Turn Photo into Sketch in seconds with Prisma Picture Art App

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Are you looking the way to turn your photo into sketch with your Android devices or iPhone? Or you want Van Gogh style for your pictures. Now you find the perfect picture art app called Prisma. See below examples from original photo into sketch in seconds.

Turn Photo into Sketch in seconds with Prisma samples

turn picture into sketch - Turn Photo Into Sketch

sketch photo - Turn Photo Into Sketch

sketch picture - Turn Photo Into Sketch

picture to sketch - Turn Photo Into Sketch

We can use existing photos or take a picture with your phone camera, all can be turned into a piece of artwork by using Prisma app that use Artificial Intelligence to produce excellent artwork that usually produced by professional artists.

If you want to make your house or cat look like animation or sketches, this app will do it is job perfectly and easily in seconds.

This app gain popularity very fast, currently their home based is in Moskow. After Prisma produced its result, you can easily save or share inti social network sites like Instagram or Facebook.

Thera are about 20 art template on Prisma to choose. They use their server in the cloud to process the photos instead processing it on the phone. They never keep the original photo even do not know who sent the picture and from where.

Their neural network is actually drawing from blank image from our photo, so it’s like an artist and the filter is not really a filter. This is what Prisma different from others. While others make filter from existing photo, this app create an art from the scratch using their AI server. The result is stunning as you can see below from different picture.

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Because the photo is processed on their server in the cloud, you need to keep your smartphone connected to the internet during the process.

Usually if we want to turn sketch from your photo you are going to need professional artist help or programs that require hours to produce, with Prisma you only need seconds with amazing result.

Minimum requirement to run Prisma picture art app

Prisma require android 4.1 and above, only 7.1MB file installation, current version is 1.1 and last update was Aug 18 2016. Camera storage and full network access is a must. The company website is prisma-ai.com

If you want to download Prisma from Google Play https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.neuralprisma&hl=en

If you want to download Prisma from App Store

Require IOS 8.0 and above run in iPhone, iPad, iPod. Current version is 2.3 and file size is 17.6


convert photo to drawing - Turn Photo Into Sketch

photo to sketch converter - Turn Photo Into Sketch

convert picture to drawing - Turn Photo Into Sketch

turn a picture into a drawing - Turn Photo Into Sketch

turn photo into cartoon - Turn Photo Into Sketch



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