Super Easy Way to Find and Install Computer Driver Even if The Manufacturer Does not Provide it

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I share this experience because I know how hard is to find the correct device driver for your laptop, desktop computer or even your server. It could take hours or days without satisfactory result. If the driver is not match it could cause many undesired result, such as computer freeze, restart by itself, stop booting and other problem you don’t want to experience.

I had successfully installed and update missing driver for laptop HP, Lenovo, Toshiba, HP server or even computer with no brand at all. I always suggest to use driver that come with your computer first, if you cannot find the driver because of the model is too old or the manufacturer does not support certain Operating for example, you need driver for windows XP but your computer manufacturer only offer Windows 7 driver and higher, then using Driverpack will the perfect choice.

What is Driverpack Solution

Driverpack solution is an open source program that make our job in finding and installing driver will be easier, it will detect and install the right driver for us, no more browsing to different websites to find various device drivers. Thanks to Artur Kuzyakov who have created this useful program for us. While the function is obvious, this program is also free to download and use.

How is DriverPack Works?

Driverpack will try to search and find the right driver for your laptop, desktop or server. If Driverpack cannot find the right driver it will offer to connect to the internet for update or you can check with latest version. I usually always had 100% driver installed after user Driverpack, no more yellow exclamation mark on the device driver.

How do I use DriverPack?

For all type of computers I usually prioritize network driver or ethernet driver, when network driver works fine it will be easier to do the rest tasks like update other driver by downloading from it’s official manufacturer, installing the latest service pack, installing windows updates and install AntiVirus.

Installing driver for laptop

I had successfully installed driver for laptop like Toshiba, HP, and Lenovo. I install all un-recognize driver using this Driverpack CD. Sometimes I don’t use the latest version but it still work great.

Installing driver for desktop computer

For desktop computer is about the same with laptop computer I installed all driver using Driverpack Solution CD. Especially when no match driver from it’s manufacturer.

Installing driver for Server computer

For the server I usually install the network driver, update to the latest service pack and update the driver from device driver, many times windows can recognize the correct driver after we install latest service pack and other patches.

Is there any problem after using Driver pack?

I never had any problem installing driver using driverpack. So I can say that it is safe to use Driverpack on any computer.

Driverpack Solution Download

You can download driver pack solution from here The size of Driverpack Solution ISO file is different for each version. The latest version of Driverpack 16 is 10GB. Yes 10 GB. You have to download using uTorrent so it will resume when your download stopped in the middle.

Install Computer Driver

If you want to download the old version for any reason, just click the old version link above and you will see screen as below:

old version of driverpack - Install Computer Driver

For example below I use DriverPack Solution version 15.4 Final. I click Cancel and the program will continue using existing driver’s database.

install driver toshiba - Install Computer Driver

Click the big cross icon, not the small one.

install driver dell - Install Computer Driver

It will show you what driver need to be installed or updated. For the program tab I usually uncheck all the program recommended by Driverpack Solution. I only install the driver, not utilities, not programs.
install driver server - Install Computer Driver

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