway is your host ip address on Cisco VPN client for windows above.

IPSecId is you Group Name, to see this, click modify button on your Cisco VPN client for windows above.

IPSecSecret is you password of group name, to see this, click modify button on your Cisco VPN client for windows above.

XAuthUsername is your VPN client username, in my case the same username with windows username (from Active Directory).

XAuthPassword is your VPN client password, in my company the password is the same with windows password (from Active Directory).

Ignore other setting, you are finish.

To use this VPNC widget you have to cretae widget on any screen, just tap and hold, choose widget and click VPNC widget, the different is the widget icon is red, while the app icon is red and green. When you have the VPNC red icon, anytime you connected to the internet just just tap that icon to connect to your VPN network.

VPN group authentication - VPN Client For Android 2.3.6.
VPN group authentication and password


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